Hi Gang,

very sorry. During a recent site update, we noticed there was some minor corruption on our mailing list. Minor, but enough to throw a spanner in the works for the newsletter.

Not sure when this happened. But it happened long enough ago that all our recent mailing list backups are also corrupted. We did not notice it in time to restore the mailing list from backup (we only keep like 2 weeks of data backed up). It probably happened during the last minor site update last month. We’ve rolled back that update now just to be safe. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about, no data breach or anything. Just a bit of junk data found it’s way onto the mailing list and fucked it up.

Our newsletter is important, for us to stay in touch with all our Petfans. I’ve made the decision to restore our mailing list, from our Members table. It’s really the only data we have for everyone. It’s a bit naughty to do this, because I know some of you have already unsubscribed. Big sorry for this – it means you’ll get the newsletter again, and have to unsubscribe again. I hope you can find it in your hearts to not make a big song and dance about it, a simple click removes you again. We’ve set up some precautions on the mailing list backup, so this won’t happen again.

If you want to moan at anyone about this, do please moan at me, it’s what I am there for 🙂

Thanks for your understanding about this Gang, your patience is appreciated.



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  1. Joselitompg13 2 weeks ago

    Yo quiero comprar algunas películas

  2. Author
    Adam 2 months ago

    Oops – didn’t mean to delete your homealonepic mayne 🙂

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