“Beautiful Russian Pet Lady Acadia has us all burning with desire!”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Acadia with Gunner
Running Time: 34 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


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Boys and girls, I tell you, you better bring your seats in an upright position and fasten your seatbelts now. Because Dachat is about to take you on a journey to a place where petlove bliss awaits you. It’s a place where supermodels take dog cock up their wet and greedy flowers. A place where all those dreams of beautiful women giving in to the wonderful experience of petlove come true. And a place you would never want to leave again. So meet Acadia and kneel before her beauty! Honestly, folks, when I saw the first few minutes of this new and shining masterpiece from Dachat it took my breath away. How does he do this? How does he get women that could easily win a modelling contest to exceed their limits and to step over those social conventions to make a wonderful new experience by taking on some dog cock.



The movie starts Dachat style by escorting this blonde masterwork of mother nature to several public places where she does some really naughty things. She takes off her panties in a shopping mall, then buys a big banana and a lollipop in a supermarket and demonstrates to us where she is planning to put those items later while there are people around her doing their chores and shopping groceries not knowing that this girl with the mask is going to take in some serious dog knot later. The next scene is taking place in a remote corridor of the shopping mall.



Acadia got horny by the thought of doing all those naughty things in public and wants to feed her pussy to satisfy it. So she takes out her purchases and stuffs them into her hungry dripping fuckhole. Really folks, I didn’t think I would ever say something like this, but I really got jealous on a banana. Can you believe it? After watching this movie, you will…



Acadia is really comfortable with fucking herself with this fruit.There are some guys passing by but she only laughs and goes on. Her passionate moans echo through the floors while she brings herself to an orgasm. And just to brag a little after this Acadia demonstrates her blowjob and deepthroating skills on the banana. But wait until you see what she can do with the real thing.



Back on the streets after this nice playful episode it is time for a little interview in which we learn that Acadia up to this point is more interested in the money than in doggy cock. Well, let’s just say that she is going to change her opinion later. Finally we have the girl dressed up in lingerie in the apartment and ready for the action. To fight her nervousness she fingers her little treasure chest and gets it ready for her furry lover. She only just got down on all fours when doggy jumps the scene and immediately humps her. Who would blame him? Acadia is completely surprised and overwhelmed by the feeling of a fully erect dog cock ramming in and out her precious little flower.



The look on her face when he hits the spot is just priceless. But her intimate parts adapt well to the unknown intruder and soon she starts to enjoy the strange feeling. Especially when the knot stretches her hole and she feels the pulsating prick pumping dog sperm deeply into her womb. Her little pussy is stretched to the maximum by doggy’s member and every time he moves a bit, our lady starts to scream and squirm. I would recommend you to turn your volume low because Acadia enjoys her experience very loudly. And when the knot comes out its tight prison her ecstatic screams provide the rhythm in which her pussy quivers and pushes out the animal semen to the floor.



Well you can tell that Acadia got more than she bargained for. But she is not done with this yet. Only her poor little flower needs a little break. So she takes the still squirting red prick that filled her so well between her lips and starts sucking. And everything she did to the banana she shows now with a dog cock, ramming this thing deep into her throat until she gags. Since the lady is a gourmet she collects some of the tasty liquid and shows it to the camera before drinking down the salty cum.



Then after a little bit of kissing and licking it’s time to end round one. But Dachat wouldn’t be Dachat if there wasn’t a little bonus round after the main course. This time the lady Is already more comfortable with the fat dog cock in her womb. She is much more able to enjoy it. Again she is demonstrating her oral skills. And this lady is really thirsty for dog semen.


ArtOfZoo - Burned with Desire - Dog Sex Movie


She collects some mouths full of the white stuff and – being the nice girl she is – shows them to us before gulping them down. In the end, Dachat threw in some outtakes as a little extra. I liked them because they gave an impression of how nervous Acadia must have been before her first dog cock. She took it like a champ. Congratulations Acadia! I don’t know if anyone got to this point of my synopsis without buying the video. But if you did: What are you waiting for? Contact support and place your order. Now.


ArtOfZoo - Burned with Desire - Dog Sex Movie


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  1. Bratuslav 4 months ago

    Hot girl

  2. 6 months ago

    This must be the BEST movie made EVER! Acadia is stunningly beautiful and does such a great job, i would love to see more of her/you <3
    Only thing that can top this is Acadia and the dog Troop from "Some beautiful Russian Petlove Art to spark up your Heart…" <3

  3. Geminiart 9 months ago

    What a great girl. Pretty face, lovely slim body and beautiful, long, skinny legs. She could have any guy and she does it with the dog while the guys can only watch (there is something amazing about it). She is shy and willing at the same time. It seems like an exciting experience for her. I love these young Russian blondes. They have such an innocent appearance, yet they are so horny and ready for some really daring attempts. Additionally, she moans soo loudly. How exciting it is. Please moan Acadia, moan louder baby 🙂

    I have a word to the producers: Thank you for adding English subtitles. This is really helpful and shows the wider context of the scenes. Keep doing that. But I also have a request: Could the subtitles include not only the interview part, but also fragments when the girl speaks during the show? It seems like the words Acadia says when the dog fucks her seem very arousing, but I don’t know Russian. To know what she was saying would be very hot.
    Can someone please translate from Russian to English what the Acadia says in the this minutes:

    20:22 (I guess she says the same as before but from a different camera angle)

    It’s been six months since this scene was released. Does that mean we won’t have any more scenes with her? It would be a great loss. Do you have contact with her to offer her next episodes? I would love to see her with other dogs (maybe even two dogs in one scene) and my pinnacle of dreams is the Acadia sex scene with a boar or a horse.

    P.S. Her face is not fully visible through the mask, but she reminds me a bit of the pornstar Sandra Luberc. but Acadia is slimmer 🙂

    Please, give us more scenes with her. Acadia is worth it.

  4. Metaleiro 10 months ago

    Will we see Acadia again. I hope so, because she is the most beautiful girl who has ever appeared here.

  5. gitile7125 11 months ago

    Happy 20th birthday for the 🔥company and 🔥Acadia😃.

  6. zetafun 11 months ago

    she is freakin hot, very nice action

  7. philou 12 months ago

    OMG !
    Probably the more exciting Z movie.
    Beautiful girl
    Action that you don’t get on many movies
    She kisses ( deep kisses I mean) hr partner (25’23)
    I like the moments where the movie is on her face : you really precisely know when the beast gets in (17′ 36 according to me…)
    She dosen’t only “put the dick in her mouth” but really sucks ( take a look at those lovely cheeks about 22’50) and at the ends swallows 28’45.
    Probably the best movie ever.

    Hope to see her back soon

  8. spatroon 12 months ago

    thanks you are awesome

  9. Neugaerig 12 months ago

    A great girl with a body like he could not be more beautiful. I’m just irritated by all the bruising on her legs. Can you explain that? If the suspicion arises that some girls are “persuaded” to have sex with dogs by force, by beatings, this is a reason for me not to buy videos at Artofzoo. But then you have the feeling that she enjoys the sex with Gunner very much. Now I am a little bit insecure.

    @Adam: What can you say to that?

    • Adam 12 months ago

      Hi, yes we keep all our models in a cupboard, feed them on cobwebs and broken dreams, and beat them regularly like gongs.

      Back in the real world mate you’ve been reading a bit too much Linda Lovelace. Maybe Acadia is a skater chick, maybe she does martial arts, maybe she has another client into BDSM, there are plenty of reasons people get bruises. We have an entire network of Ladies here interested in making movies, no pressing requirement to be beating anyone thanks.

      • Geminiart 9 months ago

        As for the bruising, as Adam said, there are many causes. I personally have bruises a lot, and I don’t even know where and when I hit myself. Maybe I’m fidgeting when I’m asleep;)

        Alternatively, to hide the bruises a bit, maybe it is worth for the girl to have stockings (I admit that stockings and high heels are what turns me on).

  10. genericc616 12 months ago

    Another Great movie that I can happily recommend

    Acadia is another lovely model and seeing her mating with Gunner is a sight very much worth seeing.
    Some nice mating scenes and plenty of sucking action as a nice reward for Gunner fucking her so well.

    Seeing a lot of hot new models and Acadia is a welcome addition

  11. remmibb 12 months ago

    Had the pleasure of watching this gorgeous girl mate with that very lucky dog. She was a natural at it. Looking forward to seeing more of these Russian beauties getting knotted!

  12. remmibb 1 year ago

    Dachat delivers again with this amazing movie with a beautiful Russian babe. Looking forward to seeing more of Dachat’s films and more of this girl too

  13. leesuschrist 1 year ago

    Amazing movie, well worth it , can’t wait to get my next movie 🙂 keep them coming , great work

  14. DingoJohn 1 year ago

    Mmmmm worth every penny!

  15. Chiquitin13 1 year ago

    Delightful movie, Acadia is beautiful and her performance was great, lovely sucking 😍😘 .. waiting more of her

  16. purespirit 1 year ago

    Sooooooo wonderful girl.
    We see that she loves playing with the camera.
    Perfect movie, please continue like this.
    I’d love to see her with pigs or horses…

  17. chronzononnew 1 year ago

    I’ve noticed a few comments complaining about the exhibitionism in Dachat’s movies. I love these scenes because all the time they’re being filmed the girls are obviously thinking about what they’ll soon be doing and obviously turned on by the idea. Most incredible foreplay possible. I really enjoy exhibitionist movies as their own separate genre and this particular one is seriously the best that I’ve ever seen. I would buy it just for that scene, even if there weren’t any pet sex involved.

    Acacia, as others have remarked, could easily be a fashion model. Her beauty is at least 900 milli-Helens. (Note: 1 milli-Helen = the amount of beauty required to launch a single ship.)

  18. Berrytfox 1 year ago

    Acadia is one moore of the top models, so beautiful (your models here are outstanding), and she do it, can only said, waiting for the next.

  19. Chekkonen 1 year ago

    Acadia was so tight, that the knot was almost impossible for her, but she took it like a champ with some painful screaming and squirming. Like they say, no pain no gain! Might felt little bit sore for a few days after it, but worth the shot 😉 She certainly wasn’t expecting him to be that big, so Gunner was able to catch her with a surprise there! This lady also knows how to suck, and boy does she know how to make good boys like Gunner feel good with her mouth! The bonus at the end, her facial expressions when Gunner started to ram in…that lust made her eyes roll back to her head from enjoyment.

    Good movie, pure AOZ quality right here once again!

  20. antumnegirl 1 year ago

    Worth money. Love the way she scream and squirm…Wish she could taken knot longer

  21. artykoe67 1 year ago

    Worth de money; A beautiful blue-eyed long legged lady. Hope more to see of her.
    The comment is really true

    A real turn on

  22. Q1786154168 1 year ago

    小姐姐 太好看了 受不了呢

  23. cappycappy 1 year ago

    Fabulous movie, I hope to see more of Acadia! Loved it! Thanks

  24. Jewels 1 year ago

    a very beautiful model and a entertaining video with a lovely kissing scene but my only hang up is that she feels like more a solo type model who can captivate you but the partner is more for show. she is really a good exhibitionist type and just wish that her next one with have some dog fun with that idea in mind.

  25. juggygales 1 year ago

    Very pretty hot looking model. She seems to be one of her first movies of this kind and has to think about the concept. She gets turned on very fast with the idea. Great doggystyle scenes.

  26. art30 1 year ago

    Please more movies from this Russian beauty queen 😉

  27. ThrillKill 1 year ago

    Acadia sieht wunderschön und heiß aus – das typische bitchige Studentenmädel aus einem teuren Club.
    Das ganze Vorspiel in der Mall ist nett anzuschauen und macht Freude auf mehr, aber eigentlich hätte ich lieber noch mehr Hundesex gesehen.
    Nach dem minikurzen Interview “Wie alt? 20” ist sie auch schon beim Hund. Als er aufspringt leidet man fast mit ihr, so wird sie sprichwörtlich aufgespießt. Etwas mehr Aufnahmen aus der Totalen als Closeup fände ich noch schön, aber egal. Der Knoten sitzt, die Muschi wird vollgespritzt und sie stöhnt gequält und laut auf – sehr geil!
    Ihre Blowjobszenen sind nett, aber mir zu pornös: hey, diese Frau ist total jung und megaheiß, lasst sie eher wie ein schüchternes Mädchen den Hund liebkosen, macht weniger heißen Sex draus, das erzeugt in meinen Augen einen viel geileren Kontrast.
    Aber ja, es lohnt sich die Euro für sie auszugeben und ich freue mich auf neue Filme. Bitte aber mit einem anderen Hund, der ist nicht schön und spritzt beim Blowjob viel zu wenig in ihren Mund und Gesicht.

  28. mzer11 1 year ago

    Great movie! Beautiful girl! I love it when he first mounts her, I don’t think she was expecting him to be so big! Would like to see more “foreplay” in these movies with the girls flirting with and kissing the doggies before the action commences instead of the public nudity stuff that takes 15 min of the run time!

  29. temer4523 1 year ago

    Another great work from Dachat. Acadia looks beautiful, even though she does it for money but she does it good.
    I mostly like to see the girl swallows semen after we see the the squirting on her tongue. Not after an oral creampie.
    But in general this video was amazing.

  30. 1 year ago

    OMG, that sweet pussy, this was so freaking hot! Makes me want cum

  31. cesur 1 year ago

    harika bir filme benziyor

  32. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    If the sonya nude in the park surprised me, I must say that Acadia left me speechless, seeing Acadia naked and playing in a supermarket full of people passing by her is the most beautiful and daring movie that the dachat champion has brought to we. when the dog removes the giant knot from the lady wow another epic part of the movie. Everyone absolutely everyone should see this. I wish the dachat movies could arrive every month are great.

  33. temer4523 1 year ago

    Come on guys, please make your purchases so less trusted people can watch it sooner.
    It is about a week I refresh this page several times a day and watch the download buffer.
    I also suggest to increase download buffers to for example 100 and from 50 videos become available for TL2 then from 25 to TL1, I think this way there will be more sales before movies get into the wrong hands.

  34. BASTOUN789 1 year ago

    Un vrai petit canon se modèle, on sent qu’elle aime ce qu’elle fait. Si elle pratique l’homme comme le chien je suis ,preneur.
    D’autre chef doeuvre du producteur pour nous

  35. dnedry 1 year ago

    One really has to wonder where Dachat finds these breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly hot young women who easily rival women in normal adult entertainment. So now it is slim and sexy Acadia, with endlessly long beautiful legs, narrow hips, and nice firm small breasts. Amazing.
    It seems that she knows no shame. As mentioned by other people, she masturbates with a banana in a somewhat secluded but, nevertheless, public passage, a random guy walks by, and she is unfazed.
    After having proven herself completely brazen, she is interviewed – which I really think is a great idea. (I would love to know a little bit more about the models like, maybe, age, height, weight, nationality, etc.) Unfortunately, the interview is in Russian and not subtitled – so it is not that helpful after all.
    Then we see Acadia in her full beauty in an apartment. For some reason her legs are quite bruised. It is a little bit like Nana who also had some marks on her body in her first movie. This is a bit weird and suspicious – and also takes away from the joy of watching her.
    The dog then quickly mounts her with knot and everything – which seems to be really painful for her. Personally, I am not that fond of watching her being in pain – her screams not full of lust but full of anguish.
    I really liked the last eight minutes or so of the movie where she is mounted several times (without the knot but also without the pain), she kisses the dog (or rather gets licked with her tongue out), and gets licked quite intensively. For some reason the scenes are bit disjointed, but still pretty good.

  36. art30 1 year ago

    The girl is breathtaking beautiful and ohmy when the knott pops out she screams like hel and the cum explodes out of hear an absolutely stunning movie 😃🤤 Thanks dachat

  37. nivr 1 year ago

    Such a hot little body with a big cock lodge inside that sweet tender juicy pussy… This movie is Yummy!!

  38. Quicksilver 1 year ago

    I really like this movie. Acadia has really no limits, it seems. When she takes loving care of a lonely banana, a guy comes around the corner, stops and seems to think: “what the **** is going on?”. Anyhow, he gets over it, it seems. Anyhow: as usual, the high-quality-Dachat-mix: beautiful Russian girl and highly motivated dog, deeply sinking his pink rocket into her. A clear “buy” recommendation from my side!

  39. damien2010 1 year ago

    I am very curious about the pull-out(s) – when the model looks backwards into the camera and pushes out a lot of thick white sperm – that’s the greatest for me 🙂

  40. art30 1 year ago

    My anticipation is so high but I’m not worried it’s not going to deliver because dachats movies has blown my mind lately 🤪

  41. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    Hell, these girls really look like catwalk models, and dachat like an expert has the best angles, if I can ask for something in future movies it would be to see 2 girls fucking and sucking a dog. 🙂

    • Adam 1 year ago

      2 girls is twice as expensive Gustin, u know we are usually on a tight budget. Maybe something for the future 🙂

    • art30 1 year ago

      That’s an excellent idea and maybe dachat could get an grand donais to give the girls a real big knott

  42. Chiquitin13 1 year ago

    Wow Wow Wow…. It seams I need a new job to get this gem :O

  43. Tepau 1 year ago

    “interview in which we learn that Acadia up to this point is more interested in the money than in doggy cock. Well, let’s just say that she is going to change her opinion later”

    I like the idea to see a woman not really into it at first, trying doggy sex for some reason (money is a valid one), to witness the moment she realize how it’s impressive and feel good!

    • Adam 1 year ago

      Keep in mind, there is ‘loving pets for pleasure’, and ‘loving pets for the pleasure of others’. Money is often not so much the incentive, as the excuse to try it. Like you said, doesn’t really matter how a Lady gets started, as long as she gets started 🙂

      • art30 1 year ago

        That’s true you can easily say I do it only for the money but in reality you just wanted the dog cock 😊

        • Adam 1 year ago

          Best job in the world 🙂

          • Kingdog 1 year ago

            Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to be with the lucky dog ​​like this model, I was very jealous of this dog. I fall in love with this lady

  44. 1 year ago

    Wow!!!!!! Extreme hot!! Perfection! 😉

  45. art30 1 year ago

    I really likes that dark pussy of hears that dog is lucky as hel to be fucking hear hope to see more from this girl 😃

  46. HornyToad420 1 year ago

    WOW! Another goddess!

  47. evanpride 1 year ago

    Dachat raised zoo movies on new level ! Thanks artofzoo, Dachat and models for these masterpieces!

  48. cambrotwo 1 year ago

    Wow, two movies from Dachat in one day?! Welp, sign me up fer-a-two-fer! Eagerly waiting for the release of these two movies!

  49. art30 1 year ago

    This made me feel so excited I have already placed an order on this masterpiece 😃

  50. juggygales 1 year ago

    very nice new model!

  51. mittomen 1 year ago

    Best material ever ! Goddess girls! Incredible production! 🔥🔥🔥

  52. DrHard 1 year ago

    The Russian team is delivering the best material on AOZ looks like. The models are top porn material. Ladies, the competition has been ante up

  53. 1 year ago

    Like to see acadia knot and tied with this King.

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