Alleyway encounter - dog sex with woman

I wrote this in a screenplay mode. I think this would make for a very nice film! Enjoy!

Scene 1:

Three or four girls drinking at a bar. Laughing, smiling, having a great time.

Scene 2:

The girls outside the bar, saying goodbye at the end of the night. All are very drunk. Focus on one girl as she walks off alone.

Scene 3:

Girl decides to cut down a dark alley.

In the middle of the alley she goes into a shadowy area to pee. She pulls her panties down, and off of one leg and squats to pee. As she is peeing a very large and scary dog wanders down the alleyway.

She tries her best to be as quiet and as still as possible, but he hears and smells her peeing.

The dog comes up to her and starts growling.

She is scared, but she cannot move since she is still peeing. He gets right in her face as he growls. He sniffs the air, then lowers his head to her crotch. He sniffs deeply, then licks at the stream flowing down as it trickles to a stop.

He then gives her pussy a quick couple of licks. This startles her and causes her to fall backwards. He growls and advances on her as if she were trying to escape. She lays there spread eagled on the ground. Too scared to move. He moves between her legs, all the while glaring into her eyes.

He sniffs her exposed pussy, then begins to lick it. She is gripped with fear. She is totally vulnerable and unable to do anything against this beat. She is totally at the mercy of this dog.

The licking soon has an intense effect on her. At the same time it has her squirming on the ground with waves of pleasure from the sensations of his long tongue on and in her intimate groove spreading throughout her body, as well as a sense of disgust and shame building from the fact that her body is receiving such pleasure at this obscene act.

She whimpers as the feelings course through her.

The dog gets excited and licks faster as her juices begin to flow. He becomes intoxicated by the smell and by the taste of them. His instincts going into overdrive as he focuses on his immediate goal. The only thing on his mind now is an overwhelming desire to mate this bitch.

As he starts to image how sinking his cock into this bitch will feel, his cock begins to enlarge and protrude from his sheath. The cool air on his cock, combined with the sensations from his tongue makes his growing need even more urgent. He decides it is time to give this bitch the breeding she deserves, and claim her for his own.

As the tremors of an intense orgasm start to gently fade, he lifts his head from her now very wet and quivering pussy.

By this point, despite the fear and disgust, she has been overwhelmed by the sensations of this beast’s tongue on her maidenhood and has given herself over to pleasure despite herself. She barely noticed as he lifts his head. But she soon becomes aware of his pawing at her outer thigh. The claws dig into her soft flesh leaving red welts. She gets the hint and turns over without much of a though. He then sticks his snout under her pussy and nudges her upwards until she raises up onto her knees.

The smell of her wet pussy is irresistible to him so he begins licking her again. Whatever thoughts she had about being repositioned are quickly forgotten as her sensitive flesh is exploding with pleasure again.

He starts getting into it again, but the sight and smell of a bitch in heat in front of him in breeding position reminds him it is time to mate!

She whimpers as the onslaught on her pussy continues. Her breathing is hard and heavy, and she is barely aware of anything other than that long hot tongue as it caresses her intimate channel.

By the time she is aware of the weight that is quickly shifting onto her back and feeling of soft belly fur on her naked backside it is too late.

The feeling of his claws digging into her upper thighs as her hips are pulled towards his awaiting cock snaps her out of it. But until she feels his furry hips start slamming into her soft backside she is still too disoriented from orgasmic bliss to realize his aim and her vulnerability to it.

It immediately hits her as she feel his cock start poking into her as he searches and then quickly finds her well lubricated and ready for breeding pussy. She gasps and he gives a little groan as his slick cock finds her wet hole. He thrusts it all in at once, and as deep as it will go.

She gives an audible “Oh!” at this sudden intrusion. Then starts to moan and whimper in rhythm with his staccato thrusts. Her whole body is shook by his violent and fierce pounding. His furry hips slamming into her young nubile hips.

She starts being overtaken by the sensations again before she gives thought o calling for help. But she soon realizes that she is unable to call attention to the fact that she at the mercy of this dog and receiving pleasure although unwanted, from this mutt’s cock. To be seen like this would be too much to handle.

She starts trying to stifle her moans of pleasure and the sounds of a girl getting made love to. And begins to cry at her predicament now that the initial shock has worn off, and the frustration of being so weak and helpless against a lowly animal’s sexual advances.

In her mind she tries to imagine that she is being made love to by another human. But, it is no use. There is nothing even vaguely human like in the way this dog is fucking her. No love making either. Just pure bestial lust and instinctual breeding. Not to mention the growls and animalistic sounds coming from this dog’s head which is pressing down on her shoulders and positioned right beside hers. And how he keeps licking her lips as he ruts into her.

Her body begins to shake with another all encompassing orgasm. This is enough to send him over the edge as well. His knot begins to swell, and gets harder to thrust into and out of her pussy. The sensation of this huge object forcing its way into and out of her sends her over the edge. When he feels her muscles begin to contract and release on his cock, massaging and milking it for all its worth, he finally achieves his release. His knot instantly swells and locks him inside her.

This intensifies her orgasm and sends more ripples through her vaginal muscles and onto his cock. He grips her tight and gives a sexy grown, then thrusts as deep as he can before unloading deep within her. Spurt after spurt of dog sperm is ejaculated deep within her womb. Bathing her convulsing cervix with sticky dog essence as it hungrily slurps up all the sticky dog sperm and pulls it deeper inside her and directly into her uterus.

She feels the warmth as it quickly spreads deep within her. She has never allowed anyone to cum inside of her without a condom before so this is a unique experience to her. It feels much warmer than any man’s ejaculation. She is amazed at how warm it is and how deep inside of her it goes. She feels it as it spreads further and deeper into her reproductive zone. The first semen to ever get that far before. And the first to ever gain contact with her eggs. And to attempt fertilization. Will they succeed? Will they impregnate her for the briefest or moments before it fails?

This sensation coupled with the thought of being do full of sperm starts another chain of orgasms for her. The pulses and vibrations go on for a few minutes. Until he begins to step off of her and try to swing his rear leg over her body.

He finally manages to get his leg over her and turns butt to butt with her. With his tail laying on top of her. Giving her an added sensation. She feels him continue to throb and pulse within her and knows he is still cumming inside her. She rests her top half on the ground as her ass is still in the air locked with him. She is trapped and controlled by this dog’s cock.

Both of them basking in post orgasmic bliss. Him with a huge grin on his face from a successful sexual conquest. Her with a feeling of shame and humiliation from being so dominated and controlled by a lowly beast.

They remained locked together in this obscene embrace for another ten minutes or so. He began pulling against her, trying to break their tie. He actually pulls her into the middle of the alleyway and into the light where they would be on display for all to see, who come down the alleyway.

She was too done and too bullied into submission to even care at this point. She had been totally conquered and dominated by this dog’s cock to even care. She submissively moved along with him. There was nothing she could do anyway.

When he was finally able to pull out of her, she remained meekly in position. She felt his semen overflow and leak out of her. Running slowly down her thighs. He dutifully came over and licked her vagina to tighten it up and seal his sperm inside her where it rightfully belonged.

When he finished licking her, she slowly pulled her panties back up and remained in the position of ass up shoulders down. Until his sperm had a chance to flow deep within her and stick where it was needed. Then she lay down to catch her breath. He laid beside her, panting heavily from the exertion of mating her. She glanced at him and saw the monstrous cock that has just recently been inside her breeding her. She was amazed at how it had fit inside of her. It was so large. And now realized why she felt such an emptiness with her after he withdrew.

For about ten minutes they lay there relaxing and recovering from their tryst. Until he was ready to mate again. All he had to do this time was get up and walk towards her. She pulled her panties down without hesitation and got into mating position again for him. Fully submissive and receptive to her new mate.

He had his way with her again. Right there in the middle of the alleyway this time, underneath the streetlamp. She was his now. He was in charge of their coupling in every way. She knew her place. She was covered by him several more times that night before he was through.

When he was finished with her he licked her lips then walked away. His spent red rocket hanging low and proud underneath him. She gazed at it with awe as he slipped into the night. Leaving her there with his seed leaking out of her and into her panties and swimming deep inside.

She slowly pulled her panties up and made her way back home. With the sticky feeling of dog semen draining from her, and smelling like dog sex.

When she got home she thought of getting into the shower and cleansing it all away. But for some reason she did not. As if she should remain this way. With his scent on her and her panties filled with his dog sperm sticking to her most intimate parts.

Afterwards for some reason she could not find men sexually appealing to her. And how they made love did not appeal to her. As if it was not fierce and hard enough for her now. Their lame thrusting did not seem as impressive any more. It was not what she needed.

The next time she went out with her girlfriends for a girl’s night out, she made sure to leave a bit earlier, and to walk through that same dark alleyway. Just so she would have more time to spend on her hands and knees in her favorite new romantic rendezvous point. And hopefully be able to taste that monstrous cock this time! And this time he would greet her with a wagging tail instead of a growl. And she would greet him with a smile and a lick of her lips.

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  1. k9jazz 1 week ago

    im so wet after reading that xx

  2. Patil45 6 months ago

    What was amazing, why you don’t write second part of it

  3. knotlover67 6 months ago

    Great story! Got me so wet!

  4. lord666 9 months ago

    Das schönste am tiersex ist das Warten auf das nächste mal. Danke für die Vorlage

  5. shinelover 10 months ago

    Great story! I would love to have that happen to me! Really got me hard!!!!!!!

    • Author
      curiouscd 10 months ago

      I am so glad you enjoyed it! I am happy to hear my work has such an effect on you!

  6. coldbabe 12 months ago

    Very nice..enjoyed it very much…

  7. colette88 12 months ago

    What a fantastic story , the excitment is really contagious 😮

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