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It was Anna’s birthday. She wanted to invite a few friends, but due to the strict government rules, she could only invite one of them. She invited her friend Tristan. She knew Tristan would bring his Rhodesian Ridgeback. Such a handsome dog. While Tristan parked his car, she could see the dog in the back. No, she didn’t invite Tristan just because of his dog. She knew she liked them both as friends. But playing with his dog Nero was always a joy.

They came in and I made some tea for Tristan and a bowl of water for Nero. While I put on the kettle, Nero came sniffing between my thighs. Oh! I jumped a little, I didn’t expect him. He cautiously licked my inner thigh and it was easy for him to do so because I wore a short skirt. I began to wonder if that was the right choice to wear. I pushed Nero aside, but I felt goosebumps rising after he licked me again. “Stop, Nero!” I whispered. But deep inside I knew that this lick felt really good. Only if he licked a little higher.

I saw Tristan walking into the living room. I quickly pushed Nero away from me and brought the tea to Tristan. We chatted a bit and had fun. Nero slept on his pillow the whole time. Two hours later, Tristan got a phone call. Something was going on with his sister, who lived in the neighborhood. He apologized a hundred times, but he had to go. “Can I leave Nero with you here for a couple of hours?” he asked. “S-s-sure,” I said. Thoughts ran through my head. Can I take care of a dog? Am I suitable to doggy-sit? What if Nero started licking again… My mind started drifting off, but Tristan had to go. “Bye!” he said and ran out of the door. He was in a hurry.

Nero woke up and wagged his tail excitedly. I stood up and walked to the kitchen to make some more tea. He walked behind me and started licking again. I wanted to push him away, but I didn’t. Nero started licking even more than the first time. Could he smell that I liked it? He probably can. I slipped a hand under my skirt to feel my panties and Oh myyyy. I was wetter than expected. Nero must have noticed it.

He started licking my hand through my panties. I slightly began pulling my underwear aside and he immediately licked as much ad he could. My knees started trembling and I lay my head back, leaning against the kitchen. This was amazing. This felt good and there was no way back. I undressed and walked to the bedroom. Nero was so excited, he walked in front of my legs and I almost tripped. I could catch myself with my hands and knees and Nero instantly jumped on my back. This was not according to plan.

Nero started humping and before I knew it, he thrust his red rocket deep inside me. “No, no, no!” I began to shout, but my no’s faded away in moaning. Oh my gosh, this felt GOOD. I felt his knot inflate inside me. I couldn’t hold myself anymore.. and neither could Nero. I felt his warm cum deep inside me, filling me and dripping on the floor. Well, let’s say I can take care of a dog. I made his day and he definitely made mine. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time, because I know I want this a whole lot more often.

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  1. janetrthompson23 5 days ago

    I want a dog like nero

  2. katja1 3 weeks ago

    wat een mooi, herkenbaar verhaal

  3. MartinReisa 2 months ago

    Una historia muy buena, genial. Aquí hay una artista, una escritora. Enhorabuena. Y Nero es hermosísimo… lo amo, lo amo…

  4. youngpuppylover 2 months ago

    Hope we can read more of your beautiful adventures.
    Nero is such a beautiful boy!

  5. 2 months ago

    Good, very good

  6. rinvrenhb 2 months ago


  7. aa1986i 4 months ago

    قصة مثيرة جدا

  8. 4 months ago

    Very exciting story, I hope this beauty was very good

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