ArtOfZoo December Dog Sex Update

Hi All 🙂

well we finally got the server upgrade out of the way. And just in time too, the previous server was struggling.  You know, this is the 3rd server we have had since starting the new site. I guess you folks are just plain getting busy with your petfun 😉

The site is already running a bit faster, and we can upgrade this new server as we need it. We can send out the other half of the newsletter now, then we will be properly launched.

IMPORTANT: We always try very hard to make sure we do not lose any mails during a server migration. However, if you have sent any mails to Support in the past few days – and have not received a response yet – please resend your mail, because it may have fallen through the cracks.


It was not that long since the last site news, so not a huge update this time. Still, Christmas is just around the corner, so we should start thinking about that festive spirit.

I published quite a few blog posts this month, you can check those out here. The interview with DogsLucy was nice, I’ve been waiting a while to see a dog inside that Lady, I reckon I am not the only one 🙂

Master Zetaskool has once again been showing us what is possible to achieve with the right dog slave and some good training. Doggy girl Epsi looks great, both in her formal dog training uniform, or while being bred by a lucky stud…

Epsi Dog Sex Slave

Dog training is a way of life for a good dog slave…


Epsi Dog Sex Slave

Dog mating is an important part of any dog training program…

Verified Couple 1PeterPan have been teasing us, and showing us what Mrs PeterPan has lined up for any Verified Pets in the area. The Lady’s nice doggy bits are posted in the Verified Members Group,  yet another reason to get yourselves Verified

ArtOfZoo 1PeterPan Animal Sex

Mrs Peterpan has something to make those doggies explode with pleasure…

I will have a bit more time to scout around the site for new stuff in the next update, promise.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare – your feedback would be appreciated on a poll I started in the Architects Group. I want to get some feedback on how best to handle informative blog posts from Members. It’s your site, so please have your say. You can find that poll here.


We just published the next 2 movies for your viewing pleasure. We had originally planned to not release any new material over December, because typically many of our Members are off with family, on holiday etc. However, a number of Members have been pushing us, so we thought what the hell. Please keep in mind, that December is always our slowest month. The Download Buffer might go a little slower this month, until January ticks around. Thanks for your patience.

First we introduce Kana, our second lovely Asian dog girl in training. Kana would be a Smooth Ride for any lucky hound…

Kana Asia Dog Sex

Kana’s sweet pussy can yank the sperm out of a dog from across the room…

By popular demand, we are also releasing one of our previous Platinum titles – Playtime with Mariana. Another ZDT special that I’m sure you will enjoy…

Mariana Dog Sex Girl

Mariana joins Sam’s lusty harem of lovely Latin Dog Girls…

Speaking of ZDT – we are happy to hear that ZDT now has a new stud dog in training. Sam’s mission to love every single female in Mexico was valiant, if not a little unrealistic. With a little help from the new guy in town, who knows, maybe they have a chance 🙂

ZDT New Dog Sex Stud

With those sexy Latin Ladies keen to try doggy, the new guy will probably be quite busy…


We are up to 118 Groups now, you folks have been busy 🙂 It’s nice to give everyone the opportunity to have their own corner of AoZ, where you can make new friends who share your animal sex interests, or who are local to you. Some Groups that caught my eye this month:

Women in Great Positions for Animal Sex
Hehe, yeah I’m sure we all have a few pics of lovely Ladies assuming that perfect position. Even without a pet to take advantage of said position – I don’t know about you, but it always puts a smile on my face. Thanks to Citizen for setting that up.

Amores Perros – Zoo Hispánica
PrincesaCanina’s Latin Group is banging as always, those Latin folks always know how to enjoy some wild fun. Very nice to see a good Spanish-speaking community growing there.

ArtOfZoo Official Library and Writers Group
LucienOM has set up a Group for Members interested in writing, Pet Books and scripts. If you have great script ideas written out, you might consider posting them in the Writers Group – Lucien will then PDF your submissions and add them to the ArtOfZoo Library for others to enjoy. Great work from LucienOM as always.

Czech Pet Lovers – Český Zvířecí Sex a Zoofilie
This is a new Group, with very few Members so far. I want to plug this Group, because historically… let’s put it this way. If someone asked me, what country we got the most contacts from, but fewest follow ups? It would be Czech. We get a fair amount of emails and inquiries from folks in Czech, but to date in all these years, we have never managed to get a proper network going there. It’s a shame, there are some amazing Ladies in Czech, and we would like to see more. So if you are a Czech pet lover, please head over to this Group and join up.


Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the various roles in the last update, that is great – once we are all organized, I reckon we can be a real nuisance 😉

This month we are looking for:


So, on previous sites I (or ILZ) would select a few nice images to decorate the body of articles and posts. Unfortunately, for a little while at least, we don’t have a lot of time to spend on this. It’s a shame, because it’s always nice to have interesting pictures to heighten the pleasure of a given post.

If you are good with Photoshop, have a good collection of animal sex related images (or you know how to use Google image search well) – if you understand that sometimes a hardcore photo is needed, sometimes a softcore, or more romantic image is needed – in short, if you have a good eye for selecting the perfect images to accompany a post – we would like to hear from you.

TeenLuma Dog Sex Comic

Strange how things pan out. We regularly receive random mails from Chinese chaps forwarding old newsletters to us, asking why they stopped coming. Turns out, a lot of Chinese pet fans are quite upset about the demise of our old newsletter format. Because all animal sex websites are blocked in China, our old newsletter seemed to be the only way some of these folks got to join in the fun. That’s quite sad eh.

Anyway, just a few days ago, one chap forwarded an old Christmas newsletter from a few years back. Fuck me there was a lot going on back then, no wonder we were all going out of our minds. It’s early days for the new site yet, but I hope next Christmas we will have time to push for more seasonal pet fun from our Members. Christmas is still a few weeks away, so if you have anything festive in mind – photos, stories, really anything Christmas related – please drop a message to Agency and if we get some nice stuff I will do an extra, festive update this month.

As always, huge thanks to all our Patrons, Supporters, Volunteers, your assistance is extremely appreciated. And of course, big thanks to everyone joining us on the new site. If I don’t speak to you all before, please have a very merry Christmas, and an extremely happy New Year 🙂

All the best in petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Team.

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  1. enmingon 9 months ago

    When I see Vixen again??

  2. goodboy1 12 months ago

    Hi adam, i just became a member of your site, i have never told anyone about my love for animal/human sex secret, been with my partner 40yrs, but know she would hate the idea of doggy sex (her&my loss)but at least i can now share my enthusiasm with other members,i just wish i could’ve found this site years ago!

    • ilz 9 months ago

      Sorry for this delay of replying to your comment also Adam is quite busy on working at the new AOZ movie website so then about your comment see it positive that you are here with us now better later then never 😉

      And that is quite common many People have partners that don’t share there fantasies but if you talk carefully to find kind of a compromise to see people doing it live or be involved would be ideal lots of couples do swinger parties and they still manage to stay together and in there relationship is healthy and there sexlife is even better but you know your partner better then anyone at any community you will find it’s a matter how you present her your fantasy start slowly and react in a way you don’t make your partner feel bad maybe try to bring up the topic with humor, most Ladies like humor that might work for you as well but anyway i wish you good luck with it and glad your are with us now part of the community 😉

  3. birdsong 1 year ago

    @adam – Can we expect videos featuring boars and/or horses in future?

  4. teenluma 1 year ago

    Mi primer dibujos a lápiz

  5. winter2017 1 year ago

    Hi Adam. On other forums you can see the newest post, photos etc when you log in to the main home site. I miss this very much here.
    Keep up the good work. Woof!!

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hey Winter – yes, this area is on the list of things we need to have built. It’s not as easy as with a forum, that just lists new posts usually. There’s a bit more than just new posts here, there’s new members, new verified members, featured profiles, latest comments, and many other things that need to go into that area, for us. But you are right, this is needed and it is currently number two on the list of priority things to add. We have to add the Patrons Club module first though. 🙂

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