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We have always relied heavily on the kindness and support of our Members, to continue our work and provide nice media and websites for petfans. With a little help from our pet friends, there is no reason we cannot operate this site indefinitely. We always work hard to make the world a more petlove-friendly place, encouraging people to explore their wild side in the safest possible way. We are hoping we can once again count on our supporters – old and new – to keep things going, for the benefit of all pet people worldwide.

Benefits of Becoming a Patron

We have structured the new site such that Patrons receive extra benefits in addition to those offered by general site membership:

  • access to enhanced search capabilities
  • an increased Trust Level
  • access to the private Patrons Group (coming soon)
  • access to other exclusive services and options as your payment history increases over time
  • bragging rights!
  • other benefits as we think of them

(We had planned to offer a Patron Kudos, however several of our Patrons reported being harassed for support from competitors. Therefore it is probably in everyone’s interests to not advertise your support openly).

There are some costs associated with running this site (or any site of this scale) – server costs, domain and security costs, associated web services, further development etc. These costs are not huge, and a handful of regular reliable Patrons should comfortably keep the site operating and evolving.

If you have other ideas that may be attractive to Network Patrons, please contact Agency and let us know.

How to Become a Patron

We have received a good number of offers from potential Patrons. Unfortunately, the offers so far are not quite sufficient to pay the bills AND drive the site development forward. So we have decided to return to movie sales to support our running costs.

For the foreseeable future, Patrons are all Members who support the site by regularly purchasing and protecting our movies. Members who purchase regularly become eligible for access to the private Patrons Group, plus additional benefits listed above.

The Patrons Group

We will offer access to the Patrons Group, as an additional free bonus for supporting the network. Once it is set up, we will regularly update the group with nice bits and pieces – clips, photos, behind-the-scenes stuff, gossip etc.

To qualify for Patrons Group access, you will need to:

  • be an existing ‘old Member’ with a good payment history, and purchase 1 movie on this site
  • or purchase a minimum of 3 movies on this site, if you have no existing payment history

We are setting up the Patrons Group system now. Don’t worry, we are keeping note of all purchases, and any purchases you make now will count toward access.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your continued support of our work and our community!

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