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So Gang, my post on some of my favorite non-ArtOfZoo pet movies was quite well received. For part 2, I’ll focus on some great amateur material.

Each clip is a brief glimpse into the life of a real petlover; each one tells a little story, made up only of details, like a puzzle. How a Lady reacts to a pet, how skilled she is, the little things she does – where it was shot, and by whom. All these and other details go together to paint a picture of each Ladys petlove lifestyle. And frankly, behind closed doors some Ladies are dishing out the most epic pet fun.

Sometimes folks posting their personal material don’t get too much appreciation. Some of these petlovers aren’t around any more, which means their lovely pet material may well disappear into obscurity. I thought I’d say a few words about these very nice amateur clips and Ladies, who have put a special smile on my face over the years. I guess you will have to have seen these clips in order to follow what I’m saying – if you haven’t, a nice mission for you. 🙂 Do please excuse my daft names, I don’t have any reliable titles for these clips. If you have any missing info, please post a comment at the bottom and I will update the post.

I don’t know most of these Ladies personally, so it’s a bit naughty of me to post this stuff here without permission. I hope these folks don’t mind, because everything I have selected here is excellent and really deserves some applause. If you have some background to help me fill in some details, drop a comment at the bottom – no real names please Gang. And if you have nice words to say about these Ladies and the special things they do, you know what to do. Now, please join me for a stroll through some superb amateur pet love…


1. “Seed69’s Girl”

ArtOfZoo - Seed69 - animal sex with women

Pet playtime – the Lady has something delightful to ease those doggy cares away…

I think most petfans will have seen this Lady in action. She is a great looking Pet Girl with a fab figure, and a nice smooth style when taking a doggy. Her chosen lover is a large hound of some description, not sure what. But my goodness this loving couple have some chemistry…

ArtOfZoo - Seed69 - animal sex with women

Wet and ready to accept her lovers seed, as he wraps his paws around her…

Now, you don’t love a dog as skillfully as that, if it’s your first time. Or your 10th time, even. No, I’d guess this Lady has been mating for a while, her positions are great despite her lover being very tall. See the way the Lady is touching herself before initiating sex with her dog. She’s not just rubbing herself, she’s feeling it – like she has the doggy fire that only a big dog dick can extinguish.

ArtOfZoo - Seed69 - animal sex with women

One very satisfied hound – one very satisfied Lady…

Aside from looking great, and taking a large dog exceptionally well (plus, top marks to the camera person!) – if you look closely, you’ll see she’s wet as she starts to seduce the dog, in places. There is one series of shorter, black and white clips with this Lady. I could be wrong, but they appear to be taken over a period of time. In the early clips, the dog is very anxious and pumps the Lady very hard, you can see she is struggling a bit. In the later clips, you see the couple have settled down into a nice rhythm that continues through all their other movies. Great to see a Lady bonding right before our eyes 🙂


2. “Mystery Suck Lady”

ArtOfZoo - Mystery Suck - animal sex with women

Sucking, drinking – some Ladies really know how to worship the dog cock…

I’ve seen 2 short clips of this great Lady, with maybe 3 or sessions spread across both. It’s non-stop doggy cock worship, this Lady really lets go and enjoys the moment(s). Her arousal is tangible as she deepthroats, licks kisses suckles on, and generally adores that mojo, while drinking down every single drop. I stick firm to my position, that a REAL Pet Girl swallows. So it does not get more real than this Lady – can’t help wondering what she can do with her vagina and the right dog 🙂 This is a Lady who clearly has a deep affection for dogs and is not afraid to show it – great passionate work.


3. Ms. Ewan

ArtOfZoo - Cute Doggy Milf - animal sex wth women

Some Ladies bring out the beast in a chap – doggy bliss at home…

Again you avid Petfans will be familiar with this Lady, her doggy and I’m guessing her fella? Either that, or this Lady is visiting her friends very often, which is a nice thought.

What’s intriguing about these clips, is that they are shot in a nice house, the Lady is nicely dressed, and the whole scene has a very civilized and respectable vibe. She could be the Senators wife 🙂 So it makes an interesting contrast, when the Lady breaks out the very good stuff for Rover.

ArtOfZoo - Cute Doggy Milf - animal sex wth women

Great looking Lady and perfectly proportioned for those hard doggy mounts…

I do mean good stuff, because that gif above is not sped up, he really is loving the Lady that hard. You don’t pound a Lady that way, unless she feels just right. There is a touch of sub about this Lady, she kneels, and waits for the dog to take what he wants. And does he ever, at times pumping / knotting the Lady until she wails. This does not appear to dampen her passion for mating, because she always seems to come back for more. This has got ‘stumbling in on respectable wife next door’ fantasy written all over it 🙂 Great work from these guys.


4. Golf2Delta

ArtOfZoo - Thirsty Lady - animal sex with women

Ms Golf2Delta, teasing the tip, to get all that precious doggy nectar…

Reading through this post you might get the idea that I have a soft (not so soft!) spot for Ladies who drink. Well, you’d be on the money 😉 Ladies who show appropriate appreciation for a doggys liquid love, always put a spring in my step.

Seeing different peoples different approaches to pet love is also interesting. Ms Golf has an unique sucking style. She is not much for blowing that big red rocket. Instead, she prefers to tease and suckle on the tip, and focus on getting that juice. I’ve seen a few clips of this Lady, and in each clip she gives her complete attention to teasing squirt after squirt out of her dog, and drinking it all down, yummy. It’s always mesmerizing to see the doggy juice flowing into a Lady. And, turns out this lovely Lady is already a member on ArtOfZoo – Ms Golf2Delta, so be sure to extend your compliments, I know I did 😉


5. Ms CuntDeluxe

ArtOfZoo - CuntDeluxe - animal sex with women

CD is as much Pet Girl as any doggy can handle…

We couldn’t do an amateur post without mentioning CuntDeluxe. CD is the epitome of hardcore Pet Ladies who live an unbridled doggy lifestyle. This super Pet Lady leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering herself for the pleasure of pets who just need some damned good pussy.

ArtOfZoo - CuntDeluxe - animal sex with women

Ring-gagged wide coz CD knows getting that doggy cum is as much duty as pleasure…

Now, with a busy schedule of swinging, partying, multiracial gangbangs and all the rest, we might be forgiven for thinking that CD does not have much time left in a day to tend to her doggy duties. Shame on you for thinking that 😉 Because CuntDeluxe MAKES time to get that dog juice. Whether it’s pumping and flowing into her nice mature pet pussy, or squirting into her mouth, where CD drinks deeply like a serious Pet Girl should.

ArtOfZoo - CuntDeluxe - animal sex with women

CuntDeluxe eternal thirst for dog cum is always a real pleasure to see…

Yes, CD and ReallyBad are pure old-skool rock ‘n roll pet people. With those great boobs, and a vagina that lights up when a doggy sinks inside – if you’re not familiar with CDs work, do yourself a favor and go track some down. I could watch that Lady drinking dog cum all day long. We also have an interview with CuntDeluxe here.


6. “Loud Love Lady”

ArtOfZoo - Loud Love Lady - animal sex with women

This nice Lady plays hard, and is not shy to tell her boy how she feels…

Keeping in the vein of “Pet MILFs who bring a weight of experience to good dog fucking”, we have a Lady who really tells it like it is 🙂 Due to various security concerns it’s common for pet movies to have no talking. It’s frustrating because hearing a Ladys thoughts expressed does go a very long way to painting the picture. It does, however, make it all the more exciting with a Pet Lady does start opening up during a good hard dog session. This Lady is not shy though. “You wanna fuck me boy?” and “yeah fuck that pussy” – “are you filling momma full of cum?”, and “oh God you’re filling me full of all your cum” are a few highlights. All this passionate conversation clearly gets her stud in the mood because you don’t see too many dogs who knot, then just keep on humping. Having some first rate pet pussy might have something to do with that, though. 😉


7. “Mastiff Blonde”

ArtOfZoo - Mastiff Blonde - animal sex with women

This Ladys pet pussy feels the love as doggy cuts deep…

I’ve only seen 1 clip of this great Lady, but she deserves an honorable mention on the basis that she is quite a petite Lady. And I do believe that is a mastiff? Or maybe not, either way he is a big boy for a petite Lady. This Lady takes a superb, deep hard mount from this boy, without batting an eyelid. Not many Ladies could take a dog that size, as smoothly. Great work!

I was going to stop there, but I thought 7 was a weird number to end on – so I’ll pick a few more faves. 😉


8. “That Asian Lady”

ArtOfZoo - Asian Lady - animal sex with women

Delivering good Pet Pussy, Asian style…

We’ve seen a big upswing in real Asian petlove lately, which is great because there really are too many Asian Ladies out there for them to not be getting it on with pets. Before we started putting out our Asian movies, this Lady made an appearance. Nice Asian stuff is rare, so I’ve included this Lady on the list.

ArtOfZoo - Asian Lady - animal sex with women

A hard mount and a deep knot – the language of petlove is universal…

I do enjoy this Ladys ‘matter of fact’ style of dog mating – the dog wants pussy, so that is what she gives him. Whoever taught this Lady – and shot the video – did a good job because she knows what she is doing. Some hard mounts and knots ensure this Lady gets plenty of dog cream in all the right places. Very nice to see an Asian Lady with good dog skills, top marks.


9. “Masked Doggygirl”

ArtOfZoo - Masked Doggygirl - animal sex with women

Horny studs love a nice Doggygirl 🙂

I had to include these guys work, on account of the Ladys cool Doggygirl mask. Doggygirl play is a lot of fun, and a great way for a Lady to get in the right headspace for mating, and to explore her inner bitch. This boy seems to agree, because he is giving this Doggygirl “all the magic he got”. This Lady has some great pet skills, and they look great together. Nice camerawork, with good lighting – very nice work 🙂


10. “Mystery K”

ArtOfZoo - Mystery PS - animal sex with women

Ms K’s heavy dog love is simply too good to go unseen – God damn that is what a vagina was made for…

I ever-so-slightly have a hidden agenda posting this one. I’m actually breaking one of our own rules too, because we never post any submitted content without prior approval. However, if you are gonna come at me, with a sample trailer of some of the best amateur dog sex I’ve seen anywhere – then disappear never to be heard from again – grrrr. I’m kinda hoping this draws you guys back out of the woodwork because frankly, your stuff going unseen would be a fucken crime. Sue me 😉

ArtOfZoo - Mystery PS - animal sex with women

Rover goes on a journey of sight, sound, and pleasure, between Ms K’s legs…

In the short sample I have, this great Lady does eeeverything. Mounts, missionary, anal, sucking – undershots, overshots – even a sidewinder! Yes, this Lady clearly has a great affection for, and plenty of experience in good hard dog sex. K is a great looking Pet Lady, with a very nice looking pussy – it is no surprise their boy is sinking his cock into her over, and over. Yes, great work from these guys, K really does put the ‘oo!’ in zoophilia.

ArtOfZoo - Mystery K - animal sex with women

Servicing that big doggy cock like a good Pet Girl should…


There you have it folks, some all-round excellent amateur petlove right there. 🙂 Hope all the gifs don’t crash the page for you. Next time I’ll do a retro faves. Or maybe I’ll surprise you.

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