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Everyone has different tastes, and would like to see (often wildly) different things in movies and photos. With our regular feature movies, we aim to do what we can to please everyone, but we do need to cater to the majority. This is not ideal if you have very specific tastes.

We have made some changes to our custom movie policies:

  1. We will no longer be offering ANY unmasked material.
    Sorry about that, some custom clients have been sharing unmasked material, despite giving their word that they wouldn’t. So unfortunately we will not be offering any unmasked material in future
  2. We are no longer offering private custom movies. All custom movies we produce, will be offered for sale on our site.

Previously, Custom Movies were privately commissioned movies, sent exclusively to the commissioning client. Hereon in, a Custom Movie, is a movie where a Member can pay to request specific content in a movie, which we will then release for sale on our site.

These new terms may not be attractive to some collectors – that is ok. We generally get far more custom requests than we can comfortably deal with. This is to prevent Members fucking around, trading unmasked movies, getting exclusive material then going off and selling it, and so on. Thanks for your understanding.


Custom material is of course more expensive than general releases. But if you absolutely must see that certain something, and your budget allows it, custom movies are the way to go. When you commission custom request in one of our movies, you are the writer and director. It’s our job to realise your ultimate fantasies on film. Within reason, of course.

Whatever your fetish, we will always try to accommodate. We don’t judge, we are all unique. No need to be shy, strange and wonderful kinks are our job 🙂



ArtOfZoo Custom Bestiality Movies

Not all Members are interested in full hardcore action. For example, Members enjoying SOFTCORE pet fun with foot fetish, food fetish, smoking, rubber, latex, jeans or leather. Since there is no hardcore action or sexual contact in these movies, softcore productions are much easier to shoot. Production costs are lower, and that is reflected in the price.

  • Custom video + photoset requests start at $500 for basic pet softcore.



For Members who like things a bit harder, we can tailor your material precisely to your needs. You know who we are, and what we do. Sucking, penetration, interesting positions or themes – have it your way.

  • Single-Model, 2 session hardcore custom movie request + photoset starts at $1000 according to your requirements.



We are receiving a good number of custom requests which feature a lot of dialogue. You may be aware that animal sex movies generally contain little or no dialogue, other than the occasional porn chatter. There are reasons for this.

Firstly, talking in a movie is a good way to identify someone, so it is a security risk.

Secondly, when it comes to actual dialogue and not just erotic ad-libs – acting is a skill. A skill not everyone has.

Dialogue requires Models with a good grasp of English, which limits our options. It is common to shoot 10, 20, or more takes per line of dialogue, if it is to be at all convincing. This is all considerably more work than simply doing the physical things our Models are trained to do.

For example, our movie ‘A New Love’ featured around 8 lines of simple dialogue. This movie took 3 days to shoot, as opposed to the typical 1 day. It also took 3 days to edit, as opposed to the typical half day. In short, dialogue can massively increase the production time required for a movie by 200% or more. This will need to be reflected in the cost.

For this reason we would encourage custom Patrons to please keep dialogue requirements to a sensible level. Or, if you simply must have that dialogue, and budget is not an issue, please let us know that you are aware of dialogue issues when requesting a custom quotation.


Please contact Agency with your requirements first. Please include an outline script – a clear outline of your ideal movie. You can download some example outlines below:

If your script is viable, Agency will reply to you with a cost to produce your requested material (or an explanation as to any problems with your script).

If the price is satisfactory for you, Agency will put you in contact with our Production Team. We will request 50% payment in advance as a deposit. On receipt of your deposit, we will organize and begin production of your custom material.

Once your material is complete, we will send screen shots of your movie for your approval. We will ask you for payment of the final 50%. On receipt of your final payment, we will upload your custom movie and send you a download link. Shortly afterwards, we will publish the movie for sale on our website.


Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to organize, shoot and edit your custom material. We may require longer if your script requires a lot of setting up, or if there is a heavy waiting list for custom material. Agency will let you know if there will be a longer wait.


We always aim for satisfied customers, and repeat customers. There is of course some amount of artistic license required for custom material – how you envisage your movie, and how we envisage it based on your script, may vary. We will however do everything within our power to produce custom content as close to your requirements as possible.

Once a script is agreed and your deposit is received, your original script and these terms form the basis of our agreement. Additional changes to your script at this point would require a new quote. For this reason, please take your time and submit scripts that are final, and that you are satisfied with. Make any amendments or changes before you submit your scripts.

Please keep in mind that any specialist equipment, props, venues or costumes needed for your custom shoot will be reflected in the price quoted.

Deposits are non-refundable (because we have probably already started organizing things). So please be clear about everything before proceeding.

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