Art Of Zoo 2020 Christmas Vegas Update - animal sex and zoofilia


Merry Christmas Gang 🙂

Summer is always a bit quiet around here – if you check out our Summer Update, you’ll see what everyone was busy doing. But betwixt those very taxable consumer holidays it’s great to see everyone making time for the good stuff. After all, that doggy loving is the gift that keeps on giving, and love is all you need. Plus maybe a little drugs, or booze, or whatever butters your muffin.

The highlight of the past few months was of course the Vegas Event…



Yes, after all these years, we had our first official major get-together. Or, maybe that should be Pet-together, given all the hot dog fucking that I hear happened during the event


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - DesertRaven is ready for love

That Nevada sunshine gets super sexy DesertRaven hot and ready for doggy love…


Offline groups and meetings are kinda important. You see the state of the world I hope. You see all restrictions and controls ‘The Man‘ wants to impose on everyone everywhere – many of you are still under House Arrest. Can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t go near people. Tagging us, tracking us, monitoring us. But still ahem apparently hasn’t worked out that influenza virus is a constantly mutating organism, and therefore, wants to start using facial recognition tech to identify problem clouds, with his ever-so-suspicious vaccination we’re supposed to just sit back and take like good little livestock. Yeah alright mate. I’ll take that shit right after I see you do 🙂


Art Of Zoo - Fred on the way to the party - dog fucking


Fortunately, not everyone is entirely retarded. While we lurk in the shadows, divided isolated individuals, we have no voice. A voice requires numbers. No voice makes us an easy target. And, much like Witches – that is, little old Ladies living alone unprotected at the edge of town – ‘Der Man‘ likes nothing more than an easy target. He’s real fucken brave like that. Being an easy target, is why it’s so easy for them to change laws. It doesn’t have to be that way though. I’d remind you about our Gay friends, who were also once an easy target. Not so much anymore, eh. That’s coz they got themselves organizized, and started pushing back. Nothing is really stopping us from doing the same…


Art Of Zoo - K9CockLover's famous dog cock cookies


Websites are fairly easy to close down. They’ve tried a bunch of tactics over the years (no vaccination to deal with me, and I’m not microscopic). Attacking various aspects of our operations to get us out of the picture. They’ve been toying with laws that would give them complete control over the internet, for years. So far, nothing has stuck. But while they persist, there is a fair chance that they will succeed at some point. We do have a contingency plan in place in the event something like that happens (provided you are keeping your email up to date on our system – we can’t contact you if we don’t have your email). Still, with enough offline groups popping up here and there, it’s possible that we can take the whole thing offline if we need to. As such, the Vegas event was a first step in the right direction. It’s a small start – but mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow. The Great Fire of London started with 1 spark, took the whole place apart. Jesus was just a beardy troublemaker at one point. You remember that guy right? It’s his birthday.

I hear everyone had a great time, and you can read about the event in Honey and Beasty’s posts here and here. The fun did not end there mind, some of the Gang have been hooking up since. And Beasty fired over some of the spare ArtOfZoo tshirts to our Gilded Lily Ladies etc.  🙂


Art Of Zoo - BellaBitch Christmas - sex with dogs

BellaBitch rocking a festive AoZ shirt…


Art Of Zoo - HPaar Merry Christmas

HPaar maxing and relaxing AoZ style for Christmas…


Art Of Zoo WetEbony4K9 AoZ Shirt

Experienced Pet Girl WetEbony really fills that logo out!


Art of Zoo K9CockLover AoZ shirt

Mz. K9CockLover takes the Art of Zoo out for a wintry hike…




A slim but perfectly formed selection of groovy new dog sex movies for your viewing pleasure. Do remember people, that our movie supporters make an actual effort to put a dollar on the table and keep the whole shebang going. It’s not an ideal situation I know, none of it is, but until I stumble upon Monte Zuma’s treasure it’s all we have. Do try to stick a little something in the pot eh it’s fucking Christmas 🙂


“STRONGER” – by Sabine

It’s important to remember, that most real Pet Girls are drawn to dog fucking because it’s very real, and it doesn’t get any more animalistic. You get scratched. You get poked hard in the wrong place. You’re dealing with knots that lock your parts onto a dog…

Art Of Zoo HD Dog Fucking Movies - Stronger - Sabine flashes and poses on some public stairs



Bit by bit – Tink grew accustomed to the feeling of a dog fucking her. She let go of any preconceptions and learned that her sweet little pussy is just the thing to keep those dogs happy…

Art Of Zoo animal sex movies - Taming Tink - dog fucking


Zumi starts out doing a nice strip for us; showing us that hot body, and what She has in store for lucky Tango. She really does have an awesome Pet Pussy, and those big brown eyes – yes, I do believe the Lady is really getting into this dog thing. What’s not to love?..

Art Of Zoo Animal Porn Movies - Doggy Deeper - Zumi sucking the dog with dog cock colored lipstick


“STRICT SANTA” – photoset by TigerLily and Tink

A little free Christmas offering, in the spirit of the season, for our hardcore supporters. A little softcore(ish) photoset of our Christmas card shoot. It was supposed to be a free movie, unfortunately by the time everyone got dressed and ready, the boys were so tuckered out from wrestling each other, they didn’t quite have a fuck in them. I know that feeling. Still, it’s a cute photoset. We will send this zip to any Members who purchase the latest 2 movies (Doggy Deeper + Taming Tink) – plus any of our more heavyweight Patrons who have been slapping down larger chunks of $ lately. Good on ya. Some of you might be doing a bit more than looking soon, it seems…


Art Of Zoo - Strict Santa TigerLily and Tink - dog fucking



Yes Gang, as explained here, apologies about the newsletter. It’s not the end of the world, just hit unsubscribe again eh, if you need to. We don’t send out mountains of newsletters – and anyway if you don’t want to keep up to date or join in the fun, what are you even doing here? You’d be better off with a hand shandy and toast in a bowl…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - K9CockLover

K9CockLover‘s boy Maximus is beginning to look a knot like Christmas 🙂



The latest lovely Doggy Debutantes to grace our network. These Ladies should be keeping those pets extra busy…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - KnottMeUp - dog fucking

KnottMeUp has been a naughty Pet Girl – go STRAIGHT to the dog house…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - ZooAndYou - dog fucking

ZooAndYou’s sexy panties suggest that Pet Pussy is off the leash!


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - CandieGirl158 - dog fucking

All dogs have a sweet tooth when it comes to CandieGirl158’s hot honey hole…


Art Of Zoo - RickLizz1 - dog fucking

Sultry Wild Lizz has the buns for doggy fun…


Art Of Zoo - IvaCockSwallow - sex with dogs

Big lovely IvaCockSwallow’s boobs are as much a mouthful as Her name 🙂


Art Of Zoo - AlexAngela - dog fucking

Ms. AlexAngela has a nice Xmas pressie ready for those doggies…


ArtOfZoo - NaughtyKnotty - dog fucking

Horny NaughtyKnottyGirl is strapped and ready to love those pets the right way…


Art Of Zoo - Velma420 - sex with dogs

Velma420 has something tasty that Scooby wants to Scoobydoobydoo!


Art Of Zoo Blue4Bonez - sex with dogs

Yummy Pet Sista Blue4Bonez wants to get Her mating on…


Art Of Zoo AlexMar112 - dog fucking

AlexMar112 gives us a juicy doggy-eye view of the fun…


Art Of Zoo - CuddelMeHard - sex with dogs

Scrummy CuddleMeHard has lots of nice doggy cushion for the pushin’…


Art Of Zoo - MarianXXXXX - dog fucking

Sexy doggy MILF MarianXXXXX wants a shot of that doggy juice for Christmas…


Art Of Zoo - Avenwade - sex with dogs

More dark Pet Lady loveliness from Avenwade – those boobs, wow – kapow, zoinks!


Art Of Zoo - SuckItTrebek88 - sex with dogs

Fuck me we got some huge boobs this update – SuckItTrebek is packing serious heat…


Art Of Zoo - Christmas Pet Pussy from Yam194

Memories of Melissa, great to see the Lady has not lost her stride…


Art of Zoo - Milou - sex with dogs

Milou is Wild Alive and loving every fucking minute of it…


Art Of Zoo - Lady X

Lovely Miss X is Xactly what a doggy might need…


Art Of Zoo - FenixZoo - sex with dogs

Sultry FenixZoo will be making someone’s doggy very happy this Xmas…


Art Of Zoo - VanillasKnotForMe - dog fucking

VanillaisKnotForMe wants to go on Santa’s knotty list…



This update’s handful of horny hounds, eager to slip a candy cane into the appropriate hot stocking…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - FrankTheTank - dog fucking

FrankTheTank1’s boys are a 2-hound doggy tag team…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - DieselHad - dog fucking

DeiselHad’s boy is wondering ‘where the Pet Pussy at?’…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - BigBoodega - dog fucking

BigBoodega has a big romantic, handsome boy with dreamy eyes…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - DNPitBull88 - dog fucking

Looks like those Pet Ladies have worn out DNPitBull88’s boy…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - Ringo196 - dog fucking

Ringo196’s doggy is hunting high and low for the Pet Pussy…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - JC1PM - dog fucking

JC1PM’s hound says ‘fuck off with the camera and bring me a vagina already!’


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - Patter - dog fucking

Patter’s boy is happy to see Her back from Vegas – and hear all the news 🙂


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - Perkio - dog fucking

Perkio’s boys want to know when the Pet Chix are turning up?..


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - BaddBoy200200 - dog fucking

Looks like BaddBoy’s doggy has faceplanted the cocaine pile again…


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - LadyPrincess - dog fucking

LadyPrincess‘ doggy is wondering if it’s playtime yet?


Art Of Zoo Animal Sex - BellaBitch - dog fucking

Bella’s boy Sampson is perplexed and perhaps intimidated at the idea of those 8 Reindeer cocks…


Art Of Zoo - Bowowow - sex with dogs

Innocence Found” – by Bowowow



I find wearing facehats, visors and goggles tends to get in the way of what u wanna do, don’t you? To get a clearer picture of the situation, by way of scientific experimentation, I continue to truffle my way through various Ladies filthiest parts unmasked. Daryll van Horne got nothing on me. And wouldn’t you know it, old, unhealthy, and still here. I shall continue with my experiments for the greater good, and I shall let you know the moment I keel over. It’s a tough job but hey somebody’s gotta do it. Our 4 legged friends are also keen to join the clinical trials…


Art Of Zoo - Hundepigen - sex with dogs

Mz. HundePigen is a tasty treat for doggies…


Art Of Zoo - AmbreZoo91 - dog fucking

Madamoiselle Ambre supping her daily double dose of creamy dog juice – healthy and good 4u mmm…


Art Of Zoo - Lena3 - sex with horse

Our lovely Lena shares a clip of Her appetite for something bigger (on the Lady’s gallery go see)…


Art Of Zoo - NyxDogLover - sex with dogs

Naughty tattooed Nyx is up to Her usual tryx – still no movie sadly 🙁


ArtOfZoo - DeviantCouple - dog fucking

Deviant Charlie took a short break, but there is no getting between this Lady and her pet love…


ArtOfZoo - DesertRaven - dog fucking

Sexy DesertRaven has been dogging non-stop since Vegas, lucky Fred…


ArtOfZoo - KnottedPleasure - dog fucking

Last but definitely knot least – hot KnottedPleasure keeps the juices flowing at the last post-Vegas meet…



I don’t like to be a bitch but I genuinely cannot stop laughing. Christmas is the time of good cheer so seems unfair to not share 🙂 I regularly get ‘Hi Adam, I have LOTS of money I want to throw at you, but first please tell me all your ideas‘. Bitch please. Latest contender is Mr K9Dolls – after screwing me and Stray in Portugal and making a flaccid but valiant effort to play opposition – wants me to hand over all the details to the Gaia app. These are not the droids you’re after. Alright Grandad. Do please look out for his upcoming UZuybe app or whatever, it’s bound to be killer. After all, I think what we all need, is Youtube with no infrastructure. Entertaining? I have not laughed so much for a while, I’m still laughing… 😀



Also, to the cunt emailing shit to Support. Lame you do realize none of that silly bollox gets to me right? It’s what gatekeepers are for. You got something to say, I’m right here look. What, you scared of speaking up in front of all these people? You’re anonymous right, what do you have to lose? 🙂 At least the prick on my interview had the nouse to step up. You scared you will look even more stupid and lonely than you almost certainly already do? Come on, stop failing to hate in private, and talk brave where others can enjoy the benefit of your rotundity. Christmas is a time for giving after all…

“You think you’re the first? You think I got this job coz I’m fat and jolly?”
Kris Kringle

Anyway. Merry Christmas even to you dumb arse sniffers 😀


Art Of Zoo AoZ Christmas by LadyX



It’s good to distance oneself as much as possible from the nonsense out there. It’s like Chris Nolan’s Tenet – aka 100 ways to spend a lot of money loudly but still make zero sense. No it’s fine, everything’s just fine. Really.

So, The Rock wants to be Adam now…



I’m sure our Afrocentric brothers and sisters will be delighted to have Black Adam played by a Samoan, fuck me. Anyway – love u Dwight. But keep in mind, there is a difference between walking the path, and mincing round Hollywood. Just saying. Might get some nice other t-shirts though. I guess I can’t complain, when I’m struggling to find a decent graphic for the Gaia FireLotus, Mr. Lucas seems to wanna lend a hand. Doggy nose, flower, fire, yes I guess u have more money for graphic talent than I do. Thank you George I know you are reading this (what else will you do when you are George the fucking ‘Force be With You’ Lucas), I might nick that yet we will see. I am absolutely sure C3PO did not have a silver leg. I remember hassling my old mum to buy those 2 cunts after the first movie I think I would remember that. By the way, all you lot got a problem with birds taking the lead, must be Men’s Men right (nudge nudge)? 😉


Star Wars FireLotus


I have not watched it yet but I’m sure it will be on point. Animated movie WolfWalkers will give me something to watch over Xmas…




Obscure I know – but when looking for synonyms for ‘shows off’ on Rhymezone – have a look at what the first results are. Nice to see those guys getting in the spirit of things 🙂


Art Of Zoo Christmas Boob by LadyX



As always, we don’t lose sight of the fact that all of y’all are what makes all this happen. Big thanks to all our movie supporters, to all our great Crew aboard the good ship Gaia. Big thanks to Beasty for taking a lot of the strain and heading up the Vegas event. Special thanks to poor HoneyPot who is working double Christmas shifts AND still makes time to get the blogs out. What is it with you USA lot entire fucking continent balanced on one mans balls, is that really the best you got? Really? Oh, we are scared, oh we are too far apart. Bollox. I got teenage French girls showing more spunk. Fuck me America do we have to wait for you until the last 2 mins every fucken time. Stop fucking around and get on with it already for fucks sake! How many meetings and shit happening we got to have before you start doing your part. Don’t make me come down there coz U will be sore after trust me. Fuck me great again. Where are those brass knuckles…


Art Of Zoo - say hello to my little friend


Grrrrr behave 🙂 To Mr. Mystery Member who has been doing quite a lot of custom stuff lately – you know who you are. To Dachat who is well and truly a proper Gaianaut by now – to all our new Xanadu brigade, to all our boys and girls, and pets between legs – keeping me and ILZ busy as usual.

I dunno if it’s the end of days or not, but if yes we can all at least say we went out with a bang. Fuck it Gang, if there is one thing we can be sure of, that is one door closes, as another door opens. Tomorrow is a new day. A NEW day. You think Gaia hasn’t seen this a dozen times before? It’s the way She goes. Money, ties, fucking Yeezy as the Messiah? Reboot time. Revolutions, wheels within wheels. Mobilis In Mobili. Hang onto each other coz we are all in this together, and we can get through it. Interesting times ahead, so get your party on and let’s have it!

IF any of you lot couldn’t quite afford any movies, but wouldn’t mind sticking something in Santa’s pan, any tips and donations would be very much appreciated. Here’s our Bitcoin QR code – it’s the sex appeal so please give generously. Maybe we’ll be able to afford to go out and eat this year…


Big love, we hope you all have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year, and we will see you all on the other side.


Art Of Zoo - WolfLover2 - Fred on the banner


all the best in jingle balls apocalyptic Pet Love…

Adam and the Gaia Crew xxx


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  1. MartinReisa 2 months ago

    ¿Qué es una comunidad? ¿Cómo se construye una comunidad? ¿Cómo se sostiene una comunidad? ¿Cómo se piensa una comunidad a sí misma?
    Para todos los que amamos esta filosofía de vida es imposible desconocer que este sitio es un ejemplo de todo lo que verdaderamente amamos, un estilo de vida y una forma de pensar, o sea, una actitud ante la vida. Y me atrevería a decir que es el único ejemplo con una fuerza y potencia arrolladora. Es por eso que la pregunta por la comunidad se nos impone a todos los miembros que “habitamos” en este sitio como nuestra propia casa y como nuestro hogar comunitario. Personalmente me la paso pensando en estas preguntas y en las posibilidades que nos ofrece este hermoso sitio que tanto amo. Espero poder escribir en mi blog y aportar algo en este sentido, haciendo las preguntas correctas y estableciendo un puente de pensamiento con aquellas personas que se hacen las mismas preguntas, y sobre todo hacia la dirección para mejorar y embellecer esta comunidad. Saludo afectuoso a todos los miembros y a los responsables del sitio por tan bella comunidad. Es una tarea enorme, lo reconozco y lo agradezco y quiero contribuir a ello.

    I use the translator, sorry for the errors: What is a community? How do you build a community? How is a community sustained? How does a community think of itself?
    For all of us who love this philosophy of life, it is impossible to ignore that this site is an example of everything we truly love, a lifestyle and a way of thinking, that is, an attitude towards life. And I would dare to say that it is the only example with overwhelming force and power. That is why the question of community is imposed on all of us who “inhabit” this site as our own home and as our community home. Personally, I am thinking about these questions and the possibilities that this beautiful site that I love so much offers us. I hope I can write on my blog and contribute something in this regard, asking the right questions and establishing a bridge of thought with those people who ask the same questions, and especially towards the direction to improve and beautify this community. I greet all the members and those responsible for the site for such a beautiful community. It is an enormous task, I recognize it and I appreciate it and I want to contribute to it.

  2. Byblood 3 months ago

    I may not be on the invite list, but knowing likminded people are close warms the heart. Have a blast and enjoy Vegas!!!

  3. Doglover56us 3 months ago

    So glad i found this site! its been a joy to see everyone so involved and doing amazing things. i hope i can help out somehow this coming year. and hopefully you will host another event in my hometown! Viva Las Vegas 🙂

  4. ilikealotm 4 months ago Is a wonderful update to end 2020 and start 2021. Thanks Adam, ILZ, the GAIA crew and everyone here for continuing to keep the faith during the CoVid19 crisis.
    We hope everyone see’s 2021 as a fresh start to a fantastic and healthier year with loads of fun and knottiness .
    See ya in 2021, Happy hollidays, Merry Bitchmas and have a Happy New Year to all. 🙂 Xoxo woof woof 🙂

  5. Gdane15 4 months ago

    I am excited what will come in 2021 , maybe an next boar movie.

  6. 4 months ago

    they will come , shepards are few, thanks.

  7. Gustinfx 4 months ago

    hahaha very good I loved the photo of ‘fuck off with the camera and bring me a pussy now! my wish for next year would be. dachat keep bringing more beautiful russian girls and please a return from acadia would be spectacular together with dogwoman and nana are the most beautiful of artofzoo. Merry Christmas to all.

  8. Q1786154168 4 months ago


  9. LadyX 4 months ago

    Finally Christmas updates is here and worth waiting for.

    I specially love the “MERRY BITCHMAS” it had me laughing in the end… cheeky man.

    Wonderful and delightful piece of writing by Jesus himself (I got to stay in the Christmas theme, Adam 😇😇😇)

    I feel a Christmas song coming….

    I wish you all a Merry Knotxmas
    And a Happy AoZ Year long…….
    Woof woof……

    Lady X 💋💋💋

    • Author
      Adam 4 months ago

      Jesus would have a beard and flowery white robes surely 😉

      • LadyX 4 months ago

        Don’t worry Adam. Fairy Lady X is here and you will go to the AoZ knotxmas Ball as Jesus.

        Beard …🤔🤔🤔mmmm, I need to cut abit of my long hair, it away pass my bum length now and really need a cut. Ding sorted.

        Next white robe 🤔🤔

        I got lot of fake snow at my place or I can just squirt all over you.. 🤣🤣🤣 Adam have you been a good boy or a naughty boy this Christmas?.

        🤣🤣🤣 ok, ok I will behave. I really should watch less Christmas movies.

        Ho ho ho Merry Knotxmas Day

        • Author
          Adam 4 months ago

          If I am honest, some have commented upon a similarity to the chap when I grow a beard. So I shave it off. Jesus isn’t stupid he wouldn’t turn up looking like Jesus. Apparently. They are thinking of Vissarion.

          • LadyX 4 months ago

            🤣 fantastic reply.

            Very smart and witty x

  10. stardog 4 months ago

    Thanks for the Newsletter and all the lovely Pet Lady pictures Adam. They all deserve a round of applause.

  11. Thewolfbrother 4 months ago

    If aby of these foxy wild flowers need a sexy mask just let me know!

  12. Thewolfbrother 4 months ago

    Whew, these uodates keep getting better

  13. Beastyman069 4 months ago

    As usual. Adam you rock when it comes to the Site Updates. Can’t wait to see the next one. A thank you to all the lovely ladies who sent in their photos for the update. To all the ladies that entered the Gilded Lily contest I Hope you enjoyed the AoZ shirts. A special thanks you to Honeypot1 who helped me plan the 2020 Las Vegas Gathering and the members that attended that made it a success. Stand by because the 2021 Gathering will be her before you know it.

  14. Author
    Adam 4 months ago

    Dwight is The Rock. I just Rock x 😉

  15. genericc616 4 months ago

    This site and community have been my one saving grace of what is otherwise a write off of a year. Love seeing the updates and seeing it continue to grow

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