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Hello fellow members and all around knotty and beasty people of our community.

 I  do thoroughly enjoy this lifestyle and so do Many many people of this site and around the world. As for me, It has lead me to many fun experiences with other nice member’s of the sites and a few fun pets over the years.  My first experience came at 12. I was watching a large male shepherd breed a friends mut behind our home after school one day.    After the shepherd had pulled free from her and left our yard, She the mut happily continued with me. I later shared the experience with my younger sister.  

At 13 my best friends 15 yr. old female cousin from Montana openly told me she loved her pup because they lived so far out in the country far from other people that she found his love very pleasing and satisfying.  At 17 a high school friend admitted to having sex with the cattle on their farm.  I  was very a wear by this point in my life that I wasn’t the only person into loving animals.

 I hope the following is taken to heart for those that are new to the lifestyle and are truly interested in the community.

Please understand the importance of making a profile and being somebody.

We (everyone on  the site) knows nothing about you if your profile is empty or blocked. The trust level  that appears at the top of your profile is earned and the more you participate and express who you are, the more everyone can see you are actually a member of something bigger then yourself.

    I hope those people that ghost around ArtofZoo with empty or blocked profiles come to realize how much they are missing out on and start by saying something in their very own profile about how they are.

I’m NOT saying give out details that could put you in harm. Simple things like a general location, age, relationship if there is one, INTEREST and goals, whether you own and or share. 

Here’s a few things to think about:

  • Be Somebody – fill in your profiles so you don’t look like a Active member of this community.
  • Get verified – so people know you are real, and motivated enough to take the simple step of being verified. (it’s easy)
  • The reality –  This is real life for many of us. Don’t harass anyone here. Many new members are amazed this community actually exists. You have the ability to friend, follow and communicate with people like you . Making Artofzoo a very special place for us to share.
  • Live and learn  – learn from mistakes and move forward to do better next time.   
  • Sharing is caring – if no one shares nice (safe) personal pics, video’s, personal experiences and stories, we will have nothing to enjoy. 
  • Last but the most important thing…
  • STAY SAFE!  We all only have one face which is our identity, don’t put it out on the web recklessly and become a target. Wear a mask and it can be a funny one or don’t take video’s or pictures showing your faces.

Everything I share is to show what can be possible. I share pets with females so they know what k9 loving is like and I have no expectations of sex in return.  Yes, I have had a offer or two, but I don’t want anyone to feel pressured into trading sex for pet play. That is totally up to each person what their limits  and expectations are and we all need to respect that. Let your limits be know before you go on a date.

All the  eye candy ( pictures and video’s)  are a great stimulant and some a educational aid. That is if it’s not photo-shopped or a cartoon to create a misconception about something.  TRUTH IS IMPORTANT!!  I share everything I can. I feel blessed I have been able to help others and to have lived the life I have.

I am the guy that has talked to thousands of people to find the real people in my state and from that I built a TRUSTED group of pet lovers friends was built. I hosted public Meet and Greets of those people that numbered from 7 to 15 people at each event. I  want to thank them all for trusting me to be the responsible one to take on the task.

Aim to be somebody, check my profile, check my friends profiles. Yes, we like to be somebody and we try to make a difference for the better.

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  1. Author
    ilikealotm 1 year ago

    Thanks @adam for sharing your experience and incite. I agree and the work is worth the reward.
    In my mind that’s why In the end, having the good quality of one is far better then the bad quality of many ..

  2. adam 1 year ago

    Gang, a little Eastern wisdom for ya on a Friday morning 🙂 “Focus on the good, try to overlook the bad”. This applies to many aspects of life, including making new pet friends. The gold analogy comes up a lot and it’s a good one. To find an ounce of gold, you probably have to shift several tons of dirt. The dirt is an intrinsic part of the hunt for gold, you can’t find gold without getting your hands dirty (even if you are a cat burglar). The experienced gold miner focuses only on the gold and doesn’t give the dirt much mind at all. It’s just a symptom of the job, you can’t change that. What you can change, is how you react to it.

    I am quite lucky, in that I have been around so many pet girls I don’t even remember them all. It wasn’t always like that. When I was a noob, I was also getting upset about all the fakes etc. But I didn’t just stick around that mindset for long. I just set up a site, so I was surrounded by dirt, from which I could mine the gold. And I did. And everyone else using the same systems as I was, was doing the same.

    So, keep in mind some people on the site don’t speak a single word of English, have thru sheer luck and motivation, somehow managed to register themselves. They can’t read the profiles, buttons or anything. And they are trying to make friends too. Doesn’t mean they are being unkind or unpleasant, just means they are not quite on the same page. This is not something to get upset about or spend any brain power on at all. If it ain’t right, move on and forget about it. “Forgeddabahtit” in a Dice Clay accent if you like.

    Later I will set up some other privacy things like member blocking and things like that. If you are getting persistently hassled by a member, after politely asking them to stop – just let us know and we will remove them from the network.

    Other than that – folks with empty profiles – you are getting it pretty much from the horses mouth here, from some active experienced Members. If you do want to make nice new friends, show you are serious and motivated, and take a couple minutes to fill in a bit of a profile eh 🙂

  3. bine68 1 year ago

    So true. I get asks for friendship every day and most times they make it easy for me, to reject it. Why should i ad someone, who has nothing in his profile and we didn`t write a word?!
    Some Guys still ask, after i rejected the friendship over and over again. Not really funny.

  4. adam 1 year ago

    Hehe, that’s not strictly 100% true chaps. We get a lot of tourists seeing what it’s all about. They register, have a look around, and move on. That’s fine, it’s necessary to get through the numbers, to sift out the good ones. I had a similar analogy on the old Gaia Gold site, about how something like 0.01% of Members support our sites and are active in some way or other. So don’t be too pissed about people with empty profiles. You have to cast a wide net to find those handful of diamonds. Of course, if people are messaging you etc, then yeah, taking the 3 minutes needed to whip up something like a complete profile would appear to be a no brainer. Keep in mind, the location fields – however, we have a nicer search system lined up for after the next move in a week or so. Do try to keep it a bit up beat tho eh gang, you get a lot more butterflies with honey than you do with vinegar 😉

  5. Author
    ilikealotm 1 year ago

    Thanks @k9guyntx,
    I did read your profile and we are very much alike.

    A good profile is a good start and a empty profile is a sign that the person is hiding something. .
    If a person finds their self here there is no reason to hide anymore. You are no loner in the dark.
    A persons environment may limit their action, but this site gives you the freedom to speak up and live the lifestyle here.

    We are Zoo’s/Beast/ pet lovers and we are a special breed. I have discovered that for my self it wasn’t a choice to become one and from talking to many other like minded people that seems to be common. There seems to be a unique part in us that this lifestyle just makes perfect sense. We maybe only .0002% of people on this planet and we are certainly scattered widely around the world. We are of no specific sex, race, age, and health has nothing to do with it. We are who we are, we are everywhere and rarely in the same room. We live our days looking around and from time to time we wonder if the person we just passed was a zoo or not. Or wished they were. LOL

    It’s similar to why we don’t find diamonds or gold every where. Item’s of great value are rare and hard to find. The 39+ people that I have been luck to meet wasn’t a common or easy feat, It only happened because my drive to share the lifestyle with nice and fun people like me drove me to do the hard work and search out the precious people like myself. I have also been fortunate to have met someone @therealsuperbitch and live together about 9 years. We are both unique and both still searching for more . More as in, a or a few persons more like who we want in our lives, to spend more of our time with and to love as long as possible.

    I say, ” Thanks @adam for giving us a platform to connect, share the lifestyle and make friends”.

    Just watch out for the CZ and fools gold.
    Stay safe, nice, Knotty and true to yourself.
    Zoo to the bone> Mick 🙂

  6. k9guyntx 1 year ago

    Great post Mick and I whole-heartedly agree. As I age, I find the connection to others to be so incredibly valuable and crave more of that very thing. I very much liked your profile and found it to be a very interesting and insightful read. Our community and world need more occupants like yourself and I am very happy that you are here.

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