ArtOfZoo Site Update November 2017

Hey Everyone 🙂

sorry it’s taken so long to jump on with some updates, launching a network like this generates a bit of work. I can see how that half a million dollars might come in handy when setting up your social network. We have only a handful of dollars, and a handful of good men to make this happen. We are still pretty busy and still have a lot to do around here, but things are settling down nicely.

It’s great to see all the new faces, old faces. Seems we already have our site regulars. Each generation of our sites has brought new friends and adventures, I’m interested to see what the new site has in store for us.


animal sex Tigerlily Huge thanks to all our amazing Patrons, for supporting our first 2 movies. You folks are the greatest. Thanks for taking the jump to Bitcoin too, that is an important step. By way of an extra thanks, we will be setting up the Patrons Club for you shortly. More on that later.

Really all Pet People should start using Bitcoin. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have the power to breathe new life into the Pet Scene – not just for us, but for everyone in this industry. The problems with payment methods all but killed the pet genre online. The minute Webmasters and Producers can start earning a reasonable amount with Bitcoin, you can expect an Animal Sex Renaissance. So, please do your part and make the little bit of effort required to use the tools that are important for our industry and our scene. It’s not a big hassle once you’ve gotten used to it – many Members already have – and keep in mind, paying with Bitcoin is much more secure and discrete.

Additional big thanks to our custom movie Patrons, and to our special friends who have come forward with offers of investment and support for various things around the network. You folks are the balls.

Also – if you do make any donations, please do contact us and let us know who you are. Your donations are very appreciated of course, but we do like to know who is helping out. We may do a little something for donators in the future, and I am sure you would not want to miss out 🙂 Just drop a line to Support if you do donate anything, and let them know.

Additional thanks to everyone who has been helping us by testing stuff, reporting bugs and issues, and to everyone generally getting involved in our network, that’s great.


Apologies for being a bit behind with a few things Gang. We just bought a monster new editing box so movie renders are going much quicker. Blog posts and a bit of catching up on Group posts are just about the last thing we are behind on now, and we will catch up with those as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for your patience during our launch month.


Verified Member DogsLucy has been releasing some private clips to Members of her Group. I understand Lucy still has a few more clips to upload too.

The Lady is just getting into play with her young dog, so if you enjoy attractive Latin Ladies playing with pets, please head on over to Lucy’s Group and give her a bit of encouragement.

ArtOfZoo DogsLucy

Lovely to see ZetaSkool and PetGirl Epsi again. Sexy doggy girls are always a feast for the heart and soul 🙂

ArtOfZoo Petgirl Epsi

If you are into wild 3D animations and artworks, you might like to join the Group 3D Beastiality Animation. Commy has done a great job of organizing his Group so things are easy to find, great job.

3D bestiality artworks

TeenLuma’s friend ViviKnotty has been teasing us with her hot ass and pet-ready pussy. Let’s hope the Lady gets some hard doggy action real soon, she is clearly built for it. You can join Vivi’s Group here.

ArtOfZoo TeenLuma ViviKnotty

Head Librarian LucienOM has added 20 new books to the AoZ Library for your reading pleasure. Lucien has put a lot of work into the Library, so if you are enjoying the books, please don’t forget to leave a nice comment. A bit of appreciation goes a long way 🙂

Bestiality stories and books


We have just started offering Custom Animal Sex Movies, for discerning collectors and connoisseurs. I have to say, that it’s quite pleasant to create a movie knowing exactly what your audience wants to see. You can read more about that here.


We are already verifying our first batch of new Owners and Playmates – some very fine Playmates too if they don’t mind me saying so. Someone’s pets are going to hit the jackpot really. 🙂

If you happen to be local to these Members, and want to give your (verified) doggy a real treat, you might want to check out:

Verified Lady OmegaDru has been dreaming of being taken by a dog since her teens. She recently bought a dog, and they castrated the poor chap against her wishes, just before she picked him up. I can’t imagine the disappointment there, so if you have a nice dog available, maybe you can help the Lady make her doggy dreams come true. 🙂

Please keep in mind – as per our Security Guidelines, verification is only a guide. You should always get to know someone better online first, before organizing anything offline.

ArtOfZoo Model Kana


First Gang, a reminder about security. I’m seeing a lot of Members putting up face pics – do be careful Gang, face pics can be quite dangerous.

Guys, do go a bit easy on the cock pics eh. A lot of Ladies don’t like em. Some days, there are so many avatar cock pics on the sidebar there, I don’t know whether to look away, or start tossing rings at it in hopes of winning a goldfish. 😉

On a site like this, we are going to get the occasional spammer, we have had one already. Said spammer sent messages to random Members asking them to contact them directly by email. They gave no indication of anything to do with animal sex, just a ‘hi please get in touch with me at this email address’. Your basic blag.

Now, we saw from mails bouncing back after the spammer was banned, that at least 2 Members replied to the spammer. Or tried to. Come on folks, if you are going to fall for obvious tricks like that, you are really not being careful enough. Do please be more sensible in who you start contacting and giving out emails and other personal information to. It could be anyone. Be smart, and please play safe.

ArtOfZoo Pippa dog sex


Just prior to launching, we had something like 197k Members on our database – we are up to nearly 204k registered Members. That’s a lot of Pet People, and more new folks are joining all the time. A good start, considering for the first week the site was unusably slow. Also, considering we have only sent out half of the first newsletter so far.

We put a hold on sending the rest of the newsletter – and updating this month’s new movies – because a major server upgrade is imminent. That will probably happen sometime next week Gang, and we will need to take the site offline for probably a few days, while we make some updates and test that everything is working on the new server.

Hereon in, we will aim to make some site upgrades and tweaks each month, depending on cashflow. I’ve already fixed a bunch of issues, there are still quite a few things to fix and add.

By popular request, I have also added a small poll feature, for Group forums.


As usual, we have started setting up various Teams, to perform various important tasks for our network. We will be setting up many Teams in the future, and we will be looking for reliable, motivated Members to jump in and help us bring our network back to it’s former glory. We want the avenues of AoZ to be brimming with new adventures, like the good old days 🙂

If you have a bit of spare time, and are interested in volunteering, we are currently setting up the following Teams:

Spin Doctors are our propaganda team – the voice of ArtOfZoo. Their job is to actively promote AoZ by sharing trailers, photos, links etc, really anything to help promote our network and lifestyle. If you would like to be an AoZ Spin Doctor, please drop a message to Guido874 who is heading up that Team.

As I mentioned above, we will shortly be moving the site to a new server, and adding a bunch of site updates. We need some motivated organized Members to jump on and help us test all the various functions of the site, to make sure nothing has stopped working as a result of the server move or the upgrades.

We will need to put the site on maintenance mode during the move and testing, and so we will need to get through the testing in an organized fashion, and as quickly as possible. So we are really looking for Members who can be quite proactive about testing the things we need testing – who can preferably be online with the rest of the Team during the testing process. If that’s something you would like to help out with, please drop a message to Agency.

We have had many offers of development over the years. It’s a tricky situation, because some folks are just dying to get their hands on our Members and mailing lists. However, I do believe we now have a way around that obstacle.

If you are a skilled WordPress plugin developer, and would like to offer a bit of time and help to various bits and pieces we need around the site, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Agency, and we can take it from there.

This one is quite specific, because you have to be Instigator X to qualify 😉 But seriousy – Instigator X if you are still out there, I have lost your email. Can you please drop me a mail? If you don’t have my mail any more, fire a mail to Support and they will pass it on.

And of course, big thanks to all our volunteers so far, you are doing a great job.

That’s all for now folks. I will aim to be a bit more regular with updates and stuff, and speak to you all soon.

All the best in petlove 🙂

Adam and the Gaia Team.

Dog sex Tigerlily


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  2. birdsong 1 year ago

    Now that the server move is done, can we expect new videos soon?

  3. 1 year ago

    Server Move TEST MESSAGE!

  4. brizpaul 1 year ago

    I found the above very comforting and will help build this site as much as I can.

  5. saikan0 2 years ago

    If you dont have the chance or not find where buy the mask, A lot of apps build for smartphone have the chance to add some things on the selfie, mask, change in to cartoon, make you a monster ETC. So if you whant to use that It can work to avoid security risk of use you own photo. Be safe.

    • Author
      adam 2 years ago

      I have plans to put up some tutorials on making masks at home. Soon as I get 5 mins 🙂

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