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Reading other Members bestiality stories encouraged me to share one of mine, with my Mistress Jessica. It was just another time showing Jessica my submission to her and whatever she had to give to me. I had come out of the shower covered by a towel, Jessica pushed me to the floor and told me to have sex with her dog.

My back was arched, with my bottom in the air. He had already dog fucked me – he was done with me except for the continued pumping of his semen. I felt dirty again as Jessica laughed at me and slapped my ass.

I think she was jealous again and again at me. I was nerdy at college but had huge boobs. Everyone could see past the glasses and nerdy clothes Jess always had me in. The boys and even the male and female teachers would bump into me throughout the day then Jess would get mad, bring me to her home, and attempt to degrade me by having her Labrador basically rape me over and over until he and she was done with me.

I enjoyed it at first, but I started feeling her real anger and jealousy. I wanted to be a medical doctor or scientist and was intelligent. Education came easy to me, but I still looked and acted like a geek. It’s what Jessica always wanted for me.

She found me talking to two guys after school who seemed nice and interested. I could see both of their penises hard in their gym shorts while they were talking to me. It had been a while since I have had a human cock inside me. The last time was when I was still having sex with my two brothers.

I wasn’t sure about it, but I was thinking of these two for several days. Then Jess took my hand angry with me. She basically threw me in the shower again, she jumped in with me and forcibly fingered and kissed me. She was rough with me and told me I was her bitch and that she still owned me and so did her lab. She forced me to kiss her back in the shower as she raped me with her fingers.

I could feel her anger; it was real. She was losing her grip on me and I wanted more. I didn’t want to be known as a geek anymore, but she did. I wanted those boys to fuck me. I wanted to be submissive again with other men and maybe another woman. Maybe a teacher, I don’t know.

It was confusing to me. I wanted to be with someone who wasn’t angry at me all the time. Patton was never angry at me and I loved serving him and giving him what he needed, but I wanted to serve others too. Jess threatened me to tell about me having sex with her dog, but I knew she wouldn’t because she had also had sex with him several times.

I started flirting with some of the guys at school and even one of my teachers who would always stand over and near my desk and look down to look at my boobs. I was ok with it. My friends already knew he liked me. It was obvious. My science teacher would also brush up against me.

She asked me to stay after school several times, but I had not done that yet. I took off my glasses, but the guys told me to keep them on and that I looked smart with them on. I was a smart straight-A student for years. Except for my boobs, no one paid attention to me until the late spring of my freshman year.

Todd finally asked me out to a simple date. I had to keep it secret from Jessica. I went to his house so that Jess would not know. I was dressed up with a cute skirt. He showed me around his house and brought me to the backyard where I met the family dog, a Rottweiler. OMG, I was surprised.

He never told me his family had a dog. I tried not to, but I was immediately wet. My heart skipped and so did my breathing. I tried to hide my interests, but I was looking straight at his sheath. It was big. He jumped up on me and I pushed him away. But I definitely was excited. Brian pushed him down as we walked back into the house and into his bedroom.

I pushed my date on the bed and got on top of him straddling him and showed Todd I was not wearing panties. I wanted him to relax and wanted to show my submission. I quickly showed him I wanted to fuck and suck and that he would own me for this evening. I took off his clothes and mine and let the girls out for him to play with and see.

No Jessica around it felt free and amazing. I took off my glasses and pleasured him twice. I didn’t care. I needed it as much as he did. I was no longer the shy geeky one. I was still a freshman; Todd was a senior. He had eight inches and was uncircumcised which I loved. I was hoping he would fall for me hard and stay with me for a while. I have to admit that at some point I was thinking about his Rotty. I wanted to be owned by him too. He was amazing and I have never been with a Rotty before.

He took me to a college football game where we had lots of fun and met up with some friends. I was really flirty with him and gently held on to his penis under a blanket we had. I kept him hard for most of the game just to let him know I wanted him and wanted more when we got home.

Our team won the game and we met our friends for ice cream after the game. We kissed a lot out in public for the first time and without Jessica around I felt free and better about myself. I wanted to be owned by someone else and not with someone who was angry that I was prettier and smarter than her. Todd was tall about 6’ 2”, athletic, and was a senior going to college soon.

We got to his home and I told him I wanted to stay overnight. I didn’t tell him about Jessica and that she might be looking for me and might be upset that I am dating. I wanted to hide from her. We took Todd’s Rotty out for a walk for him to take a pee and to calm down.

Todd’s parents were home but already asleep it was about 1 am. I took off my clothes and put on one of Todd’s shirts and athletic shorts. I brushed my teeth with his toothbrush while he fondled me in the bathroom. Max came into the bathroom and dug his snout directly into my bottom. I pushed him away and asked where he normally sleeps.

Todd replied, “He sleeps in my room usually but if you don’t want him there, he can sleep in the family room.”  I said it’s ok and that I liked big dogs even I did not know what was going to happen that night.

We got in his room and eventually turned off the light. I was wet with anticipation. Todd fingered me and I was soaking wet, I couldn’t help it. I was not going to tell him I was thinking of both he and Max at the same time. Todd put my bottom on a pillow and took off my athletic shorts exposing my pussy which I knew he would love.

I tried to tell him and warn him I have a big clit that pokes out about an inch and a half, but he saw it right away and told me he liked it and not to be embarrassed by it. It looks like a tiny penis most people have enjoyed it and sucking on it which he did right away.

Max got up from his bed when I started moaning and pouring my wetness down my pussy to my bottom. I was totally vulnerable and submissive and put my hands over my head like I was tied up. I could see Max looking and smelling me, but he was still on the floor watching his master eating me and my pussy. I secretly wanted him to have sex with the dog in front of Todd. I wanted to be raped by both of them, but I could not say it.

My pussy totally exposed and vulnerable to anything and anyone. It was his to use as he wished. I needed it and needed the attention and to forget about Jessica. She was out looking for me I was sure, but I had two that wanted me right here and right now. My phone had been ringing so much from her calls that I turned it off.

Todd mounted me after another long sucking on my clit. He fucked me hard and came fast – faster than me. He was so excited to be with me. I told him it was ok, to not worry about it but I was still there with his semen pouring out of my body traveling to my bottom. I laid there and waited.

Max was still there, waiting for a signal, so I gave him the signal to jump up on the bed which he did quickly. He started licking my clit, he bit me a couple times trying to get inside my pussy. Todd started moving him off of me but I grabbed him and kissed him deeply so he would leave his Rotty alone. He got the idea.

I brought Max to me and we kissed each other deeply with tongues. I grabbed his sheath and stroked him while we kissed each other. I kept my mouth wide open and let him own me. I turned over and arched my back as Todd watched me. His Rotty had never fucked a woman before but like most dogs, he got the idea quickly.

He started thrusting and I started sucking Todd’s cock – at the same time, I could feel Max’s short fat cock searching for my hole. I had not seen it, but I was feeling it punching at me then it slid into my body and he took me by surprise. It hurt but it was a good hurt. He thrust hard and fast and his knot was already stuck in me and controlling me. I could feel every inch and every warm squirt of his semen. I could not believe I was having sex with a dog!

Todd was there on his back while I was still sucking him to completion, Max dog fucked me for only a minute or two. He grabbed and held my neck in his mouth while he owned and fucked me before he stopped, and we were tied together. I wish Todd had a knot on his penis so I could feel him own me like his dog. He was ok with it and wasn’t jealous about it watching my orgasms; he just wanted me to be happy. I told him I loved him and his dog, and I wanted to be together for a while.

He stopped squirting his warm semen and started relaxing. I reached around and held his knot inside me for a long time. He finally calmed down after twenty minutes and started turning and scratching me. I was embarrassed but my new boyfriend encouraged me to enjoy it and that this would be our secret.

He pulled out of my swollen pussy and instantly started licking me clean of his semen. I collapsed on my back and became submissive and vulnerable again with my pussy elevated I watched both of them licking my pussy clean. I was theirs to use, it’s what I have always wanted and needed. My pussy lips were swollen and bruised but I loved it and loved the attention. My clit was still erect and hard and vibrating on its own.

When Max was done with me, I pulled him over me so I could suck his ten-inch dog cock. I wanted to show both Todd and Max my submission and my love and show them how much I needed them while I was sucking Max’s penis Todd got hard again and fucked me again while I had Max’s penis in my mouth.

Todd got excited that I was this dirty and open. I had not yet told him about my history having open sex within my family. I was hoping he would understand and accept it. I finished with Max and Todd finished with me, so we spooned together and fell asleep.

I woke up with the dog licking my face as Todd was in the shower. Max licked me again wanting more and I gave in to him and his needs. This time it went quickly. He knew where my hole was and how to get there quickly. I was being dog fucked beautifully. He had me and knew me already.

Maybe I was a slut, maybe I wasn’t, I didn’t know. I just gave in to him as I gave in to most people that needed and wanted me. It’s what made me happiest and to have him to have my neck in his teeth holding on tightly as he dog fucked and came in me was amazing.

I had teeth marks on my neck that if you looked closely anyone could see. He finished with me and like most dogs didn’t care about me at all; just using me for his own pleasure but it’s exactly what I wanted and needed.

Max was bigger and more powerful than Jessica’s Labrador and his dog dick was thicker too. It was thick and stubby tightly fitting into my young pussy. When he turned on me, I had to go with him until he relaxed, and his knot got smaller. He pulled out before Todd got out of the shower and quickly licked me clean.

My pussy lips were swollen and bruised but I was ok with it and wrapped myself with a towel waiting to go into the shower after Todd.

Max followed me but I pushed him away and went to the bathroom to pee. I closed the door behind me and sat down to pee. Todd pulled the shower curtain and looked at me saying “good morning.” I had a smile on my face and Todd quickly reassured me that last night’s dog sex session would be our secret.

He told me he was ok with it and that he would make sure I could get back to dog fucking again very soon. I got up and gave him a kiss on the lips with a silly grin on my face I was reassured that we would be together for a while even though I still knew that Jessica was out there looking for me.

I took a shower and cleaned up. I told Todd I needed to go soon but I got on my knees and sucked his cock to completion and told him we would do it again soon and that I wanted him. I swallowed his cum and licked my lips. He drove me back to my house and I gave him a kiss and I told him I would call him in the evening.

I told him thanks for everything and left. It was an amazing dog sex experience for sure, one I was hoping would happen again soon, and I was hoping to gain the courage to end it with Jessica.

I have many more bestiality stories to share, and I hope to share more soon!

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  1. digitalfog 2 months ago

    Fantastic story. I can’t wait to read more about you and your adventures.

  2. MartinReisa 2 months ago

    Muy buen relato. Me encendió un viejo deseo: chuparle la concha a ella inmediatamente después de que el perro se haya zafado, con las piernas chorreando. Quiero mas relatos de este autor!

  3. Gaidouraki 2 months ago

    Hat mich angemacht. Super

  4. 6 months ago

    please share more!

  5. sXaBeast 6 months ago


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