Getting Revenge On A Close Friend After Being Rejected Animal Sex Beastiality and Zoophilia


“Heather! That fucking bitch! That fucking bitch! I can’t believe that bitch and I was ever friends” seethed Tabitha with intense rage. It was the first day of school and Heather had already attacked her with a contemptuous sneer and a snide remark and then laughing at her with two other cheerleaders.

Tabitha had enjoyed her summer out of school; mostly because she had been away from Heather. But that was over and she and Heather had returned to high school, their senior year of high school. Tabitha had suffered three years of Heather’s snide remarks, pranks, and insults. Before high school, they had been best friends. They made a cute pair. Heather being tall, blonde, blue eyes, and buxom. Tabitha being petite, slightly built, raven hair, and dark eyes. Then Heather became a cheerleader and thought she was too good to be Tabitha’s friend any longer.

Back in May, Tabitha had already decided this year was going to be different. She had not wasted her summer either. She spent it studying witchcraft. Tabitha was a witch. Heather had sealed her own fate by her snide remark.

Tabitha thought to herself, “If Heather is going to act like a bitch then she is going to be treated like a bitch and I know just the spell.” She then smiled inwardly thinking about how sweet it was going to be to see Heather humiliated.

Fortunately for Tabitha, the rest of the day passed uneventfully. She and Heather only had homeroom together and Tabitha studiously ignored Heather and her clique then and the rest of the day.

Once home from school Tabitha, alone in the house, changes into shorts and a t-shirt; boots the family computer from her persistent live USB, and opens a browser. She pulls up the bookmarked web-page on spells and finds the one she wants. The spell once cast makes its object into a real bitch. The spell when completed will make Heather hot for male dogs and will make male dogs hot for Heather.

Tabitha speaking to herself “it serves the bitch right. She may even learn a lesson.” Tabitha then presses the print key and the spell slowly crawls out of the old inkjet printer.

There is one drawback, however. The main ingredient is dog cum. There is no substitute ingredient either. For the spell to work Tabitha is going to have to get dog cum. But Tabitha being a determined young woman knows what she has to do. But first, she needs to do some research. She does not want to injure her pet. So Tabitha searches for videos about jacking off a dog. It’s pretty basic. Use a natural lubricant; avoid his balls until you know that they’re not sensitive; stimulate the entire dog cock including the knot; and enjoy yourself. Tabitha isn’t sure about the last one. But she is certainly glad she used the USB drive for a computer so there wouldn’t be any traces of the search on the computer shared between her and her mother.

Tabitha gets up from her chair; gets a towel for cleanup and sitting on; walks into the kitchen and grabs an empty jar and its lid from the cabinet. She steels her nerve; goes to the back door; opens it; and shouts “Barney, here Barney, come here, boy. Mama has a nice treat for you.”

From the backyard, a male Black Lab barks excitedly and runs clumsily to the rear door. Barney is Tabitha’s goofy overweight three-year-old Black Lab and her most trusted friend. Heather’s taunts made Tabitha rather unpopular at school which means that she didn’t have many friends her own age. For some reason, people don’t like witches.

Tabitha reaches down and scratches Barney behind the ears with genuine affection as Barney eagerly licks her arm while wiggling with excitement.

“Well Barney, if you’re happy to see me now, after today you’re going to be crazy for me after the treat you’re about to get” Tabitha softly tells Barney to keep from being overheard by any neighbor. Tabitha’s mom won’t be back from work until late when the diner closes. Tabitha’s dad hasn’t been in the picture since she was an infant.

Tabitha grabs Barney’s red nylon collar and walks him into the windowless garage She turns on the light then closes and locks the door. Taking and exhaling a deep breath to calm herself she spreads out her towel and kneels on Barney’s left side. After removing the lid from the jar and setting both down she holds Barney’s collar with her left hand and reaches for his cock sheath with her right hand. Tabitha begins slowly stroking Barney’s cock by moving his sheath back and forth. Barney begins whining and lightly humping while Tabitha lightly strokes his sheath.

“Good boy Barney. You’re a good boy Barney. You just let this happen and enjoy it,” Tabitha said.

The pinkish tip of Barney’s cock begins to emerge from his sheath. Tabitha pulls the sheath further back. She had watched a few videos on how to masturbate a dog before coming out. She learned that the knot should be outside the sheath before his cock and knot start swelling. She pulls the sheath further back and a small bulb near the end of his cock slips out of the sheath. At that point pre-cum begins to drip then squirt from Barney’s cock. Tabitha decides that Barney isn’t going anywhere and reaches for the jar and holds the open mouth under the cock tip with her left hand. She does not want to lose any of his cum on the floor.

Breathing heavily Tabitha noticed that she was hot and her nipples had become hard. Strange she thought how she had not noticed it before. She pulls her right hand away and spits a large glob of spit onto her right palm.

“You’re really going to enjoy this part Barney,” she says huskily. With that, she reaches out to Barney’s exposed cock and says to herself, “this is the first cock I’ve ever touched and it belongs to my dog. Well, at least I know Barney loves me and won’t tell anyone.” It was at that point that Tabitha notices her panties are getting wet. She begins thinking that she is going to have to get herself off when she was done.

She lightly grasps Barney’s exposed cock and begins stroking while lightly flicking the sharply tapered blunt head with her thumb on the upstroke. The heat of his cock surprises her. Barney’s cock lengthens slightly but the girth expands several times the original diameter. But it is his knot that blows up like a balloon. Barney is now vigorously fucking her hand by thrusting the shaft of his cock through her fist. She decides Barney best knows what pleases him and lets him rut a while. It is at this point that the steady pulses of dog cum start. Tabitha notices that she has been holding her breath and drawing in a breath, she inhales Barney’s musky scent. She becomes a bit lightheaded and her mouth begins watering at the sight of that big mottled red dog cock. She marvels at its shape and its smoothness. How there is a sharp taper at the head and how the six or seven-inch shaft bulges towards the head and tapers slightly to the knot. Tabitha then visually devours the knot. It must be about four inches thick at its widest point. She can’t help but ask herself whether it could all fit in her pussy. Her panties are drenched now as are the crotch of her jean shorts. She is definitely going to have to finger fuck herself before her mom gets home. But first things first.

Tabitha then begins focusing her handjob on Barney’s knot. According to the video, this is what is most enjoyable to a dog and is what triggers his orgasm. Its stimulation tricks the dog into thinking he has knotted a bitch. Barney had been lightly cumming until now. The light steady pulses slowly filling the jar. But when Tabitha grabs his shaft behind the knot and rubs the knot his orgasm becomes much heavier. The pulses are heavier and she notices that his asshole flexes in and out and his balls rise and fall in time with the pulses of cum. The jar fills more quickly now.

Barney continues to whine and growl throatily as his orgasm continues for the next five minutes or so although it seems much longer to Tabitha. Again she can not help but wonder what it would feel like with Barney’s cock, knot and all, stuffed in her cunt and whether it would all fit. Would his knot rub her G-spot? Would the head of his cock rub against her cervix? Would he give her a G-spot or a cervical orgasm with that cock of his? Some of her pussy juice at this point drips from the crotch of her jeans onto the floor and the rest runs down her thighs into the towel under her knees. As she sits there she wishes Barney would finish cumming so she could finally scratch that itch in her cunt.

Finally, Barney’s orgasm slows to a trickle and then stops. Tabitha releases his cock and screws the lid onto the almost full jar of dog cum. She has more than she needs. Barney reaches back and begins licking his cock. He is tired but very happy. Barney licks his cock until it retreats into his sheath. He then lovingly licks her face in appreciation. It had been a long time since he had a bitch. Tabitha still aroused follows Barney to the door, unlocks it, and lets him out. She then closes and locks it again. She returns to her towel, drops her shorts and panties, and sit on the towel. Leaning back on her left elbow Tabitha is finally able to seek the release she’s been wanting while she pleasured Barney. The moment she remembers that she’s finger fucking herself with the same hand with which she jacked off Barney and that same hand still has some of his cum on it is when she cums and she cums harder than she ever has before. As she orgasms, she is fully aware that she has finger fucked some of Barney’s cum into her pussy.

Tabitha takes a few minutes after her orgasm to relax and gathers her thoughts. She tells herself that she is definitely going to do this again. She still has several hours before her mother should come home. She quickly cleans the fuck juice from the garage floor; gathers her towel, shorts, panties; and most importantly the jar of dog cum, and heads into the house through the interior entrance heading for her bedroom. There she dumps the dirty cloths and towel into the laundry and places the jar on a closet shelf. She quickly showers off her sweat, her juices, and any trace of Barney’s cum. After dressing in another t-shirt, panties, and shorts she starts the laundry. She wants no unnecessary traces of what she has been doing which her mother could find.

Later that night, after her mother went to bed, Tabitha gets the ingredients necessary for the spell. Fortunately, she generally keeps all the common ingredients needed for most spells, and the spell she plans for Heather required commonly used ingredients other than the dog cum. She opens her bedroom window to vent any smells and carefully mixes the ingredients exactly as the directions instruct. The last ingredient and the most important is the dog cum which she adds to the mix with a bit extra for increased potency. Then Tabitha, with the same attention to detail that she does everything, recites the incantation. The spell was almost done. Making sure she got none on herself, Tabitha took an empty plastic syringe and filled it with the potion. Then she deactivated the leftover potion by adding a deactivating ingredient and reciting a deactivating spell. The rest could only be done tomorrow.

Tabitha goes to bed thinking of the revenge she would soon have on Heather and soon drifts off to sleep only to awaken the next morning after some of the best sleep she’s had in weeks. She quickly tends to her needs, eats breakfast, and starts off to school. Later that day she skips one of her classes and makes her way to Heather’s locker. After making sure no one could see, Tabitha quickly opens Heather’s locker using a technique only the principal and sheriff deputy assigned to the school were supposed to know. And there it was, Heather’s spa bag.

Every Tuesday after school Heather goes to the tanning salon to maintain her all-over tan. She had been doing this for several years. Tabitha quickly takes the syringe containing the potion and squirts the entire amount into Heather’s tanning lotion and shakes the bottle mixing the contents. Tabitha would soon have her revenge. Once Heather applies the potion onto her skin she will find male dogs irresistible and male dogs will find her irresistible until the spell is lifted. Which as far as Tabitha is concerned is forever since she does not intend to ever lift the spell and no other witch can lift it. She puts everything back into order in Heather’s salon bag and closes the locker door.

As Tabitha, with an innocent look on her face, walks into the girl’s bathroom, to hide and wait for the next bell, she can’t help but smile and think about how Heather’s life was about to get really complicated. As Tabitha closes and locks the bathroom stall door she tells herself in a low voice, “the bitch has it coming.”

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  1. genericc616 1 month ago

    Fantastic story, looking forward to seeing where this spell goes

  2. MartinReisa 2 months ago

    Excelente relato, estoy esperando ansioso la segunda parte. Aunque Tabitha y Heather son jóvenes y recién comienzan sus vidas, y aunque esto pueda ser una travesura o venganza más seria entre chicas jóvenes, veo que en el futuro este incidente marcará la vida de ámbas hacia una sexualidad liberada. Por distintos caminos descubrirán una vida sexual plena y liberadora, lo puedo ver. Gracias por esto.
    [I apologize for the writing, as I am using the automatic translator:
    Excellent story, I am anxiously awaiting the second part. Although Tabitha and Heather are young and just beginning their lives, and although this may be a more serious prank or revenge between young girls, I see that in the future this incident will mark both their lives towards a liberated sexuality. Through different paths they will discover a full and liberating sexual life, I can see it. Thank you for this.]

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