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We are enjoying sharing our bestiality stories with everyone – our previous story is here – hope you enjoy this one!

I was already inside Todd’s bedroom. It was afternoon, earlier than I have been before. I’d been dog fucking with Max again, my favorite. He was still knotted with me, both of us were breathing heavily. He was still just finishing with me and I had at least ten minutes before he was finished cumming, and before his knot would be small enough for him to pull out of me.

I could feel every inch of his warm penis, and I could feel every time he pumped another squirt of semen into my body. He was filling me up as he always did – he never wanted to turn around and get off too quickly. It was at this time I felt most owned and used. It was all I ever wanted and dreamed of. I needed this as I always did.

Once he was done with me, I always laid on the floor and waited for him to walk over to me so I could get his still squirting penis directly into my mouth; to show him my submission, and how I wanted to please him. I had two lovers here, and everything was going well until I heard Todd’s mother pull into the driveway. She was back from work two hours early!

I kept quiet, but Max heard his mommy pull up and started getting excited again. He started biting the back of my neck and started pumping me all over again. I tried to stay quiet, but it started to hurt. He scratched my back and bottom as he humped, still locked inside me. Sex with dogs was always eventful, to say the least.

Todd’s Mom was calling for him and he tried to get away, but he was still stuck inside my vagina! She came to the door and tried to open it, she was directly outside the door. “Hang on I can’t find the key” I lied – I couldn’t very well tell her I was in here fucking the dog! I eventually heard her walk back down the stairs, I was relieved. It bought me some time to try and get Max’s cock out of my pussy.

I managed to pull him out, which was quite painful. I moved to the door to let him out, but had to stop myself because his penis was still hanging down and exposed! It was crazy, he could hear his Mom in the kitchen, but I could not let him out until he got his cock back into its sheath.

I splashed some water on it, that seemed to help. I calmed him down and tried to distract him. His cock was going down slowly, thank God! I was panicked, thinking Todd’s Mom would suspect something. I laid Max on his back, rubbed his belly, and watched as his shiny red dog cock finally slid back into its sheath. I was shaking. This close call scared me.

I finally let him out of the bedroom and told Todd’s Mom I was going to take a quick shower.  Max ran off to the kitchen to see his mommy, and I slipped off in the other direction, to the bathroom, to clean up and take a shower. I dashed along the hall in case she came back upstairs and caught me like this; half-naked, messy hair, bite marks on my neck, scratches on my thighs, and dog cum still leaking out of my pussy. Anyone seeing me like this would HAVE to know I’d been having sex with a dog.

I took a shower, cleaned up, and washed the dog cum and slobber off of my pussy and ass. I made sure I got all of his hair off of me and washed it down the drain. I was still shaken but the buzz from the dog fucking was still flowing over me. I looked in the mirror and breathed slowly, to calm down. I’d gotten away with it! Now I was clean, nobody would know what I’d been doing.

I got dressed and walked to the kitchen. Max and Todd’s mom were both there, but Max’s cock was out again! Not by much, but it was definitely showing. Todd’s Mom made a joke about it, and I giggled, blushing. I feigned innocence and asked her why his cock was like that? She said ‘Maybe he likes you’ – if only she knew! I petted Max and talked to him calmly, and his dog cock finally retracted. This dog had a cock that just didn’t quit!

I waited for Todd to come home, which he did about 30 minutes later. He walked me to his bedroom, and I closed the door behind us and began telling him what happened! He laughed and, eventually, so did I. His Mom was literally a few feet away from me tied up with Max, just behind the door! It was crazy. I climbed on Todd, took his hand and made him feel my smooth pussy, and how I was still wet inside from Max’s cum.  I loved coming to his house, both for him, and for the dog fucking – I loved both. Todd and Max were always there, always waiting for me, needing me. It was amazing for sure.

Todd and I would fuck often. I’d be sure to get some dog fucking in at least a couple times each week – but usually more – to keep Max satisfied, and to quench my first for dog sex. I was hooked on it, I loved how he worked my pussy. He was such a masculine and powerful dog, and I loved it when he fucked me and held me by the neck with his strong jaws. ‘I wish Todd would do that to me’ I thought to myself – I wished Todd had a knot on his penis too – that would be amazing! A girl can dream.

Later, Todd’s Mom took us out to dinner. We came home and fucked, while Todd’s Mom listening to me moaning from her bedroom across the hall. Max was there scratching at the door begging to come in – I know what he wanted. He wanted to come in, and come in me again. He’d have to wait, it was Todd’s turn with my pussy…

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  1. Powergeiser 2 weeks ago

    Wow lol that was a close call

  2. shinelover 1 month ago

    Great story! Loved every minute of it.Your adventures are very sexy to read! My wife has passed away but almost all of our years together she loved fucking our dogs.She loved the feeling of being under an animals control.We lived on 60 acres of woodland so she was allways mostly naked in the yard so our boys (3) could have her anytime they wanted,and they fucked her a lot!.Keep up the great work!.

  3. dogslave 1 month ago

    Hope you can us know how much Tod’s Mom can be engaged about Max

  4. dandan1015 1 month ago

    it must be very nervous when a girl was dog knotted caught almost.

  5. Gaidouraki 2 months ago

    Tolle Geschichten weiter so

  6. Oiler69 2 months ago

    This is amazing to read. So glad that Todd is cool with this. Hope to read more about ur relationship with the dogs

  7. zanp 2 months ago

    Good fuck hofe you are satisfied

  8. Wolf6969 2 months ago

    Really love your story found it very hard can’t wait to read the next one

  9. Skn123 3 months ago

    I love this story. It turn me on very quickly and made me super horny

  10. SueK 4 months ago

    I enjoyed your story. Getting caught or almost getting caught really adds to the thrill, for me.

  11. Valdr 4 months ago

    Outstanding!! More more!

  12. stardog 4 months ago

    I absolutely love this story. I can’t wait to read more of your writings.

  13. asukagirl 5 months ago

    TNX looks very real ))

  14. jebfly 5 months ago

    Très belle histoire , une suite serait un plaisir à lire ,je n’en doute pas .

  15. Author
    Naughtycouple 6 months ago

    thank you so much for your encouraging comments, its why we are all here to share the real love and relationship that some of us have with our animals. I love my three dogs we have on our ranch and loved to be own by them and I am hoping more women stand up and this lifestyle can be more accepted especially for woman and male dogs. thank you again for your comments and encouragement . I hope all of you can find the joy and happiness that I have found for years. love you

  16. joelhwood 6 months ago

    Fabulous story.. Keep them cumming.. joel

  17. animal1967 6 months ago

    Loved your story hope to hear more about you and Max…Thank You!

  18. SueK 6 months ago

    I enjoyed the story, getting caught is always thrilling and humiliating at the same time, such a rush.

  19. steindoggy 6 months ago

    What an amazing sexy read. I love reading it. Hope there’s more of Max and Todd to cum😉😋😍

  20. Jungleboy9 6 months ago

    Nice story 😻🤤

  21. zanp 6 months ago

    Super zgodba se mi dopade🥰

  22. sXaBeast 6 months ago

    Good! Do you have more?

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