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A big thank you to K9CockLover, for sharing her dog sex stories with me, and for giving me the opportunity to try and capture this special moment in word form. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. This story is written from Maximus’ perspective when he was a young excitable puppy, so expect some silliness.

Hello, my name is Maximus. I’m a German Shepherd, although I don’t know what that means. The things I love most in this world are; walks, zoomies, playing tug ‘o war, my blue ball that I fetch, my stuffed Tiger and Kay. Kay’s my best friend in the whole world, she’s so wonderful and I love her. She loves to give me cuddles and hug me, and she’s always happy and smiling when she sees me. My tail is wagging just thinking about her.

I love how she makes me feel, how she smiles at me and laughs when I’m chasing lizards, or when I jump up on her and start licking her face. Kay’s always great to me, I feel so lucky to have her. She takes me on long walks, where I can run around and see and smell all sorts of things. She’s always happy to rub my belly and stroke my fur. I think she enjoys it almost as much as I do.

Although very recently, I’ve been feeling a different kind of love when I’m around Kay, like a tingly kind. It started a few months back when I was playing tug with my favourite stuffed tiger. I was pulling it left and right, while Kay held on tightly laughing and smiling at me. I kept tugging and tugging, until Kay slipped over, thankfully she was alright and still laughing, but I still checked to make sure she was ok.

I remember licking her face and her laughing and playfully pushing my face away, rolling onto her back to get to her feet, her butt was facing me. I caught a whiff of something from Kay, something familiar yet still somehow different. It was then that I first felt that tingly sensation, a warm tingle that I would grow very familiar with soon. It made me feel warm and I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but Kay got back up, gave me a hug and played some more before bed.

The next morning, I woke up next to Kay, her warm arms wrapped around me and I moved around to get my morning kisses. It would start with me licking Kay’s face until she woke up giggling and stuck her tongue out kissing me back. Kay always says I’m the best alarm clock. We’ve been waking up like this as long as I can remember and I love it.

This morning, however, I felt that tingling sensation again, as we were touching tongues and kissing. That familiar scent from Kay, the same one I can smell on her special toy box. The ones she doesn’t let me play with. She also has a very different way of playing with her toys, from the few times I’ve seen her using them. Still, it seems to make Kay happy, which makes me happy.

This time that scent was stronger, fresher. I couldn’t help myself I had to find what was making that wonderful smell. I had to taste something that smelt as good as that. I had a sniff around and quickly realized it must be under the blanket so I nudged it off the bed, which made Kay giggle.

“What have you found Maximus?” She asked in a soft tone.

With the blanket gone I found that the wonderful smell was coming from Kay. I should have known sooner it had to be her, she is the best after all. I pressed my nose between Kay’s legs, the smell was coming from where I saw her playing with those toys. I felt that tingling sensation again much stronger this time. All over my body now, tell me to lick. So I did.

“Looks like you’ve found something there Maximus,” Kay gasped, her body shivering as my tongue between her legs.

The smell was incredible, but the taste was even better! Better than the food Kay gives me. Well, maybe not beef tripe, or ooooh! Bully sticks!!! I love them. Kay must have loved it too because she opened her legs wider so I could get my head in-between them. I started to lick and lap at the source of the smell, which made Kay start moaning in pleasure. Especially when my tongue went up that hot gooey spot and over the nub above it.

“Mmmmm, my sweet boy,” Kay said softly while stroking my fur and tickling my ears.

With each long lap of my tongue, I was discovering a new and even more wonderful taste than the last. With each lick, I was rewarded with a wonderful sound from Kay. Her soft voice letting out long moans of pleasure.

“Oh Maximus,” She groaned, her hands trembling on my head.


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That tingling excitement was coursing through me now, telling me to keep licking, to keep going. It was unlike anything I had felt before. Like I had discovered a new incredible food and found a toy I thought I had lost all in the same day! I could feel something stirring between my own legs, my balls feeling tinglier than ever before. I would have been given them a good licking, was I not already licking Kay and lapping up every drop of whatever was leaking from her.

“Oh, good boy, my sweet boy,” Kay continually whispered while I licked.

I kept running my tongue over Kay’s delicious folds, her juices coating my tongue and making me excited. Until Kay let out a loud cry, her legs were beginning to shake and her sweet juices flooding over my tongue. Her hands holding onto my fur and trembling as her body shook. I felt a warm feeling knowing that I was making Kay feel so happy.

I kept going until she had to push my head away, her arms weaker than usual. “Please Maximus, I need a rest,” Kay panted, before moving one of her hands away from my head.

“Such a good boy Maximus, making me feel so good,” Kay said softly, leaning forward and kissing me on the head and hugging me “Let me make you feel good too my sweet boy,” Kay cooed into my ear while kissing my head again.

I wanted to carry on licking at Kay’s body, making her feel good and enjoying her juices, but I quickly got distracted by what Kay did next. Sitting up and hugging me to her warm naked body. Kay sleeps naked just like me. She then reached forward and started rubbing my belly and tugging on my sheath. I found myself instinctively bucking my hips forward that tingling sensation feeling so strong now.

Kay’s hands on my cock felt amazing, the way I thrust against her hand her soft fingers rubbing along my sensitive shaft. It felt amazing, being held so close to Kay while discovering this new pleasure. She continued calling me a good boy, her sweet boy while I carried on thrusting. Instinct driving me on. I had done something similar with one of my stuffed bears, but this felt stronger and much better. Both that excitement running through me and that wonderful warmth I get from just being around her, it was intense. Did I mention that I love Kay? She gives the best hugs.

I could feel the air on it and it felt incredible, but not half as good as when Kay touched it. Her soft hands slowly gliding over it and making me want to start thrusting on the spot. I could feel myself swelling in her wonderful hands as she held me while I bucked away. Until finally I started cumming, a few spurts of my excitement onto Kay’s arm and the bed. Normally she doesn’t like it when I make a mess, but she seemed really happy about this mess.

“That’s my sweet boy,” She whispered softly into my ear. “Such a good boy,” Kay added before kissing me on the head. “I love you, Maximus”

It was the best day, or at least until the next best day, which is every day. Did I mention that I love Kay?

After that fateful day, things got a lot more fun around the house. I almost enjoy the time indoors as much as I do outdoors. Sometimes now when I’m playing with Kay I’ll get excited again and start licking her all over, just like the first time. Although sometimes I get excited just thinking about it and I take her my stuffed Tiger to see if she wants to play the fun new game together. Just thinking about it now is getting me excited.

I once got so excited one day while playing with Kay, that I found myself jumping up on her arm and my back legs going crazy. I could feel my cock all swelling up and bumping and rubbing against her hand, my fun juice spraying all over her. At first, I thought Kay might be a little mad since I hadn’t made her feel good, but I couldn’t help myself. It felt amazing, even better than that first time. It felt like something I had to do, like an itch you just have to scratch, or a lizard you just have to chase.

Thankfully, Kay wasn’t mad at me at all. She just looked down at me with the big smile on her face. Like she was proud and happy with what I was doing. So I kept going until I felt too tired. Hopping down her and licking my cock which was still squirting all over the place. Kay knelt down and was giving me a big hug and rubbing my fur all over.

She’s the best.

Kay was watching me lick my cock, that same look of wonder and joy in her eyes.

“Hey there Maximus, what you got there?” She giggled softly kissing my fur before reaching around and taking a hold of my cock.

“Mind if I have a taste?” She asked before leaning in and kissing my pecker.

I love Kay and I love her kisses, but feeling her soft lips on my cock was amazing. The way she kissed it a few times, even letting my fun juice squirt into her mouth was very exciting. Kay must have liked the taste of my cock because soon she was licking it all over. Her wonderful tongue moving almost as quickly as mine when I’m super thirsty.

“I didn’t know how wonderful my sweet boy would taste,” Kay said softly her free hand still stroking my fur.

Kay then surprised me by leaning down closer and taking my big swollen cock into hot wet mouth. The feeling of her lips wrapped around my length and how amazing it was in her mouth was intense. I felt her start to slowly suck and move along my cock. My balls twitching as I sprayed my cum into Kay’s mouth and down her throat.

Kay must have been really loved the taste of my cock and cum because she started to moan like she does when I lick between her leg. I could smell that wonderful scent she makes when she’s excited, the one that gets me excited. The feeling of her moaning with my cock in my mouth made it tingle and feel really good. I was very happy, stood there with my favourite person in the world, making me feel amazing with her mouth. I only wish I was able to lick her while she sucked me. I have tried, but we can’t seem to do both.

Kay knelt by me, stroking my and hugging me with one arm while holding my cock in place so she could suck and lick it. She swallowed every drop of my cum not stopping until I couldn’t cum anymore. Kay then hugged and cuddled me afterwards, making me feel very special.

I kept pressing my head into her, until she moved and let me return the favour for making me feel so good. She pulled down her pants and shorts and I was happily licking and lapping at everything between her legs in no time. Although she did need to give me a little guidance as I was still pretty excited by everything that had just happened.

Things were very exciting, I had a new way to show Kay how much I love her and she had a new way to show me how much she loves me. The best part was she still did all the old things I love, like taking me on long walks where I can jump in all the wonderful mud. I love getting mucky, even if it means has to give me a bath. I don’t understand baths, just a tub of water that’s too small to run around or play in.

I still didn’t know what to make of that urge that took over, it was very exciting, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. Thankfully Kay knew just what to do, she’s so smart, she’s the best.

The next time I felt that urge inside of me, was while I was playing tug ‘o war with my stuffed tiger with Kay. She tried to distract me by reaching down and tugging on my sheath the way I love. It felt great, but I didn’t want to give up just yet, which only made Kay giggle more. Although a few more tugs on my sheath and I let go of my stuffed tiger.

We then started to play wrestle, both of us hopping about trying to get each other. I think it was partly down to Kay getting my excited with her hand while we were playing tug ‘o war, but there was something about chasing Kay and as we hopped around each other which made me feel that urge again. I’m pretty sure Kay also felt excited as we played because I could smell that wonderful scent of hers too.

I started to try and lick Kay while we wrestled, the tip of my cock poking out of my sheath, a little of my excitement coating the tip. Kay spotted it and gave me a big smile “Mmmm, looks like someone wants more,” I remember Kay saying softly while I carried on play wrestling with her.

“Do you want to try and mate with me Maximus? Is that it?” Kay asked in a sensual tone, her hands running underneath my belly and stroking around my sheath again.

I could already feel that urge building up inside of me. I didn’t know exactly what mating involved, but if it involved Kay, I really wanted to do it. Kay then turned around while we were still wrestling presenting me her lovely butt and tapped on herself. The sight got me all excited and the urge took over and I jumped forward onto her back. In my excitement, I hopped up a little too far and my front paws ended up around Kay’s shoulders.

Kay saw the opportunity and reached back and started tugging on my sheath and I quickly started thrusting forward. I love Kay and the way her hands feel, especially when she’s rubbing or tugging on my sheath and cock. But this felt even better, something about me being able to properly thrust my whole body into it with the grip I had.

I felt more dominant and soon I was spurting over Kay’s hand, back and shoulder, with more cum than before. I think I’m able to make more, which is great because Kay loves my cum. She was giggling and excited at what I was doing, constantly encouraging me as I humped her hand.

I was having a great time learning all these new fun and exciting games with Kay. Even when I felt like it wasn’t quite right, Kay was there supporting me and making me feel amazing. She’s the best, I felt like I couldn’t go wrong. I was free to learn and explore her. We got a lot of practice on the fun games we already knew as well as trying new ones. One new game was a bit more playing before I tried to hop on Kay’s back. Her hand felt great, but I wanted to make her feel great too and the urges told me it was possible.

Kay would start with of our usual games like tug ‘o war, or sometimes even just by rubbing my belly. Or I’d start it by carrying my stuffed tiger to her or nuzzling up against her and licking her hand and leg. This would lead onto some play wrestling and when I was ready I would try and hop onto Kay only to have her move away. I think she was teasing me to get me even more excited and it was working.

I would get very excited and feeling that urge to jump up onto Kay growing stronger, but she kept teasing and playing with me. A part of me would want to just go for it, but I was having too much fun. It was like going for a long walk before having a nice nap against Kay. I love the walk and while I was looking forward to a nice sleep, I enjoyed it more because I worked for it and earned it.

We would tease and play like this for a good while, Kay letting me catch up and lick her every once in a while. Until she was ready for me to try and hop on her as I had with her hand. I could hardly believe myself when she finally stopped, looking back at me with a wonderful smile and patting her back. I’d give her a few licks, nervous energy filling me. I let the urges guide me.

Jumping onto Kay’s back, my soft belly fur pressing into her back, Kay would encourage me and reach back and stroke me. My back legs would start moving on their own and I would be thrusting away, my hips shaking and bucking. I still didn’t know what I should be doing, but I loved trying to find out.

My cock would end up slipping and sliding between and over Kay’s amazing butt and over her back. The feeling of her warm body against my shaft feeling great, especially when it got slippery with my cum. It was exciting and amazing, I only loosely knew what I was doing, guided by the sounds Kay was making. A shocked gasp here and a moan there, when my cock bumped against or slid across her.

Kay was even doing her best to help me. Moving her legs apart, leaning forward, all to try and help my aim. I was just too excited to get it. How could I not be, I was getting to discover yet another new way to play and love Kay. It was like been given two dinners and a toy, I could barely stay calm.

Still despite a few close calls and grazing over her hot wet folds, I didn’t fully mate with Kay, she was enjoying the attempts as much as I was. It felt great feeling her so close to me. She also knew just what to say to make me feel even better.

“Oh good boy Maximus,” She would whisper softly, kissing me before using her hand or mouth to make cum.

Naturally, no encouragement was needed for me to return the favour. Each attempt and game made me feel closer to Kay. Which was great because Kay is the best. She tells me that I’m the best, but she’s really the best. Maybe we’re both the best?

About a month after I started learning all these new ways to have fun and show my love for Kay, I was told about a trip. A long journey in the car, to meet a friend of Kay’s and his dogs. Now I was already excited about this because Kay always takes me to the best places. I did wonder if I’d still be able to play half the fun new games with Kay as I could at home, but as it turned out I had nothing to worry about there. Quite the opposite, but I’m a dog not a psychic so I didn’t know any better then.

The drive up was a lot longer than the ones we normally take, but I slept a good deal the way there. We did get to make a few stops where I was able to go on a nice walk to a beach. The sand felt so strange and my paws would sink into it slightly. There were other dogs to play with and plenty of people around it was great.

There was even this giant body of water that went on forever, Kay told me it was called the sea. It smelled different to the rivers I played in, but tasted awful when I tried to drink it. Kay seemed to find it funny and she did warn me before I tried it. As horrible as it tasted had great fun playing with the sea, it would creep up on the beach until I chased it away. Then it would chase me back up the beach.

After the beach, Kay drove us to a place called a hotel where we could sleep for the night. Although it also had a stupid bath to wash all the sand off me after the sea made it stick to me. I didn’t like that too much, but I liked being with Kay and we got to sleep together on the bed which was nice.

I remember finally getting to stretch my legs when we got to Kay’s friend Kali, who came out to meet us with his two dogs. I was a little nervous meeting them both as they were a lot bigger than me. Although they seemed friendly enough and after a nice walk around the area together I felt much more relaxed around them.

We walked back to Kali’s house where he and Kay caught up for a little bit before we moved to a separate room with a big soft rug on the floor. Now I was still feeling a little nervous being in a new place, but Kay started to play with me. Teasing and wrestling with me, stroking me and rubbing my belly. It wasn’t long before I was feeling much more relaxed and I could feel that familiar excitement.

It felt a little strange doing all of this with Kali in the room, but Kay didn’t seem to mind so I carried on. The teasing, play wrestling very enjoyable and getting me very excited. It wasn’t long before I felt that familiar urge, driving me to jump on Kay’s back and try and mate with her. Maybe this time I’d finally be able to do it and grow that much closer to Kay. Little did I know, that Kali was there to give me and Kay that helping hand.

So once more when Kay had teased me and got me incredibly excited and finally presented me with her wonderful ass, I hoped up. Only this time when I tried to thrust myself forward, Kali took a hold of my cock and guided me to Kay. I could hardly believe it. At first, I felt strange having someone other than Kay touch me, but when I realized what he was helping me do I didn’t mind at all. I was finally getting to mate with Kay, just like we both wanted.

This time with Kail’s help, he was pushing me forwards so I was thrusting deeper between Kay’s butt. Kali also used a hand to help aim my tip, until finally I hit something hot and wet and slipped inside.

“Mmmm, he’s in my ass,” Kay groaned in a sweet silky tone.

“Is that ok?” Kali asked

“Ughhh… yessss…” Kay hissed in delight, her fingers clawing into the rug below.

I had no idea at this point that I wasn’t in the right spot, I suspect that Kali might have been aiming me there all along thinking back on it. Even if I had known, there was no stopping me. That urge was in full swing and it felt way too good to stop.

Thankfully Kay seemed to love the feeling of us finally being joined like this. The feeling of my cock thrusting in and out, while I squirted her full of my hot puppy cum. I was driving her wild, the sounds she was making telling me that I was being a very good boy. Even the other sounds being made; my legs colliding with the soft cheeks of her butt, the wet sloppy sounds of my cum being squeezed out around my cock. All telling me the same thing, I was Kay’s good sweet boy and she was very happy with me.

The feeling of her body wrapped around my cock felt amazing. The way it squeezed against me as I began pumping away. Everything was getting incredibly wet and messy and you know how much I love making a mess. Kay’s hands and mouth felt amazing, but the feeling of being inside was on a whole different level. Like the difference between salmon and beef, I love both of them but beef is just so much better. While I was inside Kay it was magical, and I didn’t want it to ever end.

I almost got the big ball at the base of my cock, I think I heard Kay or Kali call it my knot, inside of Kay. But I was thrusting too wildly and it slid out and grew too big to get inside. Although I did spend a long time lying on top of Kay pumping her full of my fun juice. Loving every second of being so close and connected with Kay. Until finally I had to shift and it all came spilling out. Still being the good dog that I am I started licking her clean.

There was a lot of excitement in the room, Kay gave me a lot of fuss and hugs afterwards which was nice. I think she was hoping I might be able to go again, but unfortunately, I got too distracted with Kali’s dogs. After all, I had to tell them all about what I just did and how amazing it was.

Both the tall dog and the shorter one were so impressed with what I had done with Kay they went in to see Kay for themselves. I think they both may have had some fun with Kay. Although I didn’t mind, after all, she might have enjoyed them, but she loves me and I love her. She’s the best after all.

Just thinking back about this all is getting me excited, I think I might bring Kay my stuffed tiger and see if she wants to play. Now that I know what I’m aiming for, that warm gooey center. We’ll play wrestle and get excited together and then I’m to sink into that warmth. I can hardly wait, Kay’s going to love it.

Did I mention that I love Kay?

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  1. Liecan321 2 months ago

    Excellent Story. Thank You so very much for sharing your amazing relationship

  2. norbi3325 2 months ago

    and will there be more parts with Kay :-))))

  3. zooaffair 2 months ago

    Wow, what a great experience!! I really enjoyed reading and imagining the encounters.

  4. l4z2020 5 months ago

    Beautiful! what a good story, I love it! Please, tell us how Maximus finally sank into that warm gooey center.

  5. k9cocklover 6 months ago

    Thank you @genericc616 for capturing our love story so beautifully. It was an pleasure and honor to work with you and share such juicy details about my relationship with Maximus. You have truly captured his playful and horny side ♥️ Thank you for everything!

  6. DomCanine 6 months ago

    Wow this is amazing! Well written and very hot.

    Amazing story from K9CL as well.

  7. sXaBeast 6 months ago

    Nice. Sweet too!

  8. Sebhunny 6 months ago

    A very good story

  9. TheFluffiest 6 months ago

    I LOVED the story and conveyance from Maximum’s perspective! <3 <3 Gene, K9CL AND Maximus of course

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