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Ok Gang, since announcing that we will close the new community site, I’ve had a steady stream of Members twisting my arm to reconsider. Well, removing the Groups did solve a bunch of problems. On top of which, despite all the site quirks, I am getting regular reports of people hooking up for pet fun. That was the point after all, if it’s working, seems a shame to throw a spanner in the works just now.

In light of that, I’ve decided to leave the current site as-is for now. The plan to move the community to Zooskool, and keep AoZ as a movie site, remains. However, I can leave this site where it is while I am working on those changes. That will take a bunch of pressure off and keep the community ticking in the mean time.

So, I will do a bit of maintenance on this site, add a few of the most-requested features, and probably upgrade the server a bit more to get the speed right. With those upgrades in place, I will be content with the site and I can get on with the next version at my own speed. I can’t promise the upgrades will fix all the little glitches, but most of you seem to be working around those anyway.

With that in mind Gang, the site will be up and down a bit in the coming weeks. Some of the upgrades are quite big, but I will do my best to keep the site open as much as possible during these changes. It should not take too long.

I will also jump on and publish all the outstanding blog posts, I know a bunch of you are waiting on those. I’ll report on other changes as I roll them out.

Big thanks to all of our movie supporters and Patrons for helping us keep the show on the road. None of this would be possible without your help. Also big thanks to all you Owners out there, helping our lovely Pet Ladies get those sweet experiences – and thanks to all the Pet Ladies for being awesome and letting those pets enjoy your pleasures. Thanks to everyone out there recommending us again, that is awesome. And generally, thanks to everyone for making this a great pet community – and we’ve only just begun.

That’s all for now Gang, keep it real, and keep on loving those pets – I just know you will 🙂

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  1. wlaura75 9 months ago

    I now understand why and look forward to the where..


  2. ilovedogslover 10 months ago

    What happened to zaina?

  3. gzero 10 months ago

    Adam you intend to put bigger dogs in the scenes and also put the animal with his back to the girl I think this a spectacle and the lingerie girls?

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