We are now accepting good quality pet movies from independent Models and Producers. Pet Production is an easy and fun way to make a good amount of money for very little time and effort. All you need is a little motivation, a half decent camera (most recent phones now shoot in great quality), access to a dog, and a willingness to learn.

There are of course other ways for a Lady to earn money online, such as straight cam shows etc. However, based on our research and speaking with women who are already doing camstuff, the stiff competition worldwide for camshow clients means you will usually have to do considerably more work in order to earn the same amount of money. With a pet movie – if you know what you are doing and are happy to learn and improve, you can make a nice movie in a couple hours. Of course, the more effort you put in, the more popular you are likely to be.

Please take a moment to understand the problems associated with selling pet material online, and be realistic about potential earnings – some folks assume we make millions selling movies – this is not the case. The difficulties with taking payments for pet movies do have an impact on sales. However, this may change in the future. Bottom line, historically, Models who produce regularly and of suitable quality, can easily double their regular income, without needing to do double the work to get it. And, if you are passionate about petlove – a very fun way to earn too 🙂

We receive a high volume of inquiries about movie production. A large percentage are fake. Another large percentage are not particularly serious. For this reason, to save us time and effort responding to mails to no end, we have fairly strict procedures when it comes to discussing pet production with new Models and Producers. These procedures generally deter the unsuitable, but are really no problem at all for those who are quite serious, motivated and reasonable.


Firstly, we would ask that you carefully read the ‘fine print’ here, so you better understand what we need, what is involved, risks, rewards etc. It’s all straightforward and common sense – however we need to spell it out because in the past we have had Models and Producers who have decided to ‘conveniently forget’ how things work in this industry, and then run around complaining we didn’t tell them, despite them working with us over many years. This time around, we are putting important information clearly online, visible to all, so there are no misunderstandings. We will explain everything very careful up front and make sure you have fully understood before we proceed with you. We are seeking new, reasonable and sensible partners to work with.

If the ‘small print’ is all acceptable to you, next we would ask that you Get Verified – either as a Pet Owner, or as a Female. That way, we know who we are talking to – and we also know that you are quite serious about proceeding.

Once you are Verified, please contact The Agency to discuss moving forward with Modelling and Producing.

Good luck with your application, and we look forward to seeing your great work 🙂


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