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We spent some time researching and selecting a huge range of components in order to give our Members the functionality we wanted to provide. The research and building phases of AoZ V.2 was nothing compared with the testing and bug fixing phase. Begging, pleading, shouting at 30 different software companies trying to get them to fix their paid software. And by the time they would fix those bugs, they would update their software causing a whole new set of issues. Eventually we called a halt to this endless cycle – stopped updating and launched the site.

We got the system in the best shape possible, but it means there are still a number of undesirable glitches on the network. Nothing that should prevent you from using the site. We will get these glitches fixed up by our own developers as we move ahead.

If you do find any glitches in the system, please head over to the Architects Group and post your findings there so we can add these issues to our list. You can also post any ideas or suggestions you have for the future of our network.


Media uploads within Group Forums – are currently lacking the ‘remove media from upload’ X icon. The software company in question has been alerted to this and we hope to have a fix shortly. The workaround – just reload the page and add only the appropriate media items.

Comments on Wall media posts – if you comment on a Wall media post, this creates a comment post. The lightbox that opens when you click on the media thumbnail within a comment post is currently not working properly. Again the software company has been alerted to this issue.

Occasional formatting issues for multiple media uploads scroller on activity walls – from time to time, the carousel scroller that is created when you upload multiple media items will not size the media thumbnails correctly. This happens very occasionally – it still all works, just the layout is not perfect.

Main site search functionality – the current site search (at the top of each page) currently does not search every area of the site. This is because we are using an older version of the search plugin. The layout / formatting for search results for the latest plugin are a bit ugly, so we switched to an older version. We will get the results for the newer search tidied up in due course, then this should work better.

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