ArtOfZoo Update Autumn 2018 - dog sex

Hey Pet People 🙂

hope you are all doing great, and enjoyed those summertime vibes. We’re moving into Autumn now, and those leaves will start dropping, hopefully along with those panties. C’mon Ladies, Rover suggests to me, that that flower of yours is not going to undress herself hmmm. Rover says he will, if you don’t…

Apologies for the gaps between updates lately, we got rather a lot on. We’ve surveyed the landscape, what works and what don’t, and got busy planning the next tomorrow. New toys, new fun – the sites that support those services, plus the next upgrade and new features for our existing AoZ site. A slight change in direction is on the cards, resulting in a few big projects to get through, but the end results will hopefully be fruitful, and I hope you can all bear with us during these next transitions. Everyone seems to be getting the hang of the new site anyway, despite it’s quirks, it’s bedded down better than expected. Thanks to everyone for your support and sticking with it, things are coming on great. Call me an old softy somehow it reminds me of the scene in 80’s classic ‘E.T’ when the flower comes back to life. Well, just like E.T. phoning home, shows what can happen with a bitta love from our friends 🙂


A couple sweet treats for this month’s movie selection. Firstly, a very welcome comeback from the delicious Monica. If, like me, you are a fan of this particular Pet Lady, you will of course be delighted to see her back in action. That hot Latin pet pussy is way too yummy to stay dog-free for too long. ZDT’s new boy is lucky to be enjoying that enticing flower, and I’m sure you will enjoy seeing him enjoy it, as much as he enjoyed sinking deep into it…

ArtOfZoo - dog sex movie - Monica

Monica – “Mucha Muchacha” and she sure is – too much of a girl 😀

Movie 2 is a little taste of pet fun shared among a naughty family. Cookie’s real mother has fun putting the naughty girl to work pleasuring the dog. Not something we see every day, I know some of you might get a kick out of that 😉

ArtOfZoo - Naughty Girl - Cookie Mama Mocha

Doggy discipline rules in Mama Mocha’s house…



For a bit of fun, we are running a competition to see what kinda magic some of our lovely network Pet Ladies can conjure up. Come on Ladies don’t be shy, Mother Nature gave you those treasures to be adored. So, let’s see what you got 🙂

There is another competition I’d like to run regularly. This one for the guys. I’m looking for a bit of help to test this out, since I don’t really use this tech myself. What I’m looking for, is someone who is using Siri – or any similar talking tech – to get Siri talking some choice filth 🙂 Such as “I love to suck on a nice big dog dick”. Then to record it. I don’t know what kind of restrictions are placed on what Siri (etc) is able to say, I know for example if you search for certain words on Google, such as bestiality, those words don’t show up in the autosuggest. But there is one way to find out. So guys, please have a play around with this, and send me a couple sample MP3 files. If we can get this working, I will run a competition for the best “Robofilth” files submitted. So if you are able to, give it a go and get in touch and we shall see 🙂



Before pulling out this months delightful array of Wild Flowers, a quick word about verification. Still some minor confusion it seems. Yes, couples CAN get verified. As long as one of you is female. Many genuine couples would prefer to make friends with other couples anyway, so do yourselves a favor and Get Verified, you know it makes sense. On with the fun…

ArtOfZoo - LuckyDog123

Ms LuckyDog123 has just the thing(s) for a horny dog to squirt his love over…


ArtOfZoo - DomSubPaarGermany - sex with dogs

DomSubPaarGermany – this doggy slave in formal attire ready for some hard mating…


ArtOfZoo - KnotLover67 - dog sex

KnotLover 67 – wet ‘n ready to take those juicy love knots, I can picture that redness swelling inside, can you?


ArtOfZoo - KnottyGrrl - dog sex with women

That delightful, experienced and somewhat elusive KnottyGrrl has something to make your serpent squirm 😉


ArtOfZoo - Viva123 - sex with dogs

Ms Viva123 warm soft pierced flower looks just the thing to caress those doggy cares away, yummy…


ArtOfZoo - BallnAndWyfey - sex with dogs

Mrs Wyfey has a button oh so ready for some hard canine penetration. Come on you doggies, go get it…


ArtOfZoo - AmbarZooF - sex with dogs

Hot Latina Ambar puts that sweet sensual flower to perfect use with a deep hard knot…

Uh, lovely Pet Ladies, I think I speak for all us Pet Chaps when I say we do love you so. Please keep being the wonderful, Wild free spirited creatures we adore.

Don’t forget, that featuring in our regular Wild Flowers section is a great way to get some visibility, and make new friends. All you need to do is Get Verified, and send in a few nice pics for us to include in the next update. 🙂


Folks the next server upgrade is happening as I am writing this. Once I kick of the next newsletter, we will go test how a copy of the site runs on the new server. Once everything looks good, we will close AoZ down briefly – move it all onto the new server – and reopen. Downtime should not be long, so please bear with us during that time. The new server is quite a lot more powerful than the current server, and can deal with a lot more traffic.

Speaking of traffic, we just made a bit of a change to our international aspect. A while back, I added the languages box at the top there, to help our Pet Friends from non-English speaking countries to find their way around the site. That was a minor change, and all that really did was translate the page text in the browser. Though it was good to see a number of you finding that useful.

ArtOfZoo Wild World

On the back of that, we decided to go a step further. We have now subscribed to a service which makes an actual physical translated copy of each site page. The difference is, that now Google can see those translated pages, and start to add them to their listings for different languages. So, where before, Pet Folks in Hawaii, Iceland, Bulgaria (about 100+ other languages in all) would not find us when searching in their language – now they can. The various translations are computer generated, so they won’t be perfect of course. But, they should certainly make things a bit easier for our international friends. This is quite an interesting step for us, because we are now truly making that Wild Magic accessible to the world. And we welcome all our Pet Friends from every corner of the globe, come on in and join the party you, it’s great to meet you. As Art Of Noise suggests, all of us are one (pet) people 🙂


I’m gradually catching up with all your great blog posts, some great stuff in there. A couple more weeks and we should be up to date. (More or less, since the server upgrade will happen in a minute). Please don’t forget, if you have submitted blog posts of 1 or 2 sentences, sorry we can’t publish them. Also please remember that the blog is not for posting classified ads about who you are and what you are looking for. The profiles are for that. Blog posts need to be interesting, entertaining or informative – basically a good read. So if you want to use the blog to get noticed, please get typing and submit something that will get folks clicking on your profile link. Whether that is your favorite fantasy, a story, an experience (good, bad, funny), something to help other Members, a rant, or really anything our Members will find interesting. But please make them reasonably substantial, 3 or 4 longer paragraphs is really the absolute minimum we can publish. Thanks for your understanding.

Incidentally. I don’t want y’all to think that my slowness in publishing blog posts in any way reflects my feelings towards them. Quite the opposite. It’s awesome that so many of you are doing something tangible in the world. Getting folks to speak up and submit stuff was always a problem on every previous site, so it is great to finally see things moving on. Fuck me something put a fire under you lot! Fire power. We get a lot of traffic, a lot of people read the things on the site. So your words are touching people (not in a Bill Cosby kind of way), and lots of little tweaks in minds around the planet absolutely results in a change of consciousness, you’d have to be daft to think otherwise. So, please, keep up the great work, and help me continue to mold this planet into a slightly better place. Together, we rock. So big fucken round of applause for you lot coz you earned it. You still reading? Or are you applauding 😉


Folks, a little something has come up which means we have to put Euro Eden on hold temporarily. We’ll get back to that shortly. In the mean time, Florida Eden is starting to take root. Well, history buffs may be aware that St Augustine in Florida is where Ponce de León reputedly found the fabled Fountain of Youth. So what better place to get those magical restorative liquids flowing 😉 Hard working Wildster ILikeALotM is busy cooking up a Wild Bunch in and around the Florida area. So, if you are in that area, do please get in touch with ILikeALotM and express an interest in being part of that scene. I’m looking at you FarmPlayer 😉 Hell I ain’t been to Florida in years – you folks start rocking and who knows, I might start showing up. Does Publix still do that tasty fried chicken? :p

ArtOfZoo - Florida Eden - sex with dogs

Florida Wild bunch getting set up for some good ‘n knotty times 🙂



Moderating the various Member galleries, some of you folks do post some quite interesting gems on there. So I thought I’d start highlighting some of the more interesting bits / galleries for you all to go take a peek at:










Folks, while we are all hanging out here and all friends, it’s easy to forget that we still have to exist in the ‘real world’. So please don’t fall into a false sense of security and get sloppy with your security. Posting pics of your face is pretty much letting everyone know exactly who to hate on. This is a load of problems you don’t want, it’s not useful or constructive – send face pics privately by all means if you must. But in public? Come on people. I would go as far as to say, that, one sure fire way to spot a ‘faux’ user, e.g. YoungPerkyCheerleaderDogSexGirl18, is that ‘she’ posted a load of clear pics of her face. Because all 18 year old cheerleaders want the world to know they are into dog sex right? Yeah right. No, real people tend to proceed with the appropriate caution, for a reason. So if you are looking at someones entirely clear face pics on their unverified profile, you can rest assured that user is almost certainly fake. And if you are real and have completely undisguised face pics – sort that out pronto please eh. We don’t want you getting busted. We want you safe and having fun. If you wanna get busted, let Rover do the busting then everyone wins 😉


bestiality stories - dog sex story

Busiest of Librarians LucienOM has added a nice big selection of new books to our extensive Library this month (and every month for that matter). I hope some of you still take a little time out of a busy day to have a read. Once upon a time I used to have to order these books by post, waiting impatiently for the postman, so I could bury myself in the naughtiness therein. With a bit of tender loving care for our literary heritage, it’s a problem you don’t have to contend with. So do please show Lucien a bit of love and leave some nice comments on the books you read. There is, after all, no more salacious arena than the human imagination. And please feel free to share the pdf downloads around here and there, I have several personal stories of Ladies developing pet interests after reading these books, so trust me it helps. Here are the latest titles:

BC-1024 Fit To Be Tied
BC-2013 Captive Sister
BH-8014 Niece In Torment
BH-8098 Kidnapped Chained and Whipped
CP-117 The Mistress
IN-2064 Women Who Perform With Animals
IPB-111 An Animal Heat
KCS-1213 The Warden’s Daughters – Book 1
KCS-1216 The Warden’s Daughters – Book 2
LB-1035 Dog-Style Daughter
LB-1036 Dog-Loving Niece
LB-1039 From Dogs To Donkeys
LB-1040 Auntie’s Dog Days
LB-1047 Her Four Legged Lovers
PB-152 Pam’s Pet Poodle
PB-154 Her Three Dog Night
PB-155 The Neighbor’s Pets
PB-160 Barnyard Teaser
PB-164 Abused By Animals
PB-172 Farm Family
PB-173 Caught With The Dog
PB-174 Dog Slave
PB-177 Mom’s Dog Rape
PB-178 Dog-Raped Wife
PB-179 Teacher’s Pet
PB-187 A Pet For The Neighbors
PB-188 Tormented By Beasts
RWS-151 The Teacher’s Friends
RWS-239 The Widow’s Dog
TSS-810 Sister’s Animal Friend


It’s cool to see many of you starting to use the ‘Wild’ term. It’s not the first word we’ve jammed into the ether, and hopefully not the last. If you understand that much of human reality is governed by the language you speak (which is why various sneaky authorities enjoy messing with your language), you’ll understand that having a nice name that rolls off the tongue – much like K9CockLover’s flower might roll off her German Shepherd’s tongue – is important to how something is perceived. An Aston Martin is a nice car; name it ‘Turdmobile’ instead, and I wouldn’t necessarily wanna be driving it however great it is. Like the word ‘chite’ from our glossary. And Simpsons fans might remember the episode where Homer changes his name to Max Power. These things have an impact. The Wild word catches on, a lot of doors start opening, you watch. Can’t you feel it already? Everywhere I look these days, music, movies, fashions – a whole new generation just grew up with that animal love right under their noses from day 1. Thanks internet. Except, we won’t be pushing for equality, or ‘rights’. No, we’ll be doing exactly what we do here, in the Wild. While Donald and gang is busy yapping, we’ll be busy tiptoeing through the forest and fornicating the hell outta each other to our hearts content. And, I hope you all will be right there with me. Because after all, the strength of the wolf is the pack; and the strength of the pack is the wolf.

So, please shove that word in where you can. It’s our word now, we are taking that shit and if you want it back you’ll have to come get it. See that you are ready, if they do. Have fun Gang, look after each other. And I will see you all next time, in that Wild Frontier. 🙂


All the best in Wonderful Wildness,

Adam and the Gaia Crew.

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  1. funat420 10 months ago

    Now I gotta crop some pics of me. But the face pic thing makes alot of since. Thanks for the info big chief.

  2. k9cocklover 11 months ago

    Thanks for the mentions! This site is amazing and you are doing a wonderful job, Adam and the AoZ team.

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      Not at all Lady 🙂 And AoZ is a team effort. I just build the sites, it is the people that make the sites what they are.

  3. ilikealotm 11 months ago

    Thanks for the update. We are loving the Community and the Lifestyle. 🙂

  4. 11 months ago

    a huge thank you to you adam for your work on this site .
    you’re absolutely right for the blog .

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