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Hey Gang 🙂

so, many of you have been shut indoors for a while. The silver linings of which are – zero injuries from escaped giraffes, nobody hit by lightning – and many of you have been filling your spare time with full-on dogsex. Not all bad then.

I know this virus stuff has caused problems for some of you, with jobs and such. Hang in there, these things generally work themselves out. Think back to every insurmountable problem you thought you would never get through, but did. Always did. This time will be no different.

Folorn shit out of the way – a splash of bestiality is sure to brighten things up a bit, so lets get down to the good stuff. Spring swung by, mating season. Got to love a season dedicated to mating. Seems many of you have been getting into the spirit of the season – with you busy Petsters we would not expect otherwise. Try as they might, they just can’t quarantine the pet love…


Animal Porn Star DevoteHuendin models her silver dog tag

Dogsex devotee DV earned that silver collar tag by loving those pets so nicely…



Every 2 weeks feels about right for movie updates, a bit less frantic. Some delicious new additions to our animal sex video catalog – our Pet Stars do their part to keep our network alive. These Ladies are warriors against the bullshit. Their weapon of choice is of course the ever-amazing Pet Pussy. It’s a powerful weapon, known to bring grown men to their knees. Some amazing hard mating from these awesome Ladies…

Chinese Burn by WanWan

Our first Chinese Model WanWan tries dog sex for the first time – that Asian Pet Pussy takes to dog fucking like a dream…

ArtOfZoo - Chinese Burn by WanWan - sex with dogs


Lena in Love by Lena3

Sweetheart Slave Lena continues her dogsex training the right way, with Coolmann‘s well-hung boy. A tight squeeze, but Lena is there to be loved, and does not shirk her duties…

Animal porn star Lena3 having sex with dog


Dogging Out! by Chronika

Svelte young Pet Girl Chronkia tries her first dog fuck and by Jove I think she likes it! I really did not think many of you would be into Chronika, but you proved me wrong and gave the Lady a very warm reception. I guess that rocknroll young Russian Pet Pussy was too much to resist after all 😉

ArtOfZoo dog porn star Chronika gets ready to shoot some animalporn


Chained to the Rhythm by Paula & Nina

Doggy-duo Paula and Nina get into some good hard dog fucking in this movie. Paula discovers what it’s like to take a dog inside her, and the joy of being filled with k9 cum…

Dog porn Star Paula sucking a dog's cock


Kiss Me Honey by Honey

We all love Honey, sweet and golden as her name suggests. Honey expands her dogsex experience with a new love – this time Bullseye seizes the opportunity to sample this Lady’s mouthwatering delights…

Beautiful ArtOfZoo animalporn Star Honey about to get fucked by dog


Beauty and the Beasts: Chapter 3 by DogWoman

Our resident dog sex Superstarlet DogWoman returns to conclude her much anticipated petlove trilogy Beauty and the Beasts. We have beauty, and we have beasts – sexy D puts all these things together with some dog love that’s guaranteed to blow your mind…

Beatiful DogWoman sucking dogs cock while shooting a dog porn movie



You may or may not have heard, that there may or may not be a meeting happening at the end of this year. In Las Vegas. It may or may not be strictly invite-only.

Here is the thing. We have numerous Pet Ladies wanting to attend, but who may be short on the funds required for the trip – travel, accommodation etc. We also have numerous Gents who wouldn’t mind attending such a get-together, who don’t quite qualify for an invite.

IF you are a sane, reasonable chap who might be interested in sponsoring a network Lady to attend, in return for an invitation, please contact BeastyMan069 to go on the waiting list. It goes without saying, TL2 and above is preferable.

It also goes without saying, that sponsoring a Lady is strictly in return for an invite ONLY. It doesn’t mean you will get to rub yourself up against anyone because you paid for their hotel etc. If you can’t keep it in your pants, better to not think about attending. If you hit it off with someone at the party, then fine. If not – well it’s Vegas, there is bound to be plenty of Ladies around to entertain you.

We might have a couple of spare invites for chaps who want to chuck some dollars behind the bar or something. No I don’t mean $20. If you want to fund something, please contact Beasty.

We can’t promise this will happen, the matter of security is always paramount. But it’s worth looking into.

IF you are a Verified Lady interested in attending, and you’re interested in finding a sponsor, please also contact BeastyMan069 to go on the Lady list 🙂


Artwork depicting a woman having sex with dog by TheFlow

“Love as Defined by Lovers” by animalsex artist TheFlow



Speaking of Ladies, “Wah there are no women on this site” is the clarion call of the lame. Apologies for that, yes there are definitely no women on this site. With that in mind, here is the latest lineup of lovely Pet Ladies arriving at ArtOfZoo 🙂


ArtOfZoo - big boobs dog sex girl RavenMailey looks super hot

RavenMailey‘s tempting boobs would look amazing hosed down with dog cum…


ArtOfZoo - slim and hot SkinnyGirl seeks dog sex fun

Slim and sassy Latina SkinnyGirl wants those horny dogs lining up for her pussy...


ArtOfZoo - animalsex hottie HotWife bends over and shows a sweet pussy

HotWife4You shows off her very desirable dog sex treasure, woof!


ArtOfZoo - animalsex girl Sithaya writes 'dog cum guzzler' on her boobs

Paw-tattooed Sithaya is happiest when pumped full of dog cum (read her first dog sex experience here)…


ArtOfZoo - Ebony dog sex girl Alionis4love2 shows off her vagina

2020 really is Year of the Pet Sista – ALion’s flower is wet and ready for sex with dogs…


Hot Pet Girl AngelK9Lover shows the dog sex pawprint on her boobs

After accidentally deleting Angel‘s account it’s only fair to give the Lady a bit more (very nice!) exposure…


Danish Pet Girl Cheyzan shows off a nice pussy for dogs

Dog sex newbie Cheyzan‘s offer of ‘New Cunt for Canine’ is an offer horny dogs just can’t refuse…


Beastiality girl Littlebloom gives us a glimpse of a perky boob!

A glimpse of LittleBloom‘s attractions are sure to put naughty thoughts in a dog’s mind…


NikkiM70 shows her pussy is ready for sex with dogs

Nikki may be late to the Pet Party, but she is wet and raring to catch up with the fun!


Dog sex girl MeltyCheese gets naked while waiting for Rover

Dogs-eye-view – naughty Melty is so hot for dog fucking that she is staying naked just in case!


Animalsex fan KinkyFun420 shows off her vagina

I’m guessing sexy Ms. KinkyFun420 likes weed with her dog sex – and vice versa…


SamySecret shows her great ass for dog fucking

We hope to see that SamySecret ass in hard pet action at some point…


Greek beastiality girl Sonya72 presents her naked pussy

Sonia‘s sweet Pet Pussy is keen to enjoy fun times with horny dogs in Greece…


K9DogSlut seeks dog owners for good dog fucking

K9DogSlut is 100% Dog Lady and keen to show those pets a VERY good time…


Dog sex fan KittyGirl27 flashes some thigh in leopard print teddy

Steamy Kitty flashes some thigh and invites randy hounds to take a walk on her Wild Side…


Dog sex girl Val shows off the paw print on her pussy

Some gratuitous Val Pet Pussy – just coz it’s a very nice Pet Pussy 😉


Closeup of Wantsaknot66 having sex with dog

Ms. WantsAKnot has a nice fuzzy peach for pets – and REALLY wants that knot…


Bestiality girl Bobastic having pussy licked by a dog

Horny Bobastic stays wet with a licking, while waiting for a good hard dog fuck to cum her way…


Mrs. Ohdangwedogging gets naked ready for dog sex

Mrs. OhDang‘s hot ass and dog-ready vagina make their boy a very happy puppy indeed…


ArtOfZoo Member SlutLeah warms up for sex with dog using a dildo

Dog sex fanatic SlutLeah warms up in anticipation of a visit from Rover…


K9CoupleDK hot pussy ready for dog fucking

Mrs. K9CoupleDK‘s nice pussy has that dog sex appeal (please give generously!)


MissJamie flashes her pussy

Pets can play peek-a-boo with MissJamie‘s nice doggy box…


Dog sex girl CarolBitch flashes her gorgeous Pet Pussy

With that super yummy dog treat, blossoming Pet Girl Carol puts the ‘teen’ in Latina…


Bestiality girl Patter flaunts her heavy-duty pussy piercings

Experienced dogsex Lady Patter rules her vagina with an iron fist – and 2 hardcore iron rings!


SouthernDarlin poses naked with her dog

Submissive Texas Pet Girl SouthernDarlin just loves the feeling of dog tongue on her Lady bits…


Shawnb0n shows a nice pussy for dog sex in California

Horny Shawnb0n has a little something nice for Cali dogs to shoot their loads into…


Sexy animalsex girl nasty2foryou6991 shows off her hot body

Last minute Verification – Ms. Nasty2foryou6991 has an amazing body for sex with dogs…


Sexy Melly1001's dog sex classified

Another last minute verification from sexy Melly1001, will the yumminess ever end?!


Say it with flowers...



For a moment I thought plagues might get in the way of new Verifications. Fuck me eh. What better way to stave off viral nasties than with some all-natural, potent dog sex – Doctor’s orders. With everything a growing Pet Girl needs, that doggy injection always gets the job done. Owners on your marks please, those lovely Ladies are breaking curfew and heading for Hound Town…


Zzmoon's dog is ready for sex with women

Zzmoon’s boy seeks Pet Girls in Ireland – “they can lock us in our homes but they’ll never kill the craic”…


Fox373737's animalsex stud hound standing in a field

Fox’s handsome boy is eager to get some of that good Russian dogsex action…


Domcanine's mastiff standing in the kitchen

DomCanine’s big boy is ready for a dip under the doona with an Aussie Pet Girl…


Qwik13's pitbull shows off his impressive dog cock

Qwik13’s boy isn’t shy – he wants those California dog girls to know what they can expect…


Hawaii87's dog sits beneath the Las Vegas sign

Someone tell Hawaii87’s boy – no need to queue early it’s not the Apple store 😉


Nasty2foryou6991's standard poodle ready for some good dog girl sex

With a Mommy like Ms. Nasty we can imagine some intense dog sex nights for this lucky boy…


Arthoss22's horse shows his boner for bestiality

Arthoss22’s horse has something substantial for those German animalsex Ladies…


Bestiality comic of dog showing partial erection by K9CockLover

Tut tut, naughty K9CockLover got caught passing notes to the new Studs again…



See, every cloud has a pink wet lining. This quarantine business has certainly not slowed down you Folks’ nocturnal activities either. Verification leads to flirtation, to dilation, to elation. Sometimes, to relations with an Alsation. We should have plagues more often…


ArtOfZoo Girl Ambrezoo91 having sex with dog

Returning zoophilie fan Amber turns quarantine into opportunity with her boy…



K9CoupleDK dog fucking a big shepherd

…then onto some good hard dog fucking – Mrs. K9Couple’s fun puts Denmark on the pet map 🙂


Wulfgirl1424 holding a big red juicy dog penis

With a bit of romancing, Wulfgirl’s boy went from zero to hero in the cock department…


Closeup of Wulfgirl1224 having sex with dog

Guessing Wulfie’s boy is part Chow, the way he is chowing down on her love muffin…


WetEbony4K9 on all fours having sex with dog

Dedicated WetEbony4K9 is so into dog sex, she moved house just to be that much closer to the dog cock…


Black K9 girl WetEbony has dog sex and takes a huge knot

With a little help from Timbo and iLikeALotM, WetEbony was knotted hard in no time…


Mrs. Sebhunny with a dog's penis in her vagina

Mrs. Sebhunny stays safe from viruses with an injection of pure dog nectar…


Dog porn Star Lena having sex with dog

Cute dogsex Starlet Lena maintains a strict training program to keep her flower in pet shape…


Mrs. BallNandWyfey's vagina takes a nice knot

Now the boys are up to speed, Mrs. Wyfey is settling into her dogsex routine very nicely…


Wyfey enjoying some hard dog fucking

Wyfey‘s Pet Pussy takes a hard dog fucking like she was made for it…


Dogsex girl Indiaputa sucking a big dogs cock

IndiaPuta enjoys the benefits of a big juicy dog cock…


Photo of KnottyBreedingSlut77 taking a good dog fuck from behind

Dog lover KBS77 puts that sweet dark button to very good use…


Closeup of KnottyBreedingSlut77 having sex with a dog

KnottyBreedingSlut77 enjoys the feeling of a dog fucking his load into her…


Closeup of Mrs Robin123000 dog fucking

Mrs. Robin‘s Pet Pussy gets doggy with it, and brings some sexual joy to this boy…


Qwik13's pitbull's penis in a womans vagina

Qwik’s dog seems to be a perfect fit for Bitch2bBred’s vagina…


Animated gif of DetroitMIKnott having sex with dog

DetroitMiKnott shows us how it’s done with some smooth deep dog fucking, how hot is that?…


Sexy woman naked and ready for sex with dog


We have many active and experienced Ladies on the network. Where possible I try to get an interview with as many of our experienced Ladies as possible – words direct from Pet Ladies are very helpful and reassuring to all the animalsex fans out there who are feeling a bit mixed up and confused about their more exotic interests.

Sometimes I forget to offer to interview our Ladies – so if you are a verified Lady with the Experienced badge, and you would like to do an interview, please drop me a message and we’ll see what we can do.


Rough sketch of 2 women dog fucking by Safeblud

“Serving the Sisters” by Safeblud



For those interested – we’ve been busy making site repairs and updates. I’m happy to get back into site building, though sadly it does not leave me as much time to hang out.

Repairs done so far include:

  • Activity Walls repeating problem fixed
  • Activity Walls commenting problem fixed
  • Issue with Activity Walls privacy fixed
  • Multilingual areas fixed
  • Some spam protection added
  • Some tweaks to the site messenger
  • Improvements to privacy settings (Follow button now hidden)
  • New PMs preview area added
  • A bunch of not very interesting but important system fixes
  • Also, the video chat is reported to be working again but I wouldn’t bet my life on it

I’d hoped to have the Flagging / Report system installed in time for this update, but it will be ready soon.


DogWoman naked and ready for dog fucking with her new boy

Dog Sex Superstarlet DogWoman gives her new boy the warmest of welcomes…



  • This article suggests that 54% of pet owners would end a relationship if their dog didn’t like their partner
  • This article suggests that raising a dog with your partner is the way forward – well duuh 🙂
  • This article suggests that women sleep better with dogs (especially after some serious dog fucking!)
  • This article asks the question ‘is animal sex really that bad?’ – only when you’re not having it. Case closed

In other news, caring sharing Hollywood made headlines when it started shoving dogs into rivers. So then, I expect any time now we will be seeing an all-out ban on animals in movies. Just kidding of course – because although Hollywood has a long history of ACTUALLY abusing and exploiting animals without their explicit consent (along with the pharma industry, the cosmetic industry et al) – us Petfans remain the bad guys. Fucking morons, the lot of em.

Those of you wondering why I am not overly interested in ‘legalizing it’ anymore – reason is, stuff like that guy. Underground is Chic – that guy most certainly isn’t. I don’t think anyone wants to be that guy. So, let’s not be that guy eh…

Lastly, I stumbled upon a petition calling for the ban of animal sex movies. Facts all wrong of course. Then I noticed, the petition is 3 years old, and has only 700 signatures. And us with a quarter-million Members. It seems more people are interested in protecting petlove than are interested in stopping it. Do-gooders please keep this in mind when sticking your nose into our business, thanks…


Bottle of Bitch Pills

Looks like the upcoming Matrix 4 movie is taking a new direction?…



When you build a community site, the reward is getting to see everyone hooking up and having fun. We’ve had romantic flings, dogsex dating, and even the occasional marriage. AngelK9 sent us this note:


I wanted to thank you. I’ve pretty much found Mr. Right haha. Like literally the person I’ve always dreamed of but never thought they existed. Hell I love his non-sexual side almost more than I love his kinky side because we have so much in common lol. So thank you!


See, petlove does happen, and IS happening, and can happen for you too – if you want it badly enough.


Woman undresses ready for sex with dogs


Summer is around the corner – everyone gets horny during summertime, so goodness knows what exciting stuff you will all be getting up to. As usual a huge thanks to all our Patrons, Moguls, all our Mods and Verifiers, our Blog Team, and everyone helping to support our network and keep the music alive. Stay safe, stay horny, and stay Wild. 🙂

All the best in petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Crew

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    The work is very good, and I like the text content, it’s really great, support the blogger

  2. 4 months ago

    Great update as always Adam. 😉

  3. fetfox 4 months ago

    Great update! But you forgot me and my boy!!!! Hopefully we will be up front and center on next update 😉

  4. souvage 5 months ago

    Hi Adam, This a great update with many beautiful Ladies. Longing for more.


  5. furfuncpl 5 months ago

    Best update ever, Adam. Always exciting to see new pet ladies and pictures.

  6. sXaBeast 6 months ago

    Best update.
    Please keep this format.

  7. zzmoonnatashadog88 6 months ago

    i am very impressed all the beautiful ladies, and very hot studs including my stud dog too thank you all, i proud great update 🙂

  8. ilikealotm 6 months ago

    Great update Adam and thanks for fixing the issues that pop up.
    It’s awesome to see the community grow even during a global crisis. So many of the members are caring and quality pet lovers that do love the lifestyle.
    You all stay well, nice and knotty when possible.


  9. a3a3a3 6 months ago

    Great update. Enjoyed reading and definitely enjoyed the pics. Very beautiful women there. Thank you to all the gorgeous ladies for keeping us smiling! 🙂

  10. K9corp 6 months ago

    I must say that being out of touch for a minute has made anticipation almost unbearable to return and peruse the wall of fame and it is hotter , wetter , knottier , and naughtier than I have seen it before but kudos to the team and our members and lovers of our lifestyle . K9 Creampies are a delicacy and top shelf table fare of fine dining and sixty-nining . OUTSTANDING !

  11. Meltycheese 6 months ago

    Flattered i was included , thankyou adam x
    Nice to see all the new faces.. um i mean…bodies ha ha

  12. 6 months ago

    With reference to dirtyjim’s remark and AngelK9Lover‘s quote, it should be stressed that there are (indeed) other topics, common interests or simply wonderful human qualities that connects people on a place like this. Apart from the ‘sinful thing’, that is. Despite gender, age, looks or sexual preference. Despite verification Yes/No by either ‘the system’, or otherwise. As long as quality injections are added and Management cares for it’s good willing members’ safety and well being, visitors tend to drop their anchors to answer to their personal needs and those of others. It is considered an underexposed ‘attribute’ of whatever adult site.

    The Crew – so far – is doing a fine job.

  13. dirtyjim 6 months ago

    I dont have a Pet.. and im not a female.. no one accepts friendships or even answers some friendly questions.. i understand that nobody wants to be bothered by idiots.. is there anyway to gain trust on this site other than verifying?

    • DomCanine 6 months ago

      Ma dude, while I can certainly appreciate that there are plenty of genuinely nice blokes out there will have a harder time breaking the trust barrier if they are unable to be verified, you don’t have anything in your profile.

      I’m sorry if I come across like an asshole here, but this seems to come up pretty frequently. There are other ways to stand out. Come have a chat in the lounge, write a blog, pitch in with any of the several tasks that Adam and others have posted about before that require volunteers.

      Pet ladies are rare and wonderful unicorns. They are also taking pretty fair risk by opening up to strangers online. An anonymous, faceless blank profile is probably not doing much to inspire trust hmmm?

      • dirtyjim 6 months ago

        Sure i get it.. same goes for me thats why i dont have anything in my Profile. I dont have pictures which i could share without sharing others photos which i have no permission of. Ofcourse i could take a Profile Pic of something.. but i dont think that it gains any trust either.. I like to describe myself as a silent watcher so i can understand if ppl dont want that in their environment but i dont bother them in anyway. I just look at their stuff and maybe i give a comment about it nothing else. Im not using the DMs to harass or else.. Maybe i did send dms in the past to open a conversation regarding the friendship request but these were also not answered. Im not trying to harm anyone so i understand it if no one wants to answer me in lack of trust but i was just wondering thats why i asked 🙂

  14. Maverick69 6 months ago

    Very freaking happy with this update. I hope we all can see new stars getting knotted! Thank you!! to all that make this site going and I’ll make sure to do my part and keep supporting this community.

  15. nasty2foryou6991 6 months ago

    I love the update lots of exciting new faces

  16. Thewolfbrother 6 months ago

    Bitch pills 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 excellent as always adam

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    Awesome update 👍

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    Love to see all the verified new naughty k9 ladies!! Lovely😍😍😍

  19. Sebhunny 6 months ago

    Very good work, only quality, a big thank you to the whole team.
    We try to give the best of ourselves

  20. DomCanine 6 months ago

    Wow that note from AngelK9Lover is amazing! I mean, all the other updates and pictures of beautiful pet-ladies is also incredible, but a true connection is what it is all about.

    Congrats AngelK9!

  21. Hippiegoddess666 6 months ago

    Glad i got back on loving the posts 😊😊❤❤🧜‍♀️

  22. Beastyman069 6 months ago

    This has been the best update ever. Nice to see all the newly verified females and pups. Thank you Site Verifiers. You have done an outstanding job for the last two months. Thank you Adam and ILZ for making all this happen.

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    Great update as always 👏👏👏🐶🐕

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