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I was a very sexual individual at an extremely young age. I won’t disclose how young, but I was a long way from puberty when I found out that when I rubbed around “down there” it felt really good. I loved being naked but was well aware of the need for privacy and not letting others see what I was doing. So whenever I was alone, I was rubbing and caressing myself. Not just my womanhood but my breasts, my ass, and legs. I didn’t quite know how to really masturbate yet so I just touched myself everywhere and rubbed things between my legs, grinding on them. Hey! It worked for my lack of sexual knowledge at the time!

My mother was a widowed single parent and all of my siblings were older than me and had jobs so I was at home alone most of the time. My oldest brother had come to stay with us temporarily one time and he had had a male pit bull, his name was Peekaboo. He said he had named him that because as he was being born he didn’t want to come out, and it was as if he was playing peekaboo. He was such a sweet and loving dog, and so protective and smart. Everyone in the family loved him. It was long after he came to stay with my brother that I found out just how much I loved him.

I will say that around this time, I would have never thought about sex with dogs. Was that a thing? Did people do that? Surely not. Well, one day I was taking a shower and playing with myself as usual. I loved making the shower head jet aim at my pussy and feel the water pressure again my clit that always ached for attention. I never had an orgasm but I believe it was because I barely knew what I was doing. I didn’t even know what a clit was and that I had one… again, no friends, no internet and sheltered as hell. So after I realized I was probably taking too long and the water had gotten cold, I got out of the shower and dried off. I remember thinking I could walk around naked since no one was home. My bedroom was centered between the bathroom and living room so I could walk straight out of the bathroom and be at the foot of my bed.

So I walked out, naked as a jaybird, and lay on my back across my bed. Peekaboo was laying in the floor next to the door but didn’t seem to pay any mind to me. I was still so turned on from not knowing how to get off. As I lay on my bed, I let my hand drift down between my legs and I started rubbing myself. I was just going slow and enjoying myself. I didn’t see or hear anything or anyone, I was lost in my own desires for someone to just touch me. Then I felt it… a shock was sent from my pussy all the way up my spine and through my limbs. Then another. I was so startled and confused when I looked down to see Peekaboo’s head between my legs, his strong tongue lapping around my dripping slit, sending waves of tingles and pleasure throughout my entire body. I had never felt anything like it, and it was mind-blowing!

So I continued to let him lick me… his wonderful tongue licked and lapped and flicked around my swollen clit. It sometimes even felt as if he tried to slide it inside me here and there. He would also graze my tight asshole and that was something on a completely different level. I was lost, and in love with this dog’s tongue and never wanted him to stop. It wasn’t enough to give me my first orgasm but I came pretty damn close. My legs were hanging off of my bed and his head was at just the right height for him to just stand there and lick my juices clean.

After several minutes had passed and I was in complete ecstasy, the tongue lashing had abruptly stopped. I was a little disappointed and wanted more, but suddenly Peekaboo was trying to crawl up on the bed. My first instinct was to tell him to get down until I saw what he was trying to do. He had put a paw near each of my hips and was still between my legs but not quite touching me. I then saw his hips start to rapidly hump and the sheathe of his cock was swinging, letting a little red tip poke out more and more as he thrust. I wasn’t sure what he was doing so I just watched for a second.

Then I saw his full, glistening red dog cock come out all the way, dripping juices, and then it clicked! He wanted to stick that in me! Oh no… he can’t! All of a sudden I was terrified and thought he would have been able to impregnate me. I pushed him off and he still kept trying to mount me. I got dressed and chastised him and made him calm down. It was all over. I couldn’t let this happen again.

What was I thinking? And now I look over to see him licking his cock and it’s still out in the open. Why wasn’t it going back in? I panicked, picturing my family coming home to find his dick out, and them questioning me about what had happened. Luckily that never happened and his cock receded back into his sheath. I was relieved. My family never suspected anything had happened and we went on about our day. That wasn’t the only time I had fun with Peekaboo though. We became very good friends after that day!

If you liked this story, I’d be happy to make a second part, just let me know! And if you were wondering, yes… this was a true story. It’s always one of my favorites to reminisce about 🙂

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  1. Knotthill 1 month ago

    Very well written. Certainly am anticipating the next chapter or part of what may be a series🙂.

  2. Xkaylagurlx 2 months ago

    Great story! similar to mine!!

  3. NeoCarbon 2 months ago

    Great glimpse into your world Angel, thanks for sharing such an immersive story. I like learning about a woman’s perception in her coming of age. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  4. Diller6 3 months ago

    Hej lækker historie og venter spændt på at høre om at du får den op i dig, er superdejlig kan du tro, har en veninde der lige har prøvet det.

  5. Mn42as 3 months ago

    Loved your story @angelk9lover thanks

  6. art30 3 months ago

    An absolutely wonderful story

  7. Author
    Angelk9lover 3 months ago

    I have had a second part submitted for a bit… just waiting for it to be posted! 🙂

    • l4z2020 3 months ago

      Great! I loved the first one and I’m eager to read the second part thank you very much for sharing

  8. McCoy 3 months ago

    Love the story. I would love to read the second part.

  9. JessiJ 4 months ago

    Loved your story

  10. Puppydog 4 months ago

    Lovely story nicely written. Sweet gentle introduction, a second installment is a must 🤗🐕🤎

  11. Breiti87 4 months ago

    Ich liebe die Geschichte und freu mich jetzt schon auf den zweiten Teil.

  12. Author
    Angelk9lover 4 months ago

    Thank you all ❤

  13. K9corp 5 months ago

    Waiting with anticipation and trepidation like the next installment of a Saturday morning serial . I know my first two times of being introduced to pet love were totally off the chain and way beyond imagination and I have a vivid imagination at that , You cant make that shit up . I eagerly await the next chapter and possibly relate one or two of my first exposures to pet love . We are many more than they realize and as I go forth in my travels , I try to use subtle hints to , Troll here and there . We are many and We are out and about !

  14. 5 months ago

    Wonderful story. Love the details. You write well.

    It brought back memories of my youthful pleasures after school … just me, my dog and lots of peanut butter. I can’t wait to read part 2.

  15. Cheekymonkey2018 5 months ago

    Beautiful story… can’t wait for more 😉😘🤗❤️

  16. Mikeyx 5 months ago

    Great story can’t wait for the next one

  17. Susek4545 5 months ago

    A nice story. I am waiting for the second part

  18. OrthodoxHandL 5 months ago

    Hi Angelk9lover. Great story, very well written!

  19. AoZLover 5 months ago

    Love the story and hope there will be a second part!

  20. l4z2020 5 months ago

    Oh yes, of course! I want to read the second part I liked your first part too much because it reminds me my own experience. I was very young and just beginning to hear about sex. nice story, thank you.

  21. sXaBeast 5 months ago

    If YOU don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing!

  22. jacol13 5 months ago

    Fajne opowiadanie

  23. gandalf 5 months ago

    That’s a great start but you left us hanging for more. We definitely need parts 2, 3, 4, …

  24. Beastyman069 5 months ago

    Nice to see that your blog has been posted.

  25. Ohknotme 5 months ago

    Sinning is fun

  26. likestowatchinnc 5 months ago

    Lovely story Angel. I hope you’ve fictionalized the dog’s name though. That is the sort of thing that could be used to identify you even if only to a small group of people. Please continue the story.

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