Hi All,

So, this version of our community has been running a few months now. I’ve been watching how it’s running, what you are using, what you are asking for – ease of admin, what’s missing etc.

Feedback for this version is about 50:50 – some Members like it, some Members don’t. If I’m honest, I don’t really like it myself.

There’s no easy way to say it, and I’ll explain my reasons below, if you are interested. But the bottom line is, in the next few months we will be closing this network, and looking at a different plan. Really sorry about that Gang, I know many of you are just getting settled in. But, I think we can build something a bit nicer for everyone.

This is not a decision made lightly. I spent over 8 months building, setting up, creating all the content and graphics for this version of AoZ. Me and the Crew spent a further 3 months testing and debugging. It was an interesting, if not very frustrating experiment – but seeing it running, it’s not quite what I had in mind for our community.

The aim now is to return ArtOfZoo to being a movie site and Library, and to return the community side to Zooskool where it began.


There are 2 main groups we are interested in attracting to our sites. People interested in learning and being part of a community of real petlovers. And, serious movie fans interested in purchasing our movies and supporting the community. The two go hand in hand.

Probably our most common query lately, is ‘where are the movies?’. This is a problem. Support for our work is still largely dependent on movie sales. If our customers – particularly customers who don’t speak English well – are struggling to find the movies for sale, it’s going to affect our ability to support our various projects. So this setup is not ideal for the movie fans.

Then, the community folks. Due to the restrictions of the software, I find that the important features and information are way too spread out. It’s hard to find things easily, you need to click on way more links than should be necessary to get to the info you need. Members are are struggling to find various features. There’s a ton of bells and whistles that aren’t really useful, and plenty of important features that are missing, or are not working properly. The software is buggy, badly set out and kinda ugly to use and administer. Support for software problems is poor or non existent. So, it’s not really ideal for community Members, or us either.

When we set it up on the test bed, it looked quite good. Using it is a different matter. As Napoleon says, it’s a decroded piece of crap.

In short, I think I can do a better job if I build the community myself from scratch. So that is what I will do.

I had originally planned quite a different style of community. However, since Facebook became the popular choice, I assumed that the majority of Members would be familiar with, and would prefer a Facebook style social network. This has been proven to not be the case.

Zooskool was pretty much custom built for doing things the right way. We had a lot of success with that format, a lot of people hooking up. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles, but the core features did all the necessary stuff. It was simpler and it did the job well. As such, I’d like to go back to the original plan.


Folks, I know you enjoy posting movies and photos. But I never intended AoZ to be a file sharing site, unfortunately that is what it is rapidly becoming. There’s already thousands of other sites entirely dedicated to that kind of thing. Those sites are set up for it, and generate revenue from it. We aren’t, and don’t.

Shared movie uploads and downloads eat heavily into our resources – resources that were intended for other nice features. I’m spending a lot of time dealing with DMCA requests, moderating uploads and dealing with media upload bugs due to shoddy software – time that would be better spent elsewhere.

We used to post personal material from real, verified Members who were physically present on the site. This allowed us to present the reality of the lifestyle in the right way – it gave real pet people the opportunity to showcase their work, get positive feedback, and make new friends as a result.

On this site, real Members’ personal material is lost within a sea of shared files. We have Members posting other people’s material and pretending it’s them. Some Members upload hundreds of videos. Yes this attracts Pet Fans, but probably the wrong kind of Pet Fans. Our message always was, that petlove is something magical that real people enjoy, not just porn stars.

Zooskool was approachable, which is important when new Pet People hit the site looking for answers. The network is rapidly becoming more porn site than community / resource. I don’t think that’s attractive to the new petlovers out there. We’ve noticed a definite downturn in verifications since we started down that road. It’s kinda blurring our message. Hence the decision to put the movies on ArtOfZoo, and keep Zooskool as the approachable community for the real folks and people wanting to learn and get support.



1. Organize Eden setup, get production rolling
2. Close current community site
3. Launch movie / library site on AoZ
4. Get to work on new community version, over on Zooskool

The first priority is to get Eden up and running. While ILZ is running with that, I will be setting up the next movie version of ArtOfZoo.

When that’s ready, in due course I will close this ArtOfZoo network, and replace it with the movie website. ILZ will be able to run that site with minimal involvement from me. We will run that new version as long as possible – should Net Neutrality have an impact, we will relocate the movie side to a private hidden site, regroup and take it from there.

I will then be free to focus on rebuilding a better community, without the distraction of the movies. It won’t be an overnight job, but I am confident that you will prefer what I have in mind, and find it a lot easier to use than the current version.

I will of course aim to move over all your various Kudos, Trust Levels etc. And don’t worry, all you folks who have watermarked your pics etc with ArtOfZoo – the 2 sites will still be interconnected. People looking for community and hitting the next ArtOfZoo, will be directed to Zooskool where they can find you.

Again Gang, really sorry for the ups and downs. I could buy an off the shelf script and slap that up in a couple days, but I know what worked well before and there’s a few things needed that available scripts don’t do. Zooskool was special because it was tailor made for our needs. I hope we can tempt you back again, when the new ZS launches. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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  1. quill 11 months ago

    I agree with citizen and you. Whatever your decisions will be good with me. I also agree that Zooskool was a great and working site. I also learned from Zooskool. I too loved the pet galleries, the training videos, and all the wonderful pet lovers that were there. Would certainly look forward to that again. Holding my breath for your skills at getting it back or forward to where it works for YOU…which means it will work very well for US!!!!

  2. allyfitz 11 months ago

    Since you are wanting to move back to ZooSkool… perhaps something should be put on that domain letting people know it’s going to re-open. Right now it’s directing people here.
    Probably not a good idea to be actively directing people from there (where the future lies) to here (a site that is going to close). I assume you were intending to do this but got caught up in other things, so I figured I’d give a friendly reminder. I found AoZ by going to the ZS site initially and I figure a lot of others have as well.

    • allyfitz 11 months ago

      Also, since the plan is to shut this one down and move to another without file uploading… and you mention the site being under a ton of strain from being used as a file sharing site… could you turn off uploads so people cant add media to groups anymore? That at least would prevent additional new strain being put on the server. Or go one step further and just remove group media uploads.
      If the plan is to not have the new place be used for File sharing… uploads are going to be deleted anyway… why not go ahead and do it now so the server can get a respite from the strain of serving up all those pics/videos.

      • Author
        adam 11 months ago

        The site speed is due to going a bit overkill on site security. We are going to tweak that shortly which should speed things up for the remainder.

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      We don’t have a definite timescale for when we will take this site offline yet. It would be better for people to hit this site from ZS, and register so we can keep in contact with them properly.

  3. k9evangelist 11 months ago

    Sounds like a good plan. Most of the ladies I’ve talked to seem more interested in the social side, less interested in file sharing.

    Keep trying and keep up the good work.

  4. doggylover 12 months ago

    Totally agree, go further guys

  5. mrbiggs12 12 months ago

    I hope it’s like it was back in the 2003ish era, that was a great site. Change is always good, regardless. Wishing you success and Thanks for all that you do for our unique community.

  6. misterdjc86 12 months ago

    Good thinking Adam, really looking forward to the “Good old” Zooskool from the mid-late 2000’s again before the plug was pulled, its what introduced me to this world.

    This site with the mess of different groups, being clogged with 20.000 “XX has joined the group” updates really isn’t useful at all, stuff just gets lost.

    Yes, weeding out the “Fakes” is going to be hard, lots of people claiming that material that obviously isn’t theirs is theirs etc..

    Best of luck and hopefully back online soon again in its former glory!

  7. thewolfbrother 12 months ago

    I looked zooskool a lot better as well. The transition phase is gonna be tough but I baby raid to get back to the petlove basics. I would have uploaded a few personal vids myself (I’m male before you horn dogs start panting lol) but like you said, I felt like it would be lost in the deluge of other uploads. Buying my first movie next week, and looking forward to zooskool being back 😀

  8. firefox1337 12 months ago

    I don’t mind if there’s no file sharing. Would be nice in at least PM’s though. But I think the direction the site needs is to be more like FetLife, but for strictly zoo’s.

  9. curiouscd 12 months ago

    Well, this kinda sucks. But as long as this new Zooskool site will be another community site, then it won’t be too bad. I absolutely love how this is a community site where we can add to the scene and share our own thoughts. Not enough places on here like this.

    I love adding my blogs and my various art here so that others could appreciate them. I would love to be able to continue doing that on the new site. Especially since I plan on doing a lot more. And maybe even working with of the more well known artists in the zoo genre. Or at least working with their art by permission.

    I had always wondered why you didn’t have a separate site for all the movies. Makes more sense.

    Well I support whatever decision you make, and will be here cheering you on! Thanks for all you guys do!

  10. thisischris 12 months ago

    Blocking file sharing was the wrong move. Just saying…

  11. heroe1206 12 months ago

    hi adam.
    users how we can into the new site?
    vamos a seguir teniendo acceso al nuevo zooskool?
    a va a ser mas complicado?

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Hi Heroe I will move over everyone’s login and password etc onto the new sites don’t worry 🙂

  12. allyfitz 12 months ago

    So what will happen to user blogs, forum conversations, and PMs?
    Will they just be deleted? Or will they be migrated to the newer community site?
    I had just thought about starting up a user blog on here, but I dont want to put time into something that’s going to be deleted.

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Hi Ally, blogs I will definitely move across. Still, we don’t have a lot of time right now for publishing blog posts so you might want to hold fire anyway. Other things, I am not sure how easy it will be to migrate those. It will be a different setup in many ways so I do not yet know if stuff from here will fit. I will aim to move what I can.

      • allyfitz 12 months ago

        Glad to hear that blogs will be kept. I’ll hold off on posting mine until after the move. Might as well not give you more work to do. 😛
        If something can’t be moved, will there be a post made so we can try to save whatever before the trigger is pulled?

        • Author
          adam 12 months ago

          We will have a backup of everything – but, there are a lot of members, posting a lot of things 🙂 It wouldn’t hurt to back up your stuff anyway, just in case.

          • princesacanina 11 months ago

            Los grupos de Art of zoo seran transferidos al nuevo sitio Adam ? / Will the Art of Zoo groups be transfered to the site Adam ?

          • Author
            adam 11 months ago

            Hi Princesacanina, I am not sure yet, I will do my best.

  13. therealsuperbitch 12 months ago

    Hi Adam, Boy is this music to my ears! Everything I learned about petlove, I learned at Zooskool. I loved the pet galleries, the training videos, and all the wonderful pet lovers that were there. I spent so many hours there I could have trained girls myself. LOL Just didn’t have a k9 and was still a pet virgin. I am very much so looking forward to the feeling of going home. And this time, I’m no virgin! 🙂

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Glad to hear our work is not in vain SB 🙂 As skool students go, I expect you would get a doggylove A+ with merits – please keep fucking those doggies and keep up the great work 😉

  14. ilikealotm 12 months ago

    I’m Game,
    That sounds like a great plan.
    Yummy, Sister sites. ZS and her sister site AOZ
    I can almost smell the wonderful scent of real knotty ladies already.
    Here’s to more friends and fun times.
    Thanks for the update Adam. 🙂

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      It also solves the problem I’ve had for a while, that being what to do about the new lessons. The lessons were always Zooskool lessons, so that should work out nicely 🙂

  15. slidewaayz 12 months ago

    Rip 🙁

  16. 9xzoned00 12 months ago

    I agree to much file sharing,and if you want good quality material support the models and producers.

  17. citizen 12 months ago

    HI ! Whatever decision you and the crew takes i will support it. I hope for the best and looking forward to next step with the Eden project. Good luck !! 🙂

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