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How I found my first natural slave, and the day my dominant dark side overwhelmed my inner self…

It was mid-2012, like every night, I filled my time chatting online on various “love” chats… when I met Arina (fantasy name). At first, she seemed the typical woman from the south of Italy. With standard values and desires… After only a few days I perceived her submission nature…

The aftertaste of this sensation aroused me. It made me feel hunger to control her, to make her do and feel what I desired…

Days went by and our way of communication naturally made her dependent on my approval on her everyday routine.

I started with small and imperceptible commands. Simple ones… No underwear when she went to work… I asked for proof of her arousal with videos…

Gradually she was totally under my control, only via WhatsApp, phone and video calls. The time, came after only 3 weeks to meet and start our Dom/Slave full-time relation. She was ready to please my desires and willing to obey each one of my requests/orders.

She came for 3 months to live with her master, me!…

During these 3 months, I trained her to become my slave bitch. Taking her from a “normal” boring life to another kinky transcendent way of life.

The first week:

She was forced to live like a bitch, on all fours H24 with collar and leash and drink water from a dog plate and eat with my male dog (a black Labrador). No sexual intercourse with him, yet… I mounted her whenever I felt the need to abuse her and punish her if she did not behave…

Her treat? To be tied up and fucked for 2 hours by 3 strangers, chosen by me online meeting app and carefully selected as she was my property and I take care of my things, as any Master should always do.

At the end of her “gift” session, she would receive my visit as a sign for her that I was satisfied with the way she behaved during her gift.

2nd and 3rd Week:

Now, the time to test my Slave’s limits had come. I wanted to see her real devotion towards me, her Master/Dom and what her Kink Slave side craved for. I started playing hardcore movies to test her reaction to what she was watching. I wanted to feel, not see, what aroused her deeply. I had perceived her deep dark kinky side, but now was time to feel it. After every type of movie:

1.- BBC

2.- Ageplay

3.- Dogsex

4.- Horsesex

5.- Boar Sex

6.- Rape

7.- Pain, various levels.

8.- GangBang

Every day a different movie, and I found that she was all the time aroused… she craved to be fucked and abused but had no permission to ask for!. Her southern Italian “values” had completely vanished. Arina had let her real natural self arise. Finally, her real submissive natural kinky perverted side was out on the leash!.

Every day she received a treat or a punishment. One day, she was not in the “mood” to take her daily bath… I tied her on a chair in the shower. I used cold water and hot water while making her choke on my hard cock… that day I also made her first interaction with my Black Lab. I ordered her to blow him!… I felt her wetness while doing it. She was horny and super wet! She loved it!… She came without my permission, but she could not avoid it, it was the first time and she shivered while her orgasm took possession of her whole body!…

While she blew my black Lab’s red big knot-cock she was constantly looking for eye contact with me… I knew what she wanted, she needed her Master to fuck her ass hard, deep, rough… While she was cumming I licked her ass and cunt… I wanted to taste my slave’s pleasure and give her a little treat from me. She opened her ass and pussy lips and licked her from behind deep and rough… while I told her to imagine It was a second dog licking her bitch and preparing to thrust her deep and hard… She moaned! She came again!…

…. To be continued… I hope my friend’s liked this personal experience!… If yes I will continue the second part… Kinkier and perverted!… Un Bacio!

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