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Some members expressed an interest in learning a bit about pet production. I thought it might be fun and useful, to talk about the kind of shots and the terminology we use when filming.


This is a classic shot, where we get to see the loving pair in full swing. It is common in many videos, that a mounted, humping dog is not actually penetrating the Lady. The more experienced among us, can spot a penetration from the side, based upon the dog’s movements – in particular his tail. If the tail goes down, he’s hit his mark and is inside the Lady. Look out for that. You can tell a skilled Lady, because the dog will press his hips into her ass, his tail will drop, and he will go at her pussy vigorously.

ArtOfZoo Movies - Pippa

Domino trains Pippa in good doggystyle technique



A view of the Ladys face as she is being taken by the dog. We get to see her range of emotions, get a glimpse of what is going through her mind as her canine partner takes her and breeds her deeply.

ArtOfZoo Movies - Pamela

Pammy can’t hide the passion she feels as Sam drives his dog cock into her slick sex



This angle is where we can see the couple pairing from above, as if we were standing over them at the time. It’s a fun angle, as if we were standing over the couple and enjoying the view. It is a nice shot to get, if for example the Lady is doing her lover in missionary style.

ArtOfZoo Movies - Mei

Overshot of petite TigerLily taking a hard mount from Animal



This angle is taken from behind the lovers. Depending on the whereabouts of the camera, and how tall the dog is (if his tail is in the way etc) this shot often crosses over into the undershot. It is in pursuit of the undershot, that most shots of this angle happen. We get to see doggy’s ass working his mojo, his balls swinging – and if the pair are tied, we see his balls twitch with each gush of sperm he sends into the Lady.

ArtOfZoo Movies - Kerstin Dog Sex

Kerstin’s skilled dog pussy shows great form in backshot



This is the money shot, where we get to see the magic happening in all it’s glory. The undershot, is any shot between the Backshot and the Hero Undershot – in essence, any view of the Lady’s flower while it is being enjoyed by a lucky pet. This is the best angle to capture a nice tight tie.

ArtOfZoo Movies - Monica

Monicas perfect pussy perfectly knotted



Hero Undershot – so called because it is such a rare and lovely angle to view from – as if we were lying beneath the Lady during her coupling. This is taken from directly below the vagina, wherein we can see the penis searching for, and ultimately sliding inside the Lady. Sometimes from this angle, we get a lovely rally of thrusts and pumps, and we get to see pretty much EVERYTHING. Great angle.

ArtOfZoo Bestiality Movies - Susan

Superb shot of Susans sweet pussy deeply knotted and full of dog cock



The shot of the dog easing his knot out of the Ladys vagina once he is satisfied. We can see how tight the Ladys pussy is, and how hard the dog knotted her. If she is knotted hard, it can be tricky trying to get the swollen dog cock out from inside her. This shot precedes, or happens along with the flowshot.

ArtOfZoo Movies Pamela

Pam eases a hard slab of dog cock from her tight little pussy



The flowshot is a bit like the money shot in a regular porn video. After the dog has pulled out, the camera lingers on the Ladys freshly loved vagina. We get to see all the lovely cum the dog has injected into the Ladys sex, as it trickles / flows / explodes from inside her. The more cum, the more skilled the Lady is, and the more satisfied the dog is.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies - Sophia

Sophia proudly displays her ability to get that dog cum


We hope this has been interesting for you, and now in future you will know what we are talking about when we speak about the various angles used in bestiality videos. And of course, a big thank you to all those lovely Pet Ladies, for all the hard work they put in to their pet love.

Happy humping 🙂

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  1. favor4dogz 2 months ago

    I love them all every angle, the close up view of dog going in and out, then knotting and afterwards is the sexy attraction of all when they pull out and the cum starts dripping

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    Quote informative, it’s nice to know the terminology for the different types of angles.

    Excellent work

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    what is the name of susan and the black dog? I havnt had the pleasure of seeing it,susan is so hot !

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    great reading

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