ArtOfZoo Update July 2018 - Dog Sex

Hey All 🙂

hope everyone is doing great. It’s been a busy month with lots going on, so I will get straight down to the biz…


2 petsexy new offerings this month:

Slamming Pam

ArtOfZoo Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Video

Pams great pet pussy is always a real doggy treat…

Delicious Latin Pet Girl Pam returns for more great dog love. That Lady must feel awesome wrapped around Sams cock like that 😉

Flavors of Asia

ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Animal is delighted at this sweet find…

A mixtape of some nice unreleased Asian pet fun, with Chevvy and Kana.

If you aren’t already, please do try to purchase the occasional movie. Movie sales are what keeps the site going eh. You can see all available movies here.



Added a lot of new bits to the site this month. A few nice new features still to add, I am on the case.


As requested by many of you, we’ve added a new chat feature. Most of you seem to be getting the hang of it. It has a few glitches, but the chat provider is working on those. One of the cool things is we can now verify people directly from the site, without needing to drag people onto Skype to do it. You can find out more about the site chat here.


Yielding to pressure from our international Members I have added a simple language changer. The translations it generates are likely not top-notch. However, I would hope it may make things a touch easier for non-English speaking Wilds. An added advantage, it appears to translate the chat text too. At least it does for me, sometimes 🙂


Since we took down the Groups, we needed a different way to promote our more active Wild Ladies. On the original Zooskool we had The Wall, and that worked quite nicely. So we have gone back to that format, you can read about that here.

Artofzoo - pet pussy - dog sex

Pet pussy, the finest there is…


Early visitors to this version of the site may remember that the Activity Walls were a bit crap, and listed tons of friend adds, and other bits that were not so interesting – making it very difficult to see the nicer updates such as Member comments, media and profile updates. I have managed to turn off all the not very interesting Member updates, which means you can now see interesting Member stuff at a glance on each Members Activity Wall.


As a suitable means to respond to rumours and gossip about us, I have added the Rumour Mill. Here you can get our side of various stories and myths about us. You can read about that here.


I’ve added some convenient RSS feed links so you can keep up to date with updates in various areas of the site. You can find these on the right-hand bar of most site pages.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex RSS


To (try to) encourage Members to NOT use the same password on our site as other sites, the site will now require you to change your password at regular intervals. Please try to use a strong password for your AoZ account.

There were some other bits too, I can’t remember what they were right now 😉

In the next couple weeks we have another server upgrade planned. Even with the Groups removed, you Pet People pouring into the site are pushing our poor current server to her limits. The new server has a bunch more processors, will hopefully bring the site up to a comfortable speed and give us scope to add more new features and Members. There will probably be a couple days downtime during this move, thanks for your patience during that time.



Paranoid much?

Lay off the weed eh, if you can’t handle it…

It wasn’t quite interesting or substantial enough to go on the Rumour Mill. But for those people out there gossiping about our site security, a few words. Yes, we did have a small security incident recently. This, however, was down to a specific user using a way-too-basic password, and using the same password on a bunch of other, clearly dodgy sites. Hence the new force password change feature. Do please be responsible about your security Gang, it’s not like we don’t bang on about it enough. You go get yourself busted, or your account hacked, that not only affect you, but it affects us, and any of your friends you’ve been chatting to on the site. Unlike other sites we have an excellent safety reputation as many of you know. Don’t be selfish eh, being sensible about your security is not exactly rocket science. Please keep your house in order like a good Gaianaut.

Regarding our own site security, I would remind / reassure Members. Our host is constantly monitoring site access and scanning for malicious code and unauthorized access. We have a separate independent security company doing the same thing, so plenty of security there. On top of that, we have plenty of our own site security features in place, and we have our data policies – that being, we are not Facebook, we are not in the advertising business and we have no interest in tracking you, selling your info or other choice net shit. To negate any hack attacks, we don’t hold any interesting personal data about our Members. So in the event that someone actually did manage to bypass the myriad of security and get into our database, they would find nothing there except your email address. Provided you aren’t using your moms email, you should hit no problems there.

And our usual Security Protocols for life generally. Beyond that, provided you are using basic common sense, there is no more risk using our site than walking down the street. I am quite aware many people are afraid when doing that too, and I will be writing something about dealing with fear, shortly. Despite the fact, that many of the authorities you are afraid of – we have people in there, like Spectre with love. Really, people. Do I look scared? Do I look bovvered? Am I bovvered tho? 🙂



Summer is just about here, as such those pretty flowers are blooming like crazy.


ArtOfZoo SandraMiki lovely Pet Girl

Ouch. Too much love there, needs a juice hosing to cool things down 🙂


Wow. Nuff said about newly Verified Members SandraMiki. This Lady got that summertime vibe to bring a smile to every happy hound in the neighborhood. So, Owners, get your shit straight, get Verified, and let the games commence already!

Now people. Waa I can’t find a wonderful beautiful Pet Girl, one is not falling in my lap. What is wrong with you people really? 🙂 Here we have a sweet flower going almost entirely without dog juice. You would think among ALL our Members, that we could find at least one Owner with a dog man enough to tend to the needs of Ms Pinebark?


ArtOfZoo - Pinebark - Dog Sex Girl

Pinebarks tender button really deserves the real thing…


Come on folks. Send all your love to Pinebark, and make sure that she gets some hot dog cock inside her as soon as possible eh. As we know, a good pet pussy is a terrible thing to waste.

Likewise with Wild neophyte Ms Neverenderr who has yet to take a dog between those juicy lips…


ArtOfZoo - Neverenderr - Dog Sex Girl

Ms Neverenderr patiently awaits the righteous sting of the dog cock…


Which of you intrepid Owners will be first to deliver the juice to this lovely Lady? 🙂

Monica, on the other hand, is no stranger to dog love. Having had lucky hounds ejaculating inside her in the past, the Lady now seeks further Wild experience…


ArtOfZoo - Monicafucksdogs - Dog sex girl

Too much yummy flesh to coax a lucky hound into new heights of ecstasy…


With a name like Monicafucksdogs, the Ladys intent is clear. Here’s hoping you Owners have something nice to slide into that tight, scrumptious, fluffy little box. What a pleasure it will be for someone, to see those great boobs swaying rhythmically to and fro as your dog sinks deeper, and deeper into her embrace.

Delightfully attractive Mrs Blondezoos has a flower that screams canine joy…


Artofzoo - Blondezoos - dog sex girl

We can all be envious of the dogs that get to enjoy this tender rose…


I am a one-man fan club of that precious vagina… why don’t you, and your dog, join my club and bring the noise to this Lady? I do not think anyone will be disappointed 🙂

PervertBlonda is also looking for (pet) love. There is a fine figure of a Lady if ever I saw…

Artofzoo - Pervertablonda - dog sex girl

PervertBlonda proudly displays her wares to tempt lucky hounds out there…


Given the Ladys location, the clock is ticking that we do not get to her with our boys before you do. Shall we see who’s doggies get to mate her first? Don’t delay now, hesitation begets defeat 😉

Now, pet yumminess doesn’t come much yummier than young Ms Aureca1 here. Shit dogged damn, that is one helluva woman…


Artofzoo - aureca1 - dog sex girl

A picture speaks 1000 words so I shall just sit here dribbling quietly to myself 😉


I expect, like me, you are imagining some lucky pet slicing through that Ladys loveliness to her heart of pure pleasure? Well stop imagining, and start doing – you Owners should probably join the queue early to avoid disappointment, there is only so much of any Lady to go round…

You can tell when it’s summertime, all those blonde Pet Ladies come out to play eh 😉

Having only seen the more intimate parts of this next Lady, I am not entirely sure of Her hair color. With a name like RedVelvetK9, I am guessing the Lady is a redhead…


Artofzoo - redvelvetk9 - dog sex

Yummy, scrummy – here’s looking forward to more dog cock in this Ladys tummy…


Mrs Red is no stranger to dog love as you will see from the following gif…


Artofzoo - Redvelvetk9 - dog sex

Mrs Velvets Secret Garden thoroughly watered…


Dog semen splashing around a Lady’s cervix is not a view we get to enjoy every day, so I trust you are enjoying 🙂 If you would like to see more of the same, better hook up with this nice couple and bring your boys. They have work to do.

Last on our Wild Flowers roster for this month, BavarianSpirit – a lovely mature Pet Lady completely new to dog love. I have been enjoying this Ladys excitement and curiosity as to what all the fuss is about…


Artofzoo - Bavarianspirit - dog sex

Who will have more pleasure during the mating of this flower – the Lady or the dog? We shall see 😉


Mrs Bavarian is really quite unsure what the attraction is to several seconds worth of dog mating. I have explained that, like the Matrix, and the Dao – dog love is not something you can be told. It is something you have to see for yourself. I think it is great that the Wild word is spreading sufficiently to attract Ladies that otherwise have no experience or understanding of our beautiful Art. I understand a certain Member will be hooking up with this Lady shortly to offer her first experience. I have a feeling it will go well, and be enlightening for both Lady and furry lover. I expect, once her flower has tasted the bitter sweet sting of animal passion, she will understand, and demand more. So, you Pet owners in the vicinity of the Fatherland, do please form an orderly queue. That scrumptious ass really needs to be put to good doggy use. I can imagine it jiggling with delight as Rovers near and far, slam home, hopefully delivering a nice knot or two into the process.

We have verified numerous other Pet People also, just a matter of room, you know. We look forward to Wild developments with all these delightful Pet Ladies, and I will be sure to keep you posted of progress 😉


The Eden Project

The Eden Project


Thanks to everyone for your inquiries and offers of support. We will be restructuring the Eden Patrons thing shortly, in light of what we have learned so far – so please bear with me while I organize that. Suffice to say, things are going according to plan, and it seems daily we are expanding our support network behind the scenes, adding some most excellent minds to the mix. We expect to start the first flow of new Pet Ladies to your screens very shortly.

In the mean time, I’ve been getting a lot of pressure to extend the Eden Project into the United States. We generally have a high volume of Members stateside, so such a move is probably not a bad idea. A bit earlier than anticipated, but I know how hungry you Yankies are for that good pet action 😉

Currently, we seem to be getting a good number of active people in and around the Florida area, so we will probably kick things off there. We already have a good and Trusted Member ready to start heading things up. We also have a bunch of very keen Owners and Playmates down there. You folks will have to be careful about legal issues and take extra care. But I know of one group already developing down there so hopefully we can tap into that and get the party started.

I will more formally announce things as they develop. In the mean time, if you are a Pet Owner in or near to Florida, and you would like to join the fun, please get yourselves verified – and mention an interest in Eden while you are there. Also, any interested folks already verified, please drop me a message and I will put you in touch with our US Ambassador 🙂



I would like to remind all Members with a fondness for the written word, that our Head Librarian LucienOM is doing an excellent job updating our Library each month with new books. Unfortunately there is a small bug in the Library system which displays books in the wrong order. This means that, at a glance, all the newest books are not yet at the top. They will be when we get that bug fixed.

Artofzoo Library dog sex story

In light of that, here is a list of the latest new books on our Library:

CR-2004 Sally’s Secret Lover
HFF-114 Pleasure Pets Between Spread Thighs
KCS-1204 The Jealous Protector
LB-1207 Neighbors Hot For Dogs
LB-1224 Daughter Hot In The Kennels
LB-1227 Cousin Comes For Horses
LB-1231 Two Daughters And A Dog
LB-1236 Wife Coming With Dogs
LB-1244 Wife Degraded By A Dog
LB-1267 Barbara’s Kennel Orgy
LB-1271 Mom’s Doggy Days
LB-1272 The Nun’s Animal Fun
LB-1287 Mom Horses Around
LLP-272 Caesar Comes – Book 1
LLP-274 Caesar’s Revenge – Book 2
LLP-276 Caesar Conquers – Book 3
LLP-342 A Curious Pet
PB-104 Mom’s Best Friend
PB-130 The Widow’s Pet
PB-147 Laura’s Dog Style
PB-168 Going To The Dogs
PB-271 Feeding The Neighbor’s Dog
PB-284 Debbie’s Dog Act
PB-303 Horse-Loving Niece
RWS-196 Sally And Duke
SC-196 Her Security Dogs
***SE-437 The Lap Dog
***ST-09 Sensuous Tales – Vol 9
***TNS-540 The Kennel Club
VC-285 Animals And Their Women Lovers

Yes I could have linked them. What am I, your mother? 🙂 Use the Library search already 😉



I am making good progress on catching up with you fine folks fervent scribblings. I’ve published… I can’t remember how many posts recently. Still a lot more to come, and I daresay you will keep things going. That is awesome, don’t forget blog posts tend to get attention which may lead to new friends, and inspiring others. All good reasons to put those fingers to that keyboard 🙂

About blog posts – we don’t publish all blog posts submitted. To date, the usual reason for not accepting a post for publishing has been the length. Please keep in mind, our blog is intended to be a showcase of interesting and fun, substantial writings by our Members who often put a great deal of work into them. We also get a lot of 1 or 2 liners. There is some time and effort involved in prepping a post for release, we don’t really want to do that for 1 line of text. We also don’t want to start cluttering up our blog with this kind of thing. In the past we contacted all bloggers to let them know that their post has not been accepted. However, we are getting so many posts submitted that there simply is not time to do this any more. So, if you have a post in for review, and it doesn’t get posted, chances are it was too short. Please try posting again, but this time, spend a bit of time on it. At least 3 good paragraphs please. Thanks for your understanding.



As usual, a huge thanks to all our supporting Patrons. None of this would be possible without your dedication to the Art of Zoo, your support is very much appreciated.

For you folks with various excuses as to why you can’t / won’t purchase the occasional goddamned movie, I would take a look around you at the love, and the nice features – with many more on the way – and remember who it is that is providing these things for you. If you can’t take a moment to put your hand in your pocket, I would hope you could at least take a moment to say thanks to our great Patrons. Comments section is just below 🙂

Of course, also big thanks to all our dedicated and active Evangelists out there spreading the Wild Word. Each one teach one, and we will all be living in Eden before you know it. Trust me, the work taken to get us this back passage to the Garden has clearly borne fruit. We are all adults now, and should Someone want us out of said Garden, I am sure They would have taken steps to put a stop to your old Uncle Adam by now. 😉

Ah, a pleasant summer is coming, I can feel it. Can you? For the old school, back before Mr Smith was battling aliens and pursuing Happiness, just a Fresh Young Prince, a little something to get you in that good groove…



A tune dedicated to all you lovely Ladies, and your various fresh Princes this season.

I had to chuckle. On the old ZS we would occasionally do an ‘Asshole of the Month’ section. I would prefer to not spend too much time on assholes but this one was quite funny. Some chap wanting me to put him directly in contact with Models, took umbrage at my declining his requests. At which point, apparently, I’ve made all this up. None of you exist, none of you lovely Verified Ladies exist. Apparently, it’s just me and him. Well, how cozy a thought for him. I trust that shall serve well when sitting alone, fapping furiously with no friends. People eh, what will I do with you.

That’s all for now folks, sorry if I forgot anyone, next time eh. I shall be busy rewatching Suicide Squad and doing what we do. Did you all see this? Seems the Wild thing is already taking off 😉


Have a great Summer, keep rocking in the Wild World, and speak to you all soon.

All the best in petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Crew.

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