ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs

“Stuck inside can be all kinds of fun…”

Models: Paula & Nina with Gunner
Running Time: 28 Minutes
Price: 100 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)
Language: Russian (English subtitles)


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ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Lockdown, what a drag. Can’t go out. 26 channels of cooking shows on TV. To make matters worse, your vagina develops a throb that only a dog’s dick can soothe. Fuuuuck.

Evey Hammond-esque Paula finds herself in this predicament. An impulsive creature always, this Lady is unused to not getting some dog, when the urge strikes. There is always Nina down the hall. Nina runs with a different crowd – but she did let Paula fuck her dog, that night they shared a taxi, drunk, back from the club. Maybe she can help…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Paula gets ready and rushes down the hall. She half trips on a stair, anxious to feel the dog swelling inside her once again.

Nina gets a kick out of inviting women back for her dog. She fastens the compulsory collar and leash around Paula’s neck, to help put her in the right frame of mind for bitchcraft. She’s looking forward to seeing Gunner stud this little pussy again. Nina orders Paula into position, then gets the dog…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Nina’s family have been staying for a few weeks, so no playtime for Gunner. As such, he is ravenous, and the sight of Paula dressed for doggy and ready to take him, is just what the Doctor ordered. He hits Paula with a tough mount, doing deep and strong. His date is struggling with it; but Paula is familiar with pain, tattoos, piercings (and yet more). Pain is just another sensation. She lets it wash over her as Gunner hammers deep between her precious wet petals…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Paula like this kind of mating. Hard, meaningful, and honest. Cutting deep enough to leave it’s mark on her soul. Yes, Paula’s pussy is summoning all kinds of passion from Gunner. He really, really likes this Lady’s pussy. Nina supervises, delighted to see her boy so well entertained by the girl down the hall…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Hard deep mounts invariably lead to hard deep ties. Paula’s vagina has accepted him completely, instinctively. As he expands, so she contracts, until the pair are chained together in unmistakable love.

Gunner’s cock aches and pulses as he releases his essence inside this most deserving vagina. Paula groans with pleasure as she feels the dog twitch and ejaculate inside her, his seed slowly filling her up, one squirt at a time. She is very glad she picked up the phone…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Nina likes to imagine she is a dog breeder, that she is trying to impregnate these girls with Gunners puppies. Just a little fantasy she has, at times like this. She checks the couples progress, the tie is a good one. She admires Gunners red flesh caught up in Paula’s soft pink embrace. Maybe a litter of 5… a stream of pure dog semen gushes across Paula’s labia… hmm, maybe a litter of 8 then…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


Paula’s dog desire has been quenched in electrifying manner by Gunner this afternoon. Those flames, thoroughly hosed down with jets of dog sperm. She can still feel the tingle inside, the wetness of their lovemaking still moist between her legs.

Gunners red tool is still hanging there, all red and shiny. As any respectable girl would, she repays his loving kindness by tongue-massaging his cock. No ordinary tongue, mind. Paula has a SPLIT tongue. Yes, a tongue split down the middle. The split tongue is useful in performing rare and interesting oral sex techniques, today on Gunner. The Lady tongue seems perfectly suited to fit the tip of a dog cock, we might be forgiven for imagining that is the reason Paula had this modification done. It’s a style of dog pleasure you certainly don’t see every day…


ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs

The Million Dollar Picture

The Million Dollar Picture, clearly shows a dog grabbing a human female about the hips and ass. Nobody has positioned him there, nobody has trained him to do this. This is a dog, hugging a woman’s reproductive end like Winnie the Pooh might hug his last jar of honey. And Paula’s honey clearly tastes just as sweet. This is a dog wanting to own a woman’s sex. Factor that into your ‘forcing animals’ nonsense. The only forcing of animals here, is animals forcing themselves into Paula. Tongue, penis – at one point I’m sure he tried to fist her. Gunner really is having a great time with this vagina.

The movie closes with an interview, so we get to hear the Ladys thoughts on dog sports, and a bit about what’s going on behind those eyes. You know the drill Gang – 2 lovely Ladies here. Great action, great camerawork, everyone very passionate about our Art. I don’t know if you will enjoy this as much as Gunner clearly did, but it’s probably worth finding out. Enjoy a very nice hard mating with Paula, with a bit of help from Nina. 🙂


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ArtOfZoo - Chained to the Rhythm - sex with dogs


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia



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  1. zoombs761 1 month ago

    Looks awesome! I wish Gunner could have taken them both, but maybe next time 🙂

  2. sXaBeast 2 months ago


  3. hollisterwoodrow 2 months ago

    The mount and tie action is superb…and she hold the position for quite some time. A visual treat for sure. Highly recommended!

  4. Q1786154168 2 months ago

    希望越来越多的高质量 片出来 国人给个赞

  5. art30 2 months ago

    Wold be excellent if gunner could fuck nina next time she need the dog juice to

  6. genericc616 2 months ago

    I recently got this movie alongside a few other’s I bought, and I saved it for last because I had a feeling it was something special. Which considering how awesome all the other films on here are is saying something.

    I can happily say that I made a good call because this movie is that cut above the overs. Seeing Paul getting licked and fucked by Gunner while Nina watches and helps is a visual treat. The previews are incredible, but the movie itself is even better.

    Do yourself a favour and get this one!

  7. bontas 2 months ago

    Looks like a great inclusion to the video collection. More beautiful girls. Will we be seeing Nana at gain at any time soon Ads?

  8. dppkk0294 2 months ago

    Looks amazing and gunner grabbing that ass like he owns it

  9. zzmoonnatashadog88 2 months ago

    very hot glad you had a great day 🙂

  10. juggygales 2 months ago

    another winner, paula looks great but hopefully loved to see nina get her chance come along soon

  11. chotarajan25 2 months ago

    Beauty is
    • that knot buried deep in that pretty flower.
    • Gunner eating that pet pussy hungrily.

    • Pure pet lust on Paula’s innocent face.

  12. harryharry6969 2 months ago

    ohh ja😍😍

    Liebe diese scharfen Ladys.
    Schöne versaute sexy Frauen, mit geiler Dog Aktion.
    Macht mich sehr geillllllllllllllll

  13. art30 2 months ago

    This is hot

  14. 2 months ago

    Two lovely ladies, but only one mount and tie. Three is fun, if everyone gets satisfaction, but 4 is a blast!

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      You don’t know how we make movies by now Left? 🙂 There’s more than 1 mount over a few sessions, but it’s done same place same outfit, to extend the lovescene and give it some oomph.

    • Edyramos 1 day ago

      Olá Adão pode me tirar uma dúvida?como faço para compra os vídeos sou novo aqui e não sei

  15. TheFluffiest 2 months ago

    I loved the Winnieh the Pooh quote 😛

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      Feel free to use it, never know when it might come in handy 😉

  16. OhDangWeDogging 2 months ago

    looks like its going to be another great movie

  17. PHONG2020 2 months ago

    Gunner big star

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