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"Be Mine"

Real puppy love, straight from the heart...

"Honey Love"

The colour and texture of sunshine...

"Locked in Love"

Samy gives herself completely...


"Dulce Perrita"

Doggies love the latin spirit...




Eroticism is a product of the mind - hence, the importance of situation and context. This hotshot has plenty of lusty and energetic action: a very eager and excited dog (puppy, it seems, as he seems quite clumsy in his amorous approaches) so hugely HUNG that it's almost comical - and the Lady must have felt it in her treasure trove. The couple ties during a second coupling: given the size of the maleness, moans are in order ;). Even more so as the cute flower snuggly holds its visitor in. What gives this hotshot all its flavour is the teamwork that goes on all around the pair. Almost as if a whole team was dedicated to a successful celebration of natural passion. A participant constantly helps the pup for his (what appears to be) first mating, encouragements and tips are provided in Spanish... So nice seeing how petlove can draw help from others :). Gaia Gold as recently issued a couple of movie filmed in international "settings": what better way to convince people to study languages ;) ?


by GRP

I'd like to be that dog just to be with you for the perfect baby



Anny gives herself to a dog so excited and anxious to bury his cock in her. I am sure our lady and her anxious K9 will add more adventures to our collections. Welcome aboard MexZoo I found this one a nice introduction



Well well.. That was rock hard fucking and very nice "first movie" I hope to see more SOON. Thank you Anny!


by MARINA1993

Great job Anny great way to get started giving him a helping hand and then the rest of your Sexy Body.

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- Running Time: 9 Minutes

However inaccurate my memory may be, I recall some time ago reading an article about some kind of restriction on dogs in Mexico. I was tickled to read, that the Mexican Ladies were in uproar over this new law, whatever it was. It was, I recall, something that may have limited the Mexican Ladies' opportunities for 'quality time' with their dogs. They were having none of it.

Not the guys – the Ladies, specifically. Yes, the latin spirit is arguably one of the most exuberant on the planet – and this joie de vivre naturally extends to the pursuit of pet joy.

This is the first release on our network from MexZoo. MZ has been working hard to try and get the type of action we need – and I am happy to say, he has succeeded admirably. Anny is a delightful young chica, taking her first steps on the path to pet perfection. The Lady's dark, exotic curves are extremely easy on the eye; our hero does not need to be asked twice.

Being her first petlove movie – and with a little pressure on to take the knot properly – Anny is quite serious throughout the shoot. Hopefully we will see more of her in the future, and hopefully over time she will relax a little and let passion take it's course. But I understand, her mission during this particular shoot, was to fuck the doggy nicely; in that regard, the Lady certainly does not disappoint.

Her positions are strong – the doggy knows what he wants and goes for it. She has a very sweet puss – all the sweeter for being doggy-friendly. He slams a knot into her, and rewards her with a generous helping of seed. Really great stuff. And to be honest – the fact that the Lady is being so professional about it – for our benefit (mine AND  yours) – it's kinda horny. As I am inclined to say (often) – I do love a Lady who takes her pet love seriously. :)

Now – before you go all pedantic on me :) To save time (REALLY busy over here), I have used the photographic stills from the shoot, instead of taking screens directly from the movie. MZ's stills camera seems to have a higher resolution than his video camera. We will sort that out – but in the mean time; the video is a little grainy – you can see from (I think) the second screenshot. That one is taken from the movie. Don't let that dissuade you though – for a first Gaia movie, this is just the ticket. I am rather fond of latin Ladies, their “Spanish eyes” and their delicious curves. Add what would appear to be a natural talent for doggysex, and yes, let's hope we see more lovely chicas coming our way soon.

I am delighted to see, that gradually we are meeting Pet Ladies from every corner of our glorious planet. We have a little further to explore yet – but Anny is certainly a wonderful addition to our Kennel. I hope we see much more of her in the future. And don't forget Gang – support our New Producers, so they can continue to bring the exotic delights that I am sure you crave ;)


The first movie from producer MexZoo, 'Dulce Perrita' introduces us to banging hot Latina babe Anny.

It is fairly obvious that Anny currently lacks the pet skills of such seasoned Gaia veterans as Ariel or Vixen, yet she goes about the sweet business of surrendering her pussy to a doggy on camera with the serious demeanour of a consummate doggy sex professional.

This girl is here for a job, and she intends to get it done!

After a twirl for the camera to show off a hot, nicely curved body, well fit for doggy breeding, Anny gets right down to business – that is, on her knees in doggystyle position, ready for Rover to plant his seed.

And Rover obviously likes the chicas as he is also eager to get to work as quickly as possible, his cock soon finding it's way into her lovely Latin flower for a bit of cross-species pollination, as evidenced by the sticky wet sounds of their connection.

After a couple of lengthy matings, Rover gets to bury his cock to the hilt, Anny gasping as his knot grows to size within her, before he pulls out to reveal the disproportionately large member which she'd only just been accommodating.
If you want to see more sexy Latin chicas with a penchant for working with doggy cock, please show your beans and support this hot new producer from Mexico!

Action Breakdown:

- Several doggystyle humpings, assisted and without creampie shots
- Rover gets his knot in a couple of times, to gasps and moans from Anny
- Wet, sticky sounds as Rover humps a little after his knot has slipped out
- Some speech from Anny and background crew members, though in Spanish


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