ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Pet newbie Victoria is wet and ready for some special doggy training!

Producer: ZDT
Models: Victoria and Isabella with Sam
Running Time: 47 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Isabelle warms Vicky up, getting her ready to take her first K9 lover…


On the premise of visiting a sick relative, pet newbie Victoria has slipped off to try her hand at dog mating. A little afternoon delight, provded by ZDT, ZDT’s assistant Isabella, and of course, superstud Sam. Like all ZDT’s Ladies, Victoria is a great looking, well proportioned young Latina Lady, tall and curvy, and Sam seems more than ready to show her the ropes.

There is some great chit-chat and dialogue throughout the movie (subtitles added). It’s a playful session, with Isabella getting to know Victoria, finding out what she does, and what motivates her to try dog sex for the first time. Isabella asks if she is ready to give it a try, and Victoria says yes.


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Vicky gets a little flushed as Sam dives straight for her hot vagina…


Victoria is a little shy, but that does not stand in the Ladys way. She parts her sexy thighs, and flashes her panties at Sam. Sam appreciates the gesture, but is a little keen and wants to get down to some loving. Isabella instructs Victoria on the correct positions for dog mating. Being new, the Lady is a bit unsure of exactly what to do, but Isabella guides her, and soon enough, Sam is pumping into Victorias very cute pussy with a passion. Our new Lady experiences her first doggy penetration, and Sam slowly swells inside her as he locks her with a good hard knot.


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Isabella corrects Vickys technique, making sure she presents her sex the right way for Sam to enjoy…


Victoria plays with her button while Sams swollen cock locks the lovers tightly together. Being held love-hostage with a hard fist of dog cock, is a bit scary for any new Lady. Even so, Victoria takes it very nicely and gives herself fully to Sam, as he explodes inside her.


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Sam can’t wait to bury a hard knot in Vickys tight sex…


I suspect Sam is a bit pissed that Kujo is on his patch, and got to fuck the delicious Monica – who up until then, had been one of his private doggy harem. With that, the knot he sinks into Victoria really means business. The couple are locked together for nearly 10 minutes before Sams spent tool slips out of that pretty pussy, followed by a trickle – then a gush of fresh dog sperm. Seems the Lady feels as good as she looks 🙂 And the dog jizz running down and soaking Victorias panties, is a nice touch.


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Round 2 – this time, keen stud Sam takes Victoria on the floor…


A short break, then it’s back to coaching Vicky for a second session. Sam has already gotten his second wind and is ready for action once again. This time, the lovers get it on, doggystyle, on the floor. As usual, Sam does not disappoint, slipping into Victorias tight wet vagina and working the Ladys body, before sinking a second hard knot into her. Vicky is certainly getting the full initiation today! This time Sam is a bit impatient, and tries to pull his knot out before he’s properly satisfied, causing Victoria to panic a bit. But, Sam settles back down and leaves his knot partially buried in the Ladys sweet sex.


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

With a double-knot afternoon, Vickys kitty really does get the cream 🙂


Eventually the lovers uncouple once again. Ever the gentleman, Sam cleans off any excess doggy jizz that leaked out of the Lady. Thwarting Sams plans to leave Victoria well bred and tidy, Isabella notices he is still shooting, and asks Vicky to present her boobs for our Hero to cum over. I have to say, Victorias big brown nipples look great coated in dog jizz.

Well bathed with dog sperm – inside and out – we can imagine Victoria getting knowing looks from neighborhood dogs on her stroll home after her session. But that would be another story 😉


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Vickys nips, teased to attention with a swollen dog cock…


Another nice introduction movie from ZDT, with nice looking Ladies and good action in 2 sessions. It’s great to see some dialogue in a pet movie, reading the subtitles reminds me of the old ‘Dog Tricks’ era movies with Wilma. The girl-talk shared between Victoria and Isabella as Sam is locked up in his latest lover, is quite endearing. Lets hope that Vicky now has a taste for doggylove and wants more. Great work, ZDT and Isabella did an excellent job coaching Vicky – with more than a little help from Sam of course. Enjoy 😉


ArtOfZoo - Coaching Vicky - animal sex with women

Isabelle finds out how Vicky enjoyed her first dog mating…


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  1. albertopitty 3 days ago

    Excelente calidad, me encantó el diálogo en español. Es excelente escuchar todo lo que las chicas sienten cuando tienen el pene del perro dentro de ellas,. Todo video debe tener un argumento, dialogo eso lo hace más excitante.. La chicas cada vez más guapas y sexy.. quisiera poder conseguir todas las pelÍculas que pudiera, NO SE COMO COMPRA LOS TRABAJOS QUE HACEN ESTAS HERMOSAS CHICA..

  2. laupe 2 months ago

    Well, is a good film. I like the interview but I’d apreciate view of the face while knotting. The first tie is perfect, she’s a good pupil and it seems she enjoys a lot. By the way, will we ever see the teacher Isabella in action? It would be great!!! ;-D

  3. breakinbeard 3 months ago

    I am super eager to see this one! My ultimate favorite style beast vids are the first time encounters with the woman. So that you can see on there faces and hear in there voices just how much they love the knotty experience. A close second is when the dog accidentally has sex with some one that was not expecting it (such as them being playful and it pops in)

  4. jeen345 5 months ago

    Q plasentero q es este video me pone muy caliente

  5. sugarbab21bi 5 months ago

    Very horny video … and you can see how pleasurable you enjoy it to be covered hard as well as knotted and then to absorb the much hot dog sperm deep in itself … as you can see is only a small amount of dog sperm again to light as the dog pulls out of her back .. so you know that he did a good job and and most of his sperm penetrated deep into her uterus .. and there remains a whole … a climb and cover I love ganauso. . like the deep record of the dog sperm .. have it already a lot of times like that ..

  6. jiyuting88 7 months ago


  7. m65513782 7 months ago


  8. fyb123ok 7 months ago


  9. liwenhai 8 months ago


  10. lovek9girls 8 months ago

    Great video! Loved the action and especially the dialogue. Isabella is a great mentor/teacher. Would love to see a video featuring Isabella. What are the chances of that happening? Or has it already and i am not unaware of it? I really love the newbie training Genres. I hope to see more of this type of videos. A great job was done by all involved in this production. Keep up the great work.

  11. cassidy22 8 months ago

    Great quality and I love the subtitles. My criticisms would be that the dubbing was WAYYY off, as in several minutes. The dog would be fucking the girl and then the dialogue from the beginning would start. Also, the close ups of the fucking were too long. I like seeing the camera pull back to see the entire scene, the girl’s face and watching the dog humping. It would have also been nice to see Isabella get fucked.

  12. my2814 9 months ago


  13. fashou 9 months ago


  14. sjk123 9 months ago


  15. zhongzibanyungong 9 months ago

    还是 喜欢 金毛的 很容易卡主 狗狗显得很聪明

  16. yewuiao 9 months ago


  17. 10 months ago

    Personally I really enjoy all the ZDT movies. This one and the recent ones have a bit of flair. They are not really setup like a porn shoot but more sneakiness and curiosity. Isabella is great and so is Vicky. The scene really builds up with a lot talk and discussion. I’d rate Alma and Rosita a bit higher but Isabella is not far behind. Keep it up.

  18. zhongzibanyungong 10 months ago


  19. cvbhgg 10 months ago


  20. wwzo 10 months ago


  21. bluesnake3 10 months ago


  22. sdy8636 10 months ago


  23. 9981592li 10 months ago


  24. missdingomex 10 months ago

    Hola a todos ! hola a la grandiosa comunidad petfan ! good job he !, I am a petfan too! mm..but I’m sorry to say that with sadness, this is unfair! the videos of zdt have subtitles but those of ILZ do not have subtitles, just as you want to understand our dialogues we also want to understand your dialogues, it does not matter if the subtitles are in English but we also want to understand your dialogs please! por favor !

  25. missdingomex 10 months ago

    this is unfair, this is unfair! the videos of zdt have subtitles but those of ILZ do not have subtitles, just as you want to understand our dialogues we also want to understand your dialogues, it does not matter if the subtitles are in English but we also want to understand your dialogs por favor ! se los agradeceria con todo el corazon !

  26. qq123456jjj 10 months ago


  27. 10 months ago

    这个看起来很好看 好期待

  28. hujt8919 11 months ago

    how to buy this

  29. fallencannibal 11 months ago

    Hello I bought this Movie, but I haven’t heard a response yet.

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      Hi, one of our support Ladies is sick at the moment there is a small delay in support, thanks for your patience 🙂

  30. artofzoobiggestfan 11 months ago

    ZDT did it again with this one, Victoria took a hard swollen knot for 10 mins! She received every little drop Sams dog cock could squirt into her, very moist cunt from that tie for days guaranteed. To top it off she submits to Sams throbbing Rocket a second time making sure she walked away as fully bread as humanly possible! Great action and great cum pouring moments! I hope to see future videos of Vicky!

  31. zz123123 12 months ago


  32. arvais 12 months ago

    Is there a a good shot of the cum gushing out of her? I’m really fond of good shots of cum pouring out after the dog’s knot pops out?

  33. babacool 12 months ago

    My god… Felt in love with her!! Loved the movie. Thanks for that excellent work.

  34. zetafun 1 year ago

    hot stuff, thanks

  35. fengzongjing 1 year ago

    How to Watch Video?

  36. ldpaa 1 year ago

    Recommended, dialogs are great, 2 knots, 2 ladies, lot of licks

  37. vandeflueger 1 year ago

    outstanding video. highly recommend!

  38. fanyongsheng 1 year ago


  39. steindoggy 1 year ago

    Would love to see Isabella getting knotted too

  40. lopeyz 1 year ago

    ZDT finds the hottest ladies. When will it be Isabella’s turn?

  41. ironwood 1 year ago

    have you ever had a dog mount you with panty hose on? I dont know how they do it in the movies

  42. sqydall8851 1 year ago


  43. steindoggy 1 year ago

    Thanks adam. Yes, pantyhoses & stocki gs really do add the flavor. Love to see petgirls in them…

  44. damien2010 1 year ago

    Vicky is a nice actress and not shy on getting dog cock. The dialogues are great. The tie is solid, seems that she soaked most of his sperm. For my taste the closeup is too close and too long, i always like to see how the dog is pumping his sperm into her, twitch after twitch. There is Isabella supporting Vicky with the tie, so a sideshot and/or roundview would have been great.

    I hope we will see Isabella some time in action.

    Because of Christmas 😉 i have a wish for upcoming movies – asking the girls if they are on birthcontrol, but only if the answer is no

    Thanks for finding such lovely ladies, ZDT!

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hehe Damien – we will see what we can do. Maybe ZDT can slip that question into the next interview 🙂

      • airgith76 1 year ago

        Please pass our best regards to ZDT because the subtitles are a welcome addition to his great work with the most beautiful ladies imaginable. Still waiting on some proper deep missionary creampie work though 😉

        And speaking of birth control…I too would really love to have all future models asked that question and answering NO because they hoped to have little Sam puppies 😀

        As a matter of fact, I have no shame in admitting my ultimate fantasy – which is of course having a threesome with Sam and Pamela, only for her to find out that I too dumped an almighty load deep inside her womb while she wasn’t on birth control. Nine months later…everyone’s happy!

  45. alexartofdog 1 year ago

    great girls

  46. brunoapp 1 year ago

    muinto bom filme

  47. damanchea 1 year ago

    Another sexy latina for us to enjoy! Thanks aoz cant wait!

  48. suavegancho 1 year ago

    Too many panty hose pushed aside movies. Finally some bare action!???? Keep the lady’s well shaved too.

  49. dunibluni 1 year ago

    unfortunately without pantyhose 🙁

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      You’re a pantyhose fan DB? 🙂 Anyone else into pantyhose? If yes, let us know and we can add a bit of that quite easily 😉

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