Hi Gang 🙂

thanks to everyone for your mails about Eden, we are proceeding in that direction now. Organizing the new setup is going to take up a lot of our time, as such we will have limited time to do stuff around here such as publishing new videos, publishing blog posts etc. Apologies for that, we will catch up as soon as possible. We will try to publish the next new movies before we get too stuck into Eden.

(On that topic, we had mails from a couple people who supplied the wrong email address, so we can’t reply to you. If you inquired about Eden but did not yet hear back from us, please contact us again, and please double check that you’ve entered the correct email address).

So then, new directions of course means change. I hope you will bear with us during this transition.

The first change will be to this site. You can read about new site plans, and the reasons, on this post.


The second change, is the division of activities. There’s the movie side, and the community side. If you’ve read the AOZ Review post, you’ll understand that mixing up these 2 sides is not necessarily for the best.

I’ve been doing the movie thing for some time now. I love pet movies of course, but if I’m honest, I’m not as passionate about movie production as I used to be. There are a couple movies that I never got to make, and I may dip in and out later on. But at present I am more interested in the community side – site building, writing, teaching and making new friends.

ILZ on the other hand, has only just started dabbling in production, and is super-keen.  Separating these directions would seem to be a sensible move.


ILZ came to work with us about 4 years ago. He’s proved very loyal and hard working, and has really thrown himself into what we do. He’s proven trustworthy, and diligently learned the ropes of being a guerilla pet pornographer. It hasn’t always been easy, but he’s hung in there, and earned his stripes. He’s a nice guy, much easier to get along with than myself.

In preparation, I’ve coached him in all the necessaries for movie production. He’s already cut his teeth with Lise, then TigerLily, Kana and other Ladies we’ve played with. As such, Like Willy Wonka to Charlie, I will shortly hand over the movie production side and the general running of the AoZ movie site, to ILZ.

At a suitable time in the future, ILZ will find an apprentice to take over from him. If that sounds appealing to you, you should really read this post. That way, as long as the torch is passed to the next apprentice, our work can continue indefinitely.

I will still be helping ILZ with the site, with planning and troubleshooting. But ILZ of course has his own goals and ideas, and I’m interested to see where he takes the music. 🙂 I hope you will join me in wishing ILZ smooth sailing into the future.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. monty 9 months ago

    Keep going ILZ Great work.

  2. hungboss 10 months ago

    Luv when my Germ Shepard makes my fiance whine and squirt

  3. artofzoobiggestfan 11 months ago

    Congrats iLZ I look forward to seeing more of youre amazing films. Also I would be very interested in an apprenticeship??

  4. citizen 11 months ago

    Yes ILZ, i can only agree with above, congrats and i guess you have alot of new ideas how to develop the produktion of hig quality movies with nice girls and different kind of animals.

    We all support your work the best we can..


  5. Mediciman51 11 months ago

    Congrats ILZ I have enjoyed your past work and think you did an outstanding job considering you are a neophyte in making movies. They keep doing what you have done and you won’t disappoint. Thanks guy

  6. thewolfbrother 12 months ago

    Congrats ilz, looking forward to your works.

  7. svendu 12 months ago

    takes time to learn everything here

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