ArtOfZoo - Petlove Update February - sex with dogs

Hey Gang 🙂

I see your new year is starting with a bang – a BIG bang, judging by how busy you’ve been since the last update. You folks have been busy!

So, you regulars may (or may not) have noticed I’m not around as much as usual. We’ve been busy behind the scenes, setting things up, getting things organized and scheduled – e.g. I’m only a few days late with this update, as opposed to the usual 3 months late 🙂

This is important coz there’s every likelihood I won’t live forever, AoZ needs to run without me. That’s the idea anyway. The Gaia Crew – ILZ, Lucien – all our new Mods and Verifiers, our Blog Team, and everyone else who helps out around here – you are doing a great job.

The other reason for a step back, is the next phase. You hear enough of me waffling about plans and ideas – it’s time to put those plans into action. I’m getting back into the site building and development side – AoZ needs a rebuild and upgrade, and we need to add a few more sites onto the network. We’ll hire a few developers to help, and crack on with the new projects. Not much pointing in speaking more about all that – better we get on and do it, so you can enjoy the results.

That’s what we are up to – now onto the interesting part – what YOU have all been up to… 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Nana - sex with dogs

Nana takes the petlove to the streets… people going down wish they were going up…



As part of our whole ‘getting organized’ thang, we are working towards putting out a new movie each week. It’s how we did it back in the day, and it worked quite well. If you know when we are releasing, you know when to pop in. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone – but in my experience, Friday nights were always the quietest night for petfans. With that in mind, we aim to start releasing a new movie each Friday, to liven things up. I emphasize ‘aim’, so if something unforeseen comes up, don’t break my balls eh 😉

3 yummy Pet Ladies bring their special love to you this update. With so much doggy deliciousness going on, it’s hard to know which way to turn!


Being old fashioned, I was never sure why Ladies plump up their lips. The answer was staring me right in the face – juicy lips, for sucking on juicy doggy cocks of course! Silly me… smoking blonde Nikita goes from ‘нет‘ (niet!) to ‘pet’, taking 2 different furry lovers in her doggy debut. Are those doggies happy to be mating with this Lady? Hell Yes! 🙂

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia


Adorably impish beauty Acadia has me all doe-eyed, I dunno about you folks. The sparkle in the Lady’s eye, and that cheeky smile, spell mischief. No surprise then, that Acadia takes to dog love like a natural, and discovers a Pet Pussy she never knew she had.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia


Finally our favorite pet slave DV lives up to her name, and takes on a rampant rottie. It’s not a dog for the faint-hearted Lady – rotties are known for their fierce power, and ability to bring that power to their lovemaking. DV isn’t deterred though – after all, she’s got that Hound Habit. The big black stud does DV right – hard and deep. Seeing the Lady heavily pounded and mated like that, really made my week… I bet his doggy cock is still twitching even now – mine is 😉

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia



We continue to welcome new Verified Ladies and Owners onto our network, and our new troop of Verifiers is making a big difference… yesterday I was in the chat room with a whole posse of Verified Pet Ladies. It’s a problem, knowing which direction to drool in – but it’s a nice problem to have 🙂

Verifiers – please don’t forget to ask newly Verified Ladies and Owners for a pic to go in the update – thanks, you are doing a great job.

Some mighty fine new Pet Flowers are blossoming in the Gaia Garden… introductions are in order – and doggies, on your marks, all these Ladies are looking for some good pet loving…


ArtOfZoo - SouthernDarlin - animal sex with women

Sassy Southern Belle SouthernDarlin dressed in red, and ready for those red rockets…


ArtOfZoo - T6Lover - sex with dogs

T6Lover‘s pretty pink pet flower is ready to rock a doggys world, yummy…


ArtOfZoo - ValLovesIt - sex with dogs

Val has the amazing pet flower to get those doggies lining up for her love…


ArtOfZoo - ValLovesIt - sex with dogs

One more from ValLovesIt – just coz 😉


ArtOfZoo - ZandyZuperZstar - sex with dogs

Zandy‘s soft sexy mound is guaranteed to get those doggies in a frenzy (and not just those doggies)…


ArtOfZoo - KnottyBreedingSlut77 - sex with dogs

KBS77’s name is a mouthful – and not just the Ladys name, wow! K9s best bring your A Game…


ArtOfZoo - RoxanneHart - animal sex with women

Roxy gotta keep hold of that Pet Pussy to stop it chasing dogs down the street 😀


ArtOfZoo - RollerSlut - sex with dogs

RollerSlut’s pipeline, filling her nice fuzzy flower from a 30 gallon tank of dogjizz – good plan!


ArtOfZoo - MeltyCheese - sex with dogs

Some lucky doggy gonna get Melty’s awesome boobies bouncing – round of applause for that Lady 🙂


ArtOfZoo - HPaar - sex with dogs

Ready and set – Ms. HPaar doesn’t play around when it comes to Pet Pussy preparation…


ArtOfZoo - ZuidWest - sex with dogs

This naughty dog can’t even wait ’til I’ve finished posting Ms. ZuidWest’s pic to get started – easy boy!


ArtOfZoo - DSXE - sex with dogs

“Ni Hao Gao!” – Ms. DSXE exotic flower, our first verified Pet Lady from the heart of China…


ArtOfZoo - Knotty4U - sex with dogs

Hottie Knotty4U is head-to-toe doggy treat, with a pet flower to make those doggies say ‘awwooooo!‘…


ArtOfZoo - Donald83 - animal sex with women

Ms. Donald83 loves rainbow socks and doggy cocks – that gilded ass really rocks 🙂



More than our usual selection of verified horny hounds this update. These amorous boys seek lovely Pet Ladies to mate with – Ladies, best slip on your lucky panties ‘coz they might end up mating with you! There’s a nice thought…


ArtOfZoo - Drakkonas - sex with dogs

Drakkonas boy invites Tennessee Pet Ladies to share his doggy bed – for romance and fun times…


ArtOfZoo - NiceDreams - animal sex with women

“Fetch me a Lady!” – NiceDreams boy taking the petlove very seriously for Ladies in Minnesota…


ArtOfZoo - Joojos - sex with dogs

Joojos rottie is concerned that there’s Norway Pet Ladies going without his ruff loving…


ArtOfZoo - MN2AS - sex with dogs

MN2AS’ boy doesn’t like to be woken up unless there’s a nice Netherlands Pet Lady to play with…



ArtOfZoo - BeastyMan License

Beastyman gives tailgaters something to chew on…


ArtOfZoo - Nikita Stickering!

Naughty Nikita stickers up her appetite, before a little afternoon delight..


ArtOfZoo - SamySecret - sex with dogs

SamySecrets Latin Pet Pussy is a tasty doggy treat…


ArtOfZoo - Timbo64 - sex with dogs

Timbo64 keeps those Pet Ladies busy – sorry I don’t know who the Lady is, but she is looking good 😉


ArtOfZoo - K9CockLover - sex with dogs

We all want a bite of K9CockLovers hot doggy cookie – a real tasty treat 😉


ArtOfZoo - SebHunny - sex with dogs

Mrs. Sebhunnys missionary love proves that doggy style is not always doggystyle 😉


ArtOfZoo - Golf2Delta - sex with dogs

Lucky Ms. Golf2Delta has a huge squirting dog cock to quench her powerful thirst…


ArtOfZoo - Bwg9587 - animal sex with women

Ms. Bwg9587 takes a big German Shepherd for an erotic test drive…


ArtOfZoo - WulfGirl1424 - sex with dogs

Wulfies Pet Pussy is so hawt, even FIXED males wanna mate with her – good work Lady! 🙂


ArtOfZoo - BallNandWyfey - sex with dogs

Wyfey has waited patiently for her boys to be ready – patience rewarded with a sweet cream filling…


ArtOfZoo - Ieffingluv2cuddle - sex with dogs

Ieffingluv2cuddle’s pocket Romeo knows his way around a nice Pet Pussy…


ArtOfZoo - PookPik - sex with dogs

Dutiful Ms. PookPik takes very good care of a nice looking doggy dick…


ArtOfZoo - Robin123000 - sex with dogs

When doggies are in need, Ms. Robin puts that nice Pet Pussy to very good use…


ArtOfZoo - DogWoman - sex with dogs

Our very own Beast Beauty DogWoman – not just a pretty face – that Lady has awesome dog skills!


ArtOfZoo - 1PeterPan - sex with dogs

Mrs. PeterPan is romanced by Rover before he mates her…



Gang I am very happy that many of you are hooking up, having good times, and getting more confident with your pet loving.

I need to remind you all, that while AoZ is a safe haven for pet people – don’t imagine our site is a reflection of the world outside. It isn’t. The world outside is a bit fucken dumb, and we can’t expect too much outta them. Here’s an example:


Because of course, the sensible thing to do is shower your dog fully clothed, so the dog doesn’t look at your tits. Yeah, they really are all kinds of stoopid out there. Worse than that…


Authorities were so concerned about the cruelty of getting laid, they very humanely murdered the dog. With a load of bullshit into the bargain. How many lovehounds have we all seen? How many got ‘too aggressive’ as a result? No, I suspect aggression had nothing to do with it – they just did not want to have to explain to any new potential owners that this dog had been pounding pussy. In short – if you REALLY care about someone or something – kill it.

In a world where science is King, and superstition is ‘for morons’ – dur establishment have done no research, attempted no understanding. Seems they are being pretty superstitious about the whole pet thing. Which clearly makes them morons. Fuck ’em.

Worst of all…


How do you get caught ‘nearly having sex with a dog’? Having sex, or had sex, sure. ‘Nearly’ having sex? The mind boggles. China – the country where they celebrate the heinous slaughter of dogs in the most inhumane manner imaginable – then try to pretend they don’t. Don’t beat up Chinese corporations for polluting the planet on a massive scale. Don’t beat up the Chinese government for slaughtering their own people. Nah – beat up a guy ‘nearly’ having sex with a dog. ‘Coz there’s your problem right there, people nearly having sex with dogs. Way to go China.

So Gang, you see the world out there. PLEASE be careful with your petfun. Be careful who you trust, and how you play. We have a very good track record of security around here, and we want to keep it that way. Do your part to keep yourself, and other Members safe.


Not wishing to end the update on a bum note – how about these?


Waking up every day with a vagina in my face, was one of my new years resolutions. So I got to get me some of those – they do a bed cover too – noice…  😉

And speaking of vaginas I’d like in my face – ooooooh Nana…


ArtOfZoo - Nana - sex with dogs

Love is: AoZ written on that Nana pussy – what an awesome Pet Pussy that is 🙂


That’s all for this time Folks, a great start to the year. Everyone rocking and rolling and doing their thing – and summer just around the corner too. Always exciting to see what you’ll get up to next.

Huge thanks to all our Patrons and customers – everyone supporting and helping to keep things running. We would not be able to do any of this without your help, and all your helping hands make a difference to what we can achieve around here. As a community we are doing some pretty amazing stuff, and we have no plans to stop there…

Play safe, stay safe, and keep up the great work Gang. That doggy business calls, so it’s back to work for me. You all keep misbehaving, and speak to you all very soon!

All the best in very busy petlove…

Adam and the Gaia Crew


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  1. harryharry6969 2 months ago

    Einfach nur gut und geilllllllllllllllllllllll😊😍😜

  2. lovezoo69 3 months ago

    Good to have all THIS!! Thanks to all for the work well done!! Please keep on it!! Thanks agine lovezoo69

  3. ArtOFZooBiggestFan 3 months ago

    2020 is off to an excellent start and I want to say a big Thank You Adam and all the folks working to make all of this happen! I can’t wait to see what is in store next

  4. GiihNTaiiBR 3 months ago

    Lindas palavras e lindas imagens <3

  5. robin123000 3 months ago

    Nice to see a picture of my partner here with a big dog cock inside her …

  6. VinnieP 3 months ago

    Nana is such a beauty though!

  7. sXaBeast 3 months ago

    Also new blog team is great. Thanks.

    Can we have buttons that are exposed100 percent of the time and work likewise? I am always waiting for the wall button to show and then the post and the media. Sometimes they never do and i can’t post or update.

  8. sXaBeast 3 months ago

    I second friend wall idea and also recommend spam button to send messages right to support with spam label

  9. bacozoo 3 months ago

    I loved every word. Adam. I was happy to know that we will have films released more often. I also liked the warning about the world’s stupidity in relation to animal love: we really need to remember that and we need to proceed with care and privacy. Success!

  10. PHONG2020 3 months ago

    nana and DogWoman is my queen. very very supermodel .super pretty.super sexy .thanks ADAM.

  11. PHONG2020 3 months ago

    nana very very very pretty ,sexy.thanks.

  12. art30 3 months ago

    A big welcome to new members I absolutely love this site hope that you will to 😊

  13. Mn42as 3 months ago

    Thanks for putting my handsome boy in the already awesome update.

  14. genericc616 3 months ago

    Always great to see and hear about new members joining

  15. Ieffingluv2cuddle 3 months ago

    So thrilled to be apart of the update! woot woot!

  16. art30 3 months ago

    It’s going to be fun to get new movies each week 😃

  17. ilikealotm 3 months ago

    Thanks for all the work you and the crew put into our wonderful community @Adam . Just a idea. Could we have a wall of our FRIENDS,, so we can comment on their activities ?? I believe it would help us all stay updated with those closest to us. MAGA Make Artofzoo Great Again . 🙂

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      We already have that man 🙂 Go to your own Wall (on your profile), under the icons you see all the other Walls – your own wall, your mentions, people you are following – things you have favourited, and your friends updates. Also I just added the site Activity back (under COMMUNITY), and it looks like comments on wall stuff is working now.

  18. sexyrompe 3 months ago

    Lovely to see all the new verified naughty k9 ladies. Woof woof

  19. Sebhunny 3 months ago

    Thank you Adam for these nice words and above all, these nice photo

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