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It was Friday and like every day she had cheer practice, Heather was once again in the communal showers with her fellow cheerleaders after practice. She felt very well. She made an extra effort to focus during practice and was pleased with her performance and Coach’s praise of her performance. She slept like a baby the previous night although her dreams possessed none of the innocence of a baby’s dreams. She and her dream Lab made love all night long. She lost count of the number of dream orgasms she had. Her pussy was soaked when she woke up that morning. The only good thing about it being only a dream was that if it had not been she’d barely be able to walk today much less participate in cheer practice. She was walking on cloud nine all day despite waking up an hour earlier than usual to watch videos in the playroom. As the prior morning, the elation she felt during her dreams with the Black Lab was matched by the disappointment from her sense of loss on waking. This worried her. She did not want to be in love with a dream dog. She could only hold Cindy off for so long. So long as she was emotionally attached to a dream dog how could she have an emotional connection with Cindy or anyone for that matter? Her feelings were real even if the Lab wasn’t. She felt like she was cursed. Could she love the Lab and Cindy? Would Cindy accept that? Fortunately, she would not have to inform Cindy of her decision until Tuesday since Cindy would be working in her parents’ shop all weekend and Monday.

Just then Coach blew on her whistle. “FWEET! Okay girls it’s Friday evening shouldn’t all of you have somewhere else to be? I’m not running a babysitting service. Hurry up and finish.” Coach shouted over the sound of the running water.

Heather and the remaining girls in the shower rinsed off the soap. The din of chatter increased when most started talking about their plans for the evening and weekend. Heather and Cindy dressed. Before they left Heather stuck her head into Coach’s office with Cindy standing a few feet away.

“Hey, Coach! I’ll be at your house in about an hour.” Heather said.

“Okay, Heather. That will give me time to pack for my weekend. I’ll see you in an hour. Here take this. It’s a temporary passcode for the main gate.” Coach responded.

“Thanks, Coach,” Heather said taking the note. A few minutes later Heather and Cindy were pulling onto the State highway heading for Cindy’s home.

“Well Heather, tell me everything. Have you and Duke done any fucking that you haven’t told me about yet? Have you gotten any dog dick since Roddy’s?” Cindy asked straightforwardly and without embarrassment.

“I have actually. Duke and I fucked last night in the basement while mom was upstairs. I watched a video of a redhead getting fucked missionary by her Doberman. I was so turned on that I had to give it a try. It was so good feeling Duke’s fur on my breasts and nipples while I wrapped my arms and legs around him. I came so hard.” Heather answered being careful to keep her mother out of it by implying she and Duke had sneaked into the basement.

“Sounds like a good vid. Send me that link by encrypted chat when you have a chance.” Cindy said. “Have you watched anything else that gave you any good ideas?” Cindy asked.

“Plenty of educational videos out there. The same video with the redhead gave her Doberman a blowjob after he was able to get his cock out of her. I watched that part this morning when Duke wasn’t with me. That left me with no choice but to handle things myself. I’m going to have to try blowing a dog at some point. Maybe I’ll swallow his cum like the redhead did. But maybe I won’t. It depends on whether I like it. Then I watched a Latina ride a huge mastiff. He was laying on his back. She straddled him and lowered herself down on his giant cock. You have to see it, Cindy. His cock looked like it was fourteen inches long and as thick as my forearm. She would never have been able to take it all. She said that is why she took him that way.” Heather explained excitedly.

“Was she straddling him where she could look into his eyes or was she facing his back legs?” Cindy asked by way of clarification.

“She faced him face to face so to speak,” Heather responded.

“That position is called cowgirl. If she faced his hind-legs that would have been a reverse cowgirl. At least that’s what you call it when fucking a guy.” Cindy returned. “But my, aren’t you broadening your horizons?” Cindy taunted.

“I can’t stay a little girl forever. Everyone has to grow up sometime. Besides you’re partly to blame.” Heather countered.

“Blame!? I’m not laying blame. I’m taking credit. I’m happy for you.” Cindy said as she quickly and briefly reached over and squeezed Heather’s knee.

“Well now that you have heard of my adventures, how about you and Roddy?” Heather asked shifting the subject onto Cindy.

“What about me and Roddy?” Cindy asked in feigned innocence.

“Don’t play coy with me Cindy Mindy.” Heather returned giving as good as she got to Cindy’s exasperation. “Do you two fuck yesterday after I dropped you off or not?”

“You’re not going to forget I told you about that are you?” Cindy asked in reference to being called Cindy Mindy.

“No, why should I. Now answer the question. Did you two fool around yesterday?” Heather answered.

“Of course we did. You don’t think I’m going to allow a stud like Roddy to just lay around, do you? When I got home I gave him a quick bath. Then after drying him off he and I got busy licking, fucking, and sucking. I’ve received my doggy instruction months ago by way of reading stories and watching videos. I only started putting it into practice a couple of days ago. You should try giving Duke a blowjob. Just be careful with your teeth. A dog’s cock is very sensitive. Giving a dog a BJ is so kinky I can’t help but get off on it.” Cindy said.

“Maybe I’ll give Thor a try. He and I will have all weekend. I wonder if he’ll have sex with women.” Heather wondered aloud to Cindy.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Cindy responded as they pulled into her driveway. “At least one of us will have fun this weekend. I have to help my parents at the store all weekend. It’s a busy time of year and a full-time employee is out sick. And on top of that inventory has to be done. So today is my only chance to get some fucking in with Roddy. It’s too risky when my parents are at home. Don’t forget I also have to work at the shop Monday so no need to pick me up. I’ll text or call you tomorrow night when I get home if you want to talk.” Cindy reminded Heather.

“I’m sorry that you have to work all weekend. Just call me if it’s not too late.” Heather said as she reached over and laid her hand on top of Cindy’s and leaned over slightly.

Cindy took the hint and leaned over the center console. They kissed briefly and with affection.

“I’m sorry too. But this weekend will be a good chance for you to think about us and whether you are willing to give us a chance.” Cindy said lowly as she moved back from Heather slightly.

“I will Cindy. I promise. This sudden sexual attraction to dogs has me a bit confused. But Coach is expecting me. I’d better go.” Heather said quietly as she looked into Cindy’s eyes a few inches away from her own.

Cindy quickly leaned back in for another quick kiss. They parted. As Cindy opened the passenger side door she paused saying. “I’ll be thinking of you. Enjoy your weekend fling.”

“I’ll be thinking of you Cindy. Enjoy Roddy.” Heather said meaning it. Then Cindy stepped out of the car into the drizzle and hurried inside.

It was no more than five minutes later when Heather was walking into her own home. Monica was out walking Duke as usual. Heather, like every day, slipped off her shoes once inside to keep the floors clean. She walked upstairs into her bedroom to change and pack a few things. Her mother had left a note on her bed.

“Hey Sweetie, just a note in case you leave before I get back from walking Duke. If you come home before Sunday afternoon be sure to talk to me first. I will have house guests this weekend and a warning that you’ll be home earlier than expected would be great. I don’t want to embarrass my guests or you. Thanks, Mom.”

“Looks like Duke is going to have a busy weekend,” Heather said to herself as she held the note in hand. After the revelations the previous day Heather had guessed that her mother could only have hosted dog parties when she was either out of town over-night cheering at an away game or was otherwise out of the house for the night.

Heather changed into jeans, a sweatshirt, and runners. She quickly packed a few changes of clothes, a phone charger, her laptop, and toiletries then hit the road. Fifty-five minutes from speaking to her Coach she rolled up to the gate for the community where Coach lived and tapped in the temporary passcode. This time the same as every time she house-sat for Coach she wondered how Coach could afford to live in this upscale gated community. Heather had always assumed that she had inherited money. Heather pulled up to Coach’s house and walked to the front door.

Before Heather could knock on the door, Coach, with Thor sitting tall beside her, had the door open saying. “Come on in Heather. Get out of the rain. Just take your shoes off and leave them in the foyer. Thor won’t touch them.”

“Hey, Coach. I hope you weren’t waiting for me.” Heather said as she reached out with her right hand and scratched Thor behind his ear. “How is my big boy?” Heather said in that baby voice reserved for toddlers and animals. She took off her shoes and left them in the foyer.

“WOOF!” Thor barked deafeningly.

“That’s my Thor. He has a bark as loud as thunder.” Coach said. “Is that all your stuff? Coach asked as they stood in the sunken common room near the front door.

“This is it. A couple of changes of clothes. Rain-jacket. My laptop. And toiletries.” Heather answered.

“Well okay. There are some instructions, the guest wifi password, and some commands to help control Thor on the kitchen counter. There are plenty of towels and washcloths in the linen closet across from the guest bedroom. Sunday morning just wash whatever linen you use. I’ve placed fresh sheets on the guest bedroom bed. Don’t worry about letting Thor out into the backyard to take care of his business. He has a doggy door connected to his collar which unlocks when he’s within a few feet of it and locks when he isn’t nearby. I’m ready to leave if you don’t have any questions. If you do feel free to text me. It will be a couple of hours until I reach Seattle.” Coach said.

“No questions Coach. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I’m sure Thor will be excellent company.” Heather said.

“He is at that. Old Thor here gives as good as he gets. You treat him right and he’ll treat you right. Isn’t that right handsome?” Coach said knowingly. “Heather, I really appreciate you watching the house and taking care of Thor while I’m away. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to do this but I know you’re responsible and won’t have guests over and just as importantly won’t leave Thor here alone just to go out and have fun with your friends.” Coach said.

“No problem Coach. I’ll watch the house and take care of Thor.” Heather said reassuringly.

“I know you will Heather. But it’s getting late and I have to get going. You know how to reach me if you have any questions or if any problems come up.” Coach responded. “Now Thor, you do what Heather tells you to do and treat her right. We want to make sure she comes back,” Coach said to Thor as she bent down to hug his neck, scratch behind his ears, and give him a peck on his nose. Thor licked Coach’s closed lips slightly surprising Heather.

Heather standing beside Thor watched Coach stand and walk around the corner out of sight on her way to the garage through the kitchen. Thor stayed but whined slightly as his mistress left. Heather heard the door to the garage open and close. Then a few moments later the garage door opened and Coach was driving away in her new Lexus LX SUV.

“Well, Thor. It looks like it’s just you and me until Sunday. What do you say we go into the kitchen. I need to read the instructions to make sure nothing is missing.” Heather said to Thor.

As they walked into the kitchen Heather could help but be somewhat in awe of Thor’s immense size. He must have been over 160 pounds and 36 inches at the shoulder. Thor was a pedigree fawn Great Dane and about five years old. As he walked towards his water-dish she noticed that he was intact and considering the size of his sheath had to be well endowed. Heather had some trepidation. She didn’t think she could sexually accommodate a dog of Thor’s size despite how attractive she found him. She could feel herself starting to become aroused at the thought of his immense power. With disappointment, she decided that their activities would have to be limited. However, she did not consult Thor before making that decision.

Heather saw the instructions on the kitchen cabinet and read through them quickly. At the top, there was already a one hundred dollar bill paper-clipped to the top of the sheet which Heather pocketed. The list contained feeding instructions, walking instructions, standard obedience commands for Thor, emergency vet number, the temporary passcodes for the door and security system, and the Coach’s encouragement to make herself at home except for drinking her alcohol. Heather took a picture of the instructions with her phone. As Thor lay in his immense doggy bed in the kitchen, Heather looked in the cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. She decided on burritos for dinner and then to take Thor on his walk before it became dark.

By the time Heather had placed a couple of frozen burritos on a plate into the microwave for dinner Coach Carter had pulled into a nearby gas station. She took out her smartphone and logged into her home security system to check in on Heather through the security cameras. Seeing that Heather was only fixing her a bite to eat Coach turned on the recording function to the security system. Every camera inside and outside would record HD video whenever the system detected motion or sound. Heather would never know she was being recorded unless Coach told her. Coach then got back onto the road heading for the Hilton Hotel on the outskirts of town off the interstate highway.

Heather ate her dinner with a diet soda from the refrigerator and watched Thor watching her.

“Just a few more bites Thor and Heather will take you for walkies. Does handsome want to go walkies?” Heather giggled as Thor whined as he began getting excited about his second daily walk.

Heather placed her dirty plate and fork in the sink saying in an excited voice, “Okay Thor, time for walkies. Come on boy. Let’s go!” She said slapping her thigh walking towards the front door while slipping her smartphone into a pocket. After putting on her shoes and rain-jacket she took the sturdy leash and snapped it onto Thor’s collar. With the knowledge that she was staying within the gated community and that the door passcode was on her phone, Heather flipped her hood over her head and took Thor for his evening walk in the drizzle.

As Heather walked Thor in the drizzle her thoughts once again turned to how sexually attractive he was. Majestic was the aptest description for Thor. His immense size and power combined with his graceful movements couldn’t be described as well/ any other way. The nobility of his lines. His coat color just a bit duller than her own blonde hair. She began thinking about what they could do once they got back to the house and they dried off. She wondered how long and thick his cock was and about the size of his knot. She thought about the giant load of cum he must have in his balls and how his cum would fill her tummy and cunny.

Thor heeled her well as if he were protecting her. His attentiveness to all movement, sound of cars, other dogs, and people they encountered lead her to believe that he was staking his claim to her and informing any potential challenger to keep away from his mate, his bitch. The way he stared down other people and dogs on the sidewalk always made all give them a wide berth. Thor owned these sidewalks and lesser beings had better submit to his power. Heather could not help but think that included her as well. Her panties became wetter and wetter despite the long rain-jacket keeping the rain far from her crotch.

As she kept thinking these thoughts to herself her desire built and built until she was almost jogging to get back to Coach’s house so that her needs could be tended to. To anyone watching it would look like someone walking her dog in a hurry to get out of the rain. That is unless they were observant enough to notice, through the waning light, the tip of Thor’s immense cock peeking out of his sheath. The reality was something far different. It was the haste of passion. They reached the front door and Heather entered the passcode. They leaped through the open door shutting it behind them for it to lock automatically.

Heather leaned down to remove the leash and as she was doing so she deeply inhaled his musky scent. Her unbridled lust caused her eyes to close and her mouth to open. Thor’s tongue entered her mouth driving its way into her throat. Heather’s mind blanked as she was caught up in the moment with a new lover. Not that it would have mattered. The hidden cameras started recording once the front door opened. Heather would not have been able to see them even if her eyes were open. Coach was sitting in her hotel room watching Heather and Thor on her MacBook waiting on room service. She had logged into her home security system through a VPN as soon as she entered her room and booted the computer.

Heather was short of breath from having nearly a foot of Dane tongue in her mouth and throat. By now per panties were soaked and her juices were starting to show through her jeans. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds. She pulled away to catch her breath and swallow the drool with which Thor had marked that orifice. Soon other fluids would mark her mouth and throat as belonging to him. As Heather stood there, Thor shook most of the rainwater from his coat. Heather took off her shoes and rain-jacket, hanging the latter on a coat-rack in the foyer. But she needed a towel to finish drying Thor.

“Sit. Stay.” She tried to command despite being weak in the knees from the kiss.

She fetched a towel from the linen closet thinking if the weekend turned out the way she expected that she was going to end up washing a lot of towels Sunday morning. She dried the bit of her hair she got wet from the walk. When she reached Thor, she started rubbing him down to dry the remaining water from his coat. It was then that Heather noticed about four inches of thick dog-cock sticking out of his sheath. Her mouth watered instantly. She had been thinking of what it would be like to suck a dog’s cock since that morning when she watched the video of the redhead and the Doberman. Soon she would know and would not have to wonder.

“Come, Thor,” Heather begged as she stepped down into the common room from the foyer. When she reached the couch she spread the towel out on the floor and started removing her clothes. By the time she had removed her t-shirt from around her head, she could see Thor sitting in front of her watching her strip for him. “Do I turn you on handsome? I know I do. Half of your cock is showing. Don’t worry. You’re seconds away from getting my mouth and throat cherry. Be gentle with me.” Heather said huskily as she began a little dance; moving to the beat of her arousal. After removing her bra she reached down and unfastened the metal button, then unzipped the fly of her jeans. She bit her lower lip then turned and hooked her thumbs into the waistbands of her jeans and panties. She leaned over at the waist and pushed both off her hips and down her thighs until they were below her knees. Thor whined in anticipation of mounting the female then presenting her pussy and perfectly toned ass to him. Heather raised one leg and then the other and kicked the discarded jeans and panties to the side. Lastly and almost as an afterthought, she removed her socks by stepping and pulling on the first one then the other. Finally, she was nude before her lover for the weekend.

Heather stepped to where she had laid the towel down on the hardwood floor and knelt. “Come Thor.” She commanded. Thor stepped on top of the very large plush white towel. “Lay down.” She said huskily as she eyed his large cock, sheath, and balls while he lay on his belly. “Over.” Thor rolled over onto his side which fully exposed his thickening and extending red cock to his new bitch. Its weight pulling it towards the floor. He had become accustomed to the mating habits of human bitches over the last couple of years.

“Ooohhhh, Thor. Is all of that for me?” Heather asked in anticipation and by way of feeding her passion. She joined Thor by laying prone on the floor albeit more on her stomach than her side. Laying partly on top of his chest to keep him on the floor, his fur rubbing her already erect nipples, she reached out with her right hand. It looked so small compared to his girth. The knot was beginning to swell in his sheath. Grabbing his sheath, she pushed it back wanting to get his knot out before it swelled too large to exit. She pushed back extra hard on the third try and his knot popped out of his sheath. She sat there in awe for a few moments just taking in its growing majesty of mottled red and pink length, tapered end, and cylindrical shaft down to his knot. A bit of drool sliding down her chin reminded her what she had intended to do. After drawing in a deep breath to both steel her nerve and feed her desire by his musk, she leaned forward towards his swelling cock after taking hold of it behind his knot as light squirts of pre-cum fell onto her arm.

With the Dane’s cock under her nose, Heather closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out; licking the shaft tentatively at first. She grew bolder as she grew accustomed to the taste and scent of his cock and pre-cum. After licking up and down the swelling shaft several times she opened her eyes and placed her lips on Thor’s shaft while giving small sucks and flicks with her tongue. Suddenly Thor was licking her left armpit. “Stop handsome. That tickles.” Heather said giggling innocently. She took her left hand and pressed it against his neck forcing it back down to the floor and turned her attention back to his cock. By then Heather was ready to take the head of his cock into her mouth. “Get ready boy. Just remember this is my first time.” She said to Thor but mostly to herself by way of reassurance.

As she pointed the head of his cock toward her mouth a spurt of pre-cum hit her chin and neck. By now Thor’s cock and knot had swelled fully. Opening her mouth, Heather looked down the length of his cock, over his huge knot, to the leathery black balls between his long hind legs. The length of his cock must have been twelve inches including the knot. She decided to take as much of his length to his knot as she could. Fortunately, there was no way his knot would fit into her mouth. Just as her mouth was about to close around his girth a shot of Thor’s cum shot into her mouth. The taste was salty, somewhat bitter, and slightly metallic. It wasn’t much different than Roddy’s cum she had sucked out of Cindy two evenings before. There just wasn’t the taste of Cindy combined with it. Maybe some other time she thought to herself as she took him further into her mouth while swallowing the regular strong pulses of dog cum. Keeping her tongue in contact with the underside of Thor’s cock she moved her mouth up and down the first four inches being sure to keep her teeth away from his cock. On the last backstroke, she stopped just short of his cock falling out of her mouth. With only the head of his cock between her lips she ran her tongue across the blunt tip, flicking her tongue into the hole only pausing occasionally to pull her tongue briefly into her mouth long enough to swallow the accumulating dog cum. Needing to feel his girth again she decided to try taking him into her throat.

Heather pulled away from Thor’s cock for a moment to concentrate on relaxing her throat while his cum squirted onto her face and neck. She had learned of the technique by overhearing some of her sexually active classmates. They had not been discussing deep-throating dog-cocks. Their loss Heather decided. It just left more for her. She assumed the technique would be the same regardless of what type of cock it was. As dog cum ran down her perfectly tan breasts Heather once again took Thor’s cock into her mouth, using her tongue to guide his cock toward her throat. The head of his cock quickly reached the top of her throat where she paused momentarily. She swallowed the cum pooling in her mouth and took in a depth breath. She concentrated on relaxing her throat and pushed forward. Bit by bit the head of the dog’s cock went further into her throat. Heather could vaguely hear his whining over the sound of the blood pumping in her ears. Heather began backing off his cock just before the point that her gag-reflex could no longer be suppressed. As his cock left her throat she took a breath and swallowed her drool and the cum that had accumulated since her last swallow. She then pushed forward and took his cock into her throat once again.

Heather developed a rhythm. She’d take his cock into her throat, gradually going a bit further each time until she gained better control over her gag reflex. She’d push further each time, lasting longer until she had to draw a breath and swallow or spit out all the drool. Eventually Heather was taking Thor’s length until her lips bumped against his knot all while he continued to cum down her throat or into her mouth when she took a breath. Once Heather had managed to take the length of Thor’s shaft to the knot she was able to tend to her own needs. She slipped her right hand away from behind Thor’s knot and reached down to her clit. Sucking Thor’s cock had driven her arousal beyond reason. She needed an orgasm.

That was easier said than done. Deep throating Thor required too much concentration for her to probably masturbate. She would have to do her best until it was time to take Thor’s cock out of her throat. After a few minutes, she noticed that the pulses of his cum were weaker than they had been. She guessed that Thor’s orgasm was almost over. Confirming that guess she noticed his balls were not contracting as much as they had been a few minutes ago. Heather decided to savor the remaining spurts of his cum in her mouth. She pulled away until his sock was out of her throat, leaving only two or three inches in his mouth. Since she did not have a dog cock stuck down her throat she was able to apply some suction. Heather wanted to drain every drop of cum from Thor’s balls into her belly. Not having a cock way down her throat also allowed Heather to masturbate properly.

Heather was not the only one masturbating. At the same time Coach Carter was laying on her bed watching her blonde student and cheerleader give her Great Dane a blowjob that until a minute ago included deep

throating his huge cock down to the knot. Coach had already had several orgasms and was working on the next. As far as Coach was concerned she was looking at the birth of a zoo-porn superstar. While any video she recorded that weekend would remain strictly in her private collection she would definitely approach Heather about staring in another movie while wearing a mask. But for now, she was going to work on the next orgasm. There would be time for business later. “Suck Thor’s cock, Heather! Swallow all his cum!” Coach shouted to an empty room to drive her arousal. She enjoyed dirty talk, especially when seeing a young/ beautiful woman with a dog. “Come on Heather! Take every last drop of his nut! Service my dog!” She said aloud on the verge of orgasm. “Suck it! Suck it! Aaaahhhh! AaaaHHHH! I’m ccccuuummmiiinnnngggg!” Coach said as her back arched off the bed and her body convulsed until she relaxed and lay there twitching having been satiated for the moment.

Meanwhile Heather swallowed down the last of Thor’s cum, the fingers on her right hand were flicking her clit driving her towards orgasm. “Mmmmnnnnhhhh! MmmmnnnhhHH!” Heather moaned around Thor’s cock as her orgasm approached. Lifting her mouth off of Thor’s cock Heather shouted out. “FFFUUUCCCKKKK Thor! I love sucking your cock and swallowing your cum! Aaannnnhhhhh! AaannnnnhhhHH! I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg!” Heather shouted as she rolled over onto her side and went into a fetal position. All as she clamped her right hand over her sex and she clasped her thighs together as she convulsed.

As Heather came down from her orgasm her body relaxed. and she snuggled up to Thor as he licked his cock until it returned to his sheath. “How’s my handsome boy? Did you enjoy me sucking your cock and swallowing down your puppy batter?” Heather asked while licking his cum off her fingers she’d scooped up from her neck and boobs. After she had gotten it all, she lay there snuggling with the Dane and began to lightly stroke her labia to maintain her arousal. She had gone down on Thor and now she wanted Thor to go down on her.

She scooted her butt until it was on the towel and positioned herself spread eagle to expose her shaven sweet pet pussy to Thor. She dipped two fingers into her juicy pussy drawing out some of her cream then held it up to Thor’s nose.

As Thor began licking her cum from the offered fingers with his gigantic tongue Heather cooed and asked, “That’s it handsome. Do you want some pussy? I’m got plenty right here and it’s all for you.” Heather dipped the same fingers back into her pussy for more creme which she quickly offered to Thor. “I’m thinking that when it comes to doggies you can say big tongue big cock. But then it works both ways. doesn’t it.” With that Heather slowly pulled her fingers back to her pussy with Thor’s muzzle following.

Heather gasped as Thor’s cold nose touched her clit while his hot tongue slathered her labia and curled around to touch her ass. After Thor inhaled her scent deeply he pulled back about an inch and began to lick her pussy. His tongue matched his cock in size. It was long enough and wide enough to stimulate all of her vulva, clitoris, and mons at the same time. Thor began working over Heather’s pussy as she leaned back on her elbows and watched the noble Dane’s majestic tongue take long licks of her lower lips and clit.

“That’s it, my handsome good boy! Lick my kitty for me. Get me hot enough to allow you to stick as much of your cock into my pet pussy as will fit.” Heather begged. “Nnnggghhh!” Heather moaned out biting her lower lip. “That’s it! Sooo good! Sooo fucking goood!” Heather spread her knees further apart and laid down onto her back. As Thor continued to lick his weekend lover; Heather reached up to her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. “Fuck yeessss!” She hissed. “Your huge tongue hits all the right spots all at the same time.”

By this time Coach had received her room-service dinner. She did not however stop watching the streaming security video. She merely muted as she hurried to the door to retrieve her food and tip the hotel employee in her bathrobe. She placed the tray on the desk, retrieved a bottle of water from the mini-frig, and placed the MacBook on the desk to watch as she ate.

Heather moaned from the stimulation given to her by Thor as he licked her nether lips and clit and from the pleasure-pain she inflicted upon herself from pinching and pulling her nipples. After her nipples became a bit too sensitive from rough treatment, Heather’s hands stroked the underside of each boob and traveled down her flat toned stomach. She thought about her yummy, cummy tummy and giggled to herself; reveling in her sexual freedom. After circling her belly button with her fingertips. she slid her fingers down to her thighs and began spreading her sex, to open her labia. She hoped Thor’s mighty tongue could penetrate her. That he could fuck her with his tongue.

“Come on my handsome boy. Stick that tongue in me! Tongue fuck me!” Heather pleaded. Thor seeking out the source of that wonderful tasting drink could tell that it was seeping from Heather’s slit. He turned his head for a better angle and pushed that mighty lingual muscle into her to gather her fuck nectar and pull it into his mouth. Heather could feel it push into her and open her up. She felt the rough tongue quickly enter, flick a couple of times, then pull out into Thor’s mouth taking a load of her fuck juices with it.

“Oh FUCK! That’s amazing Thor! Tongue fuck me!” Heather shouted in encouragement while trying to remain still so the tongue fuck would not end. “Aaannnngghhh! Thor, you’re going to make me cum! Soo goood! Sooo gooood!” Heather using her cheerleading skills spread her legs into a near split which opened her pussy up as wide as possible. Thor continued to tongue fuck her pussy. The additional depth of his tonguing pushed Heather over the edge into orgasm. “Aannnnhhhh! FUCK MEEEE! I’m cumminnnngggg! Aannnnhhhh!” Heather’s body went out of control as she began convulsing. Which made it impossible for Thor to penetrate her. He remained at his station licking the cum from her slit and occasionally hitting her clit, which drove Heather from one orgasm into another as wave after wave crashed over her until his licking began to become pain instead of pleasure. Still convulsing she closed her legs and thighs causing Thor to back away. Her hands covered her pussy to keep her overly sensitive pussy away from his inexhaustible insatiable tongue.

Coach orgasmed when Heather orgasmed. After she had finished eating, she removed her robe and returned to the bed nude with her MacBook about the time that Thor started fucking Heather with his tongue. She was awestruck by Heather’s combination of raw uninhibited sexuality and innocence. She had to have Heather in some of her films. The distributors would love her if she could knowingly perform in front of cameras as well as she was now performing unknowingly in front of cameras. Not that Coach did not also want a taste of Heather but she did not want that kind of trouble with the law or risk her job. Heather was a student and she was a teacher. As far as Coach was concerned she had a near-ideal arrangement and no piece of ass was worth risking it; even a piece as fine as Heather. Coach was patient and could wait until Heather graduated. She was going to have to devise a way for Heather and Thor to continue seeing one another though. She’d have to give it some thought. What could she do to encourage an emotional bond between them beyond the one already developing? The germ of an idea entered her mind.

As Heather regained her breath from the tongue induced orgasm she noticed that Thor was half-hard again with three or four inches of red dog-cock poking out of his sheath. She wondered how she could fuck Thor but control the depth and speed. Then she remembered what she’d seen on the video and had discussed with Cindy. She could fuck Thor in the cowgirl position if he would allow it. But first, she needed to get his majestic cock all the way out of his sheath.

Heather rolled onto her hands and knees and then crawled over to the recumbent Dane. She once again lay across his chest and placed her left hand on his neck for a modicum of control over the giant dog. Again her right hand went to his sheath and confidently pushed it back over the beginning of his knot. “Just lay still handsome boy. Let me get you ready for my pussy. My pussy needs a big red cock… just… like… yours.” With her arousal building, Heather began sucking on Thor’s cock, while keeping an eye on his growing knot. With ease, she took the dog-cock all the way down her throat. Her gag reflex was gone. It would never interfere with a sexual adventure again. With the taste of Thor’s pre-cum on her tongue she continued to deep-throat him until his knot was fully swollen along with his cock. Just as she tasted his pre-cum turn to cum she pulled her mouth off his knob catching a bit of cum on her chin.

“Okay handsome! Time to fuck!” With more strength than she knew she had, Heather rolled Thor onto his back. “Stay!” She commanded with an authority driven by desire. Heather swung her right leg over Thor’s belly to straddle him on her knees. She reached behind her, grabbing Thor’s cock behind his knot, and aimed it toward her pet pussy. Just before she lowered herself down onto his cock a pulse of Thor’s cum shot onto her cunt to ease the passage of the largest cock she had ever had and may very well ever have.

She lowered herself down onto his cock using her weight to push through her opening. She gasped as his girth stretched the walls of her cunt. She slowly slid his cock deeper into her pussy as the parts of her pussy beyond the first few inches spread further than they had ever spread before. Those first few inches had been stretched by Duke’s and Roddy’s knots. But neither of their knots had been that deep. “Fuck Thor! Your cock is so big! Ugghh! Don’t know how much more I can take! Ugghhh!” Just then the tip of Thor’s cock kissed Heather’s cervix and squirted a pulse of cum against the door to her womb. She opened her eyes and looked down to see the taper of his knot had just starting to spread her labia. She’d taken all of Thor’s shaft up to the knot.

Heather closed her eyes and lifted about four inches savoring the feel of the girthy dog-cock sliding along the walls of her pussy. She bit her lower lip and fell taking the dog-cock into the depth of her sex until it struck her cervix a bit harder than before. The sudden stop caused her tits to jiggle. “Fuck Thor! I could get used to this. We’re going to give my thighs a real workout.” Thor growled in pleasure and only with what Heather could take as agreement. Heather reached up for her nipples, once again pinching and rolling them between thumbs and forefingers. As Thor continued to jet his cum into Heather’s pussy in pulses thereby easing the passage of his cock into his bitch, Heather continued to rise and fall in a steady fuck rhythm with her eyes close. She knew there was no way his knot could enter her and injure her. His cock was simply too large for her pet pussy. Once in excitement, she rose too far and his cock slipped out. “FUCK!” She cursed in frustration as she quickly reached down to return the dog-cock into her pet pussy and to resume her previous rhythm. With her passion building towards an orgasm, her right hand released her right nipple and fell to her clit. Rising and falling on Thor’s cock while she thrummed her clit was quickly pushing her to the edge. Just as she approached the precipice she took Thor’s cock down to his knot thereby jamming his dog cum shooting knob against her cervix. That pulse of hot dog-cum against her cervix pushed into orgasm. As her body convulsed her cunt clamped down onto Thor’s cock causing him to whine in response to his bitch’s passion for him.

“I’m cumming Thor!… I’m cumming!” Heather managed to whisper out short of breath with her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Heather rode out her orgasm kneeling astride Thor with his magnificent cock embedded into her sex as deeply as it could be. With her orgasm waning, she became aware of the burning in her thighs caused by the time spent kneeling and the workout given by the fuck. She fell forward crushing her breasts into Thor’s chest enjoying the feeling of his short fur on her breasts and nipples. Keeping his cock firmly buried in her cunt her lips kissed his neck and upper chest in adoration and gratitude.

Eventually, Thor’s cock began shrinking. Heather eased off his cock causing a large amount of their combined cum and other juices to splash onto Thor’s cock, balls, and belly. Heather paused for a moment to allow any remnant of their cum to drip out. She then lifted her right leg and set her right knee beside the left. She repositioned herself to a prone position lying on top of the reclined Thor. “Let me clean you my handsome Thor.” Heather began licking up their spilled combined juices from Thor’s cock and black leathery balls while his cock shrank enough for his cock to return to his sheath. Once his depleted balls were licked and sucked clean and his cleaned cock had returned to his sheath. Heather then pulled the soiled towel from underneath Thor and cleaned up their spilled juices from her thighs and Thor’s crotch. She then wiped up the small mess they had made on the floor.

Sexually spent Heather laid back on the carpet to rest a moment. Thor stood up towering over her then trotted off. A few moments later in the quiet, she could hear Thor drinking from his water dish. After a minute of hearing sloshing water, it stopped and Heather heard a tone indicating that Thor had gone into the backyard. She presumed to piss. Speaking of which Heather needed to tend to her personal needs herself. First a pee, then a shower, a snack for herself and Thor, and then relax and wind down with a little television. Which is what Heather did.

Coach had two powerful orgasms watching Heather suck Thor to hardness and riding him in the cowgirl position. She could not help but think that Heather was not as innocent as she had always thought. She had no way of knowing that Heather had only lost her virginity to a dog that Tuesday. But regardless she was a hot little piece. As Thor moved about the yard and Heather the house Coached watched them both. Deciding there wasn’t going to be any more action for a little while at least Coach decided to shower off the sweat she had worked up watching Heather and Thor. While in the shower Coach figured out just how to push Heather and her Great Dane a bit closer together. She’d wait for an opportune time that evening to call Heather and put that part of her plan into motion.

While Heather was drying herself from the shower she heard Thor come back into the house by the doggy-door tone going off. She hurriedly finished drying then slipped on her long nightshirt without bothering about panties. Walking into the kitchen she found Thor eating the remaining food in his dish. She threw the soiled towel into the wash so the stain wouldn’t set. Then after washing her hands, she grabbed herself bottled water and popped some popcorn in the microwave. She then walked out into the front common room and turned on the television. Just as she settled in to watch a movie on Netflix her phone rang. She looked at the phone and saw that it was Coach Carter.

“Hey, Coach,” Heather said answering the phone.

“Hey, Heather. I’m just calling to see if you’re okay and to ask how Thor is behaving.” Coach replied.

“Thanks for calling. No, I’m great and Thor is just a wonderful dog. He’s very affectionate. He’s behaved very well since you left.” Heather answered.

“He is that and I’m happy to hear that he hasn’t caused any problems or made any messes. I do have a word of warning though. Thor has gotten in the habit of sleeping on my bed at night. So unless you want a snuggle buddy tonight and tomorrow night you should be sure to close your door. He will probably howl outside your door half the night begging to be let in though. I don’t think he likes to sleep alone. He is a fine snuggle buddy even though he generally gets up during the middle of the night to take care of his business outside. Don’t worry he’s a clean dog if you do allow him into your bed.” Coach said.

“Thanks, Coach. I’ll keep that in mind.” Heather said noncommittally. “Is there anything else? I was just about to watch some Netflix.” Heather asked.

“No Heather. That’s it. I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Thor and to say goodnight.” Coach responded.

“You’re welcome, Coach. See you Sunday. Goodnight.” Heather said.

Heather ended the call then relaxed while watching the movie, drinking her water, and eating popcorn. Thor walked into the common-room and settled down on the floor near her. She considered what Coach had told her. She had not shared a bed with anyone since she was a small child. That ended once she stopped believing in monsters. After she thought about it, she decided that she would like to share a bed with Thor. Considering everything they had done together that evening sharing a bed would be pretty tame. It would be nice to snuggle up to a warm body and know that comfort especially when it was with someone with which she had sex. She then asked a question aloud to herself. “If I share a bed with Thor after having sex with him does that make us lovers?” She looked at the handsome and majestic Great Dane and decided that she was happy to think of herself and Thor as lovers.

After the movie, Heather walked into the kitchen and placed the empty bowl into the sink and the empty water bottle into recycling. After double-checking the alarm system and the doors, she walked through the front common room on the way to the guest bedroom. Thor got up and followed her to the guest bedroom. Feeling adventurous she slipped off her nightshirt and tossed it onto a nearby chair. She wanted to feel Thor’s fur on her body as she held him while they fell asleep. She pulled the comforter off the top sheet. She expected Thor to keep her warm during the night and if it got cool she would pull the comforter over them.

“Go on Thor. Get into bed.” She commanded. Thor jumped onto the bed causing him to tower over her. She stepped up to the edge of the bed reaching up to take his head into her hands saying, “Come lover. Give me a goodnight kiss.” Thor’s tongue plunged into her open mouth and she wallowed in the sensuality of his kiss with her eyes closed. She was heading for the point of no return in her arousal so she stepped away. “Lay down my handsome boy.” She commanded in her certainty of his affection for her. She then turned off the light and climbed into bed with her breasts in his back and her left arm and leg reaching over his body in an embrace. Heather, comforted by the rhythms of his heartbeat and his breathing drifted off to sleep.

She did not sleep as soundly as usual since her bed was shared. Her sleep was interrupted now and either Thor’s moving or an occasional snore from him. She supposed that her occasional movements or particularly strong embrace woke him as well. But he could not tell her of it. She remembered that at about 3 am he woke and left the bed. She took the opportunity to pee supposing he was doing the same only to have her suspicion confirmed by the doggy-door tone faintly beep from downstairs. A few minutes after another beep he was climbing back into bed and her arms. She pulled the comforter over the both of them after noticing the chill of the night air. They each soon drafted back into a light sleep.

Coach Carter had watched them up to the point that Heather turned off the bedroom light. She was happy that Heather had taken Thor to be her bed-mate. She had overheard Heather ask herself whether taking Thor into her bed after having sex with him made them lovers. Coach, satiated from her self-induced but Heather and Thor inspired orgasms, went to bed right after Heather and Duke. Sleeping alone for the first time in a couple of years caused her to miss her snuggle buddy Thor.

Heather woke snuggled up to Thor. She could not help herself from smiling when she realized that she had four firsts with him. There was the first kiss she had with a dog. There was the first time she gave a blowjob. There was the first time she used the cowgirl position during sex. And most memorable is the first time she shared a bed with a lover. As she opened her eyes she noticed that it was brighter than she expected. She checked the time on her phone and saw that it was the time she normally got up. Getting out of bed walked to the blinds still nude and lifted a slat at eye level only to be greeted by sunshine. It wasn’t raining! The sun was shining! The thought that she and Thor could spend most of the day outside excited her. Just then she heard the doggy-door beep and saw Thor outside frolicking in the backyard. It had been weeks since she last saw sunshine.

Heather hurriedly peed and pooped. She washed her face and brushed her teeth. After returning to the guest bedroom she dressed in her yoga pants, sports bra, running socks, and tank-top. Heather did not put on any panties since she would only take them off for a shower after her run. She tied her blonde hair behind her head and rushed downstairs into the kitchen in time to see Thor pushing through his doggy-door and the door to beep on his entry.

“Hey, handsome! What do you say instead of a morning walk that we have a morning run? Would you like that?” Heather asked Thor.

“WOOF!” He thundered in answer.

“Good!” Heather responded cheerfully in her enjoyment of life. “But first let me drink water and eat a granola bar. Then when we get back, we’ll give you a bath and I’ll get a shower.” After putting about a half serving of food into Thor’s bowel and refilling his water, Heather drank her water and ate a granola bar as she watched Thor drink from his water bowl and eat his breakfast.

After both had a bite, Heather slipped on her runners and leashed Thor. Together they ran in the mid-morning sunlight enjoying each other’s presence and basking in their mutual attraction. Heather couldn’t help but notice that she was becoming aroused watching Thor’s balls bounce up and down as he ran. She was also being stimulated by the thin Lycra of the yoga pants as it slid back and forth over her sex. During the return loop just as they were about to reach Coach’s house a neighbor stepped onto the sidewalk and waved Heather down.

“Hi, I’m Allison Jones. I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Are you new to the neighborhood?” The middle-aged neighbor asked.

“No, not new. I’m Heather Sims and I’m just house-sitting and watching this handsome boy, Thor, for Coach Carter while she’s out of town.” Heather answered. “I’m just here for the weekend. Coach is coming home tomorrow.” Heather squatted down beside the sitting Thor with her knees slightly parted unknowingly showing the wet crotch of her yoga pants. Allison was intrigued but looked away only to notice that the Great Dane was showing a few inches of red cock out of his sheath. She locked eyes with Heather.

“Do you dog-sit for other people? Occasionally we need to have a night on the town or travel over-night. Our son is at university now so we sometimes need someone else to watch Brutus?” Allison asked.

“I haven’t before but I may be able to help out. I love dogs.” Heather answered. “What sort of dog do you have and is he obedience trained?” Heather asked.

“We have a three-year-old Doberman. He’s trained and minds very well.” Allison answered.

“Sure, I’m interested,” Heather answered thinking about the video she had watched of the redhead and the Doberman. “I’m a cheerleader though, so I’m usually pretty busy on the weekends when there is a game so I can’t promise you that I’ll be available,” Heather said.

“It never hurts to ask. If you’re busy just say so and if you’re not then we have a dog-sitter.” The woman answered.

After exchanging their info Allison leaned forward and whispered as she glanced at Thor’s cock, “I see you’ve gotten him as excited as he’s gotten you. You should take care of that.” She then looked back into Heather’s eyes with a smirk.

Heather blushed because she knew that she had been found out and had also confirmed Allison’s suspicions. “I have to go.” Heather mumbled. “Come on Thor.” After a few steps Heather trying to act normally turned to say, “If you want me to take care of your Doberman send me a DM.”

“I definitely will Heather. You can count on it.” Allison shouted as she watched Heather’s trim ass sans panties jog into Coach Carter’s yard heading towards the front door.

Heather and Thor had a busy day enjoying the sunshine and each other. Both were exhausted by 10 pm and were relaxing in the common room watching Netflix when Cindy called.

Heather answered the phone. “Hey, Cindy. I’m glad you called.”

“Hey, Heather. I just home from the shop a little bit ago and wanted to see how your weekend is going.” Cindy replied.

“Are you in your room?” Heather asked.

“I am so tell me the kinky stuff. I’m just going to lay back to listen and pleasure myself so make it good.” Cindy responded.

Heather paused for a moment. “It’s been wonderful so far. Well almost wonderful but I’ll get to that later. I got here about thirty minutes after dropping you off. Coach was still here. She left a few instructions about walking Thor and feeding him. She told me to make myself at home. I fixed myself a couple of burritos then walked Thor. While taking him for his walk yesterday evening, we got the hots for each other. We were practically running back to the house from the walk. We were going at it as soon as we made it through the front door. He had me dripping when he tongue kissed me in the foyer. After grabbing a towel from the linen closet, I stepped into the front common room. It’s one of these rooms that you take a couple of steps down into. I was stripping on my way to the couch. The couch is where I took off my jeans and panties. I ordered Thor down onto the towel and laid on top of him with my face pointed towards his cock. I started licking his cock and sucking his balls. Then I started sucking his cock and deepthroating it. It took a little while to get over my gag reflex. I deepthroated him and swallowed nearly all of his cum. I like the taste. Thor then licked me off and tongue fucked me. He stuck his tongue deep into my pussy. It was so good you’ve got to try it with Roddy. After he made me cum on his tongue, I rolled him onto his back and fucked him cowgirl style. His cock is huge. It’s much bigger than Duke’s or Roddy’s. There is no way I could take his knot. It was all I could do to take the shaft up to his knot. And god, it’s so thick. It stretched me out so well. Fuck I’m getting a little wet just thinking about it. I rode him to an orgasm and got off of him. Then I licked and sucked our juices off his cock and balls. After that, we both were wiped out. He drank some water then went outside to take care of his business while I cleaned up our mess then took a shower. We then watched a movie and went to bed together.”

“Wow, sounds exciting. Were you able to get much sleep?” Cindy asked.

“Not much. I’ve never slept with anyone before so his movements and snoring kept me from getting much sleep. But snuggling up to him in bed was so wonderful. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve done with Thor. Sharing a bed is so much better than sleeping alone.” Heather answered.

“Most people feel that way. I remember the first night Jennifer and I spent together. I miss it. But how about today. How do you enjoy the sunshine today?” Cindy asked.

“We went for a run. You know I’m not going to use the treadmill if I can run in the sunshine. But about the time we finished something strange happened.” Heather said.

“Really? Like what?” Cindy asked.

“Well, Thor and I were just about to Coach’s house when a neighbor came out to find out who I was. I told her that I was just house-sitting and dog-sitting and then she asked if I could dog-sit her Doberman. There’s nothing strange about that but she must have seen that Thor and I were turned on and she suggested that I should ‘take care’ of Thor’s cock.” Heather answered.

“She said that?” Cindy asked excitedly.

“Pretty much. She didn’t come right out and say that I need to fuck him or suck him it but she definitely implied it.” Heather answered. “I tried to act normal but I was already blushing and I’m afraid that I gave myself away.”

“Don’t worry about it. She’s just some stranger. You never have to talk to her again.” Cindy said trying to reassure Heather.

“Not exactly, I had already told her my name and given her my contact info in case she needed someone to dog-sit.” Heather countered.

“Well, there isn’t any point in worrying. We’ll deal with that problem if it ever comes up. There’s still a chance she did mean what you think she meant.” Cindy said. “But tell me about the rest of your day,” Cindy asked trying to keep Heather from worrying.

“I’ll hit the highlights since it’s getting late and I want to get to bed with my snuggle buddy,” Heather responded. “After our run, I gave Thor a bath paying special attention to his sheath and balls. then I jumped in the shower and put on just some thin shorts and a t-shirt. By that time I was hungry and got something to eat and drink. I also put some food out for Thor and cleaned and refilled his water dish. After we both ate we went outside in the fenced backyard to play Frisbee. After a bit, we were both winded and went to the gazebo to rest. Watching him run got he rather horny. So after making sure no one could see into the backyard I have Thor another blowjob and afterward, he tongue fucked me again. I had to bite down on my hand to not scream when I came. We napped a while under the gazebo. I put my shorts and t-shirt back on and we came into the house for something else to eat. Once back in the house I stripped out of what little I was wearing. Eventually, Thor and I got worked up again to the point that I wanted to fuck. I wanted him to fuck me doggy style and that was a mistake. I took him into the common-room and knelt down on the bottom step so I’d be high enough for our parts to align and that worked fine. What I didn’t count on was his strength and how hard he was going to fuck me. Although he couldn’t get the knot in, he pounded me hard and now I’m sore.” Heather expounded. “But tell me. Did you at least get fucked and knotted by Roddy Friday?”

“I’m sorry. Give it a few days and you’ll be fine. You’re probably just bruised a little. It happens to every woman at some point. Roddy gave me the knot so well. He made me see stars. I’ll tell you all about it sometime but for now, I’m going to let you go. I’m rather sleepy myself. It was a long day. Nothing exciting happened today though.” Cindy said.

“Okay, Cindy. I’ll see you Tuesday. Give me a call tomorrow or Monday night. I miss you.” Heather said.

“I miss you, Heather. Sleep tight. Snuggle up to Thor.” Cindy suggested.

“I will. Goodnight Cindy.” Heather said.

“Goodnight Heather,” Cindy responded.

With that Heather turned off the television, checked the alarm system, the doors, and then went to bed with Thor with much the same sleeping arrangements as the previous night, nude snuggled up to Thor.

Coach across town had been in the hotel room all day except when Heather took Thor for a run. Coach took the opportunity to run a few miles on the hotel exercise room treadmill. Other than that she was watching Heather and Thor during their day. Fortunately, she has cameras hidden in the gazebo and others covering the entire backyard. She had also overheard Heather talking about her neighbor on the phone. She knew which neighbor since only once had a Doberman. She’d have to start a friendship with Mrs. Jones. But it sounded like Heather had told Cindy all about fucking Thor and did she hear Heather say she had fucked two other dogs? Was it the same Cindy who was on the cheer squad with Heather? It had to be. Had Cindy been fucking a dog named Roddy? It sure sounded like it. Men don’t have knots. Coach had a change of plans and decided to go home on Sunday mid-morning instead of the afternoon. She texted Heather even though she knew that Heather had turned her phone off for the night. She thought perhaps she could catch Heather in the act Sunday morning.

It was drizzling when Heather woke up Sunday morning. She had slept better than the night before. Perhaps she was simply more tired from not sleeping well Friday night or perhaps she was getting used to sleeping with another in the bed. Thor did wake her once in the middle of the night but both were able to get right back to sleep when he returned to their bed. She dreamed of the Black Lab again. They had made love in the meadow over and over again. It was a fleeting bliss that left Heather horny when she woke up.

She snuggled into the back of Thor’s neck with her left arm still wrapped around his massive chest and her left leg thrown over his abdomen. She felt a slick wetness on her left calf and knew that part of Thor’s cock was exposed. She slowly lifted off of the snoring Great Dane and moved until her face was opposite his cock. She wanted another taste of Thor before Coach showed up in a few hours. She had not yet turned her phone back on.

She grabbed Thor’s sheath with her right-hand and pushed it back toward his balls. Thor whined and lifted his head at the pleasurable surprise. Licking her lips Heather lowered her mouth onto Thor’s cock. She gently sucked and flicked her tongue on the tip of the dog-cock; paying special attention to the hole. After a few seconds, his cock began to swell and shoot pre-cum. She relished the taste of the pre-cum, then swallowed it down before more spurted out. Heather began to deep-throat the Dane’s cock as she watched his knot swell. She’d take him into her throat and hold it then back off of his cock. She noticed the taste had changed. His pre-cum had turned to cum as his orgasm started once his knot had fully inflated. Again and again, she took his red cock into her throat as Thor shot his cum into her belly. She thought to herself “best breakfast ever.” As she took his cock down her throat to the knot again Thor attempted to get up. Frantically, she threw her arms over his chest and hips forcing him back down. Thor calmed down. The sound of her sloppy dog-cock blowjob prevented her from hearing either the door open or shut. She focused single-mindedly on giving Thor the best blowjob he’d ever have. Dog-cum continued shooting down her throat. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets in the pure joy of sucking and deep-throating Thor’s immense cock. She’d take his cock to the knot then hold it until she needed to breathe. She’d then back off to take a breath and swallow his cum and her drool. Long minutes rolled by adding more and more dog-cum to that already in her tummy. Gradually the pulses of dog-cum lessened and ended. She backed off his cock leaving just the tip in her mouth to catch the last few spurts of dog-cum. She had swallowed all his cum with most of it being shot straight down her throat.

Meanwhile, Coach was downstairs watching everything on her phone. She’d never seen anyone so dedicated to dog-cock. Heather was truly special and the last thing Coach ever wanted to do was to hurt her. Coached watched Heather clean Thor’s cock until it had returned to his sheath then watched Heather get up and get in the shower. Coach turned off the cameras and began fixing breakfast for the two of them. Thor walked into the kitchen to greet his mistress, drink some water, and go outside.

Heather showered and dressed in panties, blue jeans, a bra, and a fresh t-shirt. She turned on her phone and noticed the text from Coach. It was already past 10 am. Coach could have already come home. Heather listened carefully. She could hear cooking noises from the kitchen. Coach was home already. Heather stripped the bed to wash the linen.

“Fuck! Did Coach see her giving Thor head?” Heather asked herself. “Surely not. The door was closed and Coach wouldn’t just enter the bedroom without knocking.” Heather tried to reassure herself. She took a deep breath to calm herself and walked into the kitchen on the way to the adjoining laundry room to put the linen in the washer.

“Hey, Coach. How was your trip?” Heather asked normally.

“It went great Heather. Finished everything early yesterday and was able to get to bed at a decent hour last night to get up bright and early this morning.” Coach answered. “How do pancakes sound?” She asked.

“Sounds wonderful. Just one for me though. I’m not very hungry.” Heather answered not giving the reason she wasn’t hungry.

Coach Carter and Heather chatted about their weekends neither revealing what had really been doing. They also discussed the first game coming up the next Friday and Coach’s plans on which cheers to use. They ate their pancakes with light syrup while they each drank a glass of milk.

“Heather I appreciate how well you took care of Thor. As a matter of fact, I’d like to pay you another hundred for doing such a good job. You did as good a job that I could do myself.” Coach said.

“Thanks Coach. But that’s not necessary. He’s a great dog. I had a great time taking care of Thor.” Heather responded.

Coach sighed deeply then said, “This is awkward. I know you had a great time Heather. I saw the two of you in bed this morning. I opened the door to ask if you wanted breakfast and saw you ….. with Thor.”

Heather’s face blanched. “Coach, it… it…. wasn’t what it looked like.” Heather stammered.

“Yes, it was Heather. I should know. I’ve been in the same position with Thor many many times,” Coach said to calm Heather. “He’s my lover and has been for a couple of years. Now you know my secret and I know your secret.” Coach said.

“Then you’re not upset?” Heather asked.

“No of course not. I’m not married to Thor or anything. I’m happy that you took care of Thor’s needs while I was away.” Coach answered. “To be honest with you Heather, I didn’t have to go out of town. I saw scratches on your thighs when you were in the shower after cheer practice. I instantly recognized what they were and how you got them. I was curious whether Thor would be interested in you. And he definitely was. I’ve never seen a woman so dedicated to petsex as you Heather or one that dogs find so irresistible either.” Coach said.

“I don’t know what happened but it only started last Tuesday evening. I lost my virginity to a dog. Thor is the third dog with whom I’ve had sex. It’s actually sort of a problem. The attraction is difficult to control and sometimes people pick up on it.” Heather responded.

“Well in the future if you have scratches you need to keep hidden just let me know beforehand and I’ll let you skip showers after P.E. and after cheer practice. Have you considered using heaving socks over the front paws?” Coach asked.

“No, I’m still learning. It’s all still pretty new to me. But Coach if you don’t mind I’m going to put the washed linen into the dryer and call my mom? She had house guests this weekend and wanted me to call if I came home earlier than this afternoon.” Heather asked as she stepped into the laundry room to place the linen in the dryer and start it.

“Sure, Heather. Go ahead. I just want you to know that you’re always welcome to come and visit Thor. I’m sure he’d be happy to see you again.” Coach answered.

“Thanks Coach. I’m going to make that call.” Heather said walking away for a little privacy while pulling her phone from the pocket of her jeans.”

Twenty minutes later Heather was home talking to her mom as they waited for the arranged time for the video-chat with Heather’s father. They mostly talked about whether Heather should have a dog of her own and what type of dog would be a good match for her. Shortly before the time for the video-chat, Monica changed the subject.

“Heather, your father knows about you and Duke and the possible relationship between you and Cindy. He and I discussed it yesterday afternoon. When it comes to your sex life I hope you understand that your father is still your father despite his and my unconventional sexual interests. He knows you’ve taken a big step into becoming a woman but you’ll always be his little girl even when you’re married and have children of your own. He was uncomfortable discussing these things with me. So discussing them with you is simply impossible. Don’t bring these matters up with your father.” Monica instructed.

“I had no intention of talking with dad about these things mom. It’s difficult enough to discuss them with you. I’d rather die than discuss them with dad.” Heather affirmed.

“Good. I’m glad you feel that way. You’re normal. But right now it’s time to start the call.” Monica said.

Monica clicked the button to initiate the call. It chimed twice and Major Sims answered bringing a video up of him in a blue polo shirt. The three happily talked of many things except what was foremost on their minds. The Major talked about some of his more recent duties, a few of his fellow officers, and when he may be able to get a week of leave to come home. Monica talked about the house and Frank. Heather talked about school and cheering. They also managed to talk about getting another dog but avoided the reason why. They decided to wait until Heather could decide the particular breed that she wanted.


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  1. fantheman 7 days ago

    I do hope there’s an epilogue as well to answer all my questions. Like will she ever get her dream dog. Will she get with Cindy. Will she ever find why this all started.

  2. katejim 1 week ago

    Oh yes, Heather is the Queen of petsex. I can’t wait to hear more about her. What breed does she pick?

    • Author
      likestowatchinnc 1 week ago

      You’ll have to read the last part to see. I have to admit to becoming fond of her character while writing the story.

  3. knottsluvver 1 week ago

    A wonderfully constructed narrative. Coach and Thor are a great addition.

  4. LadyX 2 weeks ago

    Epic journey 1 to 5 parts but very enjoyable reading.

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