Art Of Zoo - By Accident - sex with dogs


We got started by accident, we had just started playing around (we didn’t have the bedroom door shut all the way) when her male Shih Tzu jumped up on the bed. we pushed him off, he jumped back up and was at her feet. I was rubbing her pussy and he moved up and started licking my fingers. He was tentative at first after I removed my hand.

He started licking and she said his tongue felt real good and he was getting in pretty deep. She had to stop sucking my cock because it was really intense when she came. That was our fist time. A few days later we were playing around and he was at the door whining, after a little persuading (very little) we let him in. Knowing what he wanted he jumped up on the bed and climbed over me and really lapped at her pussy.

She was on her back this time and I pushed her legs farther apart to give him better access, she just kept saying his tongue is hitting spots and felt really good. I told her that his cock is out and ask if she wanted to feel it inside her. She said no…but after he made her cum really hard, she said maybe this one time.. I brought him up on her belly and chest to get them lined up.

At first nothing happened, then I grabbed his sheath to position his cock and he started humping, his cock went in and he looked like a jack hammer. A couple of minutes went by and he slowed down, she said he was getting bigger. She said she could feel his knot hitting her g-spot and she was going to cum.

I held him there for a few minutes then he stayed on his own, she said she could feel him spurting inside her. I moved up the bed and told her to suck my cock which she did with gusto. she said he was getting smaller and he hopped off. She looked up at me and said “FUCK ME” so I did, dog cum and all.


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  1. katejim 4 months ago

    Great first experience. I loved it

  2. ghoxtrider96 5 months ago

    Beautiful accident indeed. I’m sure it’s so much better today!

  3. bestofbeast 6 months ago

    Good God that was 🔥

  4. Cheekymonkey2018 7 months ago

    You are a lucky man! 😊 Did you all keep this a regular thing??

  5. Mikeyx 7 months ago

    Hot story

  6. Powergeiser 7 months ago


  7. l4z2020 7 months ago

    Happy ending, accident without injuries and that ended in a party.

  8. Deeplicks 7 months ago

    Sooooo sexy 👅🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

  9. ScoobyDoo 7 months ago

    Lovely story and thank you for sharing

  10. Leonardoduca 7 months ago

    Wow bellissimo

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