ArtOfZoo Update Jan 2018

Hi Gang,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. 2018, on we go. Welcome to all our new Members, and thanks to everyone uploading, and commenting, and blogging – it’s always great to see your new stuff 🙂 We’ve been very busy setting things up, making plans, troubleshooting. I’m busy working on the new Patrons Club, that should be ready before too long. Thanks for your patience, as you know we have a lot to do, and few hands with which to do it. We’ll get there.



Thanks to everyone who has supported and protected our new movies so far, that is awesome. This month we have launched TigerLily’s second movie, with a great missionary turned tie. Also introducing the lovely Selena, a delicious, elegant Latin Lady enjoying her first dog mating, and doing an excellent job taking care of Sam.

Selena dog sex video

Selena’s perfect pussy is filled with Sam’s swollen, squirting dog cock…


TigerLily dog sex video

TigerLily continues her mating training with missionary turned tie…


We are pleased to announce that, once again, we have set up some convenient payment methods for our Members with a good payment history. We will be mailing our hardcore supporters about this in the next few days. If you have a Trust Level 2 or 3 payment history (not including any trust from verification etc), Support can now offer you easy payment methods for your convenience. We will add more payment methods as we go along.



Great to hear that some of you fine folks are hooking up for some of that good pet fun.

A few disappointments too I hear. I would remind Owners, that it’s not nice to make arrangements with a Lady, then bail. Pet Girls talk, get recommendations etc. If you make a habit of bailing, you are likely to get a bad reputation in pet circles. That’s likely to put a big dent in your play times.

Please don’t make meeting arrangements until you are 100% sure you want to meet. If you are not 100% sure, don’t make arrangements. That way, nobody is disappointed. In addition – looking after a Pet Girl, making sure she is comfortable and has a good time – that is likely to get you good recommendations, and more playtimes. Do please look after those Pet Girls eh, we would be nothing without them.

Haymaker dog sex

Please take good care of those wonderful, magical Pet Girls…

Having said all that, I know there is some good mating going on out there. Local groups are forming, playdates are being enjoyed. Every dog sperm splashing into a nice vagina, is a victory for us all. So please keep up the great work 🙂

If YOU have a playdate success story – maybe you hooked up with someone from the site for some hot and furry sessions – it would be great if you could let us know. Your success stories will be very encouraging to others. Keep in mind, there are many Ladies lurking around the pet wastelands of the net, looking for that real experience without success. By the time they get to us, they can be a bit disillusioned. Let’s put the sparkle back in those Ladies smiles, and let them know that a life-changing real pet experience is only a few (safe and careful) steps away.



This month we hit a few problems to do with censorship. That took up a chunk of our time. We are no stranger to that, we have been quietly attacked for over a decade now. So far, somehow we always manage to claw our way back.

However, once again the powers that be are trying to seize control of the internet. They have tried before, and failed, but they will keep trying. This time it’s the Net Neutrality thing. This is very important for all internet users, not just pet fans. I would ask that all Members please pop over and read this post, and do your part to appeal against this dangerous decision. Every vote counts.




The Matriarch’s Group – “The Voice of Experience” 🙂

ArtOfZoo SuperBitch

When it cums to deep dog mating, SB really is a super bitch (or should that be SUPERB Bitch?) 🙂

Several of our more experienced Pet Ladies have mentioned that they receive quite a lot of questions from new Pet Ladies coming onto the scene. To optimize the transmission of knowledge and experience, we have set up the Matriarch’s Group. This Group is run by some of our most dedicated, most serious and wonderful dog sex Titans:

TheRealSuperBitch – don’t be afraid, SB’s name describes her dedication to dog mating and being a great dog bitch – NOT that she is a mean spirited Lady 😉 SB has a ton of experience in dog love, and is always keen to get that good dog juice flowing inside her.

K9CockLover – a great name for a great Pet Lady. K9CL is a serious and active petlover, who is happiest when “bent over with a handsome stud resting on my back as he squirts his load deep down where it aches to be”. The Lady’s words, and mighty fine words they are too.

Bine68 – an active Pet Lady with some great experience – we just published an interview with Bine here, so you can read that to find out more. Bine speaks German, which might be handy for all the new German Pet Ladies entering the session. 🙂

Coco4K9Love – another superb Pet Lady. Coco is an African American Pet Girl with a passion for deep dog love, and plenty of experience in pet play.

The Group is for females only (sorry chaps, the Ladies felt that a ‘sanctuary’ type situation was most appropriate, so new Ladies felt more safe). So, if you are a new Lady getting into pets, or interested in getting into pets, and you need some advice, guidance or support, please head over and join. Make sure your profile is set up first though, so the Admins know whether to let you in or not.

ArtOfZoo - K9CockLover

Matriarch K9CockLover – the name that says it all so nicely…


The Florida Group – this is a hidden Group, run by IlikeALotM. The Group consists of a close, experienced network of pet friends in and around Florida area. If you are female / couple / owner in that area, and would like the opportunity to hook up with some real friends for fun times, please drop a message to ILALM. For security reasons, not everyone will be able to join the group (it will help if you are verified). Here’s looking forward to a huge active network and banging pet sessions in Florida as things move ahead.

SoCal Animal Lovers – another local group that is taking off quite nicely. If you are in SoCal and looking for new friends and possible meetings, head over and join up.

Magyar állatbarátok // Hungarian Zoo – a local group for Pet Friends in Hungary. Pet love has always been quite popular in Hungary, so if you are there, join the Group and make some new friends.

Women in Great Positions for Animal Sex – this group is proving quite popular. A collection of non-pet pics of lovely Ladies adopting those special positions necessary for successful mating. You know we love those positions 😉

HayMaker Bestiality Art – animalsex art aficionado Haymaker has joined our network, and has quite sensibly set up a Group to showcase his artworks. He has some great 3D art and animations that I’m sure you will enjoy. I am hoping some of you other pet artists will follow Haymakers example, and set up groups to promote your work. Keep in mind, petlove artists links to Patreon etc, are allowed.



I have quite a few friends in China, and Chinese overseas. All of whom insist that Chinese women are not into dog sex. I of course insist in turn, that where there are dogs and women cohabiting, Ladies will be having sex with dogs. This is backed up by the large volume of mails and messages we receive from Chinese speaking folks every day. Site regular Guodong translated my old ZS lessons into Chinese (you’ll find those in the China Group forum). And despite the language barrier, we even have our first Chinese blog post, hopefully it will not be the last.

Most interesting of all – we are starting to see the very first amateur Chinese dog sex clips appearing here and there on the network. It’s great to see that the Chinese Pet Ladies are getting skilled with pets, and are as motivated to provide that good pet pussy, as other Pet Ladies internationally. You go, girls – 中国的狗女孩很好 🙂

Dog sex in China

Pet Girls from China demonstrate their skill in dog mating, lovely…

There also seems to be a growing petlove movement in China too, I’ve found all kinds of erotic and interesting pet-related items from those parts, when scouring the web lately.

Now, this is quite interesting. When we set out on the great animal sex adventure all those years ago, I’d wanted to demonstrate that petlove is an international passion which transcends local boundaries and customs. We traveled all over the world, researching petstuff. And the places we did not visit, I was keen to release movies from.

China dog love

Some interesting and quite raunchy petstuff coming from China lately…

In the past we have released movies from most all continents and many countries – Europe, North and South America and Canada, Africa, Australia / New Zealand, Russia. The last remaining locale, was the Orient. We have of course made a number of movies with nice Asian Ladies since then. But despite our various travels across Asia – China is the big one. We could not really consider Asia ‘pet friendly’ until Grandmother China came on board. And, it seems the Lady just joined the party.

There is unfortunately one area I can’t in all good conscience promote petlove to, or really encourage petlove activities in. That is India and the Middle East. Of course, we have numerous members from those areas, and we have even had Models applying from those areas too. But considering the quite unenlightened treatment of women in those areas, and the huge risks and outlandish punishments applied for the most insignificant of sexual ‘crimes’ there, I think petfun is probably not a safe choice for those Ladies. Shame really, India has quite a deep heritage when it comes to animal sex. Maybe next millennium eh.

Also, we don’t have any pet friends in Antarctica or Greenland (to my knowledge – who really knows what goes on in Antarctica). Again, where there are Ladies living with dogs, I am sure it happens. I guess igloos don’t have wifi, though.

ArtOfZoo Wild World

It’s a wild wild wild wild world!

So, aside from a few ‘no go’ areas, with the inclusion of the Orient, the mission to demonstrate a Petlove Planet is now complete. We are indeed one people, connected by our pet passions. Now, anyone telling you that petlove is some fringe interest – you can inform them otherwise.

Now that mission is complete, it’s time to bring the music back home. Look out for the Eden Project, details coming soon.



Again, it’s great to see many of you starting to find new friends and fun times. Now, we have been online a short while. It takes a little while to find and start chatting with a suitable friend. It takes a little while to develop feelings for someone. Having your hopes dashed takes no time at all. So it is no surprise that we are starting to receive our first ‘I don’t think Member X is real’ complaints.

Now Gang, Member Verification cuts both ways. If there are genuine females or owners on the site, who are not verified, but you are happy to talk to them all the same – there is little incentive for those Members to get verified. The wisdom, from many years of experience on this scene, is: fake until proven otherwise. Always. Really, really wanting someone to be real, does not change that fact.

Sure there are genuine females and owners on the site who are not verified. Unfortunately there are tons more fake Members, so you would never be able to tell the difference.

Verification is a free service, that we operate in our own time, to improve your chances of finding genuine friends. There is no valid reason to not get verified (believe me we have heard them all). And historically, genuine people who are serious about making friends have no problem at all getting verified. They jump on cam, and job done. I would encourage Members to please be a bit more discerning when speaking with other Members, and always encourage Members to get verified where appropriate. That way everyone wins.


Incidentally, if you happen to be into aquatic fish sexy fun, you might like to check out “The Shape of Water” by Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. Senor del Toro is responsible for other peaches such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, so you know it’ll be quite good. The movie is basically Abe Sapien’s less intellectual cousin, meets Amélie, meets Splash. With shagging and the occasional glimpse of full frontal nudity to keep us vagina fans happy. Guillermo knows what time it is with interspecies sex, check it out.

Shape of Water

“Experience a connection…”


That’s all for now folks, catch up with you all soon, and keep on rocking in the pet world. 🙂

All the best in petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Team.

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  4. longtrail60 11 months ago

    love to see that pet love its hot

  5. dinadina16 1 year ago

    there is interest in arab countries as well

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi, yes of course. But to encourage pet love in those areas, would be to encourage people to risk their lives. It’s not something I want on my conscience.

      • dinadina16 1 year ago

        not necesseraly
        I talked to Egyptian women – Saudi arbian – yemen
        they want these and consider this their risk can be sometimes as risky as western women the thing is to things to move they need to be wanted to progress those women will know what they can and can not do

        • Author
          adam 1 year ago

          Yes I was going to say that previously, that if people anywhere are not happy with the rules of their current living environment, they should leave, even if leaving is difficult. But if they have left that area, there are no longer in that area, not risking their lives, and I am quite happy to encourage them.

          • dinadina16 1 year ago

            I understand the thing is reaching them first as I see it. when you spread it it help change things from inside.
            in zoo groups your content is actually liked by arab people and in beastforum for intstance you have a muslim girl said she wants to be the first muslim zoo porn actress (she is very active) and you have candian Pakistani who is very turned own by it
            make it more familiar will help change the things I think if you have some arab muslim girls it will acho to those socities like mia khalifa did

          • Author
            adam 1 year ago

            Hmm you do have a point. I traveled through Palestine, there were some beautiful women there. But anyway, I don’t BLOCK people in Pakistan etc from seeing our stuff. If they can access it, they are of course welcome. I would just urge folks in those regions to be extremely careful about doing anything that will put them at serious risk. And if they feel their current environment, and the rules and doctrines that create it, do not fit with their thinking – then either they need to change their thinking to match their current rules – or they need to change their location and rules to ones that are more tolerant of their personality.

            I say this, and without wishing to cause offense. There is little point in leaving an environment that is based on certain rules – because that environment makes you unhappy – relocating, then continuing to live by those same rules. Because then, all that happens is people in a strange new culture will naturally gravitate towards others who share those old rules. Before you know it, you’ve brought the old, unhappy environment with you and destroyed the happier one you sought out.

            I’ve lived in all kinds of countries and I can say without doubt, the happiest people are Buddhist. The least sexually repressed too.

          • dinadina16 1 year ago

            arab muslim zoo porn actress *

          • dinadina16 1 year ago

            ok man
            I respect your thought

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    We don’t have access to a dog at the moment. But I would love to hear another lady getting fucked. No body would want to see my old saggy baggy body getting fucked. So maybe if you are like me you could record your rover slipping old mother hub bid his bone. I for one would love to hear it. As soon as we get Access I will get hubby to tape him fucking me if anyone is interested.

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    Just as a side note. My hubby has early stages of prostate cancer and we really enjoy watching and reading beast to get in the mood.

  10. Hungry4it 1 year ago

    Hi. Sorry if I repeat my self but I want to thank all of you great people for making me full more comfortable in my own skin. Me and my two older sisters grew up on a farm and we fucked everything we could with a cock with the exception of our two older brothers. They were just too gross. It is great to know that there are other people out there like us.

  11. gdane15 1 year ago

    I also want to say Thanks to the whole AOZ Team and of course your
    lovely models. I am a big Fan for so many years and now you present
    what i really likes the Asian theme perfect. So please continue on this high level

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  13. k9cocklover 1 year ago

    Thank you for the mention and to the whole team running this incredible place for us to come together ? it is an honor to be here among all of you amazing people sharing our passion towards animals

  14. 1 year ago

    Thank you adam for your work, so hard so complicated, to make this passion as long .

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  16. Author
    adam 1 year ago

    I would just like to say, to all the lovely Matriarchs that mailed me saying thanks for the mention – Ladies, really no need to thank me. You are wonderful and amazing, and we should be thanking all of you for just being you. Please keep pleasuring those doggies and don’t ever change xxx

  17. haohao7694 1 year ago

    Happy to see more and more chinese girl to enjoy petlove. Is it possible to see a movie by chinese girl model in the future?

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      That would be difficult, we would probably have to shoot in China, and that will not be easy. But yes we would be delighted to make a movie with a Chinese Lady, that would be great. 🙂

  18. soulsreaver 1 year ago

    I know the areas in the middle east and India’s treatment of women and sexuality are not good, but I have to say I know I’d love to see those gorgeous ladies on here! 🙂

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