Art Of Zoo Mega Animalsex Summer Update 2020


Hey Everybody 🙂

hope you all had a great Summer. I’m not gonna flannel ya, any more than usual. Let’s face it. We got plagues, masks, and the distance between us to contend with now. We got Mucho Macho Leaders squaring up and gearing up. And, the future appears unpredictable.

However, at all times I would remind you, that tomorrow we might be all dead. But then, how was that different, from any other day? So. Don’t worry eh. In times of crisis, it’s always important to remember, that there is safety in numbers. Just be ready, to get your brother or sisters back, should anything happen. And trust, they will do the same for you. Look after each other, and do what you can. That, is all you need to think about. Think, not worry. Don’t worry. Coz IF it’s the end, then for fuck sure we can say we went out singing and dancing and living life to the max while we could. Dog cocks and pussies and all the rest. But it ain’t the end. It’s just the beginning…


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

Eeeenuff doom and gloom, coz we don’t like that shit in our Garden they can fuck off with it. Let’s focus, on the important things in life. Each other, friends, family, and fucking good times. 1 life, this life. So. Here we go, with the the NeverEnding Update! 🙂



A huge thanks to all Ladies who participated in the Gilded Lily Competiton this year. Those flowers are so sweet, they forced us to change the way we do things. Flower Power. It’s not perfect but I quite like the new voting system. The presentation of those lovely Flowers, makes me wanna swing through our Garden with my tongue out. Oh, you fucking Pet Ladies you.

The category winners across the board, are clearly the SubmissiveValkyries – 2 slave pussies just getting started in dog training, means double the work for doggy – but also double the pleasure.

Art Of Zoo Gilded Lily 2020 - SubmissiveValkyries - sex with animals


Congratulations to the Ladies. Here’s hoping, for many years of pleasuring dogs ahead for you. 🙂 ILZ will be in touch, to organize your prizes.

Of course, although we have winners – there really are no losers in this competition. Coz, all our Pet Flowers are winners. Given unlimited funds, we’d happily give the prize to all participating. Sadly, unlimited funds, we don’t have. Even so, congrats to all our lovely Pet Ladies, and thanks for joining in. Some excellent work this year – as we have, every year. Plenty of Pet Pussy there, ready for the taking.

The Valks, did kinda have a secret weapon, in this comp 😉 As promised, when their votes got to 1k+, they would do a nice little free dog video for everyone. Well – the votes did, and The Valks did. Actually, they did 2 videos, because only 1 Lady was around before, so they have done a video each. You can find those videos on ILZ’s Gallery, or by clicking the pics below:




I know a few of you Ladies are not 100% happy with this outcome – I have written a bit about that in the competition results post here.

Now – and don’t hold me to this, because we don’t know yet for sure. For the upcoming Vegas meet – and more on that shortly – we’ve had a box of ArtOfZoo tshirts printed, so all the Pet Ladies attending have something cool and groovy to wear in the inevitable photos and vids that we hope will happen. We ordered more shirts than we expect we will need, which means, we MIGHT have some t-shirts left over, after the event. This will depend on how many Ladies eventually end up attending – coz we won’t know for sure, until the event. So – depending on shirts available – and, depending on any of our Gilded Ladies are comfortable giving us a shipping address – I’ll speak to Mr Beasty, about the possibility of sending out one of our exclusive AoZ shirts to all competition participants. I repeat – please don’t hold me to this, coz for all we know, there may be more Ladies attending Vegas, than we already have shirts for. We’ll have to wait and see.


Art Of Zoo - Vegas Event 2020 tshirts - dog fucking

Folks, next year there will be other rules around the Lily competition. Mainly, I think it would be better, to not allow any canvassing, incentives, etc. Here’s why. It complicates things. It causes some tension. A flower, remains still, beautiful, and attracts. The bee, rushes from from flower to flower. Bees chase flowers. Flowers, do not chase bees. It’s not a political competition, it’s a Flower Show. Attraction, should be based on work involved in attracting, not chasing. Some Ladies, don’t have time to offer clips / pics etc, as incentives. So. We’ve learned a lot, as a community, about influence, about democracy, about all kinds of things. Next year, it will just be Flowers, only. And next year, let the best Flower win, based on Her qualities, and let Her loveliness speak for Herself. Any thoughts on that, in the comments below please.



So Gang – firstly, our decision to release a new movie every 2 weeks was fine when we were only working on AoZ. Now we are working on several other projects in parallel, 2 weeks is a bit too quick. At least until we get a bit more help on the Team, which is underway. So for now, we will release new movies every 3 weeks instead, and we can look at changing that up again when we have a bit more time available. Thanks for your understanding.

Secondly – after the release of this update, we are taking a short break. Franky, we need it. Just need a bit of R&R. We will still be around of course, just not as much, for a few weeks. Please bear with us during this time.

Aside from all that, here is our latest selection of super-yummy animal sex movies. You know how we do – only the very finest Pet Pussy for your viewing pleasure…


“I WANT CANDY!” – by Tiny

Petite young-looking Tiny caused quite the stir, with her super tight cute little Pet Pussy milking the joy out of lucky Gunner. She does a great job with her first dog fuck, fingers crossed She will be back soon for more…

Art Of Zoo Videos - I Want Candy by Tiny - ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia


“PROTOCOL Z” – by Nana

The lovely Nana, breaks quarantine to rock our world with some sweet dog sex, in her own special style. The Lady has both the meat, and the motion – and her experience in dog fucking certainly shows. The hot doggy injection pumps her full of that creamy canine vaccine, yummy…

Animal porn Star Nana leans on the bed and submits to an enthusiastic dog fucking


“TRY MINE” – by Zumi

Zumi’s hot dog fucking debut showed great promise – with a natural talent for mating. Taking the dog cock like a pro, and drinking down Tango’s nectar, this Lady caused quite a stir. And, She’s already been back for more…

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store


“TAKE THREE” – by DevoteHuendin

Devoted as ever, dog-hungry DV takes on 3 happy hounds – pleasuring them with that experienced Pet-Pussy, and drinking the dog cum like a hummingbird. No dog juice goes to waste, with this Lady around. All 3 boys, satisfied. DV satisfied? With just 3 dogs? Never! 🙂 …

Devote loves sucking a dog cock as much as she loves a hard dog fucking



Mature dogsex beginner Aunty, gives doggy the benefit of Her experience in love. The Lady may be a beginner with dogs, but She sure learns fast. In a flash, Rover is pumping that wet slit, knotting her up, and her experience now includes a vagina full of canine cum. Something every Pet Girl is keen to experience, naturally…

Art Of Zoo movies - Are You Experienced? - bestiality porn


“PUMP IT!” – by Zumi

It certainly did not take this Lady long, to say “Please Sir, may I have some more?” – back in a flash, for more delicious dog fucking. This time, taking Tango outside – She’s up for being a dog’s bitch and She doesn’t care who knows it. When doggy wants it, She’s ready to give it – pulling down those panties, and inviting Tango to PUMP IT!..

Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


“PRETTY IN PINK” – by Pink

Sexy Pet Newbie Pink, is certainly easy on the eye. This passionate creature has curves in all the right places, and knows exactly how to use them. Today, She’s offering them up, for the dog. Rover gets to enjoy that very tempting pussy, slipping inside Her, and getting her started on the road to dog fucking pleasure. That dog cock certainly does look pretty, in Pink…

Dog Sex Girl in the making, Pink oozes womanly magic


“STRICT MACHINE: Vol. 1” – by TigerLily & Tink

Seems like only yesterday, that I surprised TigerLily with the question “you wanna try it with my dog?”. Well, you all the Her answer to that question. Since that evening, and a full portfolio of canine experienced under Her belt – the student, has now become the Master. Or, Mistress, rather. She’s now our go-to Lady in Asia, when we have new girls lined up ready for our boys to enjoy. In this set of sessions, Mistress Lily gets newbie dog slave Tink broken in. Tink’s tight little pussy, gets some good hard dog fucking training – as Lily gets my new boy Dangerous broken in, with some anal action. A busy Lady, that Lady…

Art Of Zoo Strict Machine 1 dog porn - Tink session 2, getting into her role as Dog slave



ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store


Get ready Gang. Summer 2020, it seems, has been a particularly good year for those sweet Pet Flowers. Growing conditions great! Blossoms bloom, and petals glistening with doggy dew… Let’s get on with the introductions, fuck me!


HippieGoddess666 proudly displays a sweet and powerful Pet Pussy ready for dog fucking...

HippieGoddess666 returns, bringing with Her that super sweet doggy treat…


Animalsex girl Puppygirl is hot and ready for dog fucking

Soft and juicy, Puppygirl is ready to start taking up that hot dog nectar…


Art Of Zoo Lady CEmilyPlay is wet and ready for hot dog fucking

CEmilyPlay is wet and ready to break those doggy hearts…


Blonde Pet Girl Steffie waits patiently for dogs to love her...

Blonde Pet Hottie Steffie is ready to fill her calendar with dog fucking dates…


Art Of Zoo dog sex girl LittleBloom is always ready for good dog fucking

Sexpot LittleBloom lifts her tail to reveal a hot Pet Pussy for those doggies…


Gerico presents a hot Pet Pussy ready for dog fucking

Dog-ready lovely Gerico gets in position ready for those dogs to take her…


French beauty LoupSolitaire is ready to start dog fucking asap

French Pet Lady LoupSolitaire shows her sweet wares for lucky dogs needing that pet pleasure…


Art Of Zoo dog sex girl PetLoverBabe88 shows off a hot body ready for dog fucking

Doggy hottie PetLoverBabe88 shows off one mighty fine Pet Pussy, yummy…


Sithaya warms up her Pet Pussy ready for dog fucking

Dog-hungry Sithaya warms up that nice Pet Pussy, always ready for a hard dog fuck…


ArtOfZoo nasty2foryou6991 has the perfect ass for dog fucking

Super Pet-hotness Nasty has an amazing ass, marked up and ready for hard doggy humping…


OhDangWeDogging always loves a good hard dog fuck

Mrs. OhDang can’t resist a nice dog cock – but definitely prefers the real thing inside her…


Dog fucking girl Alphalover shows her fantastic ass

Horny AlphaLover69 caused quite a stir with that fantastic ass – 100% built for hard mating…


Art Of Zoo dog fucking girl KnottyVA shows a great Pet Cunt

Yummy KnottyVAGirl has a Pet Pussy perfect for milking the cum out of any dog, anytime…


Ebony Pet Girl Nuchi3 gets set for sex with dogs

Pet Sista Nuchi is pure Doggy Dynamite, with those wow boobs, ready to rock for Rover…


CazExtreme great Pet Pussy for dog fucking

K9 Peach CazExtreme has the wetness for the pet-ness, doggies at the ready!


TabbyBonez hot and ready for regular dog fucking sessions

Experienced Pet Lady Mrs. TabbyBonez knows exactly what She wants – and where She wants it 😉


Art Of Zoo dog sex girl Julie67 shows those great boobs

Curvy Pet Sweetheart Julie got the hot bod built for soaking up that yummy dog juice…


Dog fucking girl WJHawthorne gives a glimpse of that sweet Pet Pussy

WJHawthorne stays gagged, so the neighbors don’t hear Her scream with pleasure when Rover takes Her…


Dougnuts dog fucking girl shows hot black Pet Pussy

More Chocolate Afrocentric Pet loveliness from Mrs. DougNuts – dogs b ready to sprinkle that sweet treat…


Milamwc flashes some nice boobs ready to bounce during a hard dog fuck

Mila’s soft warm curves spell out Double D aka for ‘Doing Dogs’…


Art Of Zoo dog fucking girl SuzyDirty

Serious Pet Lady Suzy is keen to take that cum, and show those dogs what pleasure really is…


Panisuka dog sex girl on Art Of Zoo

Hot Pet Slave Panisuka clearly knows that nice pussy is pure dog territory…


Art Of Zoo girl Mnahk shows a nice pussy ready for dog fucking

Pet Peach Mnahk flashes her pink, ready for Rover’s red rocket…


Art Of Zoo dog fucking girl Zonk with dog dildo in pussy

Ms. Zonk has help prepping that flower, ready for Pets, looks like a great fit!


Art Of Zoo China dog fuck girl Nonglong888999 showing a nice dog cunt

Some sweet Asian Pet Pussy, NongLong showing our China Pet Sistas can give great dog love too…


Art Of Zoo dog fuck girl Luv2Play shows her fab Pet Pussy

Mrs. Luv2Play proudly shows the sweet treat that’s always ready for their boy’s pleasure…


Art Of Zoo dog fucking girl MistressWinter is a k9 cum dump

MistressWinter has the nice Pet Pussy for horny dogs to dump their cum into…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - RYouShur - dog fucking

Doggy Girl RYouShur offers up her holes for pet’s pleasure – get to it boys!


Art Of Zoo - Wild Flowers - Tittigurl - dog fuck

Petster Tittigurl got the titties – but more important, a sweet ebony Pet Pussy for those boys to enjoy…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - LupineGurlz - dog fucking

Does LupineGurlz have something for the dog? “How about all this?” the Lady replies 😉


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - NippieGirl - dog fucking

NippieGirl has some super-boobage – and invites Rover to “cum over”…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - PoppiesPills - dog fucking

PoppiesPills – takes position and offers herself up, ready to take that Red Pill…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - WildFlower - dog fucking

WildFlower, by name and by nature – so soft and wet, for those doggy bones…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - RachelWinter - dog fucking

Sexy RachelWinter, has the hips for the grip, and a flower that’ll look great with a dog cock inside her…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - MinniePonette - dog fucking

Yummy dog treat MinniePonette – “Red is the color of my true love’s hair / cock”…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - Kouple9F - dog fucking

Experienced doggist Ms. Kouple9F opens wide, for easy pet accessibility…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - GoddessNiki34 - dog fucking

GoddessNiki’s assets will need hosing down with a LOT of nectar – from a BIG boy, or maybe several…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - KnitJenn - dog fucking

Creamy doggy daydream KnitJenn has all the love a horny stud could possibly need…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - FrenchInhaleMyHeart - dog fucking

Any hot hounds got something nice to wake up naughty Pupster French with?


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - Jess4K9 - dog fucking

Jess4K9 appears to be having some fun there…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - FDoggy - dog fucking

A dog, seems to fit perfectly between scrummy FDoggy’s legs…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - AlCapone - dog fucking

Mature Pet Girl Mrs. AlCapone gives Rover the tasty benefit of her years and experience…


Art Of Zoo Wild Flowers - KnotSoShy - dog fucking

Dark and yummy KnotSoShy, got the buns tailor-made for doggy fun…


Fuuuucking hell, that is a LOT of lovely Verified Pet Ladies right there. Definitely the most we’ve ever had before. I hope I got everyone in there – we had to call a halt to adding more, because it was getting ridiculous and this update would never get done, ever. So, some of you, who have been verified between that halt and now, we’ll get you in the next update. Great work to Beasty, and all our other Verifiers, for checking all the Ladies and Pets. We wanna make sure, those doggies have some REAL loving to look forward to eh 🙂



Real Pet Ladies, of course, need real Pets to pleasure. Here’s the latest roster of Verified boys – horny, and ready for action. They certainly have their work cut out for them. A nice problem for a doggy to have, those lucky Devils…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Apache2017 - sex with dogs

Apache has a handsome Rottie, for the Pet Lady who likes Her loving, a bit more vigorous…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - DavidZooriano - sex with dogs

DavidZooriano’s happy boy, merrily flashes the doggy junk…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - FetFox - sex with dogs

I just know you Pet Ladies will be salivating over FetFox’s boy’s shiny red rocket…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Rubics - sex with dogs

Rubic’s boy is on the lookout for love…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - FrenchInhaleMyHeart - sex with dogs

Ms. French’s big boy is lucky enough to have his own supply of nice Pet Pussy right at home…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - OhDangWeDogging - sex with dogs

Mrs. OhDang’s boy does too – and he seems to have Mommy on his mind right there…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Maeru - sex with dogs

Maeru’s 2 boys, ready to Tag Team those Pet Ladies…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Mtnboy14 - sex with dogs

MtnBoy14’s happy hound, waits patiently in bed for you Ladies to arrive with the fun…


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Digdeep1 - sex with dogs

Something has caught Digdeep’s boy’s eye – maybe Mommy has something tasty for him?


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Redrocket98765 - sex with dogs

RedRocket’s boy looks tuckered out – have you Ladies been putting him through his paces?


Art Of Zoo - Wild Studs - Stallionfucker - sex with dogs

StallionFucker also has a rottie – great, we can never have too many Rotties on the scene…





With this many sweet Pet Ladies, and this many new boys on the scene, you’d expect LOTS of hot doggy action going on all over. And you’d be right…


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store


Art Of Zoo - PookPik - sucking dog cock

Mrs. Pookpik is finding the creamiest ways to fill those long quarantine hours…


Art Of Zoo - PookPik - dog fucking

Doggy is filling more than the Lady’s time…


Art Of Zoo - Robin123000 - dog fucking

Robin123000’s boy is keeping Mrs. Robin tied, and topped up nicely…


Art Of Zoo - Cheyzan - dog fucking

Cheyzan sure knows how to get a dog’s attention…


Art Of Zoo - Cheyzan - dog fucking

…and takes a hot dog love injection, Pet Girl style…


Art Of Zoo - EtardK9er - dog fucking

Etard thinks his lil’ isn’t ready – their big boy pounds her pussy in disagreement 😉


Art Of Zoo - LoupSolitaire - dog fucking

Some tasty summer doggy treats – starting with some French cuisine, lovely Loupsolitaire


Art Of Zoo - CrayCray - dog fucking

CrayCray’s boy just can’t get enough of that sweet dark doggy treat…


Art Of Zoo - Frenchinhalemyheart - dog fucking

French’s boy gets ready to work his magic on that soft juicy Pet Pussy…


Art Of Zoo - Mnahk - dog fucking

Hotpants Mnahk has a boy who just loooves sucking on Momma’s doggy button…


Art Of Zoo - Wetebony4k9 - dog fucking

Yummy WetEbony shows us what a Pet Sista can do with a horny dog…


Art Of Zoo - Wetebony4k9 - dog fucking

The Lady is REALLY getting the hang of that dog cock – and a lucky Gent too I hear 😉


Art Of Zoo - SubmissiveValkyries - dog fucking

K9 slaves SubmissiveValkyries are putting in the hours to ensure maximum pleasure for dogs…


Art Of Zoo - K9CoupleDK - dog fucking

Mrs. K9CoupleDK waits patiently for doggy to fill her with his creamy seed…


Art Of Zoo - K9CoupleDK - dog fucking

… the dog cock does suit the Lady so very nicely – squirt, squirt…


Art Of Zoo - Lostboy24 - dog fucking

Mrs. Lostboy’s hot soft petals seem to have milked every drop out of that throbbing dog cock…


Art Of Zoo - Nasty2foryou6991 - dog fucking

Site regulars will not have failed to miss our new friend, Mrs. Nasty2 – a total Pet Venus…


Art Of Zoo - Nasty2foryou6991 - dog fucking

this Lady is very easy on the eye, and has everything a growing, horny dog needs…


Art Of Zoo - Nasty2foryou6991 - dog fucking

Rover does not hesitate to get into Mrs. Nasty2’s pet groove – you give it to Momma!


Art Of Zoo - Nasty2foryou6991 - dog fucking

Oh yes, I think we can expect a LOT of hard doggy fun in THIS Lady’s future…


Finally, a quick word about WulfGirl1424 – who was heartbroken when they neutered her boy…


Art Of Zoo - WulfGirl1424 - dog fucking

The sadness of a doggy, with ALL that WulfGirl Pet Pussy available, and no nuts to slap against Her…


Art Of Zoo - WulfGirl1424 - dog fucking

… still, Wulfie didn’t give up – She stuck with it, determined to feel that dog cock pounding the love into Her…


…but who’s passion for pets was so deep, and Her need for the dog cock, so intense, that the Lady’s vibes literally put the drive back into a neutered dog. And he, in turn, now gives her Pet Pussy the hard driving She’s been craving all this time. Just goes to show, with a little patience and dedication, Pet Love WILL find a way. Great work Lady, looks like you’re putting all that new-found passion to very good use 😉


Art Of Zoo - WulfGirl1424 - dog fucking

… that good, hard doggy pounding Wulfie’s been dreaming of…


Wow Gang, really. Wall-to-wall hot dog-loving, as only those Pet Ladies can supply. And if I’m honest, that wasn’t all of it! With this update out of control, we’ll have to bump a few of you onto the next update. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Keep up the great work Gang – you really are putting the BEST, in bestiality!



A little while back, we finally hit the quarter-million registered Members mark. I didn’t have time to say anything at the time – but Yay! 🙂

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

Big welcome to all our new Petsters, hope you are settling in and having fun. You are, by the looks of things…



ArtOfZoo - Project Xanadu

So Gang, we have quite a few inquiries to the Xanadu Project. 2 places are already gone – that leaves 3 places remaining. So if you want to get in on the action, don’t leave it too late – when the door closes it closes. Thanks to our new Friends, and we look forward to… introducing you to the fun, shortly 😉



The Vegas Event is happening this month Gang. Very exciting, our first major event – means we are coming out of the shadows. This, will not be the last event for sure. I’m looking forward to parties and events, popping up all over, in due course. Great work to Beasty, Honey etc, for organizing all this and getting the ball rolling.

Real-world meets was the next logical step for our network. Yes, it’s a bit more risky – but no risk, no rewards. As long as we are sensible about it, I see no major problems. Real-world meets, are the precursor to real-world local groups, operated by sensible, trustworthy group leaders and their chosen teams. This is important because – while they can always change / lock down the internet, close all pet sites, etc – local groups can continue operating, growing, and spreading to other areas. Taking the Petlove with them, as they go. 1 small step for PetFans – 1 giant leap for horny pets everywhere 😉

Hope you all have a great time at the event. Sorry we can’t join you this year, a US trip would be a VERY long haul and we have a bit too much on right now. I do, however, want to see lots of great photos, of all you attending Ladies, rocking your AoZ shirts. And, getting that brand spanking new AoZ banner, filled up with signatures…


Art Of Zoo - Vegas Meet 2020 - sex with dogs


Places at that event are limited to Gaia Crew, Verified Ladies, Verified Owners. If you are interested in attending the Vegas Event, please contact BeastyMan – quickly, coz it’s happening quite soon…



Yes yes, I’ve said it before. This time I mean it. I’ve got HoneyPot 80% trained in being our new Blog Manager, working with Lucien. I had to get all this out of the way first. Now it’s done, I will jump back with Her – then the Member Blogs can start flowing again. It’s been a while – thanks for your patience…


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

“DogWoman in Love” – by Bowowow



Yes, out there, it’s fucked. We got people wanting to condemn those of us, as cruel sick evil intolerable perverts for horrifically allowing a dog to plonk his tongue on an excruciatingly barbaric vagina. Meanwhile in ‘the real world’, genocide of animals is perfectly fine. No, don’t get upset about that eh.

So yeah. It’s why our Garden has gates. To keep the Zombies out…


In Zombieland, they have to ask questions like this. Can I shower with my dog? No mate. Put this shit on obviously, first, because you wouldn’t want to be crossing any boundaries eh. “Braaaaaains….

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store


Well Gang – they can think what they want. The word, is already out there. We have more beautiful Ladies interested in Pet Movies, than ever before – lots of mainstream Ladies too, interested to take the step. We have more Members, from more places, of every size shape and colour – more Verified Ladies and Owners – more Patrons, more Team Members, and more Petfun going on, than at any time before. There are considerably MORE of us, than there are those actively hating on us out there. So, the trend is going one way. And we are just getting started.



For the first time, ever, I’m managing to step back a bit, and leave you folks to run things and manage yourselves. We have a great Team of dedicated Petfans, doing a great job. I’ll continue to farm out little bits of help to new and existing Team Members, as much as possible, until the network is almost entirely self-operating. This is important – both for the future, in case I fall out of a window – but also because we have other side projects we need to work on. These side projects will act as financial safety nets, and give us extra strings to our bow, so we are not entirely reliant on the movies. Because the movies are always unpredictable.

A more secure, slightly improved income will give us more funding, to build bigger and better facilities for you. Facilities that actually work. More sites, and better facilities, will help spread the word, and continue to grow our network. Until we are numerous, that the people NOT into Petlove, are the weirdos 😉 So, onto the future we go, taking our music with us as we go.

As always, a huge thanks to everyone – all our Team Members, for giving your time and dedication. To all our Patrons, new and old, for paying the bills and keeping things running. To all our Models, for showing the world just how wonderful that Pet Pussy really is – and our Producers, for making it all happen. To all our active Petlovers, for keeping things rocking in the Pet World, and sharing your work with us all, so we can inspire others to join our merry band. To all our regulars, new and old, for making the network tick, for going out there spreading the word (and, defending us vs. the lamers where necessary!) – to ILZ for putting up with me 😉 To everyone, really, you are doing a GREAT job. Making us all at, officially, the LARGEST animal sex network, in the world!

I want to ‘thank you, for letting me be myself (again)’ – where would I be without you? And, where would you all be, without each other? I want you, to turn to the Petfan to your immediate left, and immediate right, and thank them the same way. Coz we are all in this together – and a Wilder Bunch I would not wish to meet…



Update over, FINALLY. Fuuuuucking Hell I thought it would never end. If our increased activity is going to generate massive updates like this every time, next time I’m gonna have to get some help with it. So I will be hassling some of, about that, directly. 😉

Keep rocking Gang, and all the best in Pet Love…

Adam and the Gaia Crew xxx

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  1. KnotSoShy 4 days ago

    Truly an amazing update 🙂

  2. stardog 1 week ago

    This is an amazing update. Wow. thank you ADam.

  3. heureka73 2 weeks ago

    Super! But where is super hot Steffie2a?

  4. ilikealotm 3 weeks ago

    Congratulation on building such a fantastic Community. The lifestyle needed the wisdom you posses, developed and refined over the years to gather us all into one big beautiful community. Everyone may not be here yet, but I can see ArtofZoo World a real possibility in the future. You have a assembled a coalitions of some very talented members that can keep everything flowing smoothly with your guidance. HEY, STAY AWAY FROM OPEN WINDOWS, LOL
    Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more of them were more like us @Artofzoo ?
    Passing a quarter Million, Very impressive. WE are almost everywhere on the planet, but sadly we’re rarely neighbors.
    I do agree this community is really growing and we have a few growing pains from time to time. As far as the GL contest, it should be fair to all across the board to every Lily. ” let the best Flower win, based on Her qualities, and let Her loveliness speak for Herself.” Lily is singular, Lilies like bouquet is more then one. A bouquet would most definitely draw more bee’s to their sweet nectar. Thus we should have a Lilies or bouquet category. < two or more Lilies.
    WE are a peaceful community and we can live happily when we stay united, treat each other with respect and are treated fairly .
    Many Thanks to @adam and @ilz 🙂

  5. kamadevan 3 weeks ago

    London bridge is falling down..?
    It was dismantled and moved to lake Havasu Arizona.

    • Author
      Adam 3 weeks ago

      Yes, is isn’t correct any more. It was slowly falling down at the time though.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    yes eve i like to watch

  7. honeypot1 3 weeks ago

    Thanks, Adam, for being you. And thanks for trusting me with the Blogs.

    Thanks, Beastyman, for also being you, and being so much a part of my life. Without you, Vegas wouldn’t be happening, and we both know it’s gonna be bitchin’!

    Thanks to all the members I’ve grown to know, love & meet over the past year. Verifiers, moderators, & other members – you guys know who you are.

  8. BellaBitch 3 weeks ago

    That was the War and Peace of site updates! Good god Adam… that needs a crew 😂 Well done as always!
    Ending the gilded lily lobbying has my vote – lounge felt like a poll station alot early on 🤦‍♀️🙄 😋

  9. TheFluffiest 3 weeks ago

    Great job @Adam

    This summer update most definitely earned the MEGA affix 🤣

  10. Beastyman069 3 weeks ago

    A thank you goes out the all of the verified ladies and owners that have submitted their photos for the Site Update. Here is hoping that all of you make a connection. And get to experience the fun that you all seek.
    Plus a thank you to all the pet ladies that produced new films that help support the site and the members that purchase the movies.

  11. Beastyman069 3 weeks ago

    Hot damn you have been busy. Keeping you busy has kept you from being 6 feet under. Keep up the good work. Last update you kept saying you needed more photos of the pretty ladies and adorable pups. This time I thought I would flood you with photos.

    • Beastyman069 3 weeks ago

      If some of the recently verified ladies that have sent me photos for the Update and do not see their lovely photo in this Update Don’t feel left out. Your photo has been submitted and you will appear in the next Update. As Adam has said he never thought he would see the end to this Update. Adam you better get a head start on the next Update. I have already submitted quite a few new photos. This also includes photos of the recently verified pups.

  12. Thewolfbrother 3 weeks ago

    Hot damm adam, it lools like we had a burting garden of wildflowers this update. The videos, gilded lily, amd all the happenings…. its been one wild summer lol great work and vegas is going to be amazing

  13. theflow 3 weeks ago

    Great stuff, Adam! Where are member blog updates? ))

  14. Author
    Adam 3 weeks ago

    Fuck me I never thought I would see an end to that update!

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