ArtOfZoo Competition: Gilded Lily - dog sex

Win yourselves 100 euros as easily as scribbling a note! 😉

(Don’t worry if you missed the chance to enter or vote, we will run this competition again in the future).

Ok Guys and Dolls, it’s competition time at ArtOfZoo 🙂 A few of our lovely Pet Girls have been doing some nice ‘pussy art’, and this got me to thinking.

Now, we all love that pussy. Those that aren’t ‘into her’ can at least respect her, since she is where we all come from, one way or another. It’s no surprise, she really is a magical flower. If us human beans are indeed the most advanced species on the planet – then the Lady vagina has to be the most advanced flower by my calculation. Most of us chaps spend a lifetime in pursuit of her. A billion different sizes, shapes and forms. And in that ‘Garden of Pussy’ – our personal favorite – the Pet Pussy. I could go on all day about that particular blossom (and often do) 🙂

So then, what better way to celebrate the fabulous Pet Pussy, than with a bit of artwork? We have a lot of creative folks on the site. And we have a lot of nice Ladies with sweet Pet Pussies. So I am hoping to see some interesting submissions.

ArtOfZoo - Pussy Art - sex with dogs

“Say it with flowers” – now I got a reason to learn how to read…


Get yourself some felt pens, or some poster paints or face paints (or even a rollerball pen – careful you don’t start using permanent markers though eh!), and get to work. Single Ladies, I understand you are at a minor disadvantage here. However, on the flip side, you do have access to your button 24/7, so I’m hoping you will have a crack at it. Gents, why not make an evening of it with your Ladies? Lay her down comfortably, get her a drink, stick the TV on for her – part those legs, and put your artistic flair to work. You don’t have to go quite as over-the-top as I did with TigerLily on the header image there. But show your appreciation with some naughty scribblings. Get as creative as you possibly can with this – if you are stuck for ideas, I’ll pop some at the bottom there to get you started.

Although it’s a ‘Gilded Lily’ competition – if your boobs happen to be your best feature (some of you Ladies gonna need to get a team in to decorate some of those!), then I will also allow Boob Art too. Hopefully this will make things a bit easier for you single Pet Ladies.

ArtOfZoo - Pussy Art - sex with dogs

Always good to read the label 😉

Take a bunch of photos of your work, and submit them to us – either to me via site messenger – or Support, or to Agency.

I will post up all submissions as they are coming in, at the bottom of this post here. So please remember to check back, to see any of the latest submissions. I’ve added a couple to start with – but please don’t vote for mine, coz it’d be a pretty crap competition if I won it 🙂

Everyone else, please cast your votes in the comments section (e.g. “I vote for XXXX’s Doggies Do Me Right photo”). I’ll allow more than one vote per Member if you can’t make up your minds. Also, I will allow multiple submissions per-Lady, in case some of you get on a creative streak. Though, if you do end up doing a bunch – you might want to sit on a few, because if this competition goes well, we will run it again at a later date.

Submissions need to be in by mid-November, to give everyone a chance to vote on them. On December 1st 2018, I will tally up the votes and announce the winner. So good luck you Pet People, and may the best Flower / Artist win! We will send the prize to the winners via some secure or discrete method so don’t panic – maybe Bitcoin or something similar.


Here are some suggestions of things to write, if you are struggling:

  • Pet Pussy (of course)
  • K9 Pleasure Zone
  • Dogs Only >>>
  • Dogs Cum Here >>>
  • Dogs Do Me Better
  • For K9 Pleasure
  • Pussy for Knots
  • Wet for Pets
  • You get the general idea…

Any other Members can post comments with saucy / sexy things for our Flower Artists to use. So get your thinking caps on 🙂


ArtOfZoo - TigerLily Pussy Art - sex with dogs

1. My submission with TigerLily as a possible example…


ArtOfZoo - PnkWetSlit Pussy Art - sex with dogs

2. Going ahead and entering PnkWetSlit‘s nice Pet Pussy coz She did a great job!…


ArtOfZoo - Monica - I suck doggy cock

3. Monica’s ample boobs provide plenty of space to shout out what she loves 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - k9cocklover

4. It’s clear who K9CockLover’s sweet flower belongs to…


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - Blondezoos 1

5a. Blondezoos advertising who that great looking pussy is for…


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - Blondezoos 1

5b. Rear view of that Blondezoos Pet Pussy – in case any doggies approach from the rear 😉


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - TheRealSuperBitch

6a. SuperBitch’s flower is a pure doggy fun zone 😉


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - TheRealSuperBitch

6b. SB’s cute doggybox is the perfect fit for a hard knot…


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - TheRealSuperBitch

6c. We can see why SuperBitch is super popular with those pups 😉


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - KnottyMrs - dog sex with women

7a. Delicious last-minute entry from KnottyMrs, just the thing to make those doggies cum…


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - KnottyMrs - dog sex with women

7b. KnottyMrs hot tight flower looks like the perfect doggy treat…


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - KnottyMrs - dog sex with women

7c. KnottyMrs dog is a lucky boy to get to enjoy this tempting flower 😉


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily - Pervertblonda - dog sex with women

8. Pervertblonda letting those Owners on our site know that those nice curves are ready for business…

(Sorry Folks, Pervertblonda sent her photos in last week but didn’t tell me one was for the competition!)

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  1. gandalf69 2 weeks ago

    @k9cocklover With the hope of more to come

  2. 1michaelbdg 2 weeks ago

    I have to give my vote’s to my baby @theRealSuperbitch. love you baby

  3. ilikealotm 2 weeks ago

    OK, Knottymrs get mine. I wish lol.

  4. sxsf 2 weeks ago

    I’m going with 2.

  5. intomost69 2 weeks ago

    I did enjoy all the submissions however, knotty Mrs gets my vote

  6. thewolfbrother 2 weeks ago

    Superbitch has my vote
    Gorgeous work all around ladies

  7. k9cubadezoo 2 weeks ago

    I vote for @pnkwetslit nice Pet Pussy <3

  8. thalius 3 weeks ago

    @Blondezoos revisé las fotos y ella también se merece mi voto. Sigue así y serás una de las mejores petlady que allámos visto

  9. virtualanimal 3 weeks ago

    Blondezoos looks amazing

    • blondezoos 3 weeks ago

      Thank you for your vote 🙂

  10. thalius 4 weeks ago

    Mi voto es para @KnottyMrs una excelente foto y sobre todo originalidad con esos labios anciosos de una buena follada. Felicitaciones por tener esa actitud

    • knottymrs 2 weeks ago

      I always try to keep a positive attitude! :3 Thank you

  11. mcreyn72 4 weeks ago

    @pnkwetslit her delicious chocolate lips get my vote.

  12. fifty1411 4 weeks ago

    Wow sehr geil suche Frauen aus Deutschland 😊

  13. ilikealotm 4 weeks ago

    @knottymrs Very nice photo’s 🙂 You may knot need help, but I’d volunteer to help next contest. 🙂 Thanks for entering.

    • knottymrs 2 weeks ago

      😉 Help would be appreciated

  14. mn42as 4 weeks ago

    My vote goes to @k9cocklover

  15. ilikealotm 4 weeks ago

    THANK you ladies for putting such great pictures on here and taking the time to show us that you enjoy the lifestyle and fun times, XOXOXOXOXO

  16. ilikealotm 4 weeks ago

    OMG, Look at all those SWEET knotty ladies. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Good. I’m a little bias, but this time I vote @therealsuperbitch

  17. rubics 4 weeks ago

    My vote is for monica

  18. teddy21 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, and one more amazing Pet Lady. It would have been a shame if she hadn’t attended. I have to vote for her pics too @knottymrs
    A good idea to start the competition again in the future, there will certainly be some nice and great photos…

  19. gandalf69 4 weeks ago

    My votes are for K9cocklover and Monicafucksdogs

    Excellent picks especially if you wrote “mine” and “I fuck doggy cock” without help and with a mirror.

    • gandalf69 4 weeks ago

      Just realised I missed out with a 3rd vote for @pnkwetslit. Fantastic doggie flower and mirror work.

  20. ballnandwyfey 4 weeks ago

    I vote @KnottyMrs, sweet chocolate safe for doggy consumption.

    • knottymrs 2 weeks ago

      the best kind for doggy consumption! thank you for your vote :3

  21. bluephoenyx 4 weeks ago

    I’m between @k9cocklover and @blondezoos . I’ll stick to @k9cocklover since puffy gets it, the picture is nice overall, but @blondezoos POV and anatomy are neat. Still i’ll stick to K9CL

    • k9cocklover 4 weeks ago

      Aww thanks! You can vote for both of us 😀

  22. halifaxkink 4 weeks ago

    My vote goes for @k9cocklover

  23. dogsinoz 4 weeks ago

    I vote for @blondezoos because of that such nice view of her both holes.
    But also how she promotes Art of Zoo with that “A Z” writing and her natural “O” in between :-).

  24. teddy21 4 weeks ago

    a really sweet idea. I think everyone deserves to be admired, I don’t want to prefer any petlady. Therefore I vote for all those who do it out of conviction and an inner need, and let all of us participate in it @blondezoos , @k9cocklover , @monicafucksdogs , @pnkwetslit , @therealsuperbitch
    Thank you very much for that!

  25. pervertesse 4 weeks ago

    This is difficult, they are all so good. Can’t make up my mind….
    I vote for @monicafucksdogs – just because it is a bit different and I like breasts.

  26. tabuluvr469 4 weeks ago

    Amazing submissions here!! Tough choice! I am going with 5a. Blondezoos – that “knot locker” was the best!! lol

  27. k9cocklover 1 month ago

    Can I vote for the “say it with flowers” pic? Really interests my submissive side as I’m eager to enjoy being bound during pet love as well :D. @blondezoos rear view pic gets my vote bc it makes me chuckle at her way of advertizing this wonderful website.

    Thanks to everyone for all the votes <3

  28. throatgagger 1 month ago

    Yo voto por @PnkWetSlit. Pq ella tiene la hermosa flor q yo amaba.

  29. artofzoobiggestfan 1 month ago

    I thought this competition was about unique artwork. @blondezoos you had the most creative and nice artwork along with a beautiful button😘.

  30. doggydoc 1 month ago

    K9CockLover all the way. Those puffy lips and the added tongue for effect!

  31. domnoxnard 2 months ago
  32. domnoxnard 2 months ago

    @pnkwetslit @k9cocklover @therealsuperbitch…all of you ladies are amazing and very knotty

  33. dagnamitus 2 months ago

    @SB and @k9cocklover are pretty sweet!

  34. ilikealotm 2 months ago

    Not a cuckold, but I vote all LMAO. @therealsuperbitch @pnkwetslit , @k9cocklover , @blondezoos , @monicafucksdogs . These are votes because they all are high quality knotty ladies and I appreciate you ALL. xoxo

  35. artofzoobiggestfan 2 months ago

    I vote for @blondezoos!😍 damn lucky dog

  36. mn42as 2 months ago

    @k9cocklover beautiful, love it hun 😍

  37. ilikealotm 2 months ago

    Sweet pic k9cl !!!! xoxo

  38. frenchzlover 2 months ago

    @k9cocklover top !

  39. artofzoobiggestfan 2 months ago

    I vote for pinkwetslit’s doggies do me right photo

  40. blondezoos 2 months ago

    Can’t wait to submit ours!!!!!

  41. quill 2 months ago

    Adam, can you send out a wider photo of your coloured one? That’s such an erotic photo.

  42. quill 2 months ago

    I am so looking forward to the results of this competition…based on your offer photo, which is a stunning photo of a wonderful shaved pussy and amazing colour and drawings, it should be amazing. Samples you sent out already show the potential. Great Job!!!!

  43. mrriks 2 months ago

    Looking forward to the fun I’ll have on this project! Great idea

  44. vishnuvishnu 2 months ago

    Really horny…

  45. ilikealotm 2 months ago

    SWEET, I can imagine some VERY wet and hot images being entered into this contest. Thanks for the effort of all the contestant. xoxo

  46. feetflats5 2 months ago

    Since I’m a male, I can only suggests what I’d like to see written. How about this:
    Wet for my Pet? 🙂
    Or: Whore for my Boar? 🙂

  47. pnkwetslit 3 months ago

    Being single does make it hard but Challenge excepted!!

  48. curiouscd 3 months ago

    Submissions need to be in by mid August?
    Any leeway with that? lol

    • Author
      adam 3 months ago

      lol fuck me. I worry myself sometimes, where the fuck did I get mid August from? 😀 Thanks for pointing that out Curious, a closing date several weeks prior to the competition starting was rather a fly in the ointment 😉

  49. 1peterpan 3 months ago

    I will get home on the 4 of November after 2 months away, then I will get really creative 😋😍

  50. guodong 3 months ago

    great ideal , let go to work

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