Dear Owners 🙂

hopefully by now you are aware of our proposed Eden Project. This is the beginning of a secure, offline network of Pet Friends dedicated to our favorite activity. This is in response to potential threats to online petlove networks from the proposed Net Neutrality repeal. Time is of the essence.

It goes without saying, that you can’t have great pet fun without great pets 🙂

We are building a database of reliable, motivated Pet Owners who would like to be part of our network, to be involved in shoots and Workshops, and other events we have planned in Central Europe.

You will need to be accessible to Central Europe (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Germany), and we will cover your travel expenses etc. You don’t have to be accessible to ALL these areas, just that general area. Event locations may vary.

We will also use the Owners Database to put you in contact with Verified Females local to you, who are keen for their first, or ongoing pet experiences.

If you are a Pet Owner and would like to join in the fun, we would ask that you Get Verified first (if you are not already).

Once verified genuine, if you would like to go onto our Eden Owners List, please let us know and we will add you. When applying, please let us know your approximate location, likely travel costs, and availability (i.e. how much notice you would likely need in order to attend a shoot, Workshop etc).

If you are a Verified Owner, or know one or more genuine Owners with suitable pets, we would ask you to get them to contact us and get onto the list.

We would be particularly interested in hearing from horse and boar owners around Central Europe. In that event, we will discuss traveling to your location since such animals are not so easy to transport. Please contact us to discuss options.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to begin developing the offline network that is very long overdue. 🙂

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  1. animalboy 2 months ago

    animalboy-tiereficker grüßt mal alle Gleichgesinnten

  2. rozoo83 7 months ago

    Congrats ! Good ideea.

  3. Corrales 8 months ago

    are there any pet owners in the Vienna/Bratislava/Brno area, who have an active dog, for my (attractive)girl friend?
    No financial interests.

    Answers welcome.

    • Author
      adam 8 months ago

      Hi Corrales, first step is to get your Lady verified 🙂 After that we will speak with you about possible meetings in that area, thanks.

  4. mellz 9 months ago

    Any Warwickshire uk people

  5. chuhonglie 11 months ago


  6. dogzeit 11 months ago

    Grüße aus dem Harz…

  7. fetish15 11 months ago

    Interesting idea, let you do it all 😉

  8. jinja 12 months ago

    one of the big opportunity for the center Europe pet owner ,am from Tanzania , i wish i could be there to attend it.And what about Africa?do u plan any thing?

  9. lovedogissex 12 months ago

    I would like to be honored, I would like to be verified but I do not have a dog or my apartment, I am in the Netherlands or you can help me so that I could take part in your site and meet your sexual masons with animals

  10. thisischris 12 months ago

    Hey, I sadly don’t have any pets myself, but I know someone who might be interested. Sadly he doesn’t have (nor does he want) an account on here.
    Is there any chance that I can connect you to him? We’re from Germany btw. 🙂

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Hi Chris, this is your network too. If everyone brings one more person, the network doubles and that is to everyones advantage. Sure you can put your friend in touch with us. Better yet, anyone you think would be a good addition to the network, just invite them to join the site. That is what other network builders are doing.

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