Art Of Zoo Animal Sex News Spring 2021


Hey Gang,

the covid stuff continues, but you can’t rain on that petlove parade 😉 And why not – you can’t catch it from a dog. OR, a nice dog cock – OR a piggy?

Great to see many of you are still rocking with those pets. New Owners still arriving – lovely new Pet Ladies keep on coming, and cumming. Our Team is doing a great job, and we are mere inches away from having the whole site mostly run by our Members. Great work everyone!

We’ve never had such an enthusiastic and reliable Team before, it really makes a difference. It’s important, because we have other things to attend to. Adding some other new sites – and of course, fixing THIS site so it works properly. New Members continue to join our community at a steady pace. Some have a browse, then leave. But Members who join, and stay – we’re getting a bit over 1000 new Registered Members per month.

In case you were wondering – 1000 people looks like this…

1000 people into sex with dogs

That’s a LOT of Petfans. The more people join us, the more the site struggles with the load. You’ve probably noticed, the past week, our servers have been struggling a bit. Fixing up AoZ is a priority – which is quite difficult to do – hiring/managing developers, projects, etc – when you are balls-deep in general admin every day. This looks set to change shortly, so fingers crossed.

We’ve anticipated, and dealt with, a whole mess of problems and challenges over the years. I’ll admit that – many of you being under House Arrest and unable to go out – unable to meet friends, unable to meet DOGGY friends – it’s a challenge I hadn’t anticipated arriving quite this soon. Well, it can’t last forever. And fuck it – it’s just another challenge, like any other, and we’ll deal with it.

I understand, in some places, that you are only allowed out if you have a dog? There’s a spot of luck – and Spot will no doubt be quite happy about that. Maybe some of you Owners might hop in your cars, and offer those eager Pet Ladies a ‘doggy love delivery service’? 🙂 Just a thought… so then, on with the latest AoZ petlove news…


Art Of Zoo - KnottyMrs - sex with dog

Naughty KnottyMrs has a lucky new stud getting ready to attend to Her love-needs…



That sweet Petlove music plays on and on, some lucky hounds get busy doing some lovely Ladies, in our latest dog sex video releases…

“PERFECT PINK” – by Pink

Pink takes Tango on an erotic dance through Her Garden. A mount, a second mount with a tie. The Lady seems to have learned this dance quite quickly. That doggy love seems to be in the Lady’s blood…

Art Of Zoo - Perfect Pink - dog fucking movie


“HARD DOG LIFE: Part 1” – by TigerLily

TigerLily doesn’t let life’s knocks get Her down – not when there are big doggies to love and keep on loving. Bullseye gets some Lady action this session…

Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


“DISCO STICK” – by Donna

New Portuguese Pet Lady Donna does doggybitch like a natural – that doggy cock slipping into that nice vagina. Even doggy is surprised at how quite Pet this nice Pussy is…

Art Of Zoo - Disco Stick by Donna - dog sex movie


“HARD DOG LIFE: Part 2” – TigerLily

Dangerous’s big knot really gives TigerLily’s flower a stiff workout. My goodness, that’s a VERY tight squeeze…

Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 2 - dog sex movie



Art Of Zoo - Strict Machine Mogul Project - sex with dog

We have a new Mogul Project on the table – this time, we want to experiment with, and explore the brave new frontier of REAL doggy bondage and BDSM/K9sM. If you’d like to lend a hand and get involved with this project, you can read more about it here.



Art Of Zoo Netherlands Animal Sex Party 2021


TheFluffiest is organizing a possible get-together for selected Members in the Netherlands, or Members who can travel to the Netherlands. The event is a several-day meeting, planned from the evening of August 6th 2021, until Sunday afternoon August 8th 2021. The theme of the event is ‘Red Riding Hood‘.

If you are in – or near – The Netherlands, are Verified (or if you have a VERY good reason to request an invite – e.g. offering to chuck a little something in the party funds pot and by little I don’t mean 2 dollar) – and you are interested to attend, please contact TheFluffiest (or grab him in the chat) and he will give you the details.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Event 2021


Our USA Crew will be holding another Vegas Event, in October. Lots of fun and frolics at the last Vegas Event – so if you are Verified – or if you have a VERY good reason to request an invite (same as above) – and you are interested to attend, please contact Beasty (or grab him in the chat), and he will set you up. Here’s hoping for an even more rocking party than last year – I heard those doggies had a VERY good time 😉

For both events, we don’t know yet what impact covid will have on everyone’s movements. It might get in the way – hopefully not – Beasty and Fluffy will keep you confirmed attendees posted anyway. Party on!



I’ll slip this in here before you get distracted by all the yummy Wild Flowers. We’re looking for a bit of specific help with a few things, and I’ve updated the Crew Needed page to reflect this.


We are also looking for a TRUSTED Member, who can translate Portuguese to English – for subtitles on our new Portuguese movies. Brazil-Portuguese is ok, as long as you can understand PORTUGUESE Portuguese, and translate it into English.

If you can assist with this, please drop us a line, thanks.


This update’s selection of delightful and divine Pet Flowers – all ready and willing to thrill those doggies in exciting new ways. Uh, I dunno about you – but every day I log in and see all those superb Pet Ladies rocking those mouthwatering Pet Pussies – life would be kinda bland without those Ladies. So, please join me in saying a big thanks to all our great Ladies – and Ladies, thank you for simply being yourself ❤🐾❤


Art Of Zoo - Ajnaa - sex with dog

Pet-friendly thirsty AjnaA already started without us – sucking on a juicy dog cock 😉


Art Of Zoo - AsianGirlAndD - sex with dog

Those Asian Ladies finally got into doggylove the past few years – tasty AsianGirlAndD is no exception…


Art Of Zoo - DaddysPiggyPrincess - sex with dog

Horny DaddysPiggyPrincess has a fantastic set of boobs to splash with dog juice…


Art Of Zoo - DaddysPiggyPrincess - sex with dog

…and a nice Pet-ready pussy to match 🙂


Art Of Zoo - HugeK9PenisPlus - sex with dog

HugeK9PenisPlus‘ name says it all – and She has the sweet everythings a horny hound needs 🙂


Art Of Zoo - Liliana - sex with dog

Ms. Liliana sighs with passion, thinking about doggy dicks – the Lady is a delightful doggy treat…



Ms. K9Stockholm opens her flower wide to let those horny doggies inside…



…and keeps her open, in case those doggies want some more 😉



Doggies line up for naughty Parrotico, it’s pet-pleasing time…



Mrs. Harmlessfun has some very hot curves and is in serious need of some petlove…



PigletOink – and friend? Both Ladies appear to be very Pet friendly 🙂


artofzoo SoccerMom28 sex with dog

Looks like SoccerMom28‘s nice bum has been naughty – more dog training needed…


artofzoo Switchcase sex with dog

Ms. SwitchCase‘s cute flower is already in position and ready to start taking those dogs…


artofzoo VelvetTastes sex with dog

VelvetTaste has a velvety soft Pet Pussy all set to bring those doggies to a hard climax…


artofzoo - Say10 - sex with dog

Say10‘s terrific curves look like a very hot ride for horny hounds…


artofzoo - Say10 - sex with dog

Say10 even cleans in the right position – in case any dogs come round for playtime…


artofzoo - Plumppet - sex with dog

Sultry PlumpPet is the perfect date for doggies with an appetite for the Pet Lady…


ArtOfZoo -Minx2021 - sex with dog

Minx2021‘s juicy Pet Pussy is dripping wet for a big dog cock…


ArtOfZoo -Minx2021 - sex with dog

Ms. Minx2021 will make a sweet doggy date for some lucky Owner and friend…


ArtOfZoo -Insomnium - sex with dog

Hawt Insomnium joins our Pet Sistas Crew, with curves that go pow!


ArtOfZoo -Insomnium - sex with dog

…and that sweet ass and Pet Pussy combo will make those dogs cum like crazy…


ArtOfZoo -BestOfBeastWorlds - sex with dog

Mrs. BestOfBeastWorlds is hot and ready, and a possible candidate for movies? Fingers crossed…


ArtOfZoo -BestOfBeastWorlds - sex with dog

…that BestOfBeastWorld’s hot Pet Pussy is hypnotizing – even in clothes 🙂


ArtOfZoo -Melodee - sex with dog

Looks like naughty slave Melodee has been spanked for not taking enough doggies…


ArtOfZoo -LievenMicha - sex with dog

LievenMicha gives us a sexy dogs-eye view of the Pet Fun to come…


ArtOfZoo -ZooCougar - sex with dog

ZooCougar is an experienced Pet Lady but seeks more – MUCH more…


ArtOfZoo -VtKinkFreaks - sex with dog

Mrs. VtKinkFreaks strokes that hot Pet Pussy to get her ready for doggy action…


ArtOfZoo -VtKinkFreaks - sex with dog

Closeup of VtKinkFreaks hot and tight Pet Pussy…



This updates selection of lucky Studs that just might get to play with all the lovely Pet Ladies above…


ArtOfZoo -Garnamel - sex with dog

Garnamel‘s boy seems very interested in those Pet Lady pics…


ArtOfZoo -MirrorZ00 - sex with dog

MirrorZ00s boy is keen to take those Pet Ladies down – to Doggy Town…


ArtOfZoo -Mitchdew - sex with dog

Mitchdews doggy comes in XXL size, for Pet Ladies who require a ‘little more loving’ 🙂


ArtOfZoo -Ohiogames - sex with dog

Ohiogames boy has the knowing look of a doggy experienced with the Pet Pussy…


ArtOfZoo -TheMentor - sex with dog

Does TheMentor’s boys red rocket come in your size? 🙂


ArtOfZoo -Maximum - sex with dog

Hard-loving that sweet Pet Pussy can wear a doggy out – ask Maximum‘s boy…


ArtOfZoo -BoyAndGirl - sex with dog

BoyAndGirl’s doggy is very keen to start satisfying those Pet Ladies…


ArtOfZoo -Walkntall - sex with dog

WalknTall’s boy teases the Ladies with a juicy doggy cock – entering a vagina near you soon 😉


ArtOfZoo -Cato669 - sex with dog

“If we’re showing cocks – here’s what I’m packing…”, says Cato669’s horny boy…


ArtOfZoo -KnotAway - sex with dog

KnotAway’s boy jumps in with some heavy dog meat to tempt the Ladies…


ArtOfZoo -CodeBanshee - sex with dog

“Did someone say Pet Pussy?” – CodeBanshee‘s boy seems mesmerized by those Pet Lady delights…



Sorry Folks I have not kept a very close eye on Members fun and games this month – I’m sure more is going on behind the scenes 🙂 Here’s a few nice intimate moments from our active Members…


ArtOfZoo -Ajnaa - sex with dog

AjnaA’s nice Pet Pussy – freshly filled with hot doggy juice…


ArtOfZoo -ZooCougar - sex with dog

A glimpse of ZooCougar taking a good hard humping from a lucky hound…


ArtOfZoo -OhioGames - sex with dog

OhioGame’s boy – and one very satisfied Pet Pussy, yummy…


ArtOfZoo -Patter - sex with dog

Great to see site regular Patter getting some regular dog loving with Her new boy 🙂


Art Of Zoo - Mitchdew - sex with dog

Mitchdew’s boy drifts off into yummy Lady Wonderland…


Art Of Zoo - DesertRaven - sex with boar

Sexy DesertRaven ‘slips in’ at the last moment, with a deeeep and very sweet piggy action video!



Due to popular demand (thanks for your support Gang!) we have started offering Custom Movies again. Great news for you avid collectors and erotic connoisseurs 🙂

Unfortunately, as a result of – ahem – Member fun and games, we’ve had to adjust the way we offer Custom Movies. We’ve been doing it this way, privately, for about 12 months already, and all our hardcore Patrons are quite happy with the results. You can read more about Custom Movies here.


Art Of Zoo - DodgyOz AoZ Skate - sex with dog

DodgyOz‘ sk8 is rocking the AoZ scratches – those sk8r chix do tend to like a bad boy 😉



Thanks to everyone, for your understanding re. our little newsletter problem last month. As you know, we had to restore our mailing list from backup, and some of you may have already unsubscribed. The last newsletter went out with no problems, so thanks for your patience about that.

On the topic of newsletters, updates etc. On our previous sites, we would put all the news and update content, into the newsletter. And, we would send newsletters more regularly. On this version of AoZ, we started doing it a bit differently – putting the news into a blog post, and sending out a fairly sparse newsletter. I get the feeling that many of you preferred the old way, of getting the news direct to your inboxes – just based on subscriptions, and etc.

These updates can be quite fiddly – and doing updates AND separate newsletters is a bit time-consuming. So, in the next few months, we MIGHT phase out the site news update posts, and go back to the old newsletter format. We’ll see. If we do – if you want to get all the latest news, you’ll need to be subscribed to the newsletter. If you are not, you can subscribe here. I strongly recommend being on our mailing list – not just because of the news, but so we can stay in contact with you, in case anything important comes up.


Art Of Zoo - HarmlessFun - sex with dog

Mrs. HarmlessFun paws-up her toenails – to let passing dogs know she’s ready for action…


As usual, a big thanks to everyone, for making our network what it is. Big thanks to all our Patrons and supporters, for helping to keep our bills paid. Big thanks to all our Models and Producers, for sharing your hot petloving with us. Thanks to all our Verified Owners, for giving our Ladies the opportunity to party with your pets – and thanks to those pets, for taking very good care of our Ladies. Huge thanks to all our tireless and dedicated Team and Crew, you are doing a fantastic job. And thanks to all our Members, for joining us and keeping our network buzzing with sweet pet love. Keep it up Gang, we have new worlds to conquer 😉

That’s all for this time Gang. Hang in there, all this plague stuff will hopefully pass by soon. There’ll be chaos when it does – we have SO many Members, desperate to get out there and start getting into / back into the Pet Fun, there may well be an avalanche of new pics, movies, and tales to tell. Let’s hope so! In the meantime – just keep thinking about those horny pets, and those sweet, sweet Pet Pussies… mmm… Pet Pussy uuuuuuuh… and everything will look just a bit brighter. Have fun, and speak to you soon.

All the best in Pet Love,

Adam and the Gaia Crew

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    larry flint 8.5 adam 10

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      Don’t diss Larry eh many a great furry flower from Larry. Family friend was in prison with Larry in the states. He had a custom wheelchair built – gold plated – and precisely 2 inches wider than the prison doors. So that any time he had to move around the prison, the prison guards had to carry him around like an Egyptian King.

      You could achieve a similar strategy, using only your oversized mouth / ass 😉

      • 1 week ago

        your site your rules i know that patroni i ve been here in many shades of 4,iv hole etc and yet you have bolx boil bit aduex yet never have i asked 4 qtr and never expect any you see i am blood to cannis from the first gripping chommp at four i believe in you not for nuthin but for warmth of the knowledge you impart bigger tings and lest we forget maan

        • Author
          Adam 1 week ago

          I know who you are man, U relax I got love for you. Seriously though step away from the Speak and Spell eh 😉

  2. cesur 2 weeks ago

    çok iyi sürütkler 🙂

  3. bmwm 2 weeks ago

    Wie immer ein mega Update ✌🏼

  4. JessFan 3 weeks ago

    Thans for these grate update. It’s always a pleasure to read this exciting news and watch the beautiful photos that illustate it. Many many thanks

  5. Mn42as 3 weeks ago

    Always happy to read the new updates, there are a lot of nice pet pussy’s and wild studs once again 😍

  6. bestofbeast 3 weeks ago

    I always look forward to these posts so excited and they never fail!

  7. Glandosline 3 weeks ago

    By remaining masked and applying barrier gestures, we can continue to have sex with our favorite animals. Good sex to all.

  8. Author
    Adam 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Gang 🙂 But don’t thank me – thank our Team for their hard work, and thank our hot Pet Ladies for sharing their amazing flowers with us 😉

  9. stardog 3 weeks ago

    Cheers Adam. Thanks for all you do for us pervs.

  10. MartinReisa 3 weeks ago

    Hola a todos los amigos, es un gran post. Enhorabuena.
    Este es un llamado a la solidaridad y hermandad zoo. Me dirijo a la comunidad latina y en especial a la Ciudad Capital de México, y a todos los propietarios verificados que viven en esa ciudad. @Liliana quiere cumplir su fantasía de quedar anudada y estamos tratando de ayudarla para que efectivamente la cumpla. Por eso me dirijo a esos propietarios que lean este post. Sé que ustedes están ahí y la ayudarán…
    Hago público mi pedido por que personalmente le prometí a Liliana ayudarla lo más posible, y es por eso que me expreso aquí y ahora, públicamente.
    Gracias por la atención, y que sigan los nudos y las flores, esta es una maravillosa Comunidad…

  11. rockbox 3 weeks ago

    I’ll be sure to sign up for the newsletter. The site updates and video descriptions are actually some of my favorite content. You really are a great writer.

  12. hpaar 3 weeks ago

    Another Great Update

  13. Beastyman069 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Adam for another great Site Update. Thank you also goes out to all those lovely AoZ ladies and AoZ owners that have taken the time to get verified. Great photos that all of you have submitted for this Update.

  14. LadyX 3 weeks ago

    Always a delight reading @adam 💋 Fantastic work.

    I Love the latest update and finally it is here 🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Wow, this spring feel like a wonderful new beginning with so much actions going on in AoZ. Amazing to see all these beautiful flowers appearing, growing and blossoming into magnificent petpussies. I must say I feel like I’m walking in a beautiful meadow field.🌸

    Oh my goodness with so many handsome k9s, stallions around and a very cute and lucky pig. Yummy and I’m sure it will get very messy with all that sweet nectar flowing around.

    Two Gaia Events for this year. Well I better pencil them in my diary. Oh, I think I’m going to dress up as a the grandma who get eaten up by the big bad wolf.
    What characters are you going to be?.🤔

    So many amazing AoZ movies and always hard to pick which one to buy first. So do what I do “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I pick this one”😁😇

    Spring is definitely in the air.
    Happy Knotty AoZ Members.


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