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I went out drinking the other night and I met a cute guy. He bought me a few drinks, and we chatted. He asked me if I liked animals. Which he said was very important to him. Of course I said yes! Guys who love animals score a lot of points in my book, so I instantly started liking him a lot more!

Anyway, so we ended up at his place after that. He had asked me if I wanted to meet his puppy. How could I refuse, right? I mean, puppies are so cute!

Well we sat on his couch and made out a bit. He asked me if I wanted a drink, which I said yes to. And he asked if I wanted to meet his puppy? Which I also said yes to.

So he got up and went to let this dog out of his room where he had locked him up at. I was expecting a cute little ball of fluff, but what jumped up on the couch and nearly knocked me over was a very large and very fully grown boxer or pit bull of some sort!

He started licking me all over my face, hands, and anywhere he could reach! I tried to cover my face, but he got in a few licks before I cover up. It tickled so I started laughing. Which resulted in him going for my mouth and deeply kissing me. He apparently liked that, and kept at it. I couldn’t close my mouth because of his tongue.

He laughed when he came into the room. I had to turn my head away from his eager onslaught. He called the dog off of me and gave him a chew toy to play with. He said that he obviously liked me very much. I said he liked me a bit too much!

He sat down beside me and offered me my drink. We sat there chatting as his dog played his his toy. He asked if I wanted to watch anything so I said sure. He put on some sort of romantic movie, and we made out a bit as we watched.

When the movie was over, he put on some videos of romantic french jazz performers. It really set a nice mood!

I was starting to feel kinda of dizzy and pleasantly buzzed. Kinda sleepy and euphoric. He got up to get me another drink. Which I learned later that he had spiked with something to make me feel like this. And what I also did not notice was that when he got back, he had taken the dog’s toy away. Which made him focus on me again.

I was laying back against the couch when the dog jumped up on the couch again. He started licking me again, and I pushed his head away, and started scratching his ears in order to keep him away from my face. He liked this attention very much!

He soon laid down on his back and wiggled his way onto my lap. A belly scratching soon followed which he also appreciated very much!

We talked a bit more, until the topic of breeding the dog came up. He said he was trying to find a good bitch to mate him too. Not just for puppies, but because he felt bad for him not being able to relieve his pent up urges like a human can. I asked him if he had any luck so far in finding one. For some reason he smirked when he answered that he had one in mind, and he had already introduced them to each other. But was waiting for the right time for the puppy making to begin.

By this time whatever he had put in the drinks was really starting to kick in. He told me to focus on the screen. Which was now flashing hypnotically in bright colors. Soon there were words appearing on the screen, then images of something. They were up and gone before I could realize what they were. Then random sounds too.

Soon I was fully entranced by the screen. For some reason I started feeling very horny. And thinking about cocks. I started to make out a few words, like “lips,” “cocks,” ” you want it.” Plus a few more after a while, like “swallow,” “good girl,” “delicious,” and “sperm.”

I soon began licking my lips, and my mouth began watering. All I could think about was how I wanted a nice cock in my mouth, and to taste delicious sperm.

I barely noticed when the dog started to push his head up my skirt and lick my inner thighs. Which led to me opening my legs wider at his owner’s suggestion. All I could notice was this wonderful feeling I had, and these urges that were taking over my head.

The dog then stood up again, and started licking my face. I heard him say how much the dog liked me. And how I must be a good girl. He encouraged me to rub his belly, and to let him lick my mouth. Because licking a bitch’s mouth is how a dog shows how much he likes her. “Isn’t that nice? You must be very special then for him to like you this much.”

Then the screen added new words like “bitch,” and dog cock.” And sounds of dogs growling and grunting and barking came from it. And I began seeing fleeting images of two dogs mating flash onto the screen. Then images of a dog’s belly, with a very male sheath hanging under it. Soon the images changed into erect cocks. And with the words “yummy!” and “in your mouth” and ejaculation” to go along with them.

He kept telling me I was a good girl. And how wonderful it was for this dog to like me so much. And then he started making he focus on how attractive the dog was, and how he fit my image of a perfect mate. “Don’t you want to feel good by him? And to make him feel good? That was a way to show how much you love a dog. Isn’t he handsome? For a dog I mean? He he nice and strong. Look at those muscles. Don’t you like men with nice muscles like that? Don’t you like mates who are virile and strong, with strong muscles? Look at his muscles. If you were a bitch wouldn’t you want to mate with him? I know he would love to mate with you!”

All I could do was agree with him.

Then he told me to look at his sheath. And told me to be honest with myself, and that I was curious about it. How it was easy to tell, even if I tried to deny it. And that I might not realize it myself. But the dog could tell. Which is why he has become so attracted to me. Wasn’t it wonderful that even a different species thought I was beautiful? “That is something special.” He said to me.

He then gently took my hand and placed it on that furry sheath. Told me how soft and wonderful I thought it felt. Then he started to move my hand up and down it with a gentle rhythm. When he took his hand away I kept stroking it. I was so high right then that I could only go along with what was suggested. Since thinking was such a chore at the moment. Just be simple and let someone else handle that, right?

Just be true to your desires. Just listen and obey like a good girl. I needed to be a good girl. Right? That was what it was all about. Right? To be a good girl? Nice, sedate and obedient. A good girl. Who desired to be called a good girl. Who craved that simple praise. Just be a good girl and go along with it. Submit and find your place like a good girl.

“Look at that! He really likes you!” He said as a little red tip started to poke out of the sheath. “Not many girls are sexy enough to make even a dog want them. You are special, good girl.”

I gazed mesmerized by that red tip. I had been seeing tips like that on the screen briefly, but in such quantity that I now had the image in my head, along with words and thoughts such as lips, swallow, suck, sperm, delicious. I could not take my eyes off it. I started to lean in towards it subconsciously in need of it. A urge that was now getting stronger and stronger as it surged to the forefront of my consciousness. As he urged me on with these thoughts. Suggesting and ordering me forward.

“Doesn’t that look good? It is just another cock. There is no reason for you to deny yourself what you truly want. You can feel it now can’t you? How your pussy throbs for it? How your lips are now trembling at the thought of touching against it? You can feel your panties getting wet as we speak. Go with it. You love dogs, so it is only natural. There is no harm in making him feel good is there? No one else would know. And even if they did, they could not blame you. In fact this is natural for girls. It is only the prudes who do not allow themselves their true desires. Most girls have doggie lovers. They just do not allow anyone to know. See? It is perfectly natural for you to feel this way.”

I could only go along with and follow his words. The screen was reinforcing these thoughts into my head. And I never noticed that my head was lowering towards that red cock that was now fully erect and shooting hot clear liquid onto my breasts and now on my face.

“Be a good girl and take your panties off. Take them off for him. I bet they would feel good on his cock. And I bet they would look good with his sticky load in them too. Don’t worry. I will help you with them since your hands are busy at the moment.”

He reached down and pulled my panties off. He handed them to me and I started to rub them on that red cock, until they started to get soaked by all that precum. “Good. Good.” But you know what he really wants don’t you? And what you truly want, don’t you? He wants to feel a nice warm and wet mouth. He needs to feel your soft lips on his huge cock. Go on good girl. Show him how much you care for him. Give him some love.”

I lowered my head down onto that cock, and slowly slid it against my lips and into my mouth. With my tongue providing the soft wet sensation that he was waiting for. I was so far gone at that point I would have done anything. I was acting solely on suggestion now. Suggestion and sexual energy!

He kept calling me a good girl and encouraging me on. I barely was aware of him now. All I could focus on was this cock in my mouth, and how much I was in love with it. And with this dog who allowed me to service him.

I was told to gently hold the huge ball at the base of his cock. And to take him as deep as I could, and hold him in there. As soon as I gripped that knot and stopped moving my head he erupted. Hot sticky dog semen shot out and covered my tongue, and all through my mouth. I could taste it. Salty and coppery. I could only think of how delicious it was, and how grateful I was for my lover and mate to allow me to have it!

I was told to hold it all in my mouth and not to swallow it until he had seen it. It was hard not to. I did swallow a bit instinctively though.

When he finally stopped spurting, he pulled himself out of my mouth, with a thick strand of cum sticking from his cock to my tongue. I instinctively wiped it off with my hand and licked it of my fingers.

“Let me see good girl. Let me see that dog cum in your mouth.” I turned towards him and opened my mouth so he could see all that thick delicious cream that covered the inside of my mouth. All the sticky strands that stuck my upper and lower mouth together.

“Good girl! He really came a lot! He sure enjoyed your mouth did’t he? Wow! That is a lot of dog cum! Taste good doesn’t it good girl? I nodded. “Good girl. Now swallow it all like a good girl. Then be sure to clean your mate off.” I closed my mouth and swallowed this hot load of dog sperm. Taking great joy in fulfilling my duty to him, and reveling in the taste. Then I turned my attention to his cock, and licked it clean. Getting all the sticky semen off it as I could.

He hopped down and went back to lay down. Licking himself to make sure I did not miss anything. Which I didn’t!

“What a good girl you are! See? That was quite enjoyable, wasn’t it? Nothing wrong with it at all. Perfectly normal for you to pleasure a dog with your hands and mouth.” I could only smile and nod. “No other bitch would do that for him! You really do love dogs! And I am sure they will love you from now on. We will have to see you bred to a few of them! Though he cums first! Aren’t you lucky that such a handsome dog like him will be your first? He will be the one to make you into a fine bitch for breeding.”

“Now sit here and watch how it is done. Watch this girl on the screen, and learn how she does it. Learn how to properly take care of your lover. And how to get him to mate you before any other bitch. You would like that, wouldn’t you? I nodded. “You want him to pick you over a doggie bitch. Right? You want that sort of pride!”

I nodded. Of course I would want to be chosen as over other girls. Or other bitches. That is what it means to be truly sexy. To be irresistibly attractive sexually to all of the opposite sex no matter what species. It all comes down to being able to receive as much seed from males as possible right?

Then it only makes sense that the goal is to get as much semen from all the strongest and sexiest males around. That is your goal now! And who was sexier than a stud like this dog? How masculine he is. And what strong forearms he has. You can imagine yourself being wrapped in them and being held in place and controlled by them.

This all made perfect sense to my drug addled brain. I was seriously being hypnotized and brainwashed into becoming a dog girl. I was being reprogrammed by all my senses. And by his encouraging words. And he made me reinforce them myself by making me agree with it with ever step.

I realized that I wanted to be bred by him. I had to have him. I crawled over to him laying there. With encouraging words of course Until I was offering myself to him, and begging for his cock inside me. That was all I needed in the whole world at that moment. That would make everything in the world right and complete.

I felt like a good girl. And when he mounted me and finally took me it felt electric! This was my satisfaction! Why did I ever hide it or fight it before? Why did I not realize that this is what I had wanted all along? How silly that was! This is what makes me happy!

I could only feel the effects of the drugs and all the pleasant sensations. All I was, was sensation during that time. This is what was now burned into my memories and my mind as what I truly craved and enjoyed.

Me and his dog fucked all night long. And when the drugs finally wore off I was too hooked on this pleasure that I could no longer deny myself. And from then on I have been a sworn dog’s bitch. Purely and solely for the use and pleasure of dogs!

I cannot help it anymore. Nothing else gives me pleasure now. I was programmed too well by him that night. So now my pussy belongs to dogs and dogs only. I crave the taste of dog semen whenever my body needs salt. Like others will want a chip or pretzel, I can only think of the taste of dog semen. I can not help myself. And it has effected my whole life. My boyfriends are always dogs. I always find myself attracted to any male dogs I am near. And I always find a way to satisfy both our urges in whatever ways are possible.

Many a times I have sucked a dog off for a quick naughty taste, or snack down a darkened alley for a quick dirty session with a flea bitten alley mutt. Dressed in my best clubbing outfits and now on my knees giving myself away to stray mutts simply because I could not resist their male charms? Simply because they have nice dog cocks and that is what I deserve and need!

Or how many times I sneaked off with a friend’s dog for a quick blow job while I pretended to use the girl’s room! Or how many times I snuck behind some trees in the park and speared by countless dog cocks as every dog had its way with me at will when they got away from their owners. Or why that had suddenly become a problem at the local parks!

Dogs would always become happy at the sight of me! Their owner’s never knew that these leaping hounds were actually the antics of sex craved males for their favorite sexual outlet! And who they desperately needed to cum inside again!

They could not figure out the gleam I had in my eyes and how excited their dogs were at seeing me again. So much more than anyone else including them! So they never questioned them being walked by me off brought over to “play” at my place.

I started making money walking dogs and watching them for their owners. All they knew is that their dogs were never as happy as when they were with me! Or as wore out as when I returned them!

My whole life is now dogs. I am always in their company now. I always have dog semen on my tongue and dripping from me into my panties at any gien moment. It is my whole life now. And no one knows exactly how deeply it is with me. How it is more loverly instead of master and pet with me anymore.

And it all began on that first date. And when I groggily awoke in a haze the next day with my panties being chewed on, and the shocking memories of what I had done all the night before!

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  1. chrisyounganal82 2 months ago

    My friend turned master has me coming over for a sleepover with her great Dane later today is the day I lose my virginity excited and scared

  2. tanya8u 5 months ago

    This story has my pussy wet with anticipation of what was to cum.
    I agree with you for the need to have dog sperm in your mouth and cunt.
    I crave it like you did in your fantasy.
    My Toby makes sure I get it as often as we both want it.
    Tanya xx

  3. ks020304 7 months ago


  4. mycockrocks 8 months ago

    What a beautiful story …

  5. Author
    curiouscd 11 months ago

    I am glad you enjoyed it! Causing erections makes me happy!

  6. shinelover 11 months ago

    Very sexy story–It made me hard!!

    • Author
      curiouscd 7 months ago

      Thank you! It always makes me happy to hear I have caused an erection! Hopefully it was put to good use!

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