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It was Thursday after cheer practice. Heather reached out and turned on the hot and cold water in the girls’ locker-room showers to adjust the temperature to her liking. She started her shower with the other cheerleaders as she did every day she had cheer practice. And much like every day, she thought about what had happened during the day. But today she also thought about her dream from the night before. The Black Lab and the Presence showed up in her dreams again. The elation she felt at seeing the Lab and how they made love over and over until she was awoken by the vibrating alarm on her smartwatch. She had to get up at 5 am to wash the linen she had stripped from the bed Wednesday morning. The joy she felt in her dream was matched by the sorrow as she woke to reality. By 7 am the laundry was washed, dried, folded, and put away in its proper place. Before she had left for school her mother asked her to come home straight after dropping Cindy off. Her mother reassured her that nothing was wrong it just that there was something they needed to discuss. Of course, there was Cindy to think about as well. Heather kept wondering if she was in love with a dream dog and whether she could love Cindy as much. She didn’t know how she felt about Cindy. They had been best friends for three years and last night they told each other their secrets after having sex. She definitely felt an emotional connection with Cindy and physical attraction for her but was it love? At least Cindy was being patient with her. So far she hadn’t brought up the subject of their relationship or whatever it was yet. But mostly it was the Lab that she thought about most of the day. Just then Heather’s internal monologue was broken.

“Okay girls! Finish it up. I need to lock up and get home.” Coach Carter said as she looked at the girls in the locker-room shower. Her gaze pausing briefly on Heather’s thighs after she had turned to face her cheer coach and P.E. teacher.

Heather quickly rinsed off the remaining soap, grabbed her towel from its hook, and began drying herself as she stepped towards her locker to dress in her school uniform. She and Cindy made small talk until Coach Carter poked her head out of her office door and interrupted.

“Heather, come see me before you head home.” Coach Carter requested.

“Just a second Coach. I’m just about dressed.” Heather responded as she slipped on her shoes.

“You wanted to see me, Coach?” Heather asked as she made eye contact with the tall athletic middle-aged woman with short brunette hair from the doorway of her office.,“Yes, there are a couple of things I’d like to talk to you about,” Coach said as she got up shutting the door, closing the blinds, and sitting back down. “First I just wanted to ask if there were any problems? The reason I’m asking is that you’ve not been doing your best in the last couple of practices. You’ve not kept in sync with the other girls which isn’t like you. Is there something bothering you? I know it may be a personal question but I have to ask since it’s affecting your performance on the cheer squad.” Coach Carter asked and explained.

Heather looked down somewhat embarrassed by the subject matter of her answer and that she had let the squad down. “I’m sorry Coach. I have been distracted. It’s about another student with whom I’m becoming involved if you know what I mean.” Heather answered in a half-truth. “But I expect to have it figured out soon so it won’t affect my performance much longer. I promise to focus more in practice.” Heather said attempting to reassure her Coach.

“Sure I understand. I’m glad that it isn’t something like family problems. Good luck on trying to figure out relationships though. I’m still trying to figure them out,” Coach said accepting her answer. “But there is one more thing. I have to go out of town this weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and I need someone to house-sit and dog-sit for me while I’m gone. It won’t be anything you haven’t done before. Watch the house; feed Thor; walk Thor or more like let Thor walk you, and don’t allow anyone to come into the house. You’re free to eat and drink anything in the refrigerator except for my beer and stay out of the liquor cabinet. I’ll pay you $100, the same as before. How does that sound?” Coach Carter asked. But Coach Carter was lying. She didn’t have to go out of town that weekend. She had seen the scratch marks on Heather’s thighs and recognized what they were and knew how Heather must have gotten them. Coach Carter never allowed fresh pussy for her Great Dane Thor pass by and the gorgeous blonde cheerleader was as ripe and succulent as they came.

“Coach that should be fine. I’ll just have to ask my mom to make sure she doesn’t have any plans for me this weekend. I’ll text you later today to let you know. If everything is okay I’ll go to your house after practice tomorrow after dropping Cindy off and swinging by my house to pick up a few things.” Heather answered.

“That would be perfect. Sorry for the short notice but the trip is a last-minute necessity.” The Coach lied as she was getting up and ushered Cindy towards the door. “I see everyone but Cindy has left so you two head out so I can get out of here myself. See you tomorrow Heather and thanks for helping me out,” Coach said as she moved Heather out the office door then closed it behind her.

As Cindy and Heather headed towards the car Cindy asked, “What was that about?”

“Not much. Coach just talked to me about my performance at the last couple of practices and asked me to house sit for her this weekend is all.” Heather answered.

As they drove to Cindy’s house they studiously avoided talking about the elephant in the car, the nature of their relationship. The alternative topic was obvious.

“So how did you and Duke get started a couple of days ago?” Cindy asked.

“Well if you really want to know,” Heather said playing along. “It started after I got home from our tanning session and finished my homework. Mom was out walking Duke when I got home. Once the homework was done I went downstairs to help with dinner and for the first time, I really noticed Duke. Don’t get me wrong. I love Duke but he was always my mom’s dog. But Tuesday evening I just felt his…. well, presence… is the only way I can describe it. His scent hit me like a truck. I couldn’t get enough. All night until I went to bed I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. His muscles are so big and his fur is so soft. After dinner, while I did the dishes he licked my thighs and my panties through a leg-hole of my shorts. I had to make him stop when I heard mom heading for the kitchen. That night as mom and I watched Netflix I was practically drooling over him and couldn’t keep my hands off of him. He tried to follow me when I went to bed but mom didn’t let him.” Heather gushed out in excitement.

“Then how did you two get together?” Cindy asked curiously.

“My bedroom door must not have latched completely when I closed it,” Heather said not wanting to implicate her mother in what happened. “I remember having an erotic dream and waking up by Duke jumping on the bed. I was so turned on from the dream and by Duke’s presence that I couldn’t help myself. I skimmed off my panties. Rolled over onto my knees and elbows then begged Duke to fuck me. And he did. He took my cherry. I had a difficult time keeping quiet. I would have died if mom had heard me and walked in while Duke was knotted in me.” Heather answered.

“Didn’t Duke have any trouble?” Cindy asked remembering Roddy’s initial difficulty in mounting Heather the day before.

“No, he mounted me right away. I guided him into me and we were off to the races. My Duke is just smarter than your Roddy.” Cindy answered tauntingly.

“Maybe,” Cindy responded in a way to not voice her suspicions. She was thinking that maybe Duke wasn’t smarter. He may just have more experience instead. Maybe he had fucked other women before. But she wasn’t about to tell her that Duke might be fucking her mom. Heather would have to figure that one out herself.

“So, how about you? What did you think of your first time with a dog? Going to do it again.” Heather asked.

“Oh yes! I will definitely play with Roddy again. He’s a stud. I will have to get his nails trimmed though and he’s going to get a bath more often than he has been.” Cindy responded.

“Mom must wash Duke a couple of times a week at least,” Heather said innocently without thinking of the connotations. Cindy only raised her eyebrows along with her suspicions without Heather seeing.

A minute later as they rode in silence just enjoying each other’s company they pulled into Cindy’s driveway.

“Would you like to come in for a minute?” Cindy asked.

“No, I’d better not. I don’t think I could stay just a minute with Roddy there. Our conversation has me a bit hot and besides mom told me to come home right after dropping you off. I’ll see you in the morning.” Heather answered with a smile.

Cindy, paused a moment with her lips slightly parted looking into Heather’s eyes hoping she’d make the first move then sighing and responded with a hint of disappointment. “Okay, I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll just have to take care of Roddy by myself. Maybe after I give him a bath.” She gave Heather an affectionate smile, stepped out of the car, and waved goodbye to Heather as she walked toward the front door.

It was only five minutes later that Heather walked into the front door of her own home. Her mom as usual was out walking Duke as Heather walked upstairs, changed, and started her homework. Heather, good student that she was, applied herself and finished her homework in about an hour. She then went downstairs to help her mom with dinner the same as most nights.

“What’s for dinner mom?” Heather asked as she leaned down inhaling Duke’s scent and scratched him behind his ears and stroked his fur.

“Just spaghetti. Nothing too complicated tonight. I know you’re not old enough yet but I think you’re ready. How about a glass of wine with dinner? I wouldn’t mind a glass myself. I have a bottle that will go well with the spaghetti.” Monica asked.

“Sure mom.” Heather answered with a little trepidation.”Is there a special occasion?” Heather asked.

“No special occasion. Don’t you remember? We’re going to talk tonight and I think a little wine would help.” Monica answered.

“Right, I’d forgotten. Speaking of forgetting, Coach Carter asked me to house-sit for her this weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Will that be a problem? I would go after cheer practice once I drop Cindy off and pick up a few things here.” Heather asked.

“I don’t see why that would be a problem,” Monica answered. “You’re not going to have any friends over while you’re house-sitting are you?” She asked.

“No guests. No parties. I will be all by my lonesome except for Coach’s Great Dane Thor.” Heather answered.

“That’s fine Sweetie. Don’t forget the Sunday afternoon video chat with your father though.” Monica reminded her.

“Thanks, mom. I won’t forget. I’ll try to get home early enough to join here. If I can’t, I will jump in on my phone. ” Heather said as she pulled out her phone to text Coach that she could house-sit for her. The Coach texted back almost immediately back to acknowledge the text and thank Heather.

“Now put Duke in the garage, wash your hands, and set the table,” Monica ordered.

Heather did as she was told. They ate dinner, each with a glass of wine. Which was a first for Heather. The one glass was enough to give her a pleasant buzz and slight lessening of inhibitions as Monica had planned. They put away the left-overs and washed the dishes chatting about the mundane parts of their day the entire time.

“Well, that was the last dish,” Monica said as she dried it and put it away in the cabinet while Heather drained both sides of the sink and rinsed away the soap and food residue. As they washed and dried their hands Monica asked, “What do you say we relax on the couch and have that talk? How does that sound? We’ll leave Duke in the garage until after we’re finished. He needs a bit of rest and he would just distract us.” Monica started walking towards the common room with Heather following.

“That’s fine mom. What is it that you wanted to talk about?” Heather asked as they walked into the living room.

After they settled onto the couch with their bare feet under themselves while facing each other Monica began. “Let me start just by saying that there’s nothing you can say or do that will make your father or me love you any less. You don’t have to worry about either of us learning anything about you. Because we love you we only want the very best for you. We want you to have a full life and that has been a source of worry for us. You’re a senior in high school but you never date. You’ve never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”

“Mom! I’m not comfortable talking about this.” Heather interrupted suddenly very afraid, intuiting what was coming next.

“I know you aren’t Heather and neither am I but we still need to have this conversation. Let me finish what I have to say. As I said, you’ve never had a boyfriend or girlfriend that we know of anyhow. And…..you have had a very low sex drive.” Heather looked at her puzzled. “I know what you’re thinking. How would I know that? Right? Heather, I do almost all the laundry in this house and I was once your age. I can recognize crusty sheets and panties when I run across them. You almost never have either. Which brings me to the thing I most want…no, not want but need to discuss with you.” Monica paused gathering her courage. “I know that you and Duke …..had sex……Tuesday night.” Heather looked away from her mother and froze, thinking her life was over. “You see Heather I put Duke into your room Tuesday night. I heard you whimpering and guessed that you needed release. And Duke is very handy in that department.”

Heather in shock turned to face her mother asking, “Mom, are you telling me that you and …. Duke ……” Heather stammered out.

“Yes, Duke and I have been having sex once he became old enough which was about a year ago,” Monica answered casually.

Heather stared blankly at her mother. The person closest to her was not the person she believed her to be.

“Does dad know?” Heather asked still in shock.

“Of course Sweetie. It’s how we met. He and I met on a zoo message board. I have been having sex with dogs since I was your age. Which, as you know, was several years before I met your father on the message board. Everyone one of the dogs we’ve had while you’ve grown up has been a sexual partner of mine. Your father knows and approves. Sweetie, it isn’t easy on your father or me that he has been stationed overseas for half of his service. I know it hasn’t been easy on you either. Your father’s long absences would have left a large hole in my life if I didn’t have my dogs. Sex is an important part of life. It’s not all of life but it’s an important part. Which brings us back to you. Your father and I were starting to worry that you were asexual. It’s not that we would have loved you any less but that your life would be missing an essential element. We want you to have a full life. And considering your age, situation, and the world today having a dog for a sexual partner is a good option if not the best option. Your father agrees with me on this. A dog is discreet, always available, can’t transmit an STI, and can’t get you pregnant. Plus Duke is a talented lover.” Monica elaborated.

“Are you going to tell me that you think it’s okay for me to have sex with dogs? That I lost my ….. virginity …… to Duke?” Heather asked seeking confirmation.

“Yes Heather, I don’t know how I could say it any more plainly. Don’t be too caught up in ‘virginity.’ There’s nothing magic about sex. It’s better to think of it as merely the first time you did a specific thing sexually. You’ll have other first times. There are multiple first times for sex with dogs, sex with men, sex with women, group sex, and so forth. I’m still having first-times. If you have enough imagination you’ll never run out of first-times. All those first-times are special and make wonderful memories.” Monica said by way of encouragement. “Heather, have you had any other first-times?” Monica asked.

“Yes,” Heather answered in embarrassment while looking away as her fingers twisted the bottom hem of her t-shirt.

“Care to talk about it? Only share what you’re comfortable sharing.” Monica asked.

“Cindy and I ….had sex….. yesterday at her house after cheer practice,” Heather responded lowly still looking away and twisting the hem of her t-shirt.

“She is your best friend. I’ve seen the way she looks at you. I think she’s in love with you.” Monica replied.

“Yes, she told me she is and said she has been since December,” Heather said.

“And how do you feel about her?” Monica asked.

“I don’t know. I told her that I had to think about it.” Heather answered. “Where does the line between friendship and love fall?” Heather asked amazed that she had never been this emotionally close to her mother. The secret that had kept them somewhat distant was gone. Her mother had confided something so very private to her.

“That’s a difficult question to answer. I can only tell you how I knew that I loved your father. It was when I realized that even when he was absent that he was still present in my heart and my thoughts. That presence gave me the desire to please him by being the woman he wanted me to be even when he wasn’t physically with me. That’s how I first knew that I loved your father and how I know that I still do. Do you feel that way about Cindy?” Monica asked.

“I don’t know,” Heather answered. “Love is a process, isn’t it? I mean you didn’t realize you loved dad the first day you met him.” Heather asked.

“No, it took months once we started dating, and after we started having sex. You and Cindy have been friends for a long time. There must be something you like about her. Give it a decent chance at least. I like Cindy. The girl has spirit,” Monica replied.

Heather listened to her mother’s advice without comment. “Does Frankie know?” Heather asked.

“Your brother doesn’t know and doesn’t need to know. Is there anything else you want to ask Heather?” Monica asked.

“I can’t think of anything else right now I may have something later though,” Heather responded.

“That’s fine. But for now, let me show you something but first let’s get Duke.” Monica suggested.

Monica led her daughter to the garage to get Duke. The three of them went down the hallway to the basement door.

“Don’t tell me I’m going to get to go into the locked room? I’ve always wondered what was in there.” Heather asked as they went down the stairs. Seconds later Monica pulled a key out of a pocket and opened the heavy door that Heather had never seen open. The three of them walked into the forbidden room and Monica reached to the left and flipped the light switch.

The room took up a quarter of the basement and was about 15 feet by 30 feet. The ceiling, interior walls, and the door were soundproofed. To the left along the interior wall were a couch and two chairs arranged in a slight arc for viewing a large screen television mounted on the exterior wall. Opposite the door along the exterior wall was a bar with four bar stools. There were a half dozen shelves behind the bar with a wide variety of full and partially full liquor bottles. To the side of the bar along the back wall, there was a refrigerator. To the right of the bar were a couple of couches and four chairs arranged in a circle around an inclined padded bench with straps at several locations and a headrest with a hole cut in the middle. There was a utility sink along the interior wall in the corner. The entire floor was some sort of rubberized textured padding like you’d find in a gym. It took a couple of minutes for Heather to take it all in while her mother explained.

“This is our playroom. Here, this key is for you. I had another made today. This is where I bring Duke when he and I play. There is a hard drive connected to the big-screen with a large selection of adult movies ranging from more vanilla movies to petsex movies. Those are mostly women with dogs, some of women with horses, and a couple of women with boars. We entertain other couples and women here. The wide selection of videos on the hard drive doesn’t necessarily mean that either your father or I enjoy them but we try to be accommodating hosts to our guests. The bar needs no explanation except that you’re not allowed to drink any alcohol unless given specific permission either by me or your father. There are waters and sodas in the frig. Over here is the breeding bench. That is where women can mate with a canine partner or a human partner. As you found out Tuesday night and Wednesday morning having sex with a dog can be messy if you’re doing anything other than receiving oral from a dog. Dogs cum a lot which leaves a mess. So please don’t have sex with Duke outside of this room. When you have sex with him on your bed at a minimum it stains the sheets and if not tended to immediately will also stain the mattress. It can also cause stains in carpeted areas or rugs. But most importantly it confuses Duke. We’ve trained him to only expect sex in this room. So bring Duke down here from now on. You can use the breeding bench or any of the chairs or couches. All the furniture down here is stain resistant. Just clean up after yourself. There are paper towels and a mop by the utility sink.” Monica said.

“Are there any more rules I should know?” Heather asked.

“There is one thing. Some of the videos on the hard drive are of people we know. Those having either your father or me have been taken off the drive. You don’t have to worry about seeing either of us playing. Under no circumstances can that drive leave this room or copied onto another drive. Do you have any questions?” Monica asked.

“Only one. It’s almost 8:30. Do you mind if Duke and I have a little fun before I go to bed?” Heather asked.

Monica hugged her daughter tightly then backed away holding onto her upper arms as she smiled sincerely. “No Sweetie I don’t mind at all. Have fun. Just keep an eye on the time and stop early enough to shower and douche before going to bed. From now on use a pad to prevent staining your panties and sheets after being with Duke.” Monica answered kissing Heather on her cheek. She then walked out of the room, closed the door behind her, and went upstairs.

With her mother’s absence, Heather was able to begin taking stock of what had taken place in the last hour. Her mother’s revelations had surprised her and had shaken her deeply. But she now felt closer to her mother than ever before. She felt a tongue on the back of her left knee. Slightly startled, she looked down and saw that it was Duke. She chided herself as if it could have been anyone else. She knelt then hugged Duke and scratched him behind the ears.

“Have I been neglecting you lover-boy? We have a little time let’s watch a video or two.” Heather asked having started to become aroused as she momentarily put aside the turmoil her mother left her in.

Heather walked over to the couch facing the television and pulled off her t-shirt, bra, shorts, and lastly dropped her panties. After placing all her clothing onto a nearby chair, she sat down on the couch pulling her feet under her to get comfortable. Duke laid down between the couch and television. Heather picked up the remote control from an end table and turned on the television. She scrolled down the input menu to the attached hard drive. She selected the ‘Zoo’ folder’ then scrolled to the ‘Dog’ folder, and scrolled through them seeing one titled ‘Doberman Missionary.’ “What do you think Duke? Does that look interesting?” Heather asked without expecting an answer. She selected the movie and it started playing. Duke started getting up to approach Heather. “No. Lay down. Stay.” Heather commanded Duke. She wanted to watch a video for a little while before playing.

The home-video was of a voluptuous redhead in her mid-twenties wearing a mask over her eyes. She spoke, “Hey y’all! I’m Brittany and this is my lover-boy Bruno. Tonight we’re going to put on a little show for you.” She then leaned back on her elbows with her ass hanging off the edge of a bed and her thighs spread. The redhead slapped her thigh saying with a Southern accent, “Here Bruno, give me some loving.” The Doberman approached the woman and began licking her sex making the woman mew with pleasure. The video zoomed closer showing a triangle of red cunt hair on her mons which pointed to her clit. Her labia were smoothly shaven. The woman rotated her pelvis up exposing her asshole to the Doberman which he then lovingly licked.

By this time Heather had leaned back on the couch with her thighs spread somewhat imitating the woman on the screen. She began lightly pinching and pulling on her nipples.

Back on the screen, the redhead was fully reclined on the bed tossing her head back and forth as her pleasure pushed her towards orgasm. “Good boy! Good boy!” The redhead whispered as she caressed the top of the Doberman’s head. After a few minutes of mewing and moaning, she spoke again. “Good boy Bruno, you’re going to make me cum! Just like that! Oh yes! Oh god! I’m cuuummmmiiinnnngggg!” The redhead’s back arched off the bed as her orgasms ravaged her body.

But this time Heather’s right hand had moved to her pussy and was lightly stroking her labia imagining that she was the woman lying on the bed being licked voraciously by the Doberman. “I’m going to have to try a Doberman.” She wished aloud as she admired Bruno’s muscled and graceful body. Heather closed her eyes briefly to revel momentarily in that fantasy. Just then Heather’s fantasy was interrupted by the sound of a series of light taps coming from the redhead. Heather’s attention returned to the playing video.

“Come on Bruno! Mount!” The redheaded woman said as she tapped her belly encouraging the Doberman to mount her as she laid on her back on the bed with your ass hanging over the edge.

Heather realized what the woman wanted and it surprised her. She had expected the redheaded woman to get into the lowered kneeling position either on the bed or on the floor. She had assumed that you could only have sex with a dog in the doggy position. The novelty increased Heather’s arousal.

Just then the Doberman jumped onto the redheaded woman with his front paws straddling her mid-torso; which placed the Dobie’s head almost even with the woman’s. The lovers would be able to look into each others’ eyes as they fucked. Meanwhile, the redhead reached up caressing the Doberman’s neck whispering “Good boy. That’s my lover-boy. Bruno knows what mamma likes. Bruno loves his mamma as much as mamma loves her Bruno.” Using her legs she pulled the Doberman forward until the tapered head of his red-pink tapered cock was less than an inch from the opening of her cunt, close enough to squirt his pre-cum onto her already juicy pussy. With another pull from the woman, Bruno’s cock entered his redheaded lover. She gasped and her mouth dropped open as the dog-cock entered into her more deeply. Her labia pushed his sheath down his cock and he went deeper. The redhead huskily said, “That’s it, baby. Get that cock out of your sheath and into me. I’ll be your cock-sheath any time you want.”

The pure lasciviousness of Brittany’s offer to become a sheath for a dog’s cock hit Heather as a lightning bolt and Heather came hard as the fingers on her right-hand worked her labia and clit and those on her left pinched her left nipple hard giving her an overwhelming mixture of pleasure and pain. While she rode out her orgasm Heather was oblivious to the inter-species lovers on the screen. By the time her attention returned to the screen Bruno had his redheaded lover knotted. Brittany was starting her orgasm.

“That’s it, Bruno! Make mamma cum on your cock and knot. That’s it! Good boy! GOOD BOY! I’m CUMMINNGGG!” The redheaded woman shouted.

The camera angle shifted and zoomed onto the joined and locked genitals of the lovers. Heather could see the redhead’s pussy squeezing and pulling on the Doberman’s red cock as it convulsed. The root of his shaft parted her labia. The video showed the synchronized pulsing motions of Bruno’s balls and asshole. As Bruno’s asshole flexed inward his balls pulled up and as his asshole relaxed his balls fell back down. Heather knew that those motions were pumping his cum into the redhead’s womb and pussy. The camera zoomed back out then shifted in perspective to show the two lovers in full. Buy this time Brittany’s orgasm was waning and she reached up to her lover’s head to pulled his muzzle down to her face while opening her mouth to receive her lover’s tongue in a kiss. Bruno’s tongue dug between her lips as passionately as they had her nether lips fifteen minutes prior in the video. His deep tongue kisses rousing the passion of the redhead once again. The redhead turned her head and pushed his muzzle away. “Oh baby, you really know how to treat mamma right,” Brittany said as she began undulating her pelvis to milk out another orgasm on the Doberman’s knot and cock. her ankles crossed over the Doberman’s back just above his stubby tail to keep him from trying to pull his knot out too early.

Heather glanced at the clock and saw that it was 9 pm. If she was going to fuck Duke, clean up, shower, and get into bed by 10 pm she was going to have to get started. Besides the video had her so hot that she needed Duke then regardless of the time. Leaving the video paused showing the redhead and Doberman knotted in missionary position gave Heather the idea of trying that position. She wanted to look into Duke’s eyes as they fucked and she wanted to watch him fuck her.

Heather looked at Duke. He was looking back at her while laying on the floor exactly where she had commanded him to stay. “Come here, Duke. It’s time to fuck.” She said while slapping her belly where the redhead had in the video. Eagerly Duke jumped up and ran the few steps to Heather on the couch with what could only be described as a smile on his face. Heather slid further down on the couch so that her ass hung a little off the edge.

With practiced ease, Duke’s muzzle went to Heather’s pussy and began licking her. “Not now Duke. I’m more than ready. I want to fuck. Give me some cock. Mount!” Heather begged and tapped her belly several times again. Duke immediately moved back and his rump lowered. He then leaped onto Heather with his front paws straddling her body and sinking into the couch cushions. As Brittany had done with Bruno on the video, Heather reached up for Duke with her hands and legs. As her hands went to Duke’s neck behind his ears her legs wrapped around his rump, her ankles crossing on his back above his tail. She pulled Duke into her. Leaving her left on Duke’s neck, her right hand moved towards Duke’s sheath to stroke him to greater excitement for easier penetration. Duke immediately began thrusting exposing the tip of his cock. It was no coincidence that the couch was a perfect height for the pairing of a woman and a dog of Duke’s size. With the tip of his cock exposed and squirting pre-cum onto her sex Heather guided Duke into her as she pulled him into her with her legs.

“Oh Duke, that’s it, baby! Fuck mamma!” Heather exclaimed as Duke’s cock entered her and began swelling giving her that sweet sensation she craved and that only a dog could give. Heather uncrossed her ankles to allow Duke to fuck her unimpeded. As Duke began to thrust into her rapidly, he laid atop her nakedness. Duke snuggled his muzzle into her neck on her right side while panting into her right ear. Heather had hoped that perhaps Duke would kiss her as Bruno had kissed Brittany but that hope was quickly forgotten when she felt Duke’s soft fur on her breasts and nipples. This additional stimulation from his soft long fur joined that produced by his cock fucking into her pet pussy. Heather’s arousal produced an abundance of lube in a pet pussy already wet from her earlier orgasm. When added to the pre-cum Duke was shooting, her pussy was on it’s way to becoming a sloppy mess. Heather felt Duke’s knot passing through her labia on his in-stroke and out-stroke. She recrossed her ankles and pulled Duke into her until he was fully knotted with the top of his cock pressing against her cervix as his knot swelled just inside her entrance locking them together. Remembering what Brittany said in the video Heather verbalized the forbidden thought with a passionate whisper, almost afraid to verbalize the prurient request, just as Duke began his orgasm. “Yes, Duke! Make me into your cock-sheath. I’ll keep your cock wet.”

The depravity of her whispered request joined with the stretching of your pussy from Duke’s cock and knot as it shot dog-cum in pulses against her cervix; while his cock and knot rhythmically throbbed and rubbed her g-spot; the feeling of her Duke’s golden soft long fur against her torso, breasts, and nipples; and now with Duke fully knotted in her his lower belly rubbed against her clit was far far too much for Heather. She began her orgasm. It would be one she would remember for a very long time. It started with tingling all over and a heat radiating from her core. As she reached out wrapping both arms around Duke her scream was unleashed. It accompanied her on the first wave. After the first wave, she did not have enough breath for another. As she came down from each wave another throb of Duke’s cock would stroke her g-spot just right or perhaps it was a pulse of his cum against her cervix or even the rub of his fur on her nipples and another wave would rise and crash over her again. As the waves inundated her the difficulty of breathing caused her vision to tunnel and she passed out briefly only to wake up with Duke still laying on top of her still knotted and shooting hot cum into what felt like a bloated womb and cunt.

Her arms had fallen to her sides when she blacked out once again embraced Duke. She once again raised her legs and crossed her ankles over Duke’s back when her feet fell to the floor as she briefly lost consciousness. Her orgasm waned as she savored the physical pleasure and emotional bliss from her orgasms given to her by Duke. But for the first time, she knew the satisfaction from the knowledge that at least two of the people closest to her accepted this part of her and shared in it. She felt a bond of sisterhood from a shared taboo experience. A secret that now united them instead of separating them.

Knowing that Duke would be tied with her a little while and eager to learn more Heather reached for the remote and restarted the video. The redheaded Brittany there in 4K on the large screen television began where Heather had left her. Which was the same position that Heather found herself in. That being post-orgasm with a dog knot deep in missionary position. The redhead had just started undulating her hips on the knot and cock of her Doberman lover.

“Oooh baby, you stay right there while mamma works that knot. You just stay right there and keep giving mamma your cum. That’s it, Bruno! Good boy!” The redhead woman pleaded as she worked on another dog-cock and knot generated orgasm by undulating her pelvis.

Heather inspired by Brittany’s passion for Bruno imitated her and began undulating her pelvis the same way as the redhead. “Oh fuck Duke! That’s good. Your knot is rubbing my g-spot just right. Keep it good and hard for me.” Heather begged.

Both women, the redhead on the screen and Heather on the couch, worked the cocks and knots of the dog lovers. Brittany came first. “Fuck Bruno! Mamma is going to come again! That’s it! FFFUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! I’m CUUUMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!” Brittany shouted out as her body spasmed around the Doberman’s cock and knot. Her orgasm milking out the last of his cum.

The sight of seeing the redhead orgasm around the Doberman’s cock and knot while she worked his knot over her g-spot brought on Heather’s orgasm. “DUKE! I’m CCCOOOOMMMIIINNNGGGGG!!!! Heather shouted hoarsely. Her throat had started to become sore from her shouts and the scream. Duke whined. He had already fucked a couple of times that day before starting with Heather. He was tired and had sore balls. But more than that, the exertion from mating with Heather had made him thirsty.

It was Bruno however that was free from his bitch first. “Baby, I think you’re about done. You fuck me so good but you always do. You’re so much better than any man.” Brittany told Bruno. The redhead scratched the Doberman behind his cropped ears as she uncrossed her ankles and brought her legs down and placed her feet on the floor. She grunted as Bruno pulled backward. “That’s it, baby. Almost out! Uuunngggghhhh! There!” Brittany said loudly as Bruno’s knot and cock popped out of her well-fucked pussy with a gush of his and her cum.” Bruno began licking up their combined juices as the redhead laid there twitching.

Just then Heather released Duke from her arms and legs knowing that his knot and cock had shrunk enough to pull out without discomfort. Duke jerked back pulling out his cock and knot with a gush of dog and girl cum. He too began licking up their combined juices from Heather and the couch. Heather leisurely enjoyed the licking but was all fucked out for the night and didn’t want any more. Until something started happening on the screen that started a fire in her cunny again.

As she watched the video Bruno had retreated to the corner of the bedroom as the camera followed him. He began licking his still erect cock and knot. Then a voice from off-camera said in that familiar syrupy Southern accent, “Baby, here let me help you with that.” Heather watched the masked redhead’s legs and ass came into view as Brittany walked over to the corner and knelt beside Bruno, which brought all of her into view, with her knees pointed towards the Doberman’s cock. Brittany reached down to the large and reddish-pink mottled cock grabbing it behind the knot and pointed the top of the tapered dog-cock towards her face. Heather with her mouth open in stunned shock watched the redheaded dogfucker’s mouth open and move towards the Doberman’s cock. Heather was in shock that the redhead was going to give the Doberman a blowjob. Just as the redhead was about to take her lover’s cock into her mouth there was an interruption.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Heather jumped in fright to the knocking on the door. Heather paused the video.

The door to the soundproof room opened a crack and Monica peaked inside seeing that Heather had been watching a video. She then stepped half-way into the playroom as Heather covered herself despite having her back turned towards the door. “Good, I see that you and Duke aren’t….. Never mind. It’s 9:30 and you have school tomorrow. You have to clean up any mess you’ve made then jump into the shower. You still have to be in bed at 10. You can watch the rest of that video and the others some other time. I’ve left a bathrobe on a hook just outside the door. It’s yours to use from now on when you visit the playroom. Use wet paper towels to clean yourself and whatever is …um….soiled. Then mop the floor in that spot and wherever he has dripped. Rinse the mop out in the sink when you’re done. After that hop in the shower. Don’t forget to douche and wear a pad when you go to bed. Love you, Sweetie.” With that Monica whistled and slapped her thigh causing Duke to stop licking his retreating cock and join Monica outside the playroom. “I’ll pop into your room at 10. Okay, Sweetie?” Monica asked.

“Sure mom. I’ll be upstairs in a few minutes after cleaning up down here.” Heather answered.

Monica closed the door and the room was silent again. Heather was tempted to watch the last ten minutes of the video but instead backed out of the video to the main menu for the hard drive. Her mom’s intrusion had killed the mood. While she went to work cleaning the playroom as her mother instructed a thought occurred to her. There was a hard and fast rule about when she had to go to bed on school nights but not when she had to get up. She would be in bed at 10 pm like usual but she would get up an hour earlier than usual to come down and watch a video or two. Even if she had to watch without Duke. She wanted to learn new techniques. Like her mom told her. There were a lot of firsts out there and she wanted to experience as many of them as her conscience allowed. And her conscience allowed her to have sex with dogs.

After cleaning herself and the couch with wet paper towels, Heather mopped the floor, then rinsed out the mop in the utility sink. She gathered up her clothing and checked that the playroom key was in her pocket. Just as she was about to leave the playroom she took one last long look around thinking about all the fun she had and would have in the room. She then turned off the light and left the room. The door locked behind her. She put on the robe, tied the belt, and headed upstairs to the shower. She showered, washed her hair, and douched. After brushing and drying her hair she slipped back into the robe she walked down the hall to her bedroom at 9:55. After putting on a long t-shirt and panties, she put an extra-absorbent pad into her panties and climbed into bed. She then adjusted her smartwatch to wake her up an hour earlier than usual.

At 10 pm there was a lighting rapping at the door. “Come on in mom.” Heather half mumbled tiredly.

Monica stepped into her daughter’s bedroom; walked to Heather’s bed; sat on its edge; and faced her daughter. “How are you doing Sweetie?” She asked.

“I’m doing great, mom. I can’t remember being this happy.” Heather answered.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that dear. This is a great weight off your father’s and my hearts. I’m surprised that Duke had any strength left. He and I made a couple of visits to the playroom today. Tell me, did you watch any of the videos” Monica asked.

“Just one and not all of that one. It was “Doberman Missionary. Or was it Missionary Doberman? Whichever one it was, the woman was a redhead and from the South. She said her name was…… Brittany. That’s it. Brittany and Bruno.” Heather answered. Just then Heather yawned deeply. “Yyyaaawwnnn.”

“That’s one of our favorites. Your father and I met her. She is a friend of ours. It was a couple of years ago during our vacation in Mobile. The last vacation the four of us had together. We knew her from online. But we met her in person that afternoon when we left you and Frankie to enjoy the beach on your own. But I see you’re sleepy. Before I go, do you have any questions?” Monica asked.

“No questions mom. I just want to say that I’ve never felt this close to you before. Now that this secret is shared, it brings us together instead of dividing us…… I love you, mom.” Heather said stifling another yawn.

“Oh Baby.” Monica leaned down and kissed Heather’s forehead. When she sat back up there were tears in her eyes. “I love you too. I’m so proud of you. Good night Sweetie.” Monica said from her heart. Brushing a stray hair from Heather’s face with her fingertips, she stood up and walked out of Heather’s bedroom quietly closing the door behind her. She then walked downstairs with tears of joy streaming down her cheeks as Heather drifted off to enjoy the sleep only complete contentment can bring.

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