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Folks, I am extremely happy to see that many Members have made the leap to using Bitcoin. Many, but not all. I am hoping to usher some of you sticklers in the right direction.

Some of us have hobbies and interests. Part of having a hobby or interest, is learning to use the appropriate tools needed for that interest. If we are into fishing, we generally learn how to use a fishing rod. Is there some time-investment needed to learn how to cast a line properly? Of course. We can try to avoid that investment in time – still, those trying to catch fish with a bit of cheese on a bootlace, can’t really consider themselves serious fishermen.

If you are into woodcraft, there are hundreds of specialist tools to Master. Model making, stamp collecting, dancing, sports, music, sewing, hunting… there are appropriate tools and methods to Master for all these passions. Learning these tools is really a fundamental part of the passion itself. Learning the tools makes you a tangible part of your given interest group.


For well over 10 years, since the credit card companies unreasonably decided to not allow their customers to buy what they want with their own money, ourselves and all other serious players in the animal sex industry have been fighting a battle to keep the industry alive (as very many of you should already know). We know there are tons of people out there who want to buy new animal sex material and services. And likewise, we enjoy it and we want to continue to serve our customers and fans.

Banks and credit card companies are holding all the keys…

The problem is getting money from A to B, when all banks and credit card companies are holding all the keys, and are working hard to control what you are able to look at. Even if animal sex material is perfectly legal in your country – that does not matter to the banks. Controlling you, personally, is what matters. And they have done a great job of sticking it to all us pet people.

Then along comes Bitcoin, which basically says ‘fuck you’ to the banks. Bitcoin is not controlled by banks. Bitcoin is not lining any bank executives pockets. When you use Bitcoin, you are using your money to do with as you please. In short, Bitcoin is THE solution we have been waiting for all these years. And I emphasize ‘we’ – because this affects every single person who consider themselves a serious petfan, as well as everyone operating in this industry.

Bitcoin is THE solution…

On one hand, you have credit cards. Responsible for railroading many a struggling citizen into massive debt. Responsible for allowing people to shop online, then allowing them to yank their money back – ‘friendly theft’ as they call it. Responsible for allowing just about anyone who chooses, to take your credit card details and merrily go shopping with your money. And responsible for completely fucking over petfans, for over a decade. Whichever way you look at it, this can only be considered the natural enemy of petfans.

On the other hand, you have Bitcoin. Nobody tracking what you are buying. Nobody controlling what you can spend your money on. No fat fees or hidden interest. Complete freedom from the banks. Bitcoin is by the people, for the people. Bitcoin is a tailor-made solution to the animal sex billing problem, and it is the game changer that can resurrect our struggling industry to it’s rightful place.

And some of y’all still telling us you only want to pay with credit card? Seriously?

Bitcoin is a tailor-made solution to the animal sex billing problem…


Animal sex stuff exists in a legal grey area. In many places it’s legal, in many it is not. I will make a comparison with buying weed, something I am sure a few of you do or have done.

Imagine pitching up to a weed dealer, and asking if he or she takes credit card. We can imagine the response. Weed dealers don’t generally qualify for credit card facilities, so it’s a bit daft to demand them. Us animal sex biz types don’t qualify either. But some of you are still demanding it.

(Incidentally, should you feel vocally unkind about our inability to qualify for credit card facilities – instead of attacking us, I suggest you direct your ire at the credit card companies themselves. We are not the ones making the policies for who qualifies and who doesn’t).

Take it a step further, to the point that everyone buying weed refuses to pay by any other means than credit card. At that point, the dealers can’t sell anything, and go out of business. No more weed. Who do we suppose ends up suffering for this kind of backward thinking? EVERYONE involved in the buying and selling of weed, of course.

If you can’t relate to the weed analogy, how about pitching up to your local bar and insisting you only want to pay using a barter system? We can only imagine how quickly one would find themselves sailing through the nearest available window.


Yes you might say credit cards are easy to use. So is Bitcoin really, and it is only going to get easier the more people start using it. When you signed up for your credit card, you had to fill in all the various forms, go through the various credit checks etc. It wasn’t like the credit card magically appeared in your hand ready to use. There was some investment in time needed for you to start using this tool. It’s no different with Bitcoin. There is a small investment in time needed, after which you will be using Bitcoin as readily as you now whip out your credit card. Without any of the pitfalls associated with credit card use.

And, as a serious petfan, you will be doing your part to resurrect the industry that caters to you. I would go as far as to say, that you can’t really consider yourself particularly passionate about animal sex, if you do not support your scene by using the appropriate tools. Bitcoin IS the appropriate tool. Credit card is not. Credit card is back to fishing with cheese tied to a boot lace.

Bitcoin is coming, make no mistake about that. ATMs, banks and other businesses are already accepting Bitcoin. I have no doubt, that before long we will all be using Bitcoin. The question is, will you take the few easy steps needed to start using Bitcoin NOW, while our industry still has a pulse? Or, will you wait a few more years until it is too late?

Bitcoin IS the appropriate tool…

I hear the term ‘zoo community’ bandied around a lot, but sometimes I wonder. It would be extremely nice to see some solidarity in all this. Being Bitcoin-savvy should be essential for all petfans at this point in time. The world would like to imagine that we are all dumb ignorant perverts – let us prove once and for all that we are nothing of the sort.

Come on people. Make the effort, and start using Bitcoin, please. Then you can hold your head up with pride as a petfan, and say ‘yeah, I am doing my part’.

Support is sitting there waiting to hold your hand through the Bitcoin setup process.

You know what to do people. Let’s fucking change this game once and for all, together.

Viva Petlove and Viva Bitcoin!


Ok, so some of our ‘more mature’ Members with good payment histories – yes, maybe you struggle a bit with technical stuff. You fine folks, we are prepared to be a bit flexible for, and we are making arrangements for that now. Even so, any ‘other’ payment facilities we provide for you, already put us at risk – to date so far we have lost around 200,000 euros using these kinds of payment facilities, and having them terminated for breach of terms. And there will come a point at which it becomes extremely difficult to provide such facilities for you. So as much as we are prepared to face that risk in order to serve you now – we would still very much appreciate it if you made the move to using the appropriate tools at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. likestowatchinnc 2 years ago

    Many people are under the mistaken impression that BTC is anonymous. But that is not the case without additional steps being taken. BTC is built on the blockchain. The blockchain is a ledger of all transactions. And each transaction is public and traceable. To make any transaction anonymous it has to either be run through a mixing service and/or from a wallet that is in no way traceable to the owner of the wallet.

    • ZDhulter 2 years ago

      This is very true, also it might be good to mention that when buying bitcoin also to use only cash, at a public machine thru said service/account. I won’t pretend to be an expert I only know due to unscrupulous acquaintances. It is good to know thou. Always research before you try and I doubt I should need to say this but if your in the US try to wear a hoody and sunglasses. Love you Art Of Zoo, you make my world turn!

  2. shinelover 3 years ago

    I agree about using Bit Coin,it is the best way to use money for all involved.!

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