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Hello everyone! Peachy here <3 For those who don’t know, I posted a few of my own bestiality stories on BeastForum (which has now been closed down, such a shame). I felt it was a waste to never post them again. They were a gift for all the people that encouraged and got to know me on BF – and so I decided to post them here too, for all of you wonderful people. If you enjoy what you read, please let me know! Feedback is the lifeblood of every writer ^_^ <3



Andie was almost giddy with her own excitement as she jogged down the street to her front door, shoving her worn key into the equally worn lock to her house.

Her housemate Jen was out with her boyfriend, and would remain out for the next two days on what the brunette had declared to be a ‘romantic getaway’, but Andie knew that meant that Jen and her boyfriend (Alex) would likely spend the next forty-eight hours eating gratuitous amounts of fast food and having noisy sex that would keep Alex’s neighbours up until the early hours.

But most importantly, what this meant, was that she and Ajax would finally have some alone time that didn’t only consist of quiet, shuddery orgasms under sheets into the tense quiet that came with having another unsuspecting person just the other side of a thin wall.

Andie locked her door with a satisfying finality, hanging up her coat and bag at the bannister, her heart jumping in her chest at the impatient scratches at the kitchen door and happy whining.

She could already feel her arousal beginning to rise, she was starting to feel too big for her skin, too warm to be wearing as many layers as she was from the cool autumn weather, her underwear starting to cling wetly.

As soon as she opened the kitchen door she was nearly bowled over by an enthusiastic 90lb German Shepherd but managed to remain upright. Ajax panted happily at her, his warm breath ghosting across her neck causing goosebumps to rise on her skin as he stood with his paws firmly just below her shoulders, tail wagging madly behind him.

“Hello then handsome boy, have you missed me?” the blonde cooed at her dog much to his excitement, causing him to jump up further to lick a hot stripe over her face. She spluttered, laughing as she pushed him off of her.

“I know, just a little longer,” she tried to soothe him as he paced around the kitchen, following her as she began to draw all the curtains, making sure all the windows were locked and covered, her heart still thumping hard in her chest.

Once she was sure everything was locked and covered Andie quickly made her way upstairs to her room, Ajax following her every step of the way, his panting seemed almost deafeningly loud in the relative silence.

She started pulling her clothes off before she had even reached her room, fluidly shucking her thick leggings and yanking her shirt off, throwing them onto her bed and proceeding to unclasp her bra and taking a moment to savour the freedom. She left her underwear on for now as she went to her dresser, rustling around in one of the draws until she found a well-worn t-shirt that came perfectly down to just before the tops of her thighs.

Then to Ajax’s already growing excitement at seeing the t-shirt she then brought out an unsuspecting simple dog collar, plain black and soft to the touch, but however, was unusually adorned with one silver bell that tinkled merrily.

The Shepherd was immediately on her, hips already moving as he tried to mount her while she was still standing, Andie couldn’t help but laugh, firmly pushing him away while she tried to buckle the collar around her neck, the dog certainly wasn’t stupid.

After a moment’s consideration, the blonde decided that she’d prefer for this to continue downstairs, just for the dirty thrill of having her dog fuck her right where she and Jen often spent their evenings relaxing.

She paused in the living room, space a little dark now that the curtains were drawn and the lights still off and a shiver of anticipation danced down her spine. Andie had grabbed an old towel from the linen cabinet on the landing and laid it down in front of the couch, tucking a cushion underneath it.

When she turned around Ajax was sitting directly behind her, the intensity of his stare setting his amber eyes alight in the dim light of the room.

“Good boy, wait” Andie murmured lowly, bell tinkling sweetly into the silence as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her underwear and pushed them down, stepping out of them and watching how the dog’s nose twitched, she didn’t need to check to know wet she was.

She took her time sitting back on the couch, revelling in the fact that she wasn’t on a schedule (she’d actually taken two days off of work so she could spend as much uninterrupted time with Ajax as possible) and spread her legs.

“Ajax, come,” no sooner were the words out of her mouth there was a hot swipe across her slick pussy, the dog’s tongue long, dexterous and unrelenting as he crowded closer. Andie could only gasp softly into the still air of the room and she was licked and licked and licked, the Shepherd’s tongue lapping up all her slick in long strokes from her trembling asshole to her clitoris.

She tried to force her legs even wider as Ajax’s tongue began to dip into her already loosening entrance, going further than any man’s touch could hope to reach, leaving her legs spasming and her hands clenching into firsts with the surplus of pleasure.

Now the room has filled the sounds of filthy slurping and the blonde’s desperate mewling, accompanied heavy breathing. Andie’s eyes began to roll a little as the dog pressed his tongue just that little bit deeper, pausing every now and then to lave her entire pussy, every lick catching her clit and sending her further into delirium.

Ajax brought her to a trembling, crying orgasm not three minutes later, licking her out all the way through every tremor and by the end she was boneless, her now supple and receptive pussy contracting sweetly around the Shepherd’s tongue.

She forced herself to lie there even though the over sensitivity, helpless to stop the spastic twitching of her muscles as she was forced into the realm of hypersensitivity, but was enjoying herself too much to stop it. It really had been too long since she and Ajax had spent some quality time together and they would spend almost every waking hour of the next two days enjoying each other if Andie had her way.

Maybe it was time to think about getting a home by herself? Well, that was a thought for another time and she was determined to enjoy the moment, basking in the afterglow of the intense orgasm her dog had given her.

Andie let herself luxuriate in the feeling of that sweet tongue against her folds for a little longer, feeling her arousal began to intensify again before deciding to really get the show on the road, Licking her lips the blonde gently pushed her dog’s head away and stood, turning so that she faced the couch and smoothly sinking to her knees and bending over, pillowing her head in her arms.

“Ajax, mount,” Andie managed breathlessly, her pussy clenching eagerly around nothing, her pulse jumping with anticipation when the dog began to mount, his forelegs locking tight around her hips, his legs shifting to get into a better position before he started to fuck forwards.

Andie could only imagine it, the flushed juicy red of his cock peeking out of his sheath, starting to drip. She wished she could get her mouth on it, slurp the cum from him like liquid through a straw, swallow it down. She trembled hungry as Ajax gave a few more aborted shoves forwards before getting it right.

The blonde’s full breasts pressed tight into the couch, her oversensitive nipples chafing a little against the slightly old, rough fabric in a way that only heightened the experience as the German Shepherd’s cock found its way home, already beginning to hump deeply.

The woman gasped as the slick tapered cock emerged straight from the sheath and into her soaked pussy, pressing back desperately at the hard slam of it inside of her. She loved how rough Ajax was with her, he always rode her hard – just how she liked.

Over the tinkling of the bell around her neck, she began to hear the sloppy sounds her pussy made as Ajax’s precum started to really begin to flow, dripping onto the towel beneath. Andie’s eyes were rolling again as her pleasure heightened, her insides stuffed full of hot, seeking dog cock, spearing her insides apart in a way that drove her almost insane as she gasped and moaned.

Then came the tell-tale swelling at the base of the Shepherd’s length, and she pressed back with even more desperation than before, she was going to take her first knotting of the night with relish. Ajax shoved back just as hard, probably eager to knot his bitch for the first time in so long, his paws digging in with unusual pressure, probably leaving red scratches on her hips despite her shirt, as he fucked her hard.

The knotting was swift and brutal, punching all the air out of her like all the space she had left inside was taken up by her dog’s cock. Ajax was still humping a little even though he had tied, managing to drag the hot swell of his knot back and forth against her convulsing walls as she shuddered through another orgasm.

All there was left to now was hang off his knot, and Andie revelled in the deep throbbing inside of her as Ajax really started to cum, the startlingly hot sensation of his ejaculate flooding her insides, filling her pussy up and keeping it there.

Andie felt like she lost time knelt there on that floor, but she remembered working herself to another orgasm while the dog was inside of her, causing him to pant harder as her pussy almost strangled his cock and she could almost swear he started cumming again, but couldn’t quite tell since she was almost certain her abdomen had swelled a little with how much he’d given her – most likely stored up over the time they’d been unable to play.

The blonde sighed dreamily, her eyes glazed as Ajax’s knot began to shrink about twenty minutes later, not bothering to feel upset about him pulling out – she had the next two days to drink her fill. With a swift tug, the dog came loose with a filthy wet sound, and she struggled desperately to clench her creamed pussy up to keep her boy’s load inside. She flipped onto her back on the couch again, legs together to stem the flow of watery dog cum between her thighs, watching her pup lovingly as he cleaned his cock clean for a couple minutes before he immediately came back to her.

She spread her legs obligingly and Ajax was between them immediately – tongue out and cleaning up his own cum as it dripped steadily from her used pussy, cleaning her as diligently and gently as he did his own cock.

She was hypersensitive and shaking but she was too high on cock to really care as the dog between her legs lapped her out again, pressing sloppy doggy kisses to her clit and sliding deep inside her cunt to reach all his own cum.

Andie drifted for a while, she might have fallen asleep a little but the next time she looked at the clock three hours had passed and Ajax was curled up on the couch next to her, watching her.

She patted his head affectionately, one hand sliding between her legs and finding her pussy still stretched and wet – how long had he been licking her for?

Andie gave a slow smile, sliding down back to her knees, leaning on the couch, bell tinkling merrily.

“Ajax, mount,”

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