ArtOfZoo Animal Sex update May 2018

Hey Pet Girls and Boys 🙂

apologies for the hiatus, we have been relocating and it’s been a bit of hassle. We usually move around when out sites are offline to avoid this. Still, we are in position, and continuing with prep for Eden. Looking forward to seeing doggy juice dripping from European Lady friends we have not yet met, yummy. Along with all the studio kit from Portugal, we also have 2 nice new cameras – one being a quite expensive 4k camera, thanks to our top Patron (you are naughty!). Quite excited to see what ILZ and friends will come up with, those lucky devils.

We have a nice set of good Owners ready to work with us. If you are a Pet Owner in Europe, please read this post here. The more the merrier, and it’s how we will build our offline network. Once we have a strong offline network, no changes in internet policy will be able to shut us down.

I’ve traveled to many places on the great pet adventure, and have not been in Europe for some time. I thought for a change I would try time travel, and popped into the city where my travels began for a blast from the past…

“Where’s the Wild Flowers at?”

I had to snap this. Wild City? Oh the irony, I left Exeter in the first place due to a distinct lack of “Wild Flowers”. 🙂



Speaking of Wild Flowers, I’ve been verifying some lovely new Pet Ladies lately. You lucky Pet Owners, and your pets, are in for some fun times for sure…

Ambre throws on the training jeans and takes a hard knot and good cum from Solalez‘ boy – lucky doggy!…


A sweet pet pussy built to make dogs cum – look at that lovely sex, makes you want to get closer…

AmbreZoo91 is fairly new to petlove, but has some good experience and already showing superb technique with some Owners from the site. She has a wonderful happy style of dog love, and the knot fits inside her fabulous vagina very nicely.


DogWoman desires a large dog to attend to those shapely buns…

DogWoman is looking for her first experience, and is keen on larger breeds. This will be a treat for the right owner, I would be suspicious the Lady wasn’t real if I hadn’t verified her myself.


Lientje’s sweet flower looks super-tight for lucky hounds out there…


A petite Lady with shapely buns, a real doggy treat…

Petite Pet Lady Lientje has been interested in dog love since her early teens, nearly 20 years. That’s a long time to crave a good mating. The Lady has had some unfortunate luck with dogs, a few sessions with ‘less reliable’ breeds, one session where the heating was on too high and the dog too hot for action. As a happy ending, the last few days Lientje has been playing with a neighbour dog, sucked her first dog cock, and drunk her first dog cum. This Lady is super-hot for dog love, and has a lot of love to give – she already gets wet when in close proximity to dogs which is a great sign. So if you are a nearby Owner, do yourself a favour and book a session with Lientje. I think we can expect great and wonderful things from this Lady.

I’ve verified several other lovely Pet Ladies too, unfortunately the did not get their photos in in time for this update 😉 Maybe next time Ladies.



Thanks for your patience while we got the second movie up from the last update. I guess you movie fans don’t need a reminder, but just in case, we have the lovely Rosita – Latin Pet Lady experiencing her first hard mating with Sam…

ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Bonita Rosita clicks beautifully with Sam and takes his dog cock ALL the way inside…

And of course, our Asian petlover TigerLily takes Animal’s 9 the hard way…

Fully locked – nothing like a big knot right there, to take a Ladys breath away…



As explained, I have deactivated Groups on the site. This is the first step toward the change of AoZ to a movie site, and to move the community back to Zooskool.

The Groups were quite media-heavy, disabling them does seem to have made a difference to the speed of the site. If I can get the site to an acceptable speed, I can then leave it there while working on the next things. Otherwise I will need to continue disabling features.

Thanks to everyone for creating and managing some great and interesting Groups. I do have a backup, and will try my hardest to create a better Group system on the new community site. Thanks for your understanding.



OK Gang, we see that most of our Trusted Members really can be trusted to protect our movies. As a thank you for being so responsible, for Members with a TRUST LEVEL 3 payment history (that is TL3 Members who aren’t TL3 because they are verified etc), we will prepare and send your movies to you without needing to wait until the Download Buffer is finished. No more waiting around for you! 🙂

It won’t be instant of course – you’ll still need to wait for our editors to prep and upload your individual movies. But they will do that for you immediately, so you don’t have to wait.

There is some risk for us in doing it this way, so if at any point we see anyone abusing this privilege, we will need to cease doing it. So we hope we can continue to count on your trustworthiness. 🙂



We have now added Gift Cards to our range of payment methods for movies. Apparently these are very easy to get hold of, so it should be quite convenient for you. If you would like to purchase movies using Gift Cards, please contact Support and they will assist you.



I’ve never given a lot of thought to watersports. Well, until recently – there’s a nice young Lady at Starbucks, somehow I’ve taken a shine to the idea of her pissing in my face. Don’t know why, or why her, but hey 🙂 So yeah, I was surprised at the volume of piss pics being posted around the site. In light of that, we’re going to stick a bit of piss fun into the last TigerLily movie. Is watersports in pet movies something you’d want to see more of? Do tell – comments at the bottom please.



For those of us concerned about Net Neutrality and other choice systems of control, you might be interested in the Cloudflare DNS. I’ve been using it, it seems quite good. You can find out more about that here.



Every year or so, we do a weed on our Members list. This is to remove all the tourists who sign up to look at some pics, then never come back again. All those dead records really slow things down. I will shortly be sending out a mail to all Members, asking if you would like to keep your account active. Our database is quite large, and I will send that mail out quite slowly, so don’t expect it right away. We’ll be adding some freebies as an incentive, so look out for that mail coming to an inbox near you in the near future.



I’m gonna miss Asia, I really do love that place. And to leave just as those Asian Ladies are really starting to get into pets, eesh…

Looking forward to more wonderful hard pet action coming from Asia 🙂

On the plus side, now I can start to tell some stories about our adventures in exotic lands, and some of the things we gotten up to. I’ve been dying to tell you about the ‘Temple of the Horse Cock’ for some time now. 🙂

That’s all for now Gang. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter over on the right hand side there, so we can keep in touch with you no matter what. We will crack on with new projects and directions, and speak to you all very soon.

All the best in petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Crew.

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  1. quill 2 months ago

    Adam, I would like to know how to purchase a movie. I have gone to your “ask support” but cannot find out the method i.e. cost, currency etc. Can you help me out? Would like to purchase Meet Alma, Oct 2017 and Back into Lilly May, 2018 but need to know cost per movie generally before I go into it.
    Thanks and Happy New Year.

    • Author
      adam 2 months ago

      Hi Quill, Support have emailed you please check your mail 🙂 You can find the price for each movie at the top of each movie page. Happy new year 🙂

  2. Lessery 7 months ago

    Ich liebe es auch wenn ein Hund oder ein Pferd einer Frau in den Mund pisst. Auch eine Frau von vielen Hunde bestiegen wird. Habe schon zwei davon gesehen einfach geil!!

  3. kokom 8 months ago

    good bestiality

  4. maureen 8 months ago

    Are here any Videos with a footjob to a dog or horse?

  5. mikiyrogers 8 months ago

    Thanks for all the info and its certainly a lot quicker now pages download really fast noted your comment too. thanks

  6. ibraaff 8 months ago

    Eh, is everybody missing the most epic sentence in this great blog?? What’s that about you dying to tell us about the great temple of horse cock Adam? 🙂 <3<3

  7. gdane15 9 months ago

    i agree with Adam we dont wont too see damn fillers we wont to see pure hard action, and this is exactly what AOZ shows.

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      I saw a competitor movie the other day. 16 minutes long total. 14 minutes of dildo, 2 minutes of pet fun. Fuck me eh.

  8. derek2718 9 months ago

    I don’t think we should add pissing to the zoo videos, I don’t mind them being on the site,but I don’t think it has any place in the videos themselves, considering people come here for the bestiality and were drawn to this site only for that and not golden showers. Just saying…

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      Hey Derek – keep in mind our policy on action. Our policy has always been to include as much pet action into a movie as possible, in some cases wall to wall. I made this policy in response to having to look at / pay for pet movies that were 95% ‘filler’, and 5% pet action. I’m sure you have seen them, 14 minutes of a girl with a dildo, and 1 minute of pet action. You don’t need to pay for dildo stuff you can get that for free on a million websites. I always thought that was a rip off, so we always aimed to keep our % of pet action very high. Instead of 95% filler and 5% pet action, we aim to go the other way with 95% pet action etc. That 5% is just to add some interest, maybe a striptease, some foot stuff, that kind of thing. Don’t worry, at no point would we expect any of our supporters to pay pet-movie prices for a piss movie. In the case of the recent TigerLily movie, I think the piss scene is about 1 minute long, if that. A lot of members are into crossover fetishes and it’s nice to vary that a bit.

    • suavegancho 7 months ago

      Well said. Ditto.

  9. silver69 9 months ago

    I am agree and like animals pissing on girls, but not upside down

  10. zoocurious 9 months ago

    Well, i have no problem with pissing and watersports at all, but it’s just not my thing.

    As such, I really hope media written or produced in the future will be properly labeled with “pissing”, “watersports” or similar.

  11. aztec15 9 months ago

    More Mexican girls please! It’s so natural for them to let dogs fuck them and they love it.

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      It’s natural for all girls to pleasure pets – Latin Ladies just have a particular talent for it 🙂

  12. liquidgold 9 months ago

    The combination of watersports and animal sex is a wonderful one in my opinion. I’ve never found one, but I would really love to see a video with a woman playing with animal piss. One of my biggest fantasies is a girl lying on the floor and letting a dog piss in her mouth. I’ve seen a few horse-clips in which the stallion starts to piss, but instead of enjoying it, the girls turn away from it.

    • silver69 9 months ago

      Absolutely agree. Why are the girls so afraid with dog or horse piss?

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      Hehe, same old Liquidgold 😉 I still got your horse piss artworks from about 15 years ago somewhere.

  13. dogpound2017 9 months ago

    Hi all, I am unsure if this has yet been suggested but I have an idea for a movie or at least a staging scene that I think would be hot.
    ‘DCGH’ – Doggie Cock Glory Hole. Glory Hole movies are now on almost every porn site and extremely popular. I was thinking that the dog could be prepped beforehand by his handler (or K9 fluffer in this case) to already be fully exposed out of sheath, squirting and his cock aimed out behind him. The handler would then walk the dog backwards aiming his cock through the hole…. while a luscious sexy K9 woman awaited inside the adjoining room eager to blow the lucky liquid pumping pup.
    The hole I feel would require some form of padded ring to avoid injury to his sensitive member. Maybe a type of washable material such as a glossy Paten Leather (ie; PU / Polyurethane plastic) which would look very ‘bling’ on film in hot glossy red or shiny black. This PU Leather can be very cheaply purchased in sheets / rolls online like china etc. or from an upholsterer
    Just a thought. Cheers DP

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      Yes that would be doable. I will stick it on the list 🙂

  14. algard2 9 months ago

    Watersports in pet movies is a fantastic idea, i personally love pet sex and love watersoports, that could be better than combining both.

  15. mittomen 9 months ago

    “DogWoman” is so hot. Definitely want to see her ?

  16. k9fandoglover1 9 months ago

    Adding watersport to the site is a great idea

    Would be good if live chat also made possible.

    Keep up the good work

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      Now we’ve ditched most of the file sharing and the site is a bit faster, I am giving it some thought 🙂

  17. surfulf 9 months ago

    I think beast and watersports are a great combo. I first saw this in a brazilian beast movie were a girl pissed on a dog dick that was sucked by another girl…..great. Also it’s hot to see a woman drinking dog piss.

  18. destenyb59 9 months ago

    I’m addict to peeing scenes. I’m very happy you introduce some in your videos. For me it’s Great. Thanks

  19. jay27 9 months ago

    Nice and have u thought about featuring a one on one or group chat bubble to have an unpaused convo with friends

  20. zhuzaz 9 months ago


  21. gabriel12319 9 months ago


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