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Zach ran to the door, barking excitedly.

Normally he’s quite a calm dog, so clearly he knew something was up. Zach came to a screeching halt by the front door, impatiently waiting for me to open it.

Since I knew what the excitement was all about, I took my time ambling down the hall. Zach grew increasingly impatient by the second. Before he started scratching the timber I reached over him to open the door.

Crossing the front yard was what appeared to be a dog walking group. But all the people in the group were men and a close look would have revealed that all the dogs were male as well.

I heard Maria call out from somewhere deep inside the house. She must have heard the commotion.

“It’s okay,” I called back over my shoulder. “It’s just a little surprise visit.”

I heard her footsteps approaching the hallway. “Ooooh, who is it?” she cooed, just as the first of the dog group reached the front porch.

“I’ll take the visitors around the side into the back yard,” I called back. “See you there.”

Zach meanwhile was virtually prancing from dog to dog offering his own typical welcome, his golden tail wagging in a broad bushy sweep.

The men came to a stop, milling on and around the porch, each holding his dog on a lead. Each was wearing a big smile.

I stepped outside, closed the front door behind me and led the way to the side gate and round to the back.
The back garden had a large central lawn fringed by shrubs and trees, along with a garden shed tucked into one of the back corners. The grass looked lush and soft in the sparkling sunlight.

Zach acted as though he was in guard dog mode, ushering the pack round the back. Once the gate was latched behind us, the men all let their respective dogs off their leashes so they could have a sniff around.

It gave me a chance to say g’day to each of the seven blokes.

There was Ben with his dark coloured German shepherd, still relatively young at three years old. Derek’s Great Dane, on the other hand, was an older dog, almost nine. The rest were spread out in between.

Paul had brought his sedate black Labrador while Giovanni was almost as eager as his Neapolitan mastiff, a less common breed but a nice-looking larger canine.

Jack’s Irish wolfhound looked like it could be the pack leader although Len’s Alaskan malamute with its blue-ringed eyes also looked very sharp.

I was most looking forward to meeting the new guy, Matt, and his Rhodesian ridgeback, a breed I hadn’t encountered before. I was curious as to how that assignation would turn out.

“Hi Matt,” I introduced myself. That’s a good looking dog of yours. What does he weigh?”

“He’s almost 40 kilos,” Matt replied in a South African accent. “He’s a very solid build.”

“Mmm, I can see that. It will be interesting to see how he uses that bulk and muscle,” I replied.

“He is quite strong. He can be a bit of brute at times. My wife can’t handle him at all,” Matt said with a grin.

“So she’s never taken him?”

“No, that’s why I was so happy to get your message. I really want to see how he handles it,” Matt said.

I clapped him on the shoulder. “Me too, mate, me too.”

Ben came up as we finished our conversation but then turned to look at the back door, as did all the guys.

Maria had opened the door and was coming down the steps with a broad smile on her pretty face. She was wearing a loose, light little white summer shift with a plunging V neck, only just reaching her upper thighs. Clearly she had given her underwear a miss.

Those huge tits of hers swayed and jiggled as she descended the steps. I walked towards her and she took my hand.

“Gentlemen,” I announced, turning to the assembled group. Even the dogs were paying attention, a couple of them obediently sitting. “This is my wife, Maria Pardo. Some of you know her from previous meetings, some from her videos online, and for those who have not had the pleasure, I’m sure she is delighted to make your acquaintance.”

This was met by a chorus of “Hi Maria” and “great to see you, Maria” from various men.

Maria gave e everyone a general wave. “Wow, we have some great looking doggies with us here today,” she said breathlessly.

“Maria, maybe you’d like to say hello to some of the dogs while we organise a bit of an order,” I suggested. Maria moved off to start patting the dogs, beginning I saw approvingly with the two who were still sitting, the shepherd and the mastiff.

She patted and fondled their ears, Zach accompanying her as an escort, as she made her way round to each dog. Each stopped its exploration of the yard and willingly came to her in turn.

Some of the guys were amazed. “She certainly has a way with dogs, doesn’t she? I would have expected this many dogs to be running riot.”

“Normally they would,” I laughed. “But you’re right, Maria does have an amazing affinity with dogs. She is simply a dog lover, she loves dogs deeply, and it seems they recognise it.”

We all watched as Maria bent over to scratch behind the ears of the ridgeback, revealing her shapely cheeks as the shift rode higher. Zach immediately came up behind her and pushed his wet nose between them. Maria laughed and pretend to scold him and Zach pranced away, demonstrating his eagerness.

“Now, I like to stay reasonably flexible but I thought we might start with Zach and the lab as they are both familiar with Maria.”

“Yeah sure, whatever you reckon,” the guys agreed. They weren’t really paying attention because Maria was down on all fours playing with the dogs, her big tits hanging down and bouncing around barely contained inside the virtually see-through shirt.

“Okay,” I laughed. “Can’t compete with that. Let’s get started.”

I whistled Zach to heel and Paul collected his black Labrador as we made our way to where Maria was still on hands and knees.

I nodded to Maria and she immediately shucked out of the shift, leaving her completely naked in the middle of this group of men who could not take their eyes off her.

“Good position to start with, slut,” I told Maria. “We’re going to get some dog cock into you, you K9 fucking whore.”

I drew a leash from my pocket and snapped it around her bare neck as my wife waited obediently. I held the chain tight before giving it a tug and walking off, Maria following on hands and knees.

A couple of the guys who’d seen a Maria Pardo show before knew the drill.

“Maria you dog fucking whore, get ready for a heap of dog cock,” they called. “You bitch, Maria.” “We’re gonna fill your mouth, cunt and ass with big thick dog cocks, slut.”

I paraded the slut around the yard, letting all the dogs approach her, sniff her or lick her. Zach was already lapping at Maria’s exposed cunt and ass in his eagerness.

Maria quivered every time one of the dogs came near, her tits trembling, as she obediently followed the leash.

“Someone wants to lead her?” I asked. Keen hands went up but only Ben stepped up and grasped the lead, taking Maria on a zig-zag across the lawn.

The dogs trailed her, some even trying to mount her as she was still being pulled by the lead, her tits bouncing every time one of the big animals bumped her.

A few of the guys slapped Maria’s ass as the procession came last. “You fucking nasty, filthy whore, Pardo,” they told her. “We’re gonna gets lots of pictures and post them on the internet, you perverted slut.”

“Absolutely boys,” I concurred. “Maria is already fully named and fully exposed on the net as a total and utter slut and bestiality whore, but you can never have too much exposure.”

Ben finally came to a stop where Paul and I waited with our respective dogs, Maria obediently waiting at heel. The guys began crowding around, anticipating the start of activities.

“Zach, good boy, fuck Maria, go on, fuck Maria’s cunt, good boy.”

Without hesitation, Zach jumped up behind Maria who let out a soft moan as the golden retriever’s cock unerringly found her cunt. Zach wrapped his front paws around the slut’s torso, his head almost level with Maria’s as his hindquarters began thrusting.

At the same time Paul told his black lab to roll onto his back in front of Maria, his rear legs apart, exposing his six-inch pink doggie cock. Paul grabbed Maria’s head and pushed down hard as she opened her mouth to accept the lab cock. Her lips closed tightly on the dog’s cock, sucking hard as Paul continued to shove her head up and down.

At times he would simply hold Maria’s head down, forcing her to take all six inches for 30 or 40 seconds at a time.

Maria’s huge bazookas hung down and wobbled fiercely as she took the double dog delight, while the guys all cheered and hooted as they watched my wife demonstrate her K9 fucking skills.

The other dogs either lay down, watching or sniffed around Maria as the doggie pheromones wafted in the air.
Because he fucked Maria regularly, Zach knew his business and it wasn’t long before he dismounted, his semen already starting to dribble from my wife’s cunt. He gave her ass a lick before wandering off.

I’d already worked up Giovanni to be up next and he was onto it in a flash, his mastiff’s cock, a good eight incher, clearly ready.

Despite her mouth still full of the lab’s cock, Maria gasped as the mastiff mounted her. “He’s in my ass,” she mumbled around a mouthful of dog cock.

“Shut up and suck my dog’s cock til he cums in your slutty mouth, bitch,” Paul snarled as he jammed Maria’s head down again.

Giovanni lifted his mastiffs tail to check. “Fuck yeah, he’s up Maria’s ass, all right. He’s going balls deep into the slut.”

The mastiff’s muscular hindquarters were pistoning his eight inches of thick dog cock into Maria, every thrust sending a shudder through the woman’s body.

The men were cheering the mastiff on. “Yeah fuck that slut’s ass, pound the fuck out of her,” they were yelling.

One of them began grunting in time with every mastiff thrust and the others soon joined in, creating a chorus of grunts that seemed to urge the dog into even greater efforts.

Paul, still at Maria’s head where he was ensuring she maintained a mouthful of his lab’s cock, had to put a steadying hand on her shoulder as the powerful mastiff thrusts threatened to push her forward.

Suddenly the mastiff stopped, front paws resting on Maria’s back. “He’s knotted in the whore’s ass,” I pointed.

Giovanni checked and nodded. “Yep, I can see the swelling, he’s really stretching that slutty asshole.”

Just as suddenly there was an involuntary gasp from Maria, as a stream of dog semen shot from her mouth, still enclosed around the black Labrador’s cock. He had spurted a strong stream of his cum into Maria’s mouth, too much for her to swallow all at once.

The Labrador wriggled free after dumping his load down my wife’s throat, Maria trying desperately to lick up the cum running down her chin.

“As soon as the mastiff is done, we have to make sure all Maria’s holes are filled with dog cock,” I instructed. “We’ll get Maria to straddle Len’s malamute, the shepherd can do her ass again and she can suck Zach’s cock, he’s always happy to go again.”

Shortly after, the mastiff began quivering as he ejaculated into Maria’s ass, taking a couple of minutes to deliver his load before jumping down.

Maria collapsed into the grass, the massive injection of dog semen soon dribbling out of her anus.

“Come on slut, you’re not done yet,” Paul commanded her, yanking on the lead to get Maria up and over to where Len rolled his malamute onto his back.

“Take that dog cock into your cunt, bitch,” he ordered, pulling Maria into position.

She reached between her legs and guided the malamute’s cock into her cunt, settling with a sigh as the dog licked her face. Maria kissed the dog back, tonguing with him like a lover.

Ben had his shepherd in place as Maria’s ass was again exposed, but the dog’s swollen cock continually quested for Maria’s cunt, which was already filled.

“Lean forward a bit so it lifts your ass a bit, bitch,” I ordered her. As she did the shepherd’s cock found it’s mark.

I called Zach over and the retriever bounded up. “Blowjob,” I told the dog and he immediately backed up to Maria’s face so she could reach forward and bend his cock back into her mouth.

“And there you have it, gentlemen,” I proclaimed. “Maria Pardo, dog bitch, filled with canine cock.”

The guys all cheered and clapped as they took photos and videos of my whore wife under a full pack attack.

“Oi, what’s all the ruckus?” a distant voice called out.

We all turned to the back fence where a man had poked his head over the fence, obviously standing on something that just gave him clearance.

The circle of dog owners parted a little as they turned, giving the neighbour a clear view of a totally naked busty woman being fucked by three dogs.

“What the fuck,” he gasped as the dogs obliviously continued pumping away at Maria’s fuckholes. “Who the fuck is that slut?”

“It’s my wife,” I said stepping forward. “She’s a dog lover.”

“No kidding,” the neighbour said. “Looks like the dogs are returning the favour.”

I grinned at him. “They certainly are, all of them.” I swept the yard with my arm. “Everyone gets a turn.”

“Three at a time, I see,” he replied.

“Maximum availability. Would you like a closer look?”

The neighbour hesitated for about a nanosecond before clambering over the fence and striding to Maria’s side, crouching down and peering keenly at the doggie action.

“One in the cunt, one in the ass and another in her mouth, very skilled. Where do you find a wife like that?”

“Just lucky, I guess,” I replied with a wink. “Hang around if you can, we’ll get the next lot into the whore once these are finished with her.”

“No worries, I’m Alan by the way.” All the guys introduced themselves and indicated their dogs.

Zach was the quickest to finish, shooting a stream into Maria’s mouth which she eagerly swallowed.

“Thank you, Zach,” she said as he licked her face. Maria kissed him back, allowing Zach’s pink tongue deep into her mouth while she likewise flicked her tongue over his snout and between his canine teeth.

“Wow I’ve never seen anything like it,” Alan said amazed.

“Just wait, mate, we’ll all get some use out of her,” Len told him.

While Zach and Maria were still kissing, the malamute and shepherd, in a serendipity of timing, both emptied their respective balls into my wife, their steamy sperm gushing out as soon as they withdrew.

Maria rolled onto her back once the dogs had finished, still with her legs spread so the guys could get some shots of her leaky cunt and ass.

Alan’s phone rang. He turned away to answer it but his voice was clear enough.

“Yeah mate, I’m just over at the neighbours place. I think I’ve just witnessed the most amazing sight I’ll ever see.” He moved out of earshot.

Maria still lay on her back, her huge tits still wobbling from her heavy breathing as she took a minute to recover before the next onslaught. It gave me an idea, waving Derek and his Dane over.

I got Paul to help me lift Maria into a semi-prone position as Derek brought the Dane to tower over the naked woman.

The Great Dane’s cock was at the same height as Maria’s tits and Derek inched him forward til his huge 10-inch cock was resting on Maria’s equally impressive mammaries.

Maria pushed her tits together around the Danes cock and began giving him a titfuck. I was keen to see if she could get the massive animal to cum all over her tits.

“Fuck, she’s giving a Great Dane a titfuck now,” we heard Alan yell into the phone. “Come over, come over, you won’t believe it,” he said, catching my eye with an enquiring look. I nodded.

Maria was hefting her big boobs around the Dane’s cock, sliding them up and down his shaft as Derek held him in place.

“I can tell he likes it, even if he’s a bit unsure what’s going on,” Derek laughed. “He’s used to sticking it into something.”

“We’ll get Maria to suck his cock afterwards,” I affirmed. “Wouldn’t want him to miss out.”

Just at that moment a couple of heads popped up over the side fence.

“Thought you were having a BBQ and didn’t tell us,” George laughed.

“Hey George, no, just a backyard pack attack – although it’s not a bad idea. This could go on for some time. Wanna come over? Bring some sausages,” I laughed.

“Guys, I think he’s close,” Derek announced. We crowded round to catch the Great Dane splashing Maria’s tits. Even George poked his head into the ring.

“Good job, Maria, work that dog cock over,” he encouraged my wife.

She was in a rhythm now, quickly sliding the long thick dog dick between her tits, concentrating hard.

The Great Dane raised its head to the sky and sure enough, his cock started jerking as he splurged all over Maria’s big breasts, which she held out cupped to catch as much as she could. It seemed the spurts would never end as the towering dog’s cock spasmed, again and again, leaving little runnels of cum between her mounds and across her tummy, pooling in her belly button.

“Now that was a cumshot,” Jack applauded, as he straightened with his phone in hand, checking to see he captured the best bits on video.

The side gate opened and closed and Alan’s mate walked in. “What did I miss?” he asked immediately. Jack showed him his video. Alan’s mate was impressed.

“I want to see how the ridgeback fucks Maria,” I said to Matt. “Let’s get him loaded into her cunt.”

Maria went back onto all fours as Matt led his dog to her rear. The ridgeback sniffed around Maria’s cunt and ass for several minutes, padding around the prone woman who was offering him her fuckholes, wiggling her ass to attract his attention. But sadly it seemed he was not interested in actually mounting her.

“Ah well, maybe next time,” I said philosophically. “Might as well get your wolfhound onto the slut instead, Jack.”

Jack moved to collect his dog when suddenly the ridgeback took a running jump at Maria. He landed virtually on her back, his hind legs only just reaching the ground, so far up her torso was he. But the crucial part was that his engorged cock had speared right into Maria’s cunt.

She let out a yelp of surprise as the dog landed on her, his hindquarters wrapped around Maria’s bum cheeks, using that grip to thrust deep inside my wife, who was straining to remain upright. He was a heavy dog.

A few of the guys supported her (one of them supporting Maria’s tits, I noted approvingly) as she was thoroughly fucked by the ridgeback.

Jack quickly led his wolfie around for Maria to have some dog cock to suck. With his long legs, the wolfhound could just stand over her as she lifted her face to accept his cock into her mouth.

Although two of our neighbours had joined the party, I saw there were a few other heads peeking over the fence, just the tops of the heads and their wide eyes visible. I chuckled inwardly at those who wanted to see but did not want to admit to it.

The two dogs fucked Maria for a good 10 or 12 minutes before one after the other they gave Maria a good feed of dog cock juice.

When they finally subsided, Maria collapsed onto the grass. They guys all stood in a circle and clapped her efforts, appreciating the amazing show she had put on for their entertainment.

“Encore, encore,” one wit called.

“Actually there is an encore performance,” I said wryly. “We’re going to fire up the barbie,” I smiled. “Can’t keep going on an empty stomach, now can we boys?

“But more importantly, Maria is now available for you all to gangbang, bareback, no holes barred. You can include the dogs as well”.

“Fuck my wife, gentlemen, fuck her like the filthy, nasty, perverted bitch, slut and whore she is. Slap those big tits around, ram cock into her constantly, the harder and rougher the better. My wife is all yours.”

Although we started in the middle of a sunny afternoon, the backyard spotlights were well and truly burning bright by the time the 10 men had deposited their last cumloads into Maria.

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