ArtOfZoo - Valentines 2019 - animal sex with women


Hey Gang 🙂

sorry to everyone who read some of this the first time and were probably confused – I went and published the post in progress instead of saving it.

Then, Happy Petlove Valentines to all. Albeit just another excuse to sell us shit we don’t need. Shit aside, it is at least a time to get a bit romantic for the hell of it. I know some of you had some fun times lined up – whether with the Pet Guy / Pet Girl / Pet of your choosing, or whether you spent the evening with a hand down your pants among friends in the chatroom, it’s a good excuse to enjoy ourselves and have a good time.

So that’s what we’ll do 🙂 All kinds of petstuff going on up in here…


ArtOfZoo - Good Doggy by MrsK9Eve

“Good Doggy” petlove artwork by MrsK9Eve



2 delightful pet offerings for Valentines. First, the lovely Honey with Animal, in “Made to Love“. That Lady has taken a real shine to dog sex – when things just ‘click’, it’s hard to get them out of your head…


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Delicious Honey makes Animal a Valentines offer he can’t refuse…


Then we have the delightful and horny dog submissive DevoteHuendin in “Absolute Pet” – because for some Ladies, sex with dogs is not even a choice. It’s a calling…


ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - animal sex with women

DV has a burning lust for animal sex and a sweet mating style…



I’m sticking this up the top because I want to be sure all our Euro friends read this. We are looking for Verified Owners and Verified Women / Couples in Europe. If you are in Europe and are interested in shooting pet movies, please Get Verified and let us know you are in Europe. We now have some new options available to get you to the action – or bring the action to you 🙂

The Euro country we are in right now is ridiculous, I’ve never seen so many attractive Ladies per square meter. For example, this week ILZ will be shooting with the very lovely DogWoman – who is both very beautiful, and very skilled in dog love. This will be a sweet treat for our new boy Bullseye 🙂


ArtOfZoo - DogWoman - dog sex with women

Wow!… Petskilled and sexy DogWoman is a VIP doggy treat…



Animal sex community Beast Forum finally closed it’s doors on the 15th of February. The site has been one of the main hubs for online petfans for several decades, and it is sad to see a large chunk of the community gone. I’d like to welcome all the BF refugees arriving at AoZ, we hope you will find many of your old friends – and new friends, here.

Happy to see many new faces. Also happy to see some of our more proactive Members out there pointing folks AoZ-ward. Good work Gang, it makes sense because the more members we have the more friends and adventures we have.

A few Members have raised the issue of stories and other various documents rescued from BF before it went down. Lucien has added other sections to our Library to accommodate other kinds of literature. So if you have any collections of stuff you would like to post here – or even if you are an avid writer and want to publish some stuff in the Library or blog posts, please get in touch with Lucien and he will help you.


ArtOfZoo - Valentines 2019 - animal sex with women



I’ll take a moment still on the topic of BF, to thank our Team, our Supporters, and everyone involved in keeping this community alive. This is a tough niche to be in, we’ve been closed down a bunch of times, and it’s only by trial and error, and a lot of help from our friends, that we are here now. Thanks everyone, with a bit of teamwork we are hanging in there.


ArtOfZoo - MrsK9Eve - Knotty Dog Sex Valentine

“I’ve been Knotty” by MrsK9Eve



My favorite section each month, where all our newly Verified Pet Ladies tease us (and our pets) with their sweetest delights. Wow, beautiful Pet Ladies as far as the eye can see…


ArtOfZoo - Nearly Ethical - dog sex with women

NearlyEthicals dark pet vagina is going to look amazing splashed with drops of California dog cum…


ArtOfZoo - TheeRumor - dog sex with women

Mounting TheeRumors perky buns will be a real treat for the right New South Wales dog…


ArtOfZoo - CandC1967 - dog sex with women

Hot Pet Girl Ms CandC is waiting for those UK dogs to mount her and fill her up…


ArtOfZoo - CladiaK9Slut - dog sex with women

ClaudiaK9Sluts cute exotic ass, complete with lovescratch from rottie…


ArtOfZoo - AngelK9Lover - dog sex with women

This lovely doggy Angel dedicates her body to… worthy stud dogs in Tennessee…


ArtOfZoo - Shant - dog sex with women

For horny dogs in UK, Shant has a nice Pet Vagina – what could be finer? 🙂


ArtOfZoo - KitKat551 - dog sex with women

Sexy Pet Girl KitKat is doggy-humpable from every angle 🙂


ArtOfZoo - LadySweetFancy - animal sex with women

Pet Girl LadySweetFancy got the hot form to have those dogs exploding inside her…


ArtOfZoo - FunBlondie

Pet hottie FunBlondie is looking for nice dog cocks for that sweet flower – in NC area…


ArtOfZoo - Leigh - dog sex with women

Lovely Leigh is looking for some intimate dog sessions in UK and Ireland…


ArtOfZoo - EagerFuckDoll - animal sex with women

Come on Arizona boys – Eagerfuckdolls pussy is wet and ready for some hard dog fucking…


ArtOfZoo - DoggBtch

Sexy German Pet Girl Doggbtch is proud to show off her doggy lovescratches…


ArtOfZoo - DeviantCouple

Hardcore pet pair DeviantCouple are seeking friends and fun times in UK – great horse pussy 🙂



It seems only fair, with all these lovely Ladies looking for pet action, that we start to plug some of our Verified Owners too. We only just decided to do this so we don’t have so many Owner pics this update…


ArtOfZoo - Grautiegerdogge

Grautiegerdogge has 2 Great Danes in Germany, ready to tend to Ladies in need…


ArtOfZoo - Deiselhad

K9 couple Deiselhad are looking for Alabama Playmates for their big boy…


Jesus Christ we’ve had a lot of real Pet People pouring in lately! I anticipate some hot times ahead 🙂



Apologies to iPhone users having difficulties accessing the chat lately. The chat company are looking at it. Until they fix it, I hear that Puffin browser on iPhone works better than other browsers.

I know some of you love your iPhones. Still for what it’s worth, I would try to discourage Members from purchasing Apple products due to unnecessary restrictions on devices, predatory business practices, overcharging and generally taking liberties with their customer base. These are not good people, and don’t deserve your money. If you are shopping for a phone and don’t really care if it’s Apple or not, please get yourself a nice Android phone that is half the price, twice as powerful, just as sexy, and you can actually download stuff when you go online.



Folks, as a community we of course have a lot of Petfans. We also have some Members with products or services that might be interesting for Petfans. If you have products or services you would like to promote to our Members, please CONTACT US FIRST to discuss options.

Please do not sneak onto the network and start promoting your stuff on the sly. It’s bad business etiquette, it doesn’t paint you in the best light for any future business dealings – and as such, it’s against the site rules. If any other Members contacting you privately with commercial products or service, please contact us and let us know, because they could be a scammer.



A few nice / fun additions from active Members around the network. Member K9RoCouple have been making some Wild music…


ArtOfZoo - K9RoCouple - dog sex with women

Now that IS a nice vagina – all the better when moistened with doggy nectar…

And another from those guys coz it’s too purdy not to 🙂

ArtOfZoo - K9RoCouple - dog sex with women

K9Ro‘s dog sinks a hard knot and gets the very best of the Lady…


Ms Golf2Delta sucks a mean doggy dick as we know. But the Lady also has a hot pet pussy that she puts to very good use too…


ArtOfZoo - Golf2Delta

Ms Golf2Delta gets that doggy juice inside her in every way she can…


Pet Couple RedVelvetK9 show us how to take a nice Pet Pussy, and fill her up with dog seed, yummy…


ArtOfZoo - RedVelvetK9

Mrs Red sure knows how to get that doggy cream – leaking into her cervix too 🙂



I’ve just added a Crew Needed page, so if you want to help out around the network please take a look. The more the merrier 🙂



I got another TV channel wanting to do a documentary about us, and petlove, for the BBC. These guys are the most persistent journalists so far.

The thing is, I cannot see any way that a documentary format (that we do not make ourselves), could ever really tell our story properly. So again I will probably decline. Before I do, I wanted to ask our readers if they thought there was anything positive we might do with this inquiry? I don’t really trust journalists to be impartial about us, especially on a mainstream TV channel. Still, I don’t want to be kicking myself later for an opportunity lost for the want of a good idea. If you have any thoughts about that, please drop a comment below thanks.


ArtOfZoo - Happy Dog Sex Valentine!



ArtOfZoo - Library Update Feb 2019 - dog sex with women

As always, Lucien has been working hard to make our Library THE most extensive collection of petlove books and stories on the net 😉 This months additions:

BDB-1008 The Family Pet
BLP-144 A Strange Lust
BSS-166 Carnal Adventures
KCS-1217 The Landlady’s Dog
LB-1075 Dog-Loving Family
LB-1188 Mom’s Doggie Tricks
LB-1191 The Wife’s Ball With The Bull
LB-1192 The Schoolgirls Play Horsey
LB-1196 Love Thy Neighbor’s Animals
LB-1200 Virgin In The Kennels
LLP-403 A Wanton Young Niece
LLP-509 Goat Girl
LLP-546 Ivan’s Mistress
LLP-554 Teacher’s Animal Initiation
PB-234 Beast Raped Coed
PB-235 Abused By Animals
PB-237 Raped By Animals
PB-239 Puppy-Loving Virgins
PB-240 Beast Feast Family
PB-241 Beast Rape
PB-243 Dog-Style Virgin
PB-246 The Virgin’s Canine Hunger
PB-247 Cindy’s Canine Punishment
PB-249 Farm Family
PLL-143 Canine Sex – The Best
PLL-144 Sexed By Their Pets
RWS-396 Inside The Barn
ST-03 Sensuous Tales – Vol 3
TNS-541 The Donkey Game
TNS-559 The Pet Swappers

(Don’t forget, if you have books, stories etc, please contact Lucien about getting them onto the site).



Someone sent me this recently, how awesome is that? 🙂


ArtOfZoo - dog cock weed pipe


Yes it’s a dog cock weed pipe, for the dog-loving smoker who has everything. I got to get one of these, or at least track them down. If anyone knows where these come from, please let me know 🙂

I saw this the other day. I don’t know about glittering dogs balls, I might just do my own…


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store




Gong Hey Fa Choi to all our Chinese Members. 2019 is year of the Earth Pig. Well, Gaia is kinda Earth, and we just hooked up with some new boar owners, so we will have to see if we can’t get into the New Year spirit 🙂

祝所有中国会员新年快乐。 2019年是地球猪年。 好吧,盖亚有点像地球,我们刚刚与一些新的公猪主人联系,所以我们必须看看我们是否能够进入新年精神 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Chinese New Year


Sorry for the down time a couple days ago Gang, I fucked something up. I had a few panicked messages. However, we added the second server successfully. The influx of Members coming over from BeastForum really hit the server hard – we should now have gone from “completely fucked” to “a bit slow”. You should know by now, things are usually a bit whacky right after a server upgrade.

Please give it a while to settle down, and we’ll look at the next upgrade. We will need to upgrade again soon, because frankly, we have a lot of petlovers arriving and we are having a hard time keeping up. Too many Petlovers is a nice problem to have – we will keep upgrading until we get the right server / Member balance, thanks for your patience.

Thanks to MrsK9Eve for her nice artworks – and thank you to that secret Lady, who baked some AoZ cakes and laid them so lovingly next to her doggy dildo and collar for our Valentines update 😉


ArtOfZoo - Secret Valentine


That’s all for this Valentines update Gang. Sorry if I missed anyone it’s a big update – I had a few images and vids in my update folder that I didn’t name properly so I’m not sure who they are 🙁 But – if you are on our network and want to be seen on the next update please drop us a mail.

Don’t forget to check out the ArtOfZoo Blog – we have lots of cool posts from Members, all on our favorite topic.

I hope you all have a good week / weekend, #vj4k9, and keep rocking in the pet world coz you only yolo once. 🙂

All the best in Petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Crew.

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  1. CYNIC 2 years ago

    Adam, hello from Russia! Could you write some article about Simone, how did you met and how you shot those brilliant movies with her. It would be very interesting to read! I always read your articles. Thank you for your hard work and real art you produced!

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Hi 🙂 Honestly I don’t know too much about Simone. I know she was a quantum physicist or something like that.

  2. Alek777 2 years ago

    Adam when will release with Dogwoman?Video trailers may appear on the site?Thank you!

  3. asderel 2 years ago

    Para conmemorar el año del cerdo, deberían filmar algunos vídeos de chicas haciendo el amor con cerdos <3

  4. knhugo 2 years ago

    Thanks for keeping it rocking Adam and crew!

    A new stud, Bullseye? What breed? I cannot wait to see him with Dogwoman and Honey!

    This community is a light in the darkness, thank you to everyone!

  5. asderel 2 years ago

    ¡Muy bueno!

  6. 666shanxi 2 years ago

    nice post !!

  7. videitos00 2 years ago

    when will be available for sale videos of girls with pig or boar? I hope this

  8. 4duo 2 years ago

    Thanks to Adam for year of the pigs Greetings to Chinese members.
    There have been too many things in the past year, and the new year also wishes AOZ to be better and better! 恭喜发财?

  9. Chiquitin13 2 years ago

    nice post !!! @adam is dogwoman working with you in new material???? wowwww she is hot and beautiful 🙂

  10. CuriousCD 2 years ago

    It is indeed a shame about BF. I have been a member there for years. It has been an invaluable site for us zoos. The community we all felt there was amazing in so many ways. The ways it helped those who felt all alone in this are uncountable. It will be missed.

    There are not many other places that we can go to, that support us like BF did. Or offer a way to network, or be honest and open about our feelings. Thankfully, here at ArtofZoo, there is one. And I am totally grateful for it. I have been so excited for this new format since it was revamped not too long ago, into more of a community site, than a video sales and promotion site.

    Which is why I have been hyping this site up since then. Albeit low key so as not to be banned for it. Since they had very strict rules about “competitor’s sites.” I mentioned it in a few of my posts, whenever it was appropriate. Thankfully flying under their radar when I did it! And I did it because I knew that community sites like these can only thrive, with more people joining in. And because this site impressed me so much that I wanted to share it with others!

    And now since everyone at BF has been asking where to go now, I have been bringing this site up a lot more. Every chance I get. Especially since they are a bit more lax in their rules against promoting “competitor’s sites.” Though it seems they still are to a point.

    And it seems word is getting out. Other people are starting to mention it, or ask me about this site. I have said to look me up here if they join, and a few have. And I will continue to do so until BF closes on the 15th. Or until they ban me for doing it!

    So, be grateful for places like these, and for all the hard work that goes into them. Because you never know how long they will last, or how much they will be missed when they are gone! So, here’s a huge THANK YOU! to all the crew here!

    Oh… and about a new notebook. Macs are the way to go for graphics and video editing, by far. A Macbook Pro is the best notebook for editing. They are quick and durable. And can handle about all your needs. You don’t meet many pros who don’t use Macs, either Macbooks or towers for their editing needs. That is one of the things I have learned since I began my study of video editing and filming. From what they used in school, to all the people in the field whom I’ve met.

    • CuriousCD 2 years ago

      And even though I just spewed out a lot of words just now, I still just have no words for that glitter balls thing. No words at all…

      I mean…

      Glittering dog balls? Really?

      • 2 years ago

        Yes, while people criticize us others use their animals as vulgar objects.

        • Author
          Adam 2 years ago

          We live in a Mad, Mad World. Kill a dog, no problem. Fuck a dog, you are cruel to animals. It’s ok, we are usually gliding just above the madness 😉

          • golf2delta 2 years ago

            Another similar think like that is that neutering dogs is seen as normal, but giving a dog some pleasure, no matter wich way, is seen as a bad thing.
            Thats the world we live in.

          • Author
            Adam 2 years ago

            That’s the world THEY live in. We live in our own world 😉

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