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After those events, Master had been tender, loving, gentle and understanding. Noreen had basked in his love. Her trauma dissipated and even her fears of being dirty, of him leaving, and her abnegation at her humiliation had all receded. She had more and better sex in a few months than in all her life before. Sex that wasn’t pointless! She was even able to be around or pet Caesar without fear. Things seemed almost normal.

Then, suddenly, they weren’t. She had stepped out of her shower and the world turned upside down. She stumbled and tripped over something large, falling to the floor and dropping her towel. Disoriented, she shook her head and got up onto her hands and knees. Froze there as Caesar growled at her. It was him! He nipped her flank. She shivered. They were alone in the house. She was soft and naked, exposed, vulnerable.

“Bad dog!” She said, voice quivering. He darted forward and his jaws snapped closed on her hair. She tried to get up, but he growled again, more fiercely and tugged. She was petrified. He owned her confidently… she was his bitch and she knew it then.

What if he bit her? Males did that, she was sure. She knew what he wanted and had no choice but to let him have it. Treasonous, her loins warmed. Her nipples hardened too, but that was just fear. Just fear. She shook, her skin prickling at the thought of her fate.

Once she was shown her place, Caesar stopped menacing the girl and nosed in for a taste. She squirmed under his wet, intimate touch, and her thighs parted for it as he confidently slurped. She wasn’t going anywhere. They both knew it. He smelled and tasted her arousal. Her folds juiced and creamed up. She felt it and he knew she was in heat.

Noreen had no choice. He would bite her if she didn’t submit to him. She didn’t want to. She didn’t have to want to (he would just take her). Parts of her did. Would enjoy it fully. She hated them, hated her body and sex. She didn’t want to. Period.

She had now been eaten to massive orgasms countless times by her Master. She began to moan at Caesars first touch, writhing and wiggling, unable to stop. Her nails cracked and broke, piercing the carpet as she tried to pretend she wasn’t coming. When she had to yell, almost shouting “Yes!” as for Master, she screamed, “No! Help me, help, help! Uhhh….”

She was dazed and soft, warm and rosy, dizzy. In this state she was mounted and entered, scarcely sentient with her bubbling pleasure.

As she came down to earth, canine lust was ruling her sex, ravaging and stretching her petals, long, fast and huge. More than Master. Much more. In that moment it was what she wanted, needed. What all her being wanted. Except her perfect, icy prudishness. Which Caesar ignored if he was even aware of it. She had no choice but to ignore it too, fortunately.

The sensations were amazing as he plowed and shot into her, she seized up tight on him and almost curled into a ball, black and yellow spots swimming across her vision. Intense! And no-one around to see or know. To judge or shame her for her pleasure.

Noreen found herself damp and gasping, oozing and shaky. Covered with hair and smelling like a wet dog. After waiting for him to take his time filling, and release her, she had to take another shower.

Caesar was waiting for her, looking at her gooey eyed. Whining and frisking. She had to take him out for ball play. He was just an animal.

Despite the fact that she had basically submitted to him and was forced to admit her climaxes even to herself, her icy super ego took control. She had been forced. Savaged by a primitive beast. She made sure it wouldn’t happen again, locking the bed and bathroom doors, and always wearing strong cotton granny pants.
When her Master returned, she jumped his bones and took him savagely. He loved it. Eventually he noticed her behavior was off, but never figured it out.

For his birthday he had always got her to do one new dirty thing for him, as long as they’d been together. She whined and refused before giving in. She liked it as much as he did. Maybe anyway. This time she wore her collar, leash and stockings, as he liked, he made her wait in doggy while she got all hot and wet wondering what he would command.

“Stay.” It was and she did. Then she saw him bring Caesar!

She felt wet, coldness against her thigh and almost jumped. It was on her pussy! “No! No, Master, please…” “Oh, come on, it’s been months and months. Surely you’re not still whining about that? A good, obedient girl like you? It was really hot! I want to see you dog fucking again now.” He said, cheerfully, eager in his confidence that she would obey his desire.

How could she tell him it had only been a week? Since Caesar had forced her, nipped her, made her feel things, hate herself? Made her hot, enjoy it, made her come even? She’d never admit that. That she still dreamed of it? Feared it, parts of her body even now wanting it? She couldn’t, of course.

Since slaves don’t get to say no, she found herself in position, being licked like the last two times. Not by accident. Not by the force of a dumb animal. Just because Master wanted to watch. Bitter bile choked her.

Caesar licked skillfully and she was soon concealing her pleasure. She panted, heated. Master dropped her chain to the floor as his eyes heated unnaturally.

She dropped her gaze as she was mounted and fucked without mercy. Into a pink fog of sensuality. She heard loud moaning and blushed as she found it was her own. He was all the way in, stretching her cruelly, but still. She was covered with his get as far as she could see. She whined softly. She hurt… It was kind of bigger than before and she was uncomfortably full now. Sweat stung in her scratches, he had truly used her animalistically. God! When would this be over?

“Ennoouughhh…” She groaned, deeply as he shifted around and got off her back, still fully penetrating her. Then, just like that, it was over. “AAAH!” She screamed as if having a baby, she hadn’t felt him shove his huge knot in, but she sure felt and heard it pop out!

Noreen’s knees burned and ached against the carpet before her Masters easy chair. She screwed her face up in disgust as she heard and felt the come burst from her ravaged loins. God! It was like a waterfall. How much of the filthy stuff was there?

Enough. And more shot towards her face as she opened her eyes to see Masters organ straining and coming in her direction.

“H-Happy birthday, Honey.” She got out from the floor. It was his birthday. And she could do it, she found. For him. Only for him. She told herself, insisted. Every year or so! He would have to be content with that.

Modus vivendi
He was! She gave in on extremely special occasions, or when she was feeling VERY indulgent. He loved it. He put her on the lawn to punish her for her most extreme offenses. He cured her shopping addiction and her incipient online gambling problem with this simple therapy. They were happy. Even her short but vigorous spell of infidelity (her head was turned and spun with new desire), didn’t deeply strain their relationship.

When her Master found out about the mailman, she could see the disappointment and sick jealousy in his eyes. She had quivered in fear, sure it was all over. He had merely ordered her into position on the lawn and left her there.
Was she too bad, even to punish now? She waited and waited, worried, sick to her stomach. It was a relief to be whipped and then given to Caesar at last. Even if he had worked him into a frenzy and took the liberty of videotaping her punishment. She was happy to be his again and dared say nothing.

The dog sensed his Master’s feelings and was actively brutal to the poor sub. He barked and growled, nipping her hard several times. She sobbed and sniffled her way through the whipping, the scratching the cruel fucking, her climaxes, and back into good grace.

They were happy together. Their life slipped into a pleasant routine for several years. Master mostly followed their unspoken agreement. That she would give in on occasions of great joy. Be punished on those of equally great malfeasance. Sometimes he got all bitchy and had a baby fit. Once, they were arguing about where to go (he always wanted the blues place), and he tied her over the coffee table and whistled for her companion. She squealed and yelled, enraged by his treachery. It made no difference; she was ravaged and used in full. He made sure the hound was fully satisfied before untying her. He made her go like that, her panties full! It was very rare, so she gave in and said nothing. He was so sweet and generous the rest of the time…

May was blowjob month this year. Noreen was required to serve Master. She had never gone so long without since she first learned sexual response. She was too perfect to masturbate, of course. Or to simply tell Master she needed to come. That wouldn’t do.

She wanted Caesar to lick her. He was willing, of course, but Noreen was too perfect to just offer herself. That would require an admission she wasn’t ready to make, even to herself.

She started misbehaving, hoping for punishment. Was spanked. Behaved worse and was whipped! Finally, she was being punished in Caesar’s presence, and Master looked to him. Her breath caught. He ordered the dog to stay, then her to get up and whipped a chastity belt around her loins! “W-what…” OMG! Her butt hole was exposed… No!
As Noreen cowered and trembled, almost ill at the thought of what she had brought, Master ordered her unto her knees. “Take him in your hands.” he ordered, and it was done. He at once swelled from his sheath and began to throb in her grip. “Now, kiss it.” Unthinking, awash in fear and automatic obedience, she did. It was hot and clean, not all gross.

“Now, you must suck the dogs cock. I have had it with you.” Noreen shook. He wasn’t giving her ass as she feared. Relief flooded her. She would mouth it a bit and escape before this got too gross. But, “Suck!” was repeated sternly. Oh, fuck… She slurped it in, slowly… ”Seriously? That’s the best you can do? You’ve been trained at that all month.”
Master was on to her tricks… She sucked a little harder, gagging. Caesar began to vocally express his appreciation, jerking on her tongue. He got bigger. “Bleurrrrgh!” She retched and expelled him. He dangled, slimy, in her face as cum and saliva ran down her chin and breasts. He had started to come! She had swallowed a bit and it had filled her mouth…

“WTF! I said to suck him. Like you suck me. And swallow it all, or I swear I will start over with a new slave. One who isn’t stupid!” Uh oh. She had really pissed him off. At least Caesar stopped squirting. She slowly ran her lips down his shaft, submissive again. It poked into her throat… “Good girl. Deeper.” She must do as he said. Her lips glided into the knot. She squirmed on her knees as he started coming again.

Noreen gagged and almost puked as it overflowed her lips. She couldn’t do it! Now she’d spilled it, he-he would… She looked toward him, mouth still full. He smiled. He was happy!

“Good girl! Now finish him off.” He sat back to enjoy the show. Assuaged, the young girl continued, most of the come going down her throat untasted, the remainder ejected from her lips in a flow of saliva. The dog came and came. The slave took it all into her tummy, eyes closed. At last he slowed, then stopped. She knelt there. Master hadn’t ordered her to stop. Her pussy was so wet, she had to come soon… her mouth grew dry and then Masters other pet stepped away.

Her thighs cramped and she fell to the floor. Master knelt, unbuckled her and gently began to lick…

Master was surprised when Erika and Frank, the early birds at last summers garden party spoke to him of Noreen and Caesar’s lawn treatments. They confessed to at first accidental voyeurism. To being excited and intrigued by what they saw. To wanting to see more… They would come to a toga party. See the lovers in action. Host Caesar the next time he was way. Maybe share their adventures.

Noreen was totally against it. He told her they could just watch the tape of her being punished for her special delivery. She really didn’t want that either. It was hard to conceive how humiliating it would be to sit there and watch it with them. While they looked from the screen to her. She had only seen it with Master once. That experience had been nearly unbearable. At last she agreed to perform for them. She could keep her head down at least…

He went all out, setting the scene of a Roman agora, dressing her as a slave girl. A slave girl serving the guard dog for her decadent Masters. He had agreed to set the scene and put her in it, into the action as he called their guests in. She wouldn’t have to parade before them and assume the correct position for dog sex. She also insisted on curtains for the scene. He painted a backdrop and they were ready. Well, Caesar and Master were anyway. Noreen had stage fright. She couldn’t believe she was about to get fucked by a dog!

When the time came, it wasn’t so hard. She assumed the ass up position. The curtain opened, but she couldn’t see the audience. Caesar licked her and she came on the down-low before he mounted her. She was shafted to the core in this position, absolutely ravished.

Caesar seemed possessed and jumped her like a demon. The dog fucked and came, fucked and came as she gasped and struggled for breath and composure. Dog cum flew everywhere. In this position it flowed out from her sex and across her belly. The underside of her breast was coated. Soon her nipples were slithering the floor in it.

She was grateful not to face them but heard Erika gasp and giggle nervously. Heard Frank grunt softly in shocked surprise.

Caesar simply outmatched her. She was coming hard and loudly before them in a matter of minutes. The dog simply pinned her to the floor and plowed her. She could see them now… Consumed by their own arousal and fantasies, they didn’t laugh or mock her.

Frank stared frankly. Master watched, aroused and smug. Erika had a faraway glazed expression and her hand around moved restlessly in her skirt, as if she was about to start playing with herself. Finally she did, surreptitiously, licking her lips and scrunching her pelvis…

Caesar used her unusually hard and deep in her ass up position. When she had finished coming for her public’s titillation, he was still moving hard within her, squirting deep. After the initial spurts, his come mainly was trapped within her. Especially after he forced his knot deep into the squalling slave girl. Despite his promise not to deepen her shame, her Master couldn’t resist lecturing her public on the various aspects of canine/homo sapiens sexuality.

While she was distracted by the dog fucking her into unwilling orgasms, she didn’t notice, but, with a huge mass of dog cock forced deep down her bottom, it was embarrassing to have all the internal details described. As she was subjected to them. How it expanded and stuck to her. The heat of it. The degrading fact of the slaves forced orgasms! How the knot stretched her pussy over it. How she took his come, was filled by it. She blushed as he accurately described her shame at being thus sullied, how her perfect flesh excited the dog, brought both of their climaxes. Caesars balls twitching as he pumped her full.

At long last, Caesar was through with her. The pain and crying of his pullout, the slimy shame running down her… now she found that her Master had also lied about closing the curtain on her shame.

She was left here, damp and dirtied. Then he came to her and gently lifted her, carefully wiping her with his toga. He led her to the couch and the two couples made out together, Frank coming all over his belly and Erika’s hand as soon as soon as she unzipped him. Her Master offered Caesars still virile services, but Erika wasn’t ready. Blushing and stammering she declined. It was just a fantasy! They didn’t renege on their promise to watch him during the other couples trip though…

That trip was great, at first. She flew out to join him in the jungle and they had a great time together, enjoying the exotic life and culture. Then, she went home and despite all her exertions to be careful, he vanished in the forest and was never seen again. He had always said he knew what he was doing, but had been too confident, one misstep from disaster.

She was plunged into a deep, enduring depression. She moped around the house he had left her. By herself. Thought of nothing and did less. Erika, Frank and Caesars playful antics and attempts at cheer were fruitless.

Raped again
One night she heard a weird noise outside her exterior bedroom door. When she stepped out to look, Caesar shot from a bush like a thunderbolt and knocked her to the ground. Even in her funk, she stirred herself to yell at him, but he was a dog possessed. In a flash he rent her silky robe, tearing it from her and leaving her on her knees in the moon dappled grass.

It was the most dynamic incident in her life since Master died… She tried to get up, and he butted her in the shoulders. She fell forward. Life was hell anyway. He could kill her, she wasn’t afraid…

He bit her leg. Hard, drawing a little blood and yipping at her. She didn’t care. She craved oblivion… Very well, he knew what she needed. And it wasn’t discussion of her emotions and feelings but to wake up! To life! If one way failed, he would try another. It had worked before.

He snarled, in angry desperation, trying to bring her back, and began to lick her. Her body immediately responded to its first stimulus in months. She ignored it, even as it burned, shuddered and spilled over, wracking her loins. She was beyond her body now, done with it…

Such feelings were alien to the animal. He tasted her arousal, felt the familiar motions against his tongue, but sensed he wasn’t reaching his mistress. He had come to love her, adore her. Totally, now that his Master was gone, even as she ignored her life and all who cared. Sunk in a dark, comfy womb of despair…

Very well, his animal mind decided. Stronger measures were now called for! He bit her again in frustration and mounted her, clawing roughly. Clawing for her life, her spirit. He plowed into her as she gasped and cringed. This was what life was about! How it began, continued and its joyous celebration…

She gasped and cowered. His powerful lunges finally broke through to her even as he savagely bit her earlobe. This was not how she wanted to die… even as her body responded, she became unsure if she wanted death at all.
The moon laid pale hands on her flanks. Dappled shadows concealed and revealed their passionate encounter. Peekaboo. An owl hooted, pensively. Then she came. Somehow, her prissy side was gone. She was still taken and unwilling, but she was able to enjoy it and affirm life. Without her inner disgust and harsh self judgement. She smelt the honeysuckle Master loved on the cool night breeze as it caressed her sweaty skin. Bats flitted by. The dew was chill and the grass crisp.

Caesar wore himself out and then licked her tenderly. He whimpered and begged for her affection and she felt guilt at her neglect of the dumb beast. And her friends… she was still funked out, but she began to try, and they helped her back. She got out in the sun and gained a few pounds.

Her rescue dog continued with his therapy. He barely had to growl now to attain full, instant cooperation. She even hiked up her skirt to be licked and ceased underwear. He became her loyal companion, savior and lover.

She was even able to bring herself to call him. To wear Masters old leash and assume the position for dog sex. For her. She enjoyed her body and was alive.

They savored a good summer together. The sex was awesome.

Although brave and loving, Caesar was only dimly conscious and not terribly bright. He felt, intuited and had high emotional intelligence. He was totally Zen. Lived in the now, lived it fully. Sensed emotion and pheromones. Thus, he knew what she needed when she’d despaired. He also knew he wasn’t enough. He befriended the new mailman. The young guy with the dark blue eyes and raven locks. He barked and frisked with Karter and soon he was living in the house with them. They fell in love. Married. Were happy together.

Noreen stopped making love to Caesar. He got tense and horny. She used her hands a few times out of gratitude, but that was disgusting. Finally, he simply asserted his dominance and just took her one day. She automatically submitted and enjoyed it. Afterwards she found herself disturbed. She was a married woman. Karter loved him so she couldn’t get rid of him. She could neither stand up to his aggression nor avoid it forever while living with him. Then Frank came over to borrow a wrench and she suggested they liked Caesar. Should borrow him too every few weeks or months. They did and he came back relaxed and mellow.

Karter played with Caesar daily and never, ever knew.

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