ArtOfZoo bestiality stories - Beast and Honey's outdoor adventure


Here is another story in a series of stories co-written by Beastyman069 and Honeypot1. I hope that you have enjoyed the other three bestiality stories Honeys Sweet Domination, Beasts Revenge, and Honey’s Beastly Encounter. It has been great working together, and we have many more stories to come.


After our one fantastic night in Vegas, we talked a lot about where and when we would meet again. Nashville? Wyoming? You wanted to rent a cabin somewhere so we could stay in and cook for each other, but I knew reservations at national parks had to be made a year in advance, and there was no way we were going to wait that long to see each other. So, I did the next best thing.

I booked your flights for you and all you know is that you’re flying to Los Angeles. And that’s all I’ve told you so far. The rest is a surprise, and after what happened in Vegas, I can’t wait to see you and have another adventure with you.

You had to take a red-eye to get here early and I know you’re tired, but as soon as you see my truck in the passenger pick-up area, you perk up and have a big shit-eating grin on your face. Shit, babe, you’re still so beautiful. And it seems like you’re as glad to see me as I am to see you! I come around to your side to get your luggage from you, and after I load it in, you grab me and pull my head down to yours. Just like last time, we can’t seem to get enough of each other. Our tongues entangle as we try to get our fill of each other. Until airport security comes along and clears his throat and just kind of looks at us. We stop sucking face and laugh, getting in the truck and driving away.

You still don’t know where we’re going, and as you turn around and look in the truck bed you notice a tarp with a lot of lumps under it.

“Babe, what’s in the back? And where are we going?” you question me again.

“I told you, it’s a surprise but I know you’re going to like it,” I tell you. “You know I’d never let you down, so sit back and relax. You had a long flight, and I’m sure you didn’t get much sleep on the plane. Here’s a pillow and blanket. Why don’t you get comfy and take a nap.”

Knowing I’m right, you let the subject drop for now, but I can tell you’re dying of curiosity. And instead of setting up the pillow against the window, you wiggle your way closer to me and put your head on my shoulder and your hand on my thigh. Thank god for bench seats, I think to myself. I clasp my hand around yours and try to keep my eyes on the road. We have a long drive ahead of us.

We head towards Highway 395, and you nod off quickly. Five hours later, I’m nudging you awake. You blink a few times and stretch, looking around. “Where are we? And how long was I out? Oh my God – did I snore??”

“We’re at Mammoth Lakes in Yosemite, and you slept the whole way here. And you might have let out a couple of funny noises,” I answer, laughing. “We’re going camping, just like you wanted! Four whole days of just us, a tent, and the stars. You only told me about a hundred times how you love camping and think outdoor sex is so erotic. I know how to take a hint. Now get your ass over here and help me unload the tent and our gear!”

Your face lights up with that smile that I love so much, and you throw yourself at me, wrapping your arms around my neck. And just like at the airport, you kiss me hard, and all of a sudden, our tongues are battling each other in passion. But there are no losers in this war. Only winners.

After a few minutes of making out, we separate and head to the bed of the truck to gather our gear and set up the tent. Our campsite is on the secluded side of the lake, surrounded by some boulders and large trees where no one will hear us, day, or night.

We go to the bed of the truck and you see I really have thought of everything. Food, equipment, a huge air mattress, sleeping bags that can be zipped together (wink, wink), and a tent big enough for six. I try to get you to concentrate on the job at hand, but you have a different handjob in mind. After about an hour of you continually groping me, we finally get the tent set up and the king-sized mattress inflated, but before I can go outside to get more stuff, you grab me and pull me down to the mattress.

“Babe,” I say.

“Beast,” you counter. “We haven’t seen each other in months, and I don’t want to wait anymore. I need you. Now.” You grab my arm and pull me down, telling me to leave the other stuff until later because we have more important things to do.

As we start kissing passionately and ripping each other’s clothes off, the mattress breaks our fall. I reach down to your love nest and discover just how ready you are for me. At the same time, you grab my erect cock with your right hand while pulling me towards you with your left. Between the feel of you near me, the breeze blowing and the birds chirping, I feel like I’m in heaven.

I’ve now worked my way down towards your lovely breasts as you lay flat on the mattress. My tongue circles your nipple while my right-hand catches the other. Your head falls back, and your eyes begin to close. Your nipples are now totally erect. I move my hand and place it down toward your pussy and begin to play with your clit. Your eyes now begin to close tighter, your breathing begins to get heavier, and your hips are moving up and down with each stroke of my finger. I can hear little sounds coming from your throat slowly as I work my way down to your core. My tongue is trailing from your nipple down to your belly button and circles it several times before traveling further down until I reach your clit.

My tongue has now replaced my finger and I’m slowly sucking and licking you. Your hips are thrusting, pushing your body toward my mouth as you begin to experience your first orgasm. It starts out slowly, but then I add a finger into your pussy, then two, finding that special love spot that I’ve found in the past. Once I locate it, I start to put upward pressure on it, moving my finger up and forward in a rhythm, while at the same time I am now sucking your clit with my mouth. You’re now in a full-blown orgasm and the little grunts coming from your throat have now become gasps for air. Your body is shaking violently and uncontrollably, and your juices begin to flow.

Your hands are balled into fists and there’s nothing for you to hold onto. You’re begging me to stop, that it’s too intense, that you can’t take anymore. But I don’t listen because I know from the past that you can and will take more, and you’ll thank me for it later.

Your pussy juices are really flowing now, and I and start kissing my way up your body. I hook your legs over my shoulders and open you up wide and take a moment to admire the view. You’re spread before me, open to me. Your pussy is wet and swollen with need. Your clit is protruding out, begging for attention. My mouth starts watering at the sight. But right now, my cock needs to be in that pussy, enveloped in its sweet heat.

Before your orgasm can subside, I lay myself down on you, pressing into you with the weight of my body. I’m so ready to be in you that I’m afraid I might not last until I’m fully in you. But I persevere, placing my hard, throbbing cock at your opening, and slowly push my way inside you. You’re so tight, so damn hot. I can feel your muscles rippling around me, trying to milk me. I have to start moving. I can’t hold back anymore. I thrust slowly and methodically, building up the speed and intensity. I’m balls deep in you, but I still try to get deeper. Each thrust feels like home. Your pussy has opened up for me, letting me in all the way, accepting me.

You can’t take it much longer. You’re meeting me thrust for thrust. Each thrust in forces your ass into the air mattress, cushioning and absorbing each blow. Your legs are wrapped around me, pulling me closer into you. I’m starting to feel that familiar tingle in my balls.

I’m trying to hold back, but I’m at the point of no return. I’m quivering and I feel my cum start shooting through my cock, shooting into your pussy. Sweat is dripping off my face and body onto you, allowing our bodies to slide against each other. My cum is pumping into you, and I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much or so hard. Your body is frozen in your orgasm, your eyes tightly shut.

Our muscles slowly release us, and we melt into the mattress, completely spent. We lay there, exhausted. We don’t even think about trying to get up. Our breathing starts to return to normal and we start to fall asleep, but before we do, I take a swipe of your pussy with my fingers, capturing some of my cum on them, and feed it to you. Your eyes are still closed, but you accept my fingers in your mouth and suck the cum off them, smiling as you do. Between your long flight here and the long drive we had, we fall asleep with my softening cock in your pussy, fully sated for now.

We wake up a couple hours later and finish setting up the campsite, trying to resist the urge to disappear into the tent again. So far, we’re succeeding, but only because we know we need to eat soon and get a fire and the food started. But before we do, we decide to explore the area a little. We throw on some jackets and our hiking boots and take off for the nearest trail.

The weather is perfect and so is the scenery. Blue skies, mountains, and trees surrounding us, and the smell of the woods, fresh and clean. After about 30 minutes of walking, we come across a small lake. There’s a small sandy, beachy area, as well as a wood dock. It’s gorgeous and perfect, and the best part of it? We’re the only ones here. We dump our daypacks on the dock, sit down, and take our boots and socks off, letting the warm air wash over us. We sit in silence, taking in the scenery, watching as fish jump in the air trying to catch their food, and the hawks flying overhead, screaming at each other.

“Hey,” you say, turning towards me, smiling.

I look at you, knowing exactly what you’re going to say. “Yeah – let’s!” I have a big grin on my face. No more words are needed, and we stand up and start stripping. I quickly turn around and grab something out of my pocket and hide it in my fist.

We hop off the dock at the same time, and the water comes up high enough that it just covers your nipples which are now hard nubs in the cool water. We face each other and you place your arms around my neck and your legs are around my waist. How convenient that your pussy is at the perfect height for my now hard dick. You lower yourself onto me, and I feel your heat surround me.

You close your eyes and put your head on my shoulder, licking and kissing my neck, working your way up my jaw until you get to my mouth. You lick my lips until I open them to you, and we start making out like horny teenagers. I start thrusting into you and you’re rocking against me, trying to take me as deep as you can. We both know this time is going to be a hard, fast fuck. The water is cold and we’re both hot. Your legs are around me, opened as wide as they can be. I’m pounding into you, and every time I bottom out in you, I hit your clit, bringing you closer and closer to another orgasm. I’m holding you up with my hands on your ass cheeks and start pulling your cheeks apart. You feel me press something against your back door and let out a small moan. That’s one thing I love about you. You’re so open to trying new things. Before we even met for the first time, you kept telling me you wanted to try anal, so when we did get together and you tried it, you were nice enough to keep the “I told you so’s” to a minimum. I press the butt plug into you, pushing it in and pulling it out a few times, teasing you and opening you up, filling you with an instant DP.

“Babe,” you say in my ear, “God it feels so damn good, the way you stretch me and fill me. Fuck me harder! I need you so bad!”

Your words spur me on, and I can’t deny your needs. I start pounding into you, holding you tight and pulling you closer to me. You’re hanging onto me, moving your hips up and down, rubbing yourself on me. All of a sudden you groan, your arms tightening around my neck. “Ooooh, Beast!” you moan, drawing out my name. “Right there! Fuck me!”

I give you one, two, three hard thrusts and bury myself deep in you, my cum boiling up and shooting deep into you. I grab you, trying to steady myself and keep us both from going under. I give up one last spurt of cum, and grabbing your ass, I turn around, staggering towards the dock so we can collapse without drowning. You’re barely aware of what I’m doing, and somehow, I make it back and lean against a dock post, holding us up until our heads clear and we can make a conscious effort to hoist ourselves onto the dock and rest.

After a few minutes, we each roll onto our side and look at each other, bursting out in laughter. “Shit! There was a minute there I didn’t think we were going to make it!” I tell you.

You’re cracking up. “I know! I thought we were going to end up on the bottom of the lake. But I know you’ll always hold me up and take care of me.”

We lay on our backs and close our eyes to finish collecting ourselves and take a quick rest. A few minutes later, we hear a noise, like something clicking on the wood dock. We both push ourselves up onto our elbows and turn around to look behind us towards land. There, at the other end of the dock, is a large short-haired dog. He’s got to weigh at least 70 pounds and is medium brown with black brindle markings. His ears and muzzle are black, and he has a white chest and amber eyes. He’s very alert and aware of us and looks at us with curiosity.

Being the animal lover that you are, you roll over onto your stomach so you’re facing him and call to him. “Hey, buddy. Whatcha doing? Do you live near here? Are you lost? C’mere, bud!”

He takes a few steps closer, studying us, staring at us, and then walks down the dock to us. We slowly sit up, waiting for him to come closer, and when he does, you stretch your arm out, letting him sniff your hand. Another step and your petting his neck. He’s clean and well-fed, his nails are short, but there’s no collar or tag on him so we still don’t know anything about him. You start getting up to your feet, but he spooks and turns and runs off.

“Damn it. I really wanted to see if he’d come with us back to camp.”

I can tell you’re disappointed, but I point something out to you. “Did you notice anything about him as he was running away?” I ask you.

“No, I was too busy watching him take off. Why?”

“He’s intact.”

You whip your head around to look at me. “Really?”

I can see your mind start working, and I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this could be your chance to finally have that second experience you’ve been thinking about for over a year now. Will you? Won’t you? You’ve been on the fence about it, but maybe this is what you need to push yourself. There hasn’t been an opportunity for you like this before. Maybe we need to try to find our new furry friend and see if he can help you take that next step. My mind is going a million miles an hour, thinking about how I can convince you that this is the right time for you to explore some things. You, me, and a dog out in the wild? Babe. This could be a fantasy come true for both of us, and I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Deep in thought, we take care of the plug and get dressed, heading back to the campsite. The sun will be setting soon, and we need to get a fire started and dinner on. It’s been a long day for both of us, and all we want to do is eat, sit by the fire, watch the stars, climb in those double-wide sleeping bags, and curl up in each other’s arms. We’re so tired from today that all we can do is fall asleep.


Many hours later, we both start stirring at the same time. My face is buried in your chest and our legs are tangled together. I start running my fingers through your chest hair, tickling you awake.

“Morning, Babe,” you mumble, your eyes still closed, a smile on your face.

“Morning, Stud!” I say, snuggling closer to your warmth. “What do you want to do first, today?” I ask.

“Food. I need food,” you manage to get out before starting to fall back asleep.

“On it!” I tell you, rolling over and throwing on some sweatpants, sweatshirt, and shoes before heading outside to get the fire going and scrambling some eggs and cooking some sausage. I know we’re going to burn up a lot of calories today. Maybe I’ll add some hash browns in while I’m at it.

Twenty minutes later you crawl out of the tent looking adorably sleepy. I put a full plate in front of you and look on as you dig in, then fill a plate for myself and sit next to you on a log, resting my head on your shoulder.

“I think we should pack some food and go for a nice hike before it gets too hot out,” I declare, not waiting for you to agree or not. “Maybe we’ll see that dog again. And I want to do some exploring and swim some more.”

“Oh. Is that what you’re calling what we did yesterday? Swimming?” you reply, looking at me and waggling your tongue at me.

“Call it what you will, I want a repeat performance today. We need to take advantage of our time with each other. Go put your stuff in your pack while I clean up. I’m already packed and ready to go. I made a couple of sandwiches for lunch and grabbed us a few bottles of water. Oh – I also packed the camp soap so we can get squeaky clean after we hike and ‘work out’ later,” I tell you, throwing a wink your way.

A few minutes later we’re on our way to the trailhead, enjoying the sites and smells of the mountains and meadows surrounding us. I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy everything, especially our time together, but it’s hard to slow down and not try to cram everything in at once when I know our time is so limited.

A couple of hours later we’re on the edge of a meadow having lunch. Afterward, we break out the sleeping pads and lay down for a quick nap. What seems like just a few minutes later, I’m being lifted out of a fog by a weird feeling and a slight buzzing noise. All of a sudden, I’m fully awake and aware of what you’re up to.

“Holy shit, Babe! You really did think of everything, didn’t you!” I’m actually awed by your foresight and creativity. You’re my very own MacGyver!


You should be awed by me because I AM awesome. I bought a Magic Wand and thanks to YouTube, I figured out how to re-wire it so it runs off a 9-volt battery. I can torture you for up to 50 hours on a charge if I want to! But I think I’ll let you off easy and only bring you to multiple orgasms for a couple hours at a time. You can thank me later.

You were in such a deep sleep that you didn’t even know that I took your jeans and panties off and spread your legs for my viewing pleasure. And now that you’re awake and I can watch your face, I decide it’s time for me to pleasure you. I crawl between your legs and drape them over my shoulder, then lower my head to your center. I pull your pussy lips apart and breathe in your scent. I’ve barely touched you and your pussy is already wet and waiting for me. I swear your clit is swelling more with every passing second. I need to taste you. I dip my head and touch you with my tongue and am rewarded with a low moan from you.

“Ooooh, Babe! Right there! God, that feels so good!”

Your words hit me, and I start licking in earnest. You taste so good, like sex and pine trees and the great outdoors. It’s so intoxicating, I swear I get lighted headed the longer I’m between your legs. I lick some more and get lost in your essence.

Your eyes are closed and you’re making your adorable noises that let me know you’re thoroughly enjoying yourself. I’m licking you from your ass to your pussy, paying special attention to your weeping slit. I roll my tongue into a hard roll and thrust it in you, fucking you with it. At the same time, I’m rubbing your clit with my thumb and a finger, spreading your juice all over it. I move my mouth to your clit, sucking it gently into my mouth, and at the same time, I push a finger into your pussy, slowly withdrawing it, and pushing it in again. I take my other hand and reach behind myself and grab that magic, Magic Wand. Watch out, Honey – I’m coming at you!

Your pussy is so wet, I don’t need to add any lube to you. I ease the wand onto your pussy and start running it up and down your slit, splitting your lips apart. I press the head of the wand against you for maximum contact. Can I get it in you? Can I fist you with the wand, Babe? If you could talk right now, I bet you’d say yes.

You’re gyrating your hips and thrusting, trying to make maximum contact with the wand. You want to cum, I can tell. And I want you to, just not yet, not this way. I quickly strip my clothes off and climb over you, my head over your pussy, my balls over your face.

“Mmmm, Babe. My favorite position!” you squeal enthusiastically.

“I thought me pounding you from behind was your favorite position,” I counter.

“What can I say? I’m an equal opportunity position kind of girl!” you say, winking at me. And all of a sudden, my balls are engulfed in the hot, wet warmth that is your mouth. You start rolling them around and suctioning them in and out. First one then the other. Because, you know. My balls are too big to fit in your mouth at the same time.

I continue to lick and finger you as I feel you getting slicker, and I can feel my precum start to fill your mouth. Suddenly, I withdraw myself from you and swing around into the missionary position.

“Baby – I want to fuck you. Now.”

“Yeah, Babe. Fuck me. Please? I need you to fill me up. C’mon, Babe. Give it to me!”

I love how you’re so open and greedy with me. There’s no bigger turn on for me than knowing how much and how often you want me. I take hold of my cock and run it up and down your slit, spreading your moisture around to lube you up, then stick just the head of it in your pussy. I hold it there for a second, then withdraw it, then insert it again. In and out, in and out, I insert it a little more each time until I’ve bottomed out in you. I pause for a minute, giving each of us a minute to enjoy the feeling.


“Right here, Honey.”

“Fuck me. Give it to me hard and fill me up. I need you so bad.”

“Anything you want, Babe. Anything you want.”

And with that, I withdraw almost fully out of you and slam back in, pushing you backward about a foot. You gasp and close your eyes, but there’s a definite smile on your face. I bend down and take you’re your nipple in my mouth, sucking it and scraping my teeth against it. You arch against me, making me take it deeper. I reach down to your clit and start rolling it between my fingers. I can feel how wet you are, and it makes me feel good, knowing that you feel good.

“Babe, don’t stop! Right there! You’re hitting me just right!”

“Are you close to cumming? Can you cum for me, Babe?” I pinch your clit and you go over the edge, and the way your pussy tightens around my cock takes me with you. One last thrust and I feel the cum shoot up through me into you. I love knowing that my cum is in you so deep.


We can’t help but collapse into each other and doze off. You fill me up and wear me out, and it’s the best feeling ever. It’s so nice to be able to be with you and just relax and forget about the outside world. We ended up sleeping a little longer and harder than we thought we would, and I finally start opening my eyes when I feel a warm breeze on my legs. I pry my eyes open and raise my head to see the stray dog sniffing me.

“Babe!” I whisper urgently, trying not to startle the animal. “BABE!” I whisper a little more urgently, giving you a little nudge with my elbow, but trying not to move at the same time.

“Huh?” You look around coming out of your fog.

“The dog. He’s here. Like – right here,” and I thrust my chin in the direction of my feet.

You roll onto your side and look, trying not to spook him.

“Hey bud. You found us again.”

The dog cocks his head at the sound of your voice, curious but not alarmed. He takes another step towards me, sniffing his way up my legs. His ears are forward, and he obviously smells the scent of our sex. He keeps touching his nose to my skin, breathing deeply of our activity. He keeps moving up my body until he reaches my pussy. Breathing in deeply, he thrusts his nose between my legs at the apex of my thighs. I give a little gasp and slowly part my legs a little. I look over at you and you’re staring at me. We both look at the dog.

“Hi, buddy. Do you smell something you like?” I ask him. He answers by reaching out and giving my still cum-leaking pussy a swipe with his tongue. I gasp at the feel of his rough tongue on my clit and try to control myself, so I don’t scare him off.

You roll yourself so you’re sitting up and cross your legs to bring yourself at eye level with him. Slowly, you put your hand on my knee and start spreading my legs to give him better access to my pussy. I look at you and you give me that little smile you have that tells me you’re up to no good, in a good kind of way.

“Babe?” I say questioningly.

“Shhh. I don’t want to scare him. Let’s just go with this and see what happens,” you say. “I’m right here for you. I won’t let anything happen that you don’t want to happen.”

You know I trust you completely. “Ok.”

I raise myself up on my elbows so I can watch what happens. Buddy, as we’ve come to call him, sniffs my pussy again and takes another lick. This time his tongue hits me a little lower, getting some of my slit as well as my clit. The pressure and texture of his tongue is just right, and I inhale sharply at the feeling that shoots through me. My eyes widen and I swear I can feel them dilate. Buddy shifts around and puts one of his front legs between mine, giving him better access to my center. I spread my legs a little more because, let’s face it – I like what’s happening, and I want more of it. He dips his head again and licks me a couple more times, faster now. I can feel my clit start to swell and my pussy start to get wet. I look at you and you’re staring at what’s going on. Your mouth is open a little and your nostrils are flaring with every breath. You’re as turned on as I am, and I’d be willing to bet that if you dropped your drawers right now, you’d have a nice hard-on. I love your hard-ons. They’re so big. And so hard. Mmmmm. But we’ll save that for later in camp.

We’re both watching the action, eyes going from Buddy to each other, and back again. I signal something to you, and you catch on quickly. You bend over a little and peak under Buddy’s belly. Sure enough, his rocket is coming out of his sheath. You start speaking quietly to him, not wanting to startle him.

“Hey, Bud. You like that? You having fun down there?”

You slowly bring your arm up and put your hand near his face so he can see it, then carefully put it on his shoulder and run your hand down his side. You repeat that a couple times making sure he won’t spook. The next time you pet him, you let your hand go down his back leg to his knee and repeat that a couple times. He doesn’t seem to care about you petting him, so you take the next step and on the next pass over his back, you let your hand drift down to his belly. Reaching under him, you very lightly touch his fur-covered sheath. He’s still ignoring you and focusing on me, so you boldly put your fingers on his sheath and grab his penis, rubbing it back and forth. His cock comes out more and starts to drip on my leg.

I slowly sit up until I can lever myself around so I’m head to tail with him. He’s still standing where he was and I’m in the perfect position to try something new. I look at you and you’re starting at the two of us and unconsciously rubbing your cock. I motion to you and then to Buddy, and you unerringly know what I want. You grab your jacket, ball it up and stick it under my head so I’m at the right height. I reach up and grab Buddy’s cock with my hand and twist me head so I can take him in my mouth. He’s still licking at my pussy while I suck him, and you’re kneeling next to me taking it all in and murmuring words of encouragement.

“Babe. Goddamn, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You and Buddy, sixty-nining each other. I’m so hard just from watching you.”

I stare at you, and with my free hand I reach out to caress and rub your cock. It’s like a steel beam, it’s so hard. My look says it all – I can’t wait to fuck you. Soon. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life. I suck Buddy harder and take in more of his cock. He’s starting to hump my face and squirt more. I release his cock and ask you to get the sleeping pad and put it next to me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you move so fast!

With the pad next to me, I wiggle around a little bit and maneuver the two of us onto it. I get onto my knees and stretch my arms in front of me, putting my weight on my forearms.

“Babe,” I say, “can you help him? I want to see if he’ll fuck me.”

“My pleasure!” you reply.

You gently push him around to my side and then behind me, then gently lead him forward until his head is right behind my pussy. He takes a couple of swipes at me with his tongue and seems very interested in me until suddenly, we hear a couple of loud voices singing an old drinking game song.

Shit! You and I look at each other with a small amount of panic, and wouldn’t you know it – Buddy stops what he’s doing. His ears perk forward, and he freaks out and takes off. Shit! Shit! Shit! We look at each other for a split second and then I grab my clothes and rush to put them on before anyone sees me in a state of undress. Fucking A – I’m so pissed right now. SO PISSED! I know it’s not really anyone’s fault. Whoever was singing didn’t know we were here or what we were doing, but still! They ruined a perfectly good moment. Their voices fade away as they proceed on the trail and I look at you with a bummed out look and attitude. We just kind of stare at each other for a minute, trying to gain some perspective on the situation.

We’re deflated. Both of us. Literally for you, figuratively for me. Without a word, we get up and start gathering our things for the hike back to the campsite. Once we get there, we quietly put our stuff away and go in the tent. You pull me into you and we just lay together for a while until we doze off, waking up a couple hours later when both our stomachs start rumbling at the same time.

“Beast,” I say sadly

“I know. I’m disappointed, too,” you reply.

“I don’t know when I’m going to get another chance. When we’re going to get another chance. We’re leaving in the morning and who knows when I’ll see you again. It could be months”

“I know, Babe, I know. I was looking forward to you having a great experience.”

I don’t want our time together to end on a down note, so I pull myself together and try to act as normal as I can. I pull a couple of steaks out of the cooler, along with the shrimp I’ve been hoarding and some other stuff we need to use up tonight. We’re breaking camp in the morning and we want to carry back as little as possible with us.

Dinner made, we sit down on the log to eat and savor our last night in the mountains together. We’re both a little subdued during our meal and while we clean up the site. We sit down together on the log and watch the sun as is sets, and then the stars coming out for the night. We enjoy the darkness and the quiet before deciding to turn in for the night. We put out the fire and bring our stuff in the tent. We climb in the sleeping bag and I burrow into you.


I can tell by her soft, steady breathing that Honey is already asleep, and I’m seconds away from following her when I hear a soft chuffing noise and something walking around outside the tent. I open my eyes and look around in the tent trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. All of a sudden I hear a soft whine coming from near the front flap. No way!

“Honey. Honey! Wake up!”

You start coming out of your sleep and I gently put my hand over your mouth, so you don’t yell in case I freaked you out.

“Mmhhhmmmm” you mumble.

“Shhhhhh! Buddy’s outside the tent. Don’t move. I’m going to see if I can get him in here,” I whisper to you, and you nod your understanding.

I crawl to the tent flap and very slowly raise the zipper. I stick my head outside and am greeted by a swipe of Buddy’s tongue on my cheek.

“Hi Bud! I’m so glad you could join our little party! Come in, big guy!” I croon to the dog.

Not being shy anymore, Buddy happily comes in our little love shack and quickly makes his way over to you, Tail wagging and smiling. He sits in front of you and puts his paw on your arm.

“Babe – why don’t you see if he’s hungry?” you say to me.

You rummage through our cooler for some leftovers from the past couple of meals and offer them to Buddy on a paper plate. He gratefully inhales the food like he hasn’t eaten in a couple days. We also find a bottle of water and pour it in an empty food container. Full and satisfied, he moves to the end f the sleeping bag, turns around a couple times, and curls up, falling asleep in no time flat. We look at each other, shrug our shoulders and get back in the sleeping bag and settle in for the night.


Sometime in the middle of the night, I’m wakened by something wet on my face. Thinking it’s you being in the mood for some sleepy sex, I roll over to make out with you, but the tongue I start sucking on doesn’t feel anything like yours. It’s longer. And definitely rougher. Startled, I draw back and kick you in the thigh. You wake up and roll over, giving me the stink eye.

“Babe! What the fuck was that for?” you grumble.

“Someone seems to be in the mood for a little lovin’, and it ain’t you! You up for a little fun with Buddy?” I ask.

“More to the point, are YOU up for a little fun with him?” you counter.

“Let’s do this!”

We both leave the cocoon of our sleeping bag and I quickly position myself on my back in the center of the bed. As usual, when I sleep, I’m already commando, so I lever myself up on my elbows and start speaking quietly to Buddy. You reach over to me and run a couple of fingers up and down my pussy, getting them wet with my already flowing juices. You reach your hand out to Buddy, letting him smell my arousal, and he takes a swipe with his tongue. And then he takes another one. And another.

You return your hand to my pussy and start fingering me, spreading my wetness around so there’s more area for Buddy to lick. Sure enough, he sniffs the air a couple times and walks towards me, stepping between my legs. He lowers his head and blows through his snout on me, causing me to buck. And then it happens. Buddy dives into my pussy like my juice is the nectar of the gods. He’s licking me from the bottom of my slit up to the top of my mound, hitting all the right places. My juice is flowing faster, but he’s easily keeping up with the flow.

Like last time we messed around with Buddy, you pet him a couple times before dipping your hand to his belly and start stroking his cock. As he licks my pussy, I watch in fascination as cock starts coming out of his sheath. I’m mesmerized by its color. It’s veins. And most importantly, it’s length and girth. As much as your cock fills me, his is going to stretch me.

His cock is fully exposed now, and I can only stare at it with lust in my eyes. It’s dripping precum. And I. Want. A. Taste. I slowly rotate my body until I’m on my hands and knees and my head is near Buddy’s flank. Twisting my head, I dip it under his belly and stick my tongue out, tasting him for the first time. It’s so different from yours, Babe. It’s salty, sweet, and bitter all rolled into one. Buddy starts squirting more and I take his cock into my mouth and start sucking him in earnest. Holy crap! It’s so hot! And I’m not talking about how horny it’s making me. I’m talking about the actual temperature of it. It’s so much warmer than what I’m used to. I suck it down like I’m starving. Buddy signifies his pleasure at having his cock sucked by arching his back and humping my face. I pull my mouth off him and quickly get on my hands and knees

“Babe – help me out here!”

Only too happy to listen to me for a change, you guide Buddy behind me and maneuver him onto my back. He starts thrusting at me, fast, like the bullets flying out of an AK-47. You see what’s happening and grab hold of his hips to slow him down. You grab his cock and guide him to my pussy, lining him up with me, and slowly push his hindquarters forward. I feel his cock entering me, and it’s exquisite. It’s hot. It’s hard. And it’s big. It fills me up in a way I’ve only felt one other time.


He’s pounding you now, and my pussy is stretched wide. I’m looking on in awe and I don’t even realize that I’m rubbing my cock. The low sounding moans you’ve been making are now turning into screams of total delight. I can’t help myself and I go towards the back of you and hold Buddy’s tail up so I can see everything. And what a sight it is. His cock is fully in you and your pussy is full and stretched by his thickness. Your pussy lips are swollen and puffy and red. Cum is dripping down your lips onto the floor. I take a finger and run it up and down your cleft, and I can’t help but start to rub your clit, further exciting you. This is the hottest, most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. My cock feels like a steel I-beam and I feel like I’m ready to bust a nut just by looking at you. I crawl around to your head and sit there for a minute just looking at you. I can’t wait any longer. My hard cock juts out and I kneel on the floor beside you. You turn your head towards me, and your eyes widen at the sight of me dripping precum.

“God, Beast. Give it to me. Please? I want to suck you.”

I move closer and you open your mouth, engulfing my hard length. You start licking and sucking me, back and forth, in and out, twirling your tongue all around me. Then you take me deep and try to suction the cum out of me. Then, without you even realizing what I’m doing, I lay down under you and wiggle my way down until my face is under your pussy. I grab a pillow from next to you and ball it up and put it under my head. Now I’m in the perfect position to really make you feel good. I know what you like and I’m going to give it to you. I stick my tongue out and lick your clit. Your moaning gets louder and you buck your hips, lowering yourself for maximum contact with my tongue. I love the taste of you when you’re aroused. And I even get to taste some of Buddy’s precum. I reach down with my hands and start playing with your nipples, teasing and tweaking them. You’re so aroused, you’re in the land of bliss. Your mouth goes back to my cock as if you’re on autopilot. You’re barely aware of anything other than what you’re physically feeling.

Watching you get pleasured like this is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Buddy is pounding you like a jackhammer and my cock is unbelievably hard. I fell that tension building in my balls, and I know I’m not going to last much longer. I don’t think Buddy will, either. Sure enough, at the same time, I give one last thrust into your mouth and cum harder than ever before in my life. Buddy gives his last thrust into you and you give a loud, low moan. You swallow most of my load, but there’s so much of it you can’t keep up, and some dribbles down your chin.

“Fuuuuuck! Babe – I can feel him shooting in me. He’s sooo deep! And it’s sooo hot!”

Buddy hasn’t knotted you, and he just kind of slides down your back. He’s curious about what we’ve been doing and walks over to us. Smelling something interesting, he licks my leftover cum off your face and then sniffs my cock, taking a swipe at it with his tongue. I’m still too sensitive there to put up with that, and I turn away from him. He takes the hint and wobbles over to a corner of the tent to clean himself off. He’s so exhausted, he’s asleep in no time. I’m tired, but you’re whipped. You can’t move. I grab a pack of our body wipes and start cleaning you up. You’re covered in sweat, dog hair, and cum. The coolness of the wipe revives you a little and you roll onto your back so I can wipe off your front. Your eyes are still closed, but your breathing is returning to normal. I grab some water and help you take a drink. Exhausted, we can’t do anything else but crawl into bed and go back to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

We oversleep in the morning and have to hurry to break camp. We have a long drive and you’re going back home tomorrow. We pack and tear down the tent as fast as we can, Buddy watching us the whole time. We literally throw stuff in the back of the truck until we’re satisfied we haven’t forgotten anything.

“Beast, we have to make some kind of effort to find Buddy’s owner. He’s not really ours to keep,” you remind me.

“You’re right. We can walk around the other campsites and see if anyone recognizes him. We can spare one hour, but no more. If his owner were here and looking for him, they would have made their way over here by now.”

We improvise a leash out of some rope and start taking Buddy around to the other campsites, but no matter who we ask and how far we go, no one knows anything about our new friend. We end up back at the truck and look at each other trying to decide what to do.

I look at you with a resigned smile. “Well, Babe, I guess you have yourself a new pet! You know I travel too much to really have a pet. I’d feel bad having to kennel him all the time. It’s kind of irresponsible.”

“Whoa, cowboy! What makes you think I want a dog? I’m gone all day at work.”

“Babe – let me put it this way. If you don’t take Buddy home with you, we’re going to have to drop him off at a shelter.”

Thinking for a few seconds, I look at you. “Well, I guess I have myself a dog.”


I grab Buddy’s leash and get in the truck. “Well, Buddy, I hope you like Ohio,” I tell the dog.

We settle in for a long drive and hit the road. It’s been a great few days and I don’t want to dwell on how you conned me into taking the dog. Besides, it might be nice to have a dog again.

Several rest stops and hours later, we make our way to a hotel so we can spend one last night together. My flight leaves mid-morning, and we have a couple of things to take care of before I leave. We have to get a kennel for Buddy to fly in and contact the airline to make arrangements to transport him. We’re all hungry and decide to go to a pet-friendly restaurant and eat on the patio so we don’t have to leave Buddy alone in the hotel room. And then we need to stop at PetSmart and get a carrier for him. You’re going to pay for your little stunt by paying for his carrier and his ticket. And dinner. And I want dessert tonight. The regular kind. We’ll get the other kind later this evening.

We have a nice dinner at Lazy Dog and order some plain grilled chicken for Buddy. You see my eyes start closing and we leave so we can get Buddy his carrier and a few other things before making our way back to the hotel. We take a nice shower, which wakes us both up.

The three of us are on the bed relaxing and watching some tv. I roll towards you and put my arm around you. This has been such a great vacation and I hate to see it end. You dip your head down to mine and we start kissing and groping each other. We strip off the few clothes we’re wearing, and you pull me on top of you. You’re already hard, and I’m wet, and I start rubbing my pussy up and down your cock. We must have made some kind of primal noise because the next thing we know, Buddy is standing next to us with his nose in my ass and his cock poking out of his sheath.

“One last time before you go home in the morning?” you ask me.

“Yeah,” I reply. “Let’s make it epic!”

Not wasting any time, you scoot your body up until you’re sitting up against the headboard and I scoot mine down a little. I roll over and put my legs up on yours, so my crotch is right next to yours. Buddy’s hind end is next to my head and his snout is where my pussy meets your cock. You toss me a pillow and I use it to raise my head so I can reach Buddy’s cock. I grab it with my hand and rub it, encouraging it to come out of its sheath. In the meantime, Buddy has dipped his head to where our crotches meet and indiscriminately takes a couple of swipes with his tongue, tasting me on you, and you on me. Back and forth his tongue goes, getting both of us.

At this point, I’ve guided his cock in my mouth and am running my tongue up and down the length of it before taking it all the way in. It’s warm and slimy from his precum and my saliva and I’m turned on beyond belief. You’re watching me from your vantage point and decide to play dirty. You bend your leg until your foot is even with my pussy and start rubbing my clit with your toe and then dip your toe into me. I’m so wet, it slides right in. Jesus! No one has ever toe-fucked me before. Congratulations, Babe. You’re my first!

I’ve had enough dog cock in my mouth for now. I’m ready for the main course. I roll out from under Buddy and turn around so I’m facing you. All I have to do is look at you and you know what I want. You roll onto your knees and urge Buddy to move forward. I’m resting my weight on my arms with my ass in the air. You pat me on the back.

“Buddy – mount,” you say in your training voice. He seems to already know what to do and puts his paws on my back and leans forward. You grab his cock and guide him to me. He gives one big thrust and he’s completely in me. I gasp at the sudden intrusion, but it feels so good. As Buddy starts fucking me, you resume your position sitting up against the headboard where your cock is in the perfect position to get sucked by me. I stare at your hard perfection and almost start drooling just looking at it. Sticking my tongue out, I start licking at your balls and make my way u to your slit. You’re already leaking precum and I put the tip of your cock on my mouth and suck you like a lollipop. You taste so good.

Buddy is still fucking me hard and doing a great job of giving me maximum contact with his balls. Every time he thrusts into me, his balls slap my clit, pushing me closer to an orgasm. His short fur stimulates my senses, reminding me of just what I’m doing. Fucking a dog. I know I did it once before, but that was more of an experiment. Doing it a second time? That cements how I feel about K9 love.


I love watching you get fucked by Buddy while you’re sucking my cock. You’re busy at both ends. And you’re about to get busier at your rear end. I’ve got to fuck you. I gently lift your head off my cock and roll away from you. You look at me with disappointment. Smiling at you, I tell you exactly what I’m going to do next.

“Are you ready for a wild ride?” I ask you. “I want to DP you. I’m going to fuck you in your ass while Buddy is pounding your pussy. How does that sound?”

You let out a ragged breath. “Yeah, Babe. Fuck me.”

I make my way down your body and maneuver into position. I take some of the fluid that’s dripping off your cunt onto my fingers and start fingering your ass. You start making little noises of appreciation. I start off with one finger to get you used to the feeling, and then add another one, and then a third. I need to make sure this is pleasurable for you. I gently push Buddy over a little bit, making room for myself. I take a minute to admire the sight of Buddy fucking you hard and deep, then aim the head of my throbbing cock towards your ass. I push slowly, letting you get used to taking two cocks at the same time. You’re groaning at the same time you’re pushing back on my cock, and I can tell you’re really getting into this.

“Tell me how good it feels, Babe.”

“God, Beast. It feels so good. I’m so full of cock and I love it. Fuck me. I need you to fuck me,” you murmur. “Fuckmefuckmefuckme.”

My cock is sliding in and out of your ass, and it’s tighter than usual thanks to Buddy’s cock in your pussy. I can tell you’re loving being dp’d, but it’s just as good for me. You’re tighter than usual, which is already pretty tight. It must be just as tight for Buddy because he suddenly gives a big thrust and stops humping you. I reach over and hold his tail up and can see his balls pulsating as he shoots his cum in you. You give a loud grunt.

“Babe – he’s knotting me. I can feel his knot. Oh my god – he’s stretching me so much!”

“Yeah, Babe. I can feel it too. I don’t think I can take anymore. I’m cumming, baby. I’m cumming in your ass!”

My cum is shooting deep in your channel, and I start collapsing on your back. My eyes roll back into my head. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I catch myself before I collapse on you and my softening cock slips out of you. Buddy has turned so the two of you are ass to ass, tied together by his knot. I know you’ll be ‘tied up’ for a while, so I slip into the bathroom to clean up before joining you again. I grab a water bottle and a straw and offer you a drink. You take a big drink and wink at me.

“That was incredible,” you say.

“What makes you think it’s over?” I ask. “I’m not done with you yet.”

You raise your eyebrows at me and then look down. I’m already hard again.

“Open your mouth,” I tell you.

You do as I say, and I put my cock in your mouth and grab your head. I start face fucking you, making you deepthroat me. You’re gagging on my hard length and tears are running down your face. But I know you’re not upset with me. Just the opposite. You’re trying to devour my cock. You’re swirling your tongue around it and sucking it at the same time. I let your head go and you immediately go for my balls. You twist your head and grab them, rolling one and then the other in your hand before you start sucking and licking them.

While you are doing that, I look over at Buddy. You’re still tied to him, but I can tell by the way he’s tugging at you that he’s ready to part ways with you. You moan around my balls at the feel of him tugging his knot out of you. It’s big and stretching you as it comes free. And when it does, a torrent of dog cum follows. I’ so glad we remembered to put extra towels on the bed!

The sight of Buddy, his knot, his cum, and your gaping pussy is enough to push me to the brink. I hurry back up to your head and start stroking myself.

“Open wide, Babe. It’s time for your cum shower.”

You look at me with glazed eyes and open your mouth. I stroke myself a few more times and shoot my cum all over your face and tits. I fall to my knees, completely spent. In the meantime, you collapse and roll onto your back, breathing heavily. Buddy, who has retreated to a corner of the room to clean himself off, walks over and starts sniffing us. He stands over you and starts licking up your sweat and my cum. His tongue runs over your tits and you moan at the sensation of his rough tongue on you. Then he comes over to me with the same treatment. I let him get in a couple of licks of my cock, but I’m still too sensitive for more. I push him away. I think we’re done for the night. But we have one more thing to do.

I go into the bathroom and turn the shower on, then come back to you and help you up. There’s no way we can climb into bed in the shape we’re in. I clean myself and then you, and we make our way to the bed and collapse in it.

You look at me with your eyes at half-mast. “Babe, that was crazy. Thanks.”

And as you burrow into me, we both fall into a sound sleep.

Several hours later, we both jolt awake at the same time and look at the clock. Thankfully, we’ve woken up in time and we’re both pretty much all packed. We finish what we need to do and check out of the hotel. With all our stuff stowed in the truck, we load Buddy in and head to the airport, stopping only to pick up a few breakfast sandwiches at a fast food place.

Too soon, we arrive at the airport. I pull up to the curb and grab a flatbed dolly from the porter. I put the dog carrier on it and load Buddy in. You grab your suitcase and backpack and get your tickets ready. You’re standing on the sidewalk staring at me, and I know exactly what you’re thinking.

“Baby – it’s not forever. You know we have the Vegas event in a few months. We’ll see each other then, for a full week, and don’t forget – we get to meet all those other AoZ members and some of their pups, too! We have a lot to get ready between now and then. And we’re going to have a blast then! Time’s going to fly.”

You sigh out of frustration but know I’m right. “I know, Beast. I just hate leaving you.”

I hold my arms out to you and you grab me, hugging me tightly. We can only stay like that for a couple minutes before airport security comes along and tells us to wrap it up. We kiss a few times and then step away from each other. It’s time to go. We turn to each other one last time.

“Pause, Honey’”

“Pause, Beast.”

To be continued . . .

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  1. pokeinmyhotass 1 week ago

    Great story. I love how into each other you are. Would love to meet and eat you both. Lol. Or just watch. So sexy. Please share more adventures soon.

  2. joelhwood 4 weeks ago

    Fabulous story

  3. jg25578 2 months ago

    Really well written, so sensual and erotic. I look forward to reading any future stories you may write.

  4. furfuncpl 3 months ago

    We love reading your adventures, be they fact or fiction, they are still incredible HOT! More please!!

  5. l4z2020 4 months ago

    Good story, it seems that you guys really know how to take care of each other.

  6. BellaBitch 4 months ago

    Awwwww love reading about y’all! Fantastic, sexy and sweet ❤🐕🐶 hope buddy is coming to Vegas too

  7. gandalf 4 months ago

    Loved it. Well done 👍

  8. Author
    Beastyman069 4 months ago

    I hope you enjoyed the story. Honeypot1 has a story coming out Titled Honey & Beast Hit The Las Vegas Stage. It is definitely a story worth reading.

  9. honeypot1 4 months ago

    Babe – once again, we kicked ass. The only question is, how much of this is real and how much is fantasy? Only you and I know the answer to that 😉 I can’t wait until our next adventure ❤️

  10. TheFluffiest 4 months ago

    <3 Buddy

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