ArtOfZoo - D for Vendetta Competition 2019



For a moment there, it was looking like we had 1 entry – tut tut. Fortunately a few last minute cocks came tearing round the corner with minutes to spare 😉

Now Ladies (and anyone else who enjoys a cock), I know your minds are 101% full-time laser focused on those big red Dog Cocks. Just for a spot of change, a measure of mancock, for your perusal. Keep in mind, these mancocks are special. Each one has a tale to tell. Each one had the motivation and organizational skills to actually get their photo down, and entered. And, each one is a anti-establishment  revolutionary, as we can see from their masks. So be careful.

You may like to take a moment to vote for our chaps, on the basis that for once, looking at a chaps cock pic is optional and in a controlled environment, instead of flying at you by surprise from all directions. 😉




To vote, just drop a comment at the bottom of the page. Give the chaps Membername, and maybe an amusing or supportive comment. Try not to be too mean eh 🙂

Multiple votes for different cocks is allowed. Please vote only once for each chap. We got to count up all those votes at the end, so please try to make your votes clear.

Voting will close on 1st December 2019 (ish, due to the time zones), that should give everyone plenty of time. Get those votes in Gang, let’s go!

Also please pop over to the Ladies Gilded Lily competition and pop a vote in, if you have not already. 🙂



ArtOfZoo - "Rapier Caper 2019" - ILZ

ILZ’s example entry – showing off hanging a damp towel off it 😉

“Hi I’m ILZ – one time I got into a mild punchup with a new Producer because he had not paid his Models as he had promised. We made up and are good friends now – and he pays his Models properly, so all good :)”



Ladies, feast your eyes 🙂


ArtOfZoo - D for Vendetta - SxaBeast

“Hi I’m Sxabeast. Dr. Feelgoods prescription puts you in the middle of fun. One time I saw a bunch of people standing and watching a guy have a seizure on the pavement, and ordered them to call 911 before giving CPR ’til the ambulance arrived”…


ArtOfZoo - D for Vendetta - Gandalf

“Hi I’m Gandalf. I donate blood plasma regularly and last week after giving, I helped a women find the free parking area for blood donors”…


ArtOfZoo - D for Vendetta - TyTheDogger

“Hi I’m Tythedogger. One time I helped my sister fend off a creep who was asking for her phone number so he could send her creepy texts. I told him to leave or else, and he left”.


ArtOfZoo - D for Vendetta - Granite66

“Hi I’m Granite66, a few winters ago I witnessed a snowboarding accident. They shot off into the bush hitting a tree and knocking himself out. I went in after him and alerted the snow patrol about the severity of the accident so they would hurry. He broke his arm, collar bone and suffered a good concussion. His helmet saved his life and possibly so did I”.


ArtOfZoo - D for Vendetta - ilikealotm

“Hi, I’m ILikeALotM. One day a met a nice and knotty lady that need a handyman to fix a few items around her house. I quickly fixed most of the things outside and then jumped into things on the inside. I soon realized there were other females that would enjoy the same help and attentions. My goal has becum sharing my experience and helping those in need with all the tools I possess”.



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  1. DEEPA1616 8 months ago

    ILikeALotM is my sexy dawn

  2. Firefey 8 months ago

    Tythedogger is clearly 2 paws above the rest.

  3. darlingmiranda 8 months ago

    I vote for Gandalf 🥰

  4. MrandMrsB 8 months ago

    MrsB says ILikeALotM can fix things around our house anytime!

  5. 9 months ago

    Why not have a dog dick competition? Show us what your pooch is packing!

    • Author
      Adam 9 months ago

      I’ll stick that idea on the list 😉

  6. Wtff 9 months ago

    I want the sexy sxabeast!

  7. Foxxee 9 months ago

    and granite66, best story

  8. Foxxee 9 months ago

    one (1) more for the sxabeest

  9. WynonaBeastRider 9 months ago

    I vote for sXaBeast, the sexy beast!

  10. sXaBeast 9 months ago

    Gentlemen I have two contests on my wall. No 100 europrize cause I’m too cheap, sorry- but check em out. Might b fun.

  11. 9 months ago

    I vote for ilikealotm. His picture is very unique. And his cock very handy😚👍

    • ilikealotm 9 months ago

      Thanks Crystyle112. You would be a nice neighbor i bet. wink wink

  12. Whiskeyfourxray 9 months ago

    Gandalf and sXaBeast.

  13. littlezoe 9 months ago

    Vote for ILikeALotM

    • ilikealotm 9 months ago

      Thanks LittleZoe. I hope to see ya soon.

  14. sXaBeast 9 months ago

    Can’t believe a handyman defeats a dr of medicine with kinky instruments and full prescription privileges! You people r weird.

    Nonetheless hes beating him like a drum….

    So another vote for the belt. Good work mick.

    Anyone wants me I’ll be hugging my FrankenStove.

    • ilikealotm 9 months ago

      Thanks @sxabeast . I hope you find more knotty people in your area to connect with. I bet they would enjoy your friendship for real.

  15. Sweenjointed 9 months ago

    Tythedogger No.1 with a bullet!

  16. bacozoo 9 months ago

    I vote for

  17. sXaBeast 9 months ago

    I vote for the amazing sxabeast. Sigh, I wish I was more like him, so noble and witty….

    Also for tydogger!

  18. Xenophile 9 months ago

    I vote for sXaBeast and granite66

  19. audiopet 9 months ago

    Ilikealotm tool belt backwards lol… I wonder way his tape measure was in front lol…. 😉 I’m put a tool belt on my pooch.. lol

    • ilikealotm 9 months ago

      Thanks AP, My dick isn’t long enough to make some of the measurements. wink wink

  20. wilsonbaxternicole 9 months ago

    My vote is for ilikealotm. The world needs more handymen like him 😜😜

    • ilikealotm 9 months ago

      Thanks Nicole, You always put a smile on my face.

  21. honeypot1 9 months ago

    My vote goes to ilikealotm. I can’t resist a guy who’s handy! 😉

  22. TheFluffiest 9 months ago

    My vote’s on SXabeast’s entry, because of the heroic story and the need for more uncircumsized D’s in doggy porn 😛 Gandalf’s entry with the wizard hat is my second favorite entry and would have won my vote otherwise 😀

  23. subpup4k9 9 months ago

    Nice ILZ love it. The unseen in an image often says more then what’s seen. It addition to the tropical attire, it feels light and silly and still maintains sex appeal!!!

    Last a shout out to ILikeALotM. Damn I didn’t know I had a thing for sexy naked men with a tool belt. Something new to exsplore!! Can we take that anti here and drill out some corruption…

    • Author
      Adam 9 months ago

      It’s a very nice shirt 😉

  24. k9cocklover 11 months ago

    Throwing in a vote for the brave @sxabeast. Kudos saving the random guy with your cpr skills and taking charge in an emergency situation.

  25. sXaBeast 11 months ago

    Wang device. Ha ha am I the only one who remembers when that was a pc?

  26. sXaBeast 11 months ago

    ok so where do we actually upload pics n stories?

    • Author
      Adam 11 months ago

      Read the shit mayne 😉

  27. sXaBeast 11 months ago

    Xtra points for humor?

    I shall be magnanimous in victory…

    • Author
      Adam 11 months ago

      No points man, just votes we are democratic 😉 Though I think most people enjoy a laugh 🙂

  28. sXaBeast 11 months ago

    D for vendetta. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. When did Trump start tweeting here?

  29. Myno 11 months ago

    lol out loud, that’s a fantastic idea. Let’s see if all the weiner whiners are willing to play along now that the opportunity arose.

  30. k9cocklover 11 months ago

    Yes! Awesome idea and looking forward to seeing the creativity from the guys in this competition. Bonus points for comedy 😀

  31. Darkwolf25 11 months ago

    I’d be well up for this, but I don’t have a printer! Would a quick copy and paste job be acceptable?

    • Author
      Adam 11 months ago

      Copy and paste with no printer Dark I’m picturing some kind of smart-wang device, what will they come up with next? 🙂 But seriously – if you don’t have a printer you could have a go at tracing one onto some paper. Or, you could whip down to your local copy shop and print out a copy for 20c. Worst case, if you had a spare phone I guess you could pull up the mask on the other phone and hold that over the end. I expect Members will vote for the funniest or most creative, so get creative with it 😉

  32. Luckey 11 months ago


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