ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movie - Back Into Lily

“TigerLily tries doggy play the HARD way!”

Producer: ILZ
Models: TigerLily with Animal
Running Time: 31 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


It’s a cute cookie, but today we are shooting for a different prize…


UPDATE: Sorry Gang, we need to chop out the turned parts of this movie – please see below…

TigerLily is a fast learner as you have seen. The Lady threw herself into learning these new pet skills, quickly achieving full turned ties in various positions. Usually, we would expect it to take a bit longer for a Lady to develop these skills, our Lily picked them up almost instantly. Just goes to show what’s possible with a bit of motivation 🙂

This was our final movie with TigerLily before leaving Asia, Eden-bound. With the various mounts, ties, turns, sucks and swallows, there were not too many places left for Lily to go by way of a climax.


Oh, go on then, just a quickie 🙂


One serious Member had already purchased a custom anal tie movie with Lily. Fuck me, that was a challenge and a half, some 8 sessions to get the required material. Having landed that particular skill, and with various other Members requesting anal stuff, we thought an anal movie would make a suitable doggy farewell. So here we have it.

There’s a shortage of pleasant terms for a Ladys backside. Since some Ladies refer to their cookie as their ‘front bottom’, I think it’s only fair to refer to the other entrance as the backdoor pussy 😉


A few strokes in Lily’s pussy, just to get in the swing of things…


The movie starts off with Animal sinking a nice mount into Lilys ever-so-tight vagina. Animal loved mounting that snug snatch, and one last taste couldn’t hurt as a bit of a warm up. No tie on that mount, we were of course saving that knot for the main course. But Animal couldn’t say goodbye to his exotic lover Lily without splashing a little dog sperm into her pussy.

We’d seen a fair amount of interest in pee related fun on the Groups recently. Taking a break, we thought we would slip in a bit of pee play for the fans. We’ve never done pee stuff before in a pet movie so that was interesting, Animal thought so too. If you want more of that, do tell us 🙂


A splash of pee for a kinky doggy…


Then it was time to take the plunge. Before the previous custom movie, Lily had not done much anal stuff. It was a very tight squeeze but within a few sessions the Lady was taking Animal all the way into her backdoor pussy. Those sessions prepped the Lady well, and this time Animal thrust home with relative ease. Soon he was buried deep inside her bum, knot and all.


Hold tight, here he comes…


Animal was locked up in Lily, injecting his seed like a good boy. It’s a good hard tie, anal fans will be happy to note that, yes you can see the knot pressing against the inside of her vagina. Damn you folks are quite specific in your tastes 😉 And why not.


Yep, he’s in. ALL the way in…


After a good long tie the hard way, Animal pops out with a gush. Lily had douched well before the shoot, so it’s a nice clean gush. We can be sure that, during her brief time with us, that no part of Lily went without a good measure of dog sperm.


Fully locked – nothing like a big knot right there, to take a Ladys breath away…


In all, this is a pretty hard anal tie movie, I’m sure you anal fans will enjoy it. Please join us in saying au revoir to Lily for the time being… sorry may be the hardest word, but a deep anal tie got to be one of the harder goodbyes. Have fun with Back Into Lily 🙂


The oft-requested ‘backdoor knot pressing against pussy’ shot 🙂


*Sorry Gang, I had originally put this up as an anal turned-tie movie. ILZ informs me that the turn scene sadly has our faces all over it so we won’t be able to release that part 🙁 Although you can see in some undershots, that Animal has turned, there is no side shot – so it’s not really fair to push this as an anal turned tie movie. Sorry about that, thanks for your understanding. It’s still a great movie with a hard anal tie. 🙂



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As with our previous Platinum Club, Movie Club movies are individually edited for each Member making a purchase. Individual movies contain various visible AND hidden codes, to allow us to identify any Members sharing our movies. Members found sharing our movies will be banned from our network, and will no longer be eligible for future movie purchases. No excuses, no exceptions. Please keep your movies in a safe place, don’t share, don’t trade them. Movie sales help support the running of our community – please do your part to protect the community.

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  1. chikies12 2 weeks ago

    Truly a fine video, love the pissing scene! Some Nice love to her pussy. Anal scene just unbelievable. Never saw anal but this is really amazing tigerlily made this video one of the best!

  2. notemasters 1 month ago


  3. zzh2825739402 1 month ago


  4. boyrich20 2 months ago

    Se ve de lujo!
    No puedo perderla.

  5. xj96666 2 months ago


  6. a971322476 2 months ago


  7. bob0817 3 months ago


  8. asd262754462 3 months ago


  9. mirezura 3 months ago

    great movie!!! Tigerlily got it wonderfully! looking forward for more anal stuff!!

  10. honey281121 4 months ago

    any chance of more anal knot in the future?

  11. nimeido0 5 months ago


  12. locksnap 6 months ago

    I love this. There arn’t many authentic anal dogsex movies. More plz!

  13. aczy 7 months ago

    How to pay?

    • Author
      adam 7 months ago

      Hi please check your email – 请检查您的电子邮件

  14. c673192341 7 months ago


  15. qq7395 7 months ago


  16. cyf2292551194 8 months ago


  17. frank123123 8 months ago

    I like it…how to download it

  18. huahai520 8 months ago

    怎么看啊 亚当……

  19. boluo 8 months ago


  20. fhvjcm0766 8 months ago


  21. doggyknot76 8 months ago

    Another great one… seeing this dirty little slut taking that huge knot inside her tiny asshole like a pro is priceless!

  22. lifengzi 9 months ago


  23. tianxiaof 9 months ago


  24. xsz10000 9 months ago


  25. fkuenui 10 months ago


  26. heroe1206 10 months ago

    The movie is great.
    I only have one suggestion, put audio to the girl, so that you can hear her feeling, that she says she feels the moment she has her inside. although it pretends, but that makes the adventure more exciting.
    Greetings to the community. artofzoo

  27. hrtyzw 10 months ago


  28. fengyulai520 10 months ago


  29. he458093838 10 months ago


  30. rust19901011 11 months ago


  31. moelak 11 months ago

    Never seen a live show I wonder where I can see one?

  32. jrizal 11 months ago

    A classic and worth in every collector’s library!

  33. Goldschakal 12 months ago

    Im so sry that i couldn’t buy it cause the only payway doesn’t goes to my way. I woul some € more for getting it other way but so.. 🙁

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Hi please drop a line to Support there is always some way to do it 🙂

      • Goldschakal 12 months ago

        i did it but all i got was the answer thatthey only exapt bitcoin (from germany so my english isn´t perfect)

        • Author
          adam 11 months ago

          Hi, sorry about that maybe they don’t understand. We have other methods for new customers, better ones for better customers. Please mail them again – in German this time 🙂 – and tell them Adam told you to. Any problems let me know I will speak to them. Thanks for your patience.

    • support 11 months ago

      Hi Goldschakal,

      I just let you know that we have different types of Gift Cards please mail us and we can tell you which once we do accept.

      Speak soon,
      ArtofZoo Support

  34. soloexceptional 12 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a great movie and hats off to tiger lilly for going above and beyond, but I was left thinking this ‘could have been better’

    Is doggy grooming a thing? If so then Animal could do with a trim around his crown jewels. It was difficult to get some good angles of the action and the camera work wasn’t up to the usual high standards in places. But I guess thats why they call him Animal

  35. jikaile 12 months ago


    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      您好,支持已向您发送了一封电子邮件 🙂

  36. icetiger29 1 year ago

    One of the best movies done so far. What a nice and hot lady. Wish to see her with some other girl in action.

  37. bob4dog 1 year ago

    This movie is so hot. What a knot, she is taking it so good. Fantastic!

  38. gdane15 1 year ago

    What a good idea to use also the backdoor pussy. Hi Adam and ILZ was it Lilys idea
    or ours to try anal , this lady is courageous without previous experience with an dog
    doing not only the intercourse no also anal thats an great achievement. i like girls
    are curious and dare experiments. I think it was a little bit painful for her but i think she did also enjoy it. Another scene was also very nice , when she beats her butt and ask Animal to come with an smile, her costume and the location are great. the only thing i miss is that she does not pleasures other dogs i can imagine she can also handle other dogs very well. Thanks to Adam Ilz and lily
    and keep going on with your good work.
    i miss

  39. thisischris 1 year ago

    OUCH! That anal knot looks crazy! She is a brave woman!

  40. rexsair 1 year ago

    Finally, I got this movie. I love this that I have never seen before.

  41. mikke83 1 year ago

    Yes yes yes a must have. Such a beautiful lady.

  42. greateyes5000 1 year ago

    This is a great movie. TigerLily is simply amazing. A definite MUST have!

  43. dnedry 1 year ago

    It is a great movie. I am not that much into this backdoor stuff but I really enjoyed it. TigerLily is quite skilled but not extremely expressive about this whole doggy fucking thing; a few grunts is all you get; it is difficult for me to tell whether she enjoys this or not. One thing that I consistently wonder about (in essentially all releases) is: a) why no tits? (I would like to see some tits once in a while) and b) why the stupid wigs? Don’t get me wrong: I am a strong proponent of masks (which very effectively hide the identity of the ladies) but I do not like the wigs at all.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi Dnedry, real doggylove comes in all shapes and forms and each Lady from each culture will have a different approach and expression. Rest assured, a Lady does not come back for an increasing depth of experience, if she doesn’t enjoy it 🙂 In the case of this particular little Lady, her nature is such that she arguably gets as much pleasure from achieving these skills and feats as she does from the activity itself. She is quite the artistic one that Lily. Do you know she speaks 5 languages, and is quite skilled in glassblowing. Made me some quite wonderful weed pipes much to my surprise at the time 🙂

  44. support 1 year ago

    All Trust Level 3 Member should have received there version of the movie Tigerlily – Back Into Lily if not please message me on our sites messenger or just simple send an email to [email protected]

    Comments to our movies always appreciated 🙂

  45. slutdoggy 1 year ago

    I love pee play and always search your site for it. Unfortunately it’s quite rare but fantastic shots when I do find one.

  46. bandbmwm 1 year ago

    Wow.. on a whim I checked back in with this site and it’s back up and running. Really happy it’s back!

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Ah, the wisdom of subscribing to the newsletter Band 😉

      • bandbmwm 11 months ago

        Thanks Adam. Yeah. I subscribed a few years ago for membership. Happy it’s back.

  47. mikecor 1 year ago

    Would love to see more pee play..A big fan of it.

  48. kurtadam 1 year ago

    Türk üyeleri arkadaşlık için bekliyorum

  49. horsexy 1 year ago

    Just leaving a personal opinion comment. I may check the comments and see others thoughts. But I don’t really have a major attraction to dogs as I do horses. If horse updates begin to come with HD quality… I will be bookmarking for when I’m able to purchase. Stallion pornography is my favorite on the face of the earth.

  50. cannibalover 1 year ago

    Would be so nice to see you guys with some blonde or brunette brazilian chick; blonde would be amazing because its lacking of them here. Or a new Mariana movie, that chick really seemed to enjoy zoo.

  51. max23 1 year ago


  52. audiopet 1 year ago

    oooooooooooooooo hhhhhhheeeeeeelllllll yes… put me in for this one…. can’t wait….

  53. gdane15 1 year ago

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for info if there is on other movie left , it would be fine to have it.
    You wrote also that an customer purchased already an anal tie movie with
    Lily. I dont think its available so its only a question. Asian Ladys are fantastic
    and now to see an hard Doggy anal tie with an asian girl is so great.

  54. jessica420 1 year ago

    It belongs in da pussy

    • artofzoobiggestfan 1 year ago

      I agree with that so hard! It just is not attractive anally and knowing that it is painful doesn’t exactly help me get off either..

      • Goldschakal 11 months ago

        Im a guy, i come together with my dog somtimes. Sometimes i gave hime oral pleasure and sometimes he gives me anal pleasure. So… its no pain at all
        PS: i would’nt disagree LG u would sell male/ Male too… i would be available.

  55. gdane15 1 year ago

    Hi Adam,

    Another masterpiece from AOZ wow, can i ask you a question Lily acts so
    naturally with animal she has always been attracted to dogs , it looks for
    me that she does not just do a job. Sad the final movie i am very thankful
    that the Lady share her petlove with us many thanks . Cant wait to see the movie.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi GDane 🙂

      thanks for your support. I think I maybe gave some background in the synopsis for TigerLily’s first movie, but I met her on the street because she was very happy to meet Animal. I don’t know that she was attracted to dogs in the way we might thing, since Asian Ladies function in quite a different way to Western Ladies. But when I suggested it, it was certainly something she was not uncomfortable with.

      Actually, this movie was the last movie we shot. There may be one other movie left, that we shot before. I don’t know for sure, I am not so involved in the movie side now 🙂

      • dnedry 1 year ago

        Hi Adam,

        I would be interested in a bit more details about TigerLily, like her nationality, her height, (and weight if you like to), and what she does for a living (i.e. is she a sex worker or does she a job outside the sex industry?). Whatever information you can divulge, would be appreciated.

  56. canishole 1 year ago

    So this video isn’t quite as good as ”TigerLily’s First Dance” then?
    I’m new here and haven’t got any movie yet so which one would you suggest as the ’best’?

    • ilz 1 year ago

      Hi Canishole,

      You can’t really compare it so much to Tigerlily’s First Dance movie “Back Into Lily” is a anal tie movie whereas First Dance has a great Pussy-tie to offer it really depands if you like Pussy or Anal movie better all movies are good and peoples taste can be quite different and i am certainly don’t know what you concider to be a good movie but overall i can say we don’t publish and release any bad movies and we are very careful to pick Models and Producers and which quality they provide us with.

      Hope that has helped you to decide to buy one of our movies Canishole 🙂

  57. brunoapp 1 year ago

    Perfeito muito boa produção

  58. vegeta07 1 year ago

    Hi, this looks great! Just wondering if there’s footage of the pullout and if the cum gushes out?

    • ilz 1 year ago

      Hi Vegeta07,

      Yes there is a nice undershot of the pullout and how the cum gushes out 😉


  59. xca8240662 1 year ago


  60. gzero 1 year ago

    Adam you plan to place trailers or GIF in movies

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi we do sometimes but it doesn’t seem to affect anything, and we are usually quite busy. We might again in future if we have time.

  61. mrdpgirth 1 year ago

    Miss TigerLily is INCREDIBLE!!! I can’t wait to buy all of her films!! (as soon as I figure out Bitcoin, lol).

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