ArtOfZoo - New Year Update 2019 - animal sex with women

Seasons Greetings Gang 🙂

so, this is a combined Halloween / Christmas / New Year update. We took a week out last month, to set up some associated projects in Europe. That week, really fucked us in the ass and we’ve been sprinting to catch up ever since. Still not quite there. Gaia, is quite demanding – nothing wrong with that, we love it. Still, as we grow and expand, we are going to need to expand our Crew (that was the other reason for the Europe trip). More on that directly. In the mean time, apologies for any delays, and hopefully we will be all caught up shortly. Thanks for your patience, as always 🙂


ArtOfZoo - New Year Update 2019 - animal sex with women



More, or less 20 years anyway. Year 2000 seems like 5 mins ago. I have no idea of exact dates – I do remember New Years Eve 2000, and had just put out those first lessons – wankered out of my mind on whisky, fell down a flight of stairs and gashed my hand open. Carried on dancing though, fuck you stairs! Take a bit more than that to slow me down. 🙂

Take a bit more than that to slow some of you good people down too, I reckon. 2019 was a VERY busy year. We had more Verifications in 2019, than any year before. So much so, we’ve had to add an entire Verification Crew to help dealing with the influx of new REAL people. New REAL people, of course means more new REAL petfun – you Petfolks have been up to all sorts! 2020 looks to be even busier, we have a lot going on. New projects, new Crew, new Producers – new site(s) hopefully, fingers crossed. Stay tuned!

So. (Approx.) 20 years ago, today – I guess makes me Sgt. Pepper – or Dr. Pepper, perhaps? And, that would make you all, My Lonely-Hearts Club Band 😉 This, might seem a bit out of left field. It will make more sense in the coming months…



ArtOfZoo - New Year Update 2019 - animal sex with women

Ms. K9CockLover has plans for that mistletoe…



This years competitions had some superb entries. Great work to everyone who submitted those epic Gilded Lillies, beautiful flowers one and all. This years winner was LittleZoe – congrats to the Lady with her creative Flower arranging ;)…


ArtOfZoo -Gilded Lily 2019 Winner - LittleZoe

LittleZoeGilded Lily 2019 Competition Winner…


The chaps were a little less forthcoming with those cocks, in the “D for Vendetta” comp. Truth be told – this was a competition but also an experiment. Given some chaps propensity for firing out cock pics willy nilly – much to the dismay of some of our Lady Members – I’d wondered if, given the opportunity to get your junk seen officially, we would have seen in a few more entries than we got. This would seem to demonstrate, that little bit of extra work involved (the mask, and the story) was a major obstacle. I disagree, really, when you look at the amount of work some of our Ladies put in for their Lily pics. So, in summary – if you can’t take the 5 mins required to show off your junk to all site Members the RIGHT way – please do not be firing your unsolicited cock out to all and sundry. If they want to see it, they will ask. Nag over 😉

Not everyone was so slack, mind. Our handful of intrepid swordsmen came through with the goods. Here’s hoping we see a few more entries, next year. This years winner was SxaBeast, with his “Medicine Cock”. Congrats to SxaBeast – and great work to all you chaps who entered, answering the question “Where’s the beef” 😉




Phew, we have had some truly AMAZING new movies coming in this year. New movies, and of course require, new Models too – DevoteHuendin, DogWoman, Lena – Dachats Ladies, ZDTs new Ladies… Oh Em Gee! You Pet Ladies are out of this world. The quality of movies submitted is going from strength to strength, and I think this is only the beginning…


ArtOfZoo - Böses Mädchen - sex mit hund

Naughty-but-sexy petslave Lena is a perfect fit for a horny doggy, in Böses Mädchen


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women

Lovely Nana, shows us what She can do with those curves + a nice dog in “Red Sputnik“…


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women

Sparkly Sonya has a sweet doggy debut in Poison


ArtOfZoo - Beauty and the Beasts 2 - dog sex video

Delicious Dogwoman truly lives up to her name in “Beauty and the Beasts 2“…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Nubile Nana returns, and is Halloween-hooked on that big doggy cock in “Trick or Knot“…


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie

Luscious Latinas Amalia & Carla step into that Hard Dog Life in “Get This Work“…


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video

Amazing Arion puts Her body, heart and soul into Her petlove, in “Screaming Art“…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women

A double-doggy climax for sweet Sonya in Off the Leash


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women

Fabulous Fantazi makes all our Christmas fantasies come true, in “Good Girl!“…


A quick word about movies. Those who are paying attention, will know that I am all for Ladies of every size and shape. It’s the nature of the Universe, that for every Lady, there is a bunch of chaps who’s world you rock. Ergo, ALL Ladies are perfect. Historically we have put out movies with older Ladies, bigger Ladies, smaller Ladies. Many of our hardcore movie fans, enjoy real Ladies too. I’ll refer you to the Movie Area, and the likes on the movies. TigerLily is not a ‘traditional beauty’, but look at Her likes…


ArtOfZoo - AudioPet - "Feelin' Knotty"

“Feelin’ Knotty” – by AudioPet


Just lately, we have seen a major increase in, I guess what you would define as ‘beautiful by conventional standards’ Models. Some of these Ladies, would not look out of place on the cover of Cosmo, I’ll grant ya. This, is not a conscious decision on our part. We release, what is submitted. And I would not like ANY other Pet Ladies, to feel that you are somehow ‘not worthy’ of putting your movies up. Don’t be daft 🙂 Round here, a Lady is admired for her talent with pets. And, no matter what you look like, we ALWAYS endeavour to present our Ladies in the best possible light. I know a bunch of you Ladies are sitting on red hot material, coz I’ve seen samples. Don’t be shy now, you’re a Wolf Lady. And Wolf Ladies, don’t scare easy. In the coming year, we have plans to redo our movie area, and move it all to a different site (siteS actually). With a different layout, different offerings, and a different kinda vibe. So, if you are a bit hesitant to tread the boards at AoZ – sit tight, coz the new movie sites may be more to your taste.





Whew – our Garden is blossoming like crazy, with all the sensational Wild Flowers coming in lately. Hit the grass, by all means – but don’t pick those flowers. These, are for the doggies ;)…



ArtOfZoo - BellaBitch - Wild Flowers

Hawt Pet Lady BellaBitch is bellisimo indeed – sexy K9 fun times ahead!…


ArtOfZoo - DarlingMiranda - Wild Flowers

That steamy DarlingMiranda Pet Pussy is gonna get SOOOO very dogged in the coming year 😉


ArtOfZoo - HoneySlut - Wild Flowers

A very alluring HoneySlut – the Lady been out of practice for a bit, but keen to get mating again…


ArtOfZoo - AngelK9Lover

Unlike the Xmas Angel visiting shepherds, AngelK9Lover is looking for sheepdogs (or any dog) instead 😉


ArtOfZoo - ZooHamburg - Wild Flowers

Lucky Mr. ZooHamburgs Lady is petsexsational indeed – wow!


ArtOfZoo - Mhbkss01 - Wild Flowers

Ms. Mhbkss01 has something sweet and hot to warm up a doggy on those chilly winter eves….


ArtOfZoo - pervcouple4k9 - Wild Flowers

Pet Peach Ms. Pervcouple4k9 was on a few doggy Christmas lists this year…


ArtOfZoo - HoneyPot1 - Wild Flowers

Step aside Pooh – Ms. HoneyPots honeypot is sweet, and sticky, and for dogs only!


ArtOfZoo - Mallis11 - Wild Flowers

Thru my looking-glass, super sexy Ms. Mallis is a 1-Lady doggy Wonderland 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Daddynbg - Wild Flowers

What lucky doggy gonna unwrap that Ms. Daddynbg gift? Oo yeah 😉


ArtOfZoo - Stargazer12 - Wild Flowers

Ouch! What doggy wouldn’t want Ms. Stargazer12 riding atop his Xmas tree? 😉


ArtOfZoo - Creamypanty - Wild Flowers

Ms. Creamypanty is hot and wet for pets, ready boys?..



Of course, what’s a Pet Lady, without a Pet? Unacceptable, is what. So you Owners – you got your work cut out. The lovely Ladies above, ain’t gonna petlove themselves. Thanks to all Owners who are making Christmas wishes come true this year…


ArtOfZoo - Biknot - Wild Studs

Pet Ladies – let Biknots boy guide thee to Tennesee 😉


ArtOfZoo - Eaglei - Wild Studs

Smouldering Eagleis boy is keeping an eagles eye out for Ladies in Wyoming…


ArtOfZoo - Tythedogger - Wild Studs

Tythedoggers boy knows how to charm those Washington Pet Ladies…


ArtOfZoo - Junglist7575 - Wild Studs

Junglists boy knows the strength of the wolf is the pack – ready to pack those Canadian Pet Ladies…


A quick word to all our Verifiers – when you are verifying someone, please don’t forget to ask them to send in some suitable pics for the update. Until we upgrade our contact system, the update is a good way for Playmates and Owners to get seen, make friends and have fun. If you’ve been verified, but have not yet been in an update – please drop your pics to me in a message, and I’ll pop you in the next one. You wanna make friends, right? 😉


ArtOfZoo - Wulfgirl1424 - Wild Flowers

Naughty Wulfgirl knows what Her boy (and other doggies) are getting for Xmas! 🙂



Yes, you lot HAVE been busy. This update is well and truly Action Packed. No timid chicks round here.. 😉


ArtOfZoo - Daddysgirl2772 - Wild Flowers

Hardcore Pet Lady Daddysgirl is gathering no moss this Christmas, phew!…


ArtOfZoo - Anlipnes - Wild Flowers

Ms. Anlipnes boy is small, but knows, that when your heart is full of love you’re 9 feet tall…


ArtOfZoo - Banditthedogslut - Wild Flowers

Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Bandit can do with that thing in the coming new year…


ArtOfZoo -Coolmann - Wild Studs

Busy Owner Coolmann has been keeping those Pet Ladies busy this year…


ArtOfZoo - Caninebitch - Wild Flowers

Sexy Ms. Caninebitch is a Petlove Warrior, so yummy…


ArtOfZoo - Mallis11 - Wild Flowers

Hot Mallis has since taken Her Pet journey beyond mere toys, as you’ll see from Her Gallery…


ArtOfZoo - Golf2delta - Wild Flowers

Dog-drinker par excellence Ms. Golf2delta, takes very good care of their big boy – in every way…


ArtOfZoo - Devotehuendin - Wild Flowers

Don’t imagine for a moment that naughty DV has been taking it easy – She is DEVOTED to doggies 😉


ArtOfZoo - Knottedpleasure - Wild Flowers

Ms. Knottedpleasure certainly lives up to Her name – some epic ties, wow!…


ArtOfZoo - Littlezoe - Wild Flowers

LittleZoes winning Lily slaps on an L plate, with a little help from Timbo and ilikealotm


ArtOfZoo - Nearlyethical - Wild Flowers

Good to see Naughty NE been keeping that dark Puppylove Bud busy 😉


ArtOfZoo - Knottygirl92 - Wild Flowers

Ms. Knottygirl92 is doggy rockin’… someone please get that Lady a decent camera 🙂


Last but not least, a special thanks to hardcore site regulars DeviantCouple, for rocking and rolling and sharing the love with us sinners. This couple know what time it is…


ArtOfZoo - Deviantcouple - Wild Flowers

Ms. DC points out, that DC stands for DeviantCouple AND Dog Cock!..


ArtOfZoo - Deviantcouple - Wild Flowers

DeviantCouple know, you get out what you put in – and my goodness do they…


ArtOfZoo - Deviantcouple - Wild Flowers

Doggies line around the block for that hot DC Pet Pussy…


ArtOfZoo - Deviantcouple - Wild Flowers

Oooh Ms. DC – how do those pets love thee? Let me count the ways – 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand… 😀


Snow Cocks...




Gang, we are getting an increasing number of Members posting full face pics. This is not a smart move. It won’t be me, who has to deal with the fallout when your boss / friends / family / neighbours see you on here, and start asking questions. Lives have been ruined that way, believe me. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone else on the site who knows. I may not have to deal with the shit, but I am responsible for our Members safety. Please read the Site Rules, about revealing your identity. We don’t have that many rules – but that rule, is there for a reason. All the rules are, so please stick to them.

Of course, the other reason people post face pics, is because it isn’t them. Well, that then, means you are posting face pics of a completely innocent party. Someone, who then might land in shit, because of the pics you are posting. This is the OTHER reason for the rule about revealing identities. This, is unacceptable sorry. So hereon in, any full face pics will be deleted on sight.


DogCock still at large!

Large, and in charge ;)…



Regulars will know what this is all about. One or two of our Members, have managed to navigate the minefield of life, along the way learning valuable lessons like business etiquette. Or etiquette generally. And have reaped the rewards for learning such lessons. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Road 1, I like these guys, I want to work with them – and we want to work with you too – success! Road 2 – I see an opportunity to make a quick buck, how best to milk this to my best advantage and fuck the cause fuck the scene just $ – oops. People if u don’t got the brains to work out you don’t bite the hand that feeds, then u don’t belong here. So please, do try and figure it out. You will be much the better person for it, if you do. Business is about relationships, and if you can’t handle that, u ain’t going nowhere, and fast. The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf, is the pack. Fingers crossed, you’ll figure it out. You know who I’m talking to. But fukkit, it’s the holidays so lets lighten things up a bit with…


ArtOfZoo - HoneySlut - Wild Flowers

HoneySlut tempts those stray dogs out of the woods… “Come play with me”…



So Gang, a lot of the Kudos are done manually. Most of them actually. I try to keep an eye on who’s doing what, but sometimes some of you get active suddenly and I miss things. Occasionally forget things. There are a few main culprits – the main one is, if you are verified and have top-notch personal pet pics or clips on your Gallery, you should have the Experienced Kudo. If you have a bunch of such pics and vids, you should also have the Site Star Kudo. Don’t feel awkward about asking, it’s nothing personal we might just have been busy that week. So if you feel you are missing any Kudos, just drop me a message and we will take a look. 🙂


ArtOfZoo - DarlingMiranda - Wild Flowers

Miranda got that doggy gift that keeps on giving – for the pet who has everything 😉



Yes, yes. Apologies, Blog publishing is behind schedule, like most things around here. We’ve pushed for a bit of help here and there, but so far no luck. This need for more manpower, is currently our #1 priority. We have a potential new Support Lady / Crew Member lined up, and are training some others, so fingers crossed there. I know many of you are keen to see your work published. Thing is, sometimes you have to take time out of today, in order to build for tomorrow. Otherwise, you remain forever stuck in the today. Which, is a recipe for disaster if the workload continues to increase. I will jump back onto blogs, straight after the New Year newsletter goes out.

One small point about Blog posts. Please, do not start tweaking your blog post after it’s published. If you tweak it, it will go back into the Pending folder, right at the bottom. Meaning, your blog post will be offline until we get around to re-checking it, and re-publishing it. So, please leave blogs posts alone, unless you don’t mind waiting.


ArtOfZoo - DogWoman - Wild Flowers

Sultry DogWoman has got Herself a new doggy – LUCKY doggy! 😉


I’m also gonna redo our Crew Needed page, now we have a clearer idea of what we need. We had a lot of responses to that page, thanks for all your offers of help. Unfortunately, the first draft of that page, was a bit vague. Resulting in a lot of slightly vague responses – as well meaning as the offers are, we need specific people to solve specific problems around here. So, I will redo that page, make it a bit clearer. And, hopefully, start building up our Team so we can move on to bigger and better things. You’ve all been great with your support, and really, you deserve bigger and better things. I’ll keep you posted, about all that 🙂


ArtOfZoo - WolfBrother Mask

WolfBrother completed his first leather Doggygirl mask…



So, Lucien tells me, that we have just about exhausted every Pet Book we can get our hands on. Meaning, our Library is as complete as we can make it, for the time being. There are a lot of titles still missing, and we will keep hunting for those. So, if you have any collections of old Pet Books – preferably with covers, though we also have a big archive of covers with no stories – please contact Lucien and send your collection to him. That way, these books – which are really part of our history – are archived and safe, and not lost forever.


ArtOfZoo - Library Update Dec 2019 - animal sex stories

Here are the latest titles:

AB-5232 Raped Teaser
AL-129 Dog Lover’s Diary
BC-2009 Daddy’s Slave
BH-8146 Schoolgirl In Chains
FB-17 Pony Girl
GR-1088 Teacher’s Pets
GR-1102 Pervert Preacher
HP-6450 School Sex Club
IPB-180 Laura’s Ball Club
LB-1308 Mom’s Beast Feast
LB-1311 The Family’s Pet Peeve
LB-1312 The Dog Did Aunt Sally
LB-1315 The Family Horses Around
LB-1316 Mom Gets A Doggy Bone
LLP-306 A Panty Compulsion
LLP-573 Summer Camp Pet
LLP-589 Animal Show
LLP-591 Three Hungry Girls
RWS-210 Teacher’s Bonus
RWS-354 A Naughty Girl
RX-262 The Degradation Of Widow Pusey
RX-299 Mona’s Black Labrador
RX-326 Dog Days
SC-199 Woman’s Best Friend
SE-378 The Widow’s Dog
SE-440 The Dog’s Harem
SE-1009 Daughter With The Hots
ST-13 Sensuous Tales – Vol 13
ST-030 Stable Girl
VC-195 Animal Sex Acts Among Teenage Girls



Interesting pics and highlights from Member Galleries around the network…

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store







ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store








ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store



Couple of interesting links for you – this one, is a book about Women & Dogs. Will be getting a copy of that 🙂

Women & Dogs Book...


This one, suggests that being ‘a dog person’ may be genetic. May be? It might be. Another sterling win for those clever science types and their pulling shit out the air 😀


ArtOfZoo - Dog People


Enough of my bollox for this year Gang. I want to wish you all a very happy holidays, new year etc. JUST squeezing this update in, in the nick of time 😉 2 decades people – HUGE thanks to everyone, all our hardcore supporters and Patrons, all our lovely Ladies, all you agile Owners and your Boys, all our Crew and Volunteers you are doing a great job keep it up! Yeah, it can all get a bit overwhelming at times. But when all is said and done, history has proven that, no matter what, you People got the love I need to see me through. So, on we go, to a better and brighter tomorrow. Who’s with me? 😀

Love, luck, and may all your wildest dreams come true. Love you all, and speak soon.

Adam & the Gaia Crew xxx


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  1. Viktoriya 6 months ago

    СУПЕР!! я вас люблю!)))

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    thanks for everything adam

  3. hpaar 7 months ago

    WOW Just Great 🙂

  4. etta12345 7 months ago

    Wow not been here for long but absolutely love it glad I’m here and my boys are extremely exited thanks for having us

  5. Hotta2trot 7 months ago

    Thanks for creating such a Awesome site. I love all of the cool “real people/Females” still so pleasantly surprised how many people who are out there and share my same interests. Thank you

    • Author
      Adam 7 months ago

      Kool man. Gaianauts are smart enough to know, that the people who matter, don’t care, and the people who care, don’t matter 🙂

  6. gernotblue 7 months ago

    All actors have done a great Job! Please continue in this direction because i love AOZ.
    All my best wishes and a healthy and successful year 2020!

  7. darlingmiranda 7 months ago

    Super happy to be featured in this 🖤 thank you to Adam, ILZ & the whole GAIA team for making this all happen. 2020 is bound to be a knotty year for all of us🐾😛☺️

  8. Mn42as 7 months ago

    Happy new year to you all of you petlovers, hope this year brings all your fantasies to real life as for my 2020 it’s going to a difficult year I think but that isn’t going to set me down will try to be more active overhere because most of you petlovers are just to awesome. Lots of petlove from the Netherlands. Wish you aal the best.

  9. robert1114 7 months ago

    Thank for the hard work. Happy new year.

  10. maddinxxl 7 months ago

    AOZ I love you. your girls are awesome..

  11. nomis 7 months ago

    simplemente algo genial todas las mujeres son hermosas me encanta saber que ellas tanto las mascotas son uno para el otro

  12. BellaBitch 7 months ago

    Happy 2020 pet pack ❤💋 Has it only been 2 months?? Y’all have been wonderfully kind and helpful as I jumped in paws first 🐾🐾🐾 Thank you Adam, Gaia as well as each of you for being such wonderful new friends! Cheers 🥂 Bella

  13. bacozoo 7 months ago

    I loved every word, every photo, every thought. Thank you Adam and all the Artofzoo staff, thank you owners, thank you all ladies. The beauty of their desires makes this space a suitable garden for hummingbirds who love the sweet of life. I’m one of his, even though I’m still learning to fly. Adam, I have been following this project since 2000, I imagine its struggles, some defeats and some victories. Life is made of it all. Count on me always, my friends. I love you.

  14. HoneySlut 7 months ago

    Happy New Year 2020! I wish you all good, happiness, prosperity! so that in the new year all your dreams and desires come true!

  15. asderel 7 months ago

    Thank you so much, I wish I could help a little <3

  16. Chiquitin13 7 months ago

    Happy New year Folks!!!! all best wishes to everyne!! 2020 will be awesome for AOZ family!!!

  17. Tepau 7 months ago

    Happy new year Adam and the team. Time sure is flying when I look back from all the years you’ve been here for and with us. I hardly imagine how would have been my own life without you, starting from Zooskool till here. I guess something would be missing and I would not even be able to say what. Even if my only way to participate is with buying movies, I must say I shyly smile thinking it’s still a rock for this edifice you’re building. Long live to this community, to all of us and happy new year everyone!

  18. YomaLee 7 months ago

    Thank you for getting this out Adam; always a bit worried when months go by without an update (has me worried you guys ran out of funds or budget-cuts or worse). So its great to hear from you.
    I can’t imagine why you listen to that “conventional standards” stuff? Every woman who participates on this site, whether they meet everyone [or anyone’s] preference or not is irrelevant; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is our actions, not our words, that define us. This site has given me access to something that can’t be readily found anywhere else without the censorship police or virus-laiden sites raining hell upon me. You, the models, the crew… all doing a wonderful job. If a woman, even if she doesn’t meet the “conventional standards of beauty” is willing to join this site, put herself out there (or even going so far as to take off her mask, which is a whole can of worms in and of itself), and let her actions [ how ever many photos or films that may be] speak for her beauty and her love of animals, well… then to hell with all those who say otherwise! The love between the girls and the animals is enough for me.
    For all those of ArtofZoo, you are doing a fine job and I hope to continue supporting the unconventional as long as I can. Keep the new models, the new dogs, the new year rolling forward!
    Have a Happy New Year and I thank you for continuing your service another year.

  19. song2 7 months ago

    A happy new year to everyone. Our community is truly getting better and better. So many contributing members. So many beautiful pet ladies. It is going to be a great year 2020!

  20. art30 7 months ago

    Happy new year gang let’s hope this will be a great new year 😁big greetings to the artofzoo family you really have made the difference in 2019 Thanks 😊

  21. duckhead 7 months ago

    Big thanks to Adam and the whole AoZ crew. The effort you guys put in is much appreciated.

    Wishing a happy new year to the whole AoZ community. I hope everyone’s dreams come true in the upcoming year!

  22. Tec1991 7 months ago

    Happy New Years everyone

  23. Thewolfbrother 7 months ago

    Happy new year from your knotty leather crafter

  24. BonparteNapo 7 months ago

    Happy new year, thank you for your hard work.

  25. zetafun 7 months ago

    Happy new year to the team. Your awesome

  26. golf2delta 7 months ago

    Nice to see one of out pica again here. We can’t have fun as often as we want, but when we can we have a lot. Happy you enjoy it 🙂

  27. CuriousCD 7 months ago

    And a very happy holidaze to you Adam and gang! And congratulations on two very successful and sexy decades! Quite the accomplishment indeed! Your work has meant so much to me, as well as many others out here.

    And I guess I will have to search you out on here and ask you about those kudos then. See if I can score some for all my blog posts or the images in my image gallery. They aren’t of me being experienced by any lucky studs unfortunately. But I do have plenty of sexy captions that I have created. Kinda surprised it hasn’t been featured as a gallery in any of these newsletters yet!

    I am not sure what kudos gets you, but they are a sort of badge of honor or status symbol I guess. And look darn cool on a profile!

    Great job on these newsletters. They look great, are very informative, and are very looked forward to. So please keep them coming!

    • Author
      Adam 7 months ago

      Thanx CCD 🙂 Hint I’d try not incessantly plugging other sites as a means to curry favor, see how that works out for ya 😉 x

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