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A question I’ve been asked a lot over the years is ‘what is your favorite pet movie?’ – it’s a tough question to answer, because there are so many superb and iconic movies out there. Some old, some newer. Since we pay our bills by selling our own movies, it’s not ideal to be plugging movies from elsewhere. But, I can’t deny that, if not for some of those movies, I wouldn’t be sitting here now, and you wouldn’t be reading this.

I saw my first animal sex movie, and fell head over heels in love with the whole thing. I know I am not alone in that. There have been some awesome Pet Models over the years, who made their art, did their thing – changed lives, then disappeared into obscurity never to be heard from again. One of my missions on our first website, was to bridge the gap between Models and Fans, so that these very special Ladies could understand the affection and appreciation they generate with their passion. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to have a browse through my movie folder, and pick out some of the movies that really stand out – for me at least. The movies I always come back to. It is, of course, also an excellent excuse to be looking at pet porn on a Sunday afternoon 😉

1. Linda’s Dogarama

Linda Lovelace Dog Sex Bestiality Movie

Linda gave more than her pussy to this lucky hound…

We already have a post about this movie. This has to be my #1, because it was the first movie I ever saw. Man, I watched that scratchy old VHS over, and over and over. The video quality is awful, it has no sound. You can barely make out what is going on in some places. However, this movie was made back in the day when ‘a movie’ meant production values. And although this was essentially an amateur production made by Linda and her fella, it retains many of the wonderful performance values usual for the era, such as you would see in the Swedish Erotica series. The Models weren’t serious actresses of course – but they did their best, and it had a magic of it’s own. Linda – famous for her Deep Throat movie – the movie that basically invented blowjobs – brings her own magic to dog fucking.

Linda Lovelace Dog Sex Bestiality Movie

Lindas expert sexuality makes for some smooth, sublime dog sex…

Bits to watch for: The first penetration, watch Linda’s face. That is the face of a woman in rapture at the sensation of feeling a dog cock sinking into her sex. She really feels it. During this session, she takes a successful mount in missionary – usually a skill a Lady has to work up to. Seems Linda was a real natural Pet Girl. Then, a bit later, the mount on the floor where the dog is riding her like his life depended on it – Linda gasping in ecstasy as his dog cock thrusts and swells inside her pussy. A truly iconic pet movie and a must-see for all petfans.

2. Two Lesbians & A Dog

2 Lesbians and a Dog Animal Sex Movie

This delightful Lady learned the real meaning of becoming a dog’s bitch during this shoot…

A classic from our pals over at BFI ( Hans Burger is really the Granddaddy of pet porn. He was around during Bodil’s time, was a young man getting into the biz and selling her movies. Now, Hans often gets a bad press because – well, frankly, some of his movies leave ‘a bit to be desired’ 😉 However, there is – kinda – a reason for that. For a very long time, Hans got busy buying up basically every pet movie he could get his hands on, the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. And, fuck me he has a lot. I visited his warehouse one time, he has row after row of shelves stacked high with tapes, reels, negatives, jammed into every space, jammed down the back… and absolutely no catalogue or organization to know exactly what he has. Truth be told, he has some real gems in there. I been pushing him for years to get it organized and sort the wheat from the chaff, but… well. Anyway. Getting back on topic, 2 Les & Dog.

2 Lesbians and a Dog Animal Sex Movie

Spot buries knot after knot and load after load, making full use of his lovers vagina…

This was actually the first movie I saw when I got on the net the first time and started snooping around for pet porn. A clip of it actually, I didn’t see the full thing until much later. Wow, really. Again, scratchy old VHS, slightly dodgy wardrobe and setting. But fuck me, the action. I’m not sure what the premise is supposed to be, whether the larger Lady is supposed to be her Mom, or her Mistress or what (anyone speak the lingo and have any clues? Comments at the bottom please). But the object of Rover’s affection is a quite lovely young Miss, with great curves, and fabulous boobs. It’s great to see those boobs swinging rhythmically as Spot takes her and makes her his. Over and over. Some great shots too – from the back, undershot, from the side, from the OTHER side, from the front…

2 Lesbians and a Dog Animal Sex Movie

This lovely Lady gives 100%, and leaves the shoot with a huge amount of dog sperm inside her…

This dog is an exceptional stud, I have never yet seen a dog go this many times in any movie before or since. I have tried a load of times to count the number of mounts in this movie – there are a lot. The dogs libido seems to have no end. Which makes for some great action, and a very, very well bred pet pussy.

Bits to watch for: At around 22 mins in, the Lady is starting to get the hang of being mounted. She offers herself up to Rover, and he takes her with a vengeance. A great shot of the action as you see the knot gradually working it’s way into her pussy, finally locking up hard inside her. This fella is quite well hung, and gives the Lady the full benefit of his size. The Lady wails and moans as his cock swells inside her, stretching her hard – but she doesn’t falter. She let’s him finish inside her, then he yanks it out roughly, leaving the Lady very well bred – lovely!

3. Mona and Lisa

Mona and Lisa Dog Sex Movie

This Lady takes a seriously deep hard mount – but she DOES take it…

Released by Caledonian a good number of years ago now. I have not always seen eye to eye with those naughty rascals at Caled. However, to be fair, over the years they did release a handful of real classics. This is one of them. Another scratchy VHS, and quite a long movie in it’s entirety. Shot I believe in Nevada in the 80’s or 90’s, it stars 2 naughty lovelies – Mona, and of course Lisa. Honestly, I can never remember which one is which 🙂 Now, the % of action to movie length, is not that great. There is a lot of not-so-interesting stuff in there and if you are like me, you will probably find yourself fast forwarding through a lot of it. However, there are a couple of scenes in this movie which make it stand out, and why this movie made it onto this list.

Mona and Lisa Dog Sex Movie

The dog-suck scene to end all dog suck scenes…

No matter how tired, how jaded, how anything I am – I honestly cannot watch the suck scene in this movie without catching serious wood. I mean, wow. Now, there are a number of suck scenes in the movie, the one I speak of is with the dirty blonde Cougar Mona (I think), with the dalmatian (the one in the pic above). Now, I’ve seen a lot of Ladies, sucking a lot of dog cock. But in this little scene, Mona takes the trophy for one of the best dog suck scenes – if not THE best dog suck scene of all time. Of the 2 Ladies, Mona is the experienced one, Lisa is the rookie learning the ropes. Mona is keen to show Lisa – and the camera – what she can do. And boy, does she. After a not very successful mount from the dalmatian (he’s simply not much of a stud) – she spins round to finish him off with her mouth. This is a Lady who likes dog cock. She knows exactly what to do with a dog cock. And she likes that she knows exactly what to do with a dog cock. She sucks on that red tool lovingly and with affection, sliding it in and out of her mouth, and drinking down every drop of cum that Rover has to offer. She swallows with relish, and makes sure we all see that she does. She basically owns that cock with her mouth. I really hope she is out there reading this, coz Ms, your petskills are something else 😉

ArtOfZoo - Mona and Lisa Dog Sex Movie

Mona “likes the pain” (thanks to Dagwood for uploading)

Bits to look out for: The suck scene, of course 🙂 There is an awesome scene where Lisa is mounted by the big black dog. The girl from 2LesDog takes it hard, but Lisa REALLY takes it hard. The black bird dog is massively well hung, and Lisa is inexperienced. He penetrates her hard, driving into her cervix with such force the Miss is forced to try to crawl away. But Rover hangs on and keeps on loving her. And Lisa dutifully takes her mating like a good pet girl should. In the not-often-seen second part of this movie, Mona also takes the big black doggy. Lisa asks her ‘doesn’t it hurt?’ and Mona, cool as a cucumber, kneels there expertly taking that dog cock and replies ‘uh… yeah, but I like the pain’. Great work.

4. Risa’s “Doggy Fuck”

Risa Doggy Fuck

Risa puts the ‘wow’ in Bow-Wow 🙂

Now, the infuriatingly frustrating “opportunities missed” in BFI Hans’ movies are what drove me over the edge and onto this path. You old skool Petfans will relate to this, sitting, scrolling through a movie and .. nearly.. nearly.. uuh ah fuck it. Nothing. Say what you like about yours truly, but I made a point of changing that game, and changed it is. The crux of animal sex is for a Lady to have sex with an animal IN the way the animal would usually have sex. Not to have sex with the animal the way she would have sex with a man or a dildo. If we wanted to see that, there’s plenty of top notch straight porn out there. No. That all important action is where it is at, the reckless loving, the passion, the virility, and the wild spirit that shows a Lady is as much a wild sexual beast as the next beast. I know you feel me, it’s that one thing that brought most of you to our door. So then, GloryQuest over in Japan made a whole bunch of beautifully presented movies with FUCKING NO ACTION! AAAAAGH! Hans has an excuse, he started before I was born. GloryQuest started after we had already started putting out real action, which makes it all the more frustrating. How the fuck, can you have, these beautiful women – these top notch cameras and sets, and be pissing around with a bottle of buttermilk? Grrrr. Anyway. 🙂

Risa Doggy Fuck

Risa’s dog sucking as performance art…

Rumour has it that the ‘most likely Yakuza’ team behind these movies spent around 60k on this movie. Fuck me, what I would not give for that sort of budget on a movie. In Japanese culture, it is important to make everything beautiful. Whether that be making a cup of tea, or sucking a doggy cock. This movie gets an honorable mention because it is probably the highest production values I’ve seen on a dog sex movie, ever (60k’s worth). The creative direction behind the movie, the editing, the sets – the Lady is really quite something. Suckling on that rude, whispering sweet nothings to the camera as she goes. Yes, Risa succeeds in making dog sucking beautiful, and that is worth a round of applause.

Risa Doggy Fuck

“A lifetime searching for the perfect dog cock, is not a lifetime wasted…”

Bits to watch for: Again, the suck scenes are the real diamonds here. Strange that in Japan, you can suck on a dog cock but you can’t show a vagina without the dumb pixelated censorship – but even so, there is a nice scene where Risa is riding the dog cock from behind and brings herself off on it. It might not be a real climax, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. The Lady put a lot of heart into her performance here. Should we find ourselves with 60k knocking around, maybe I’ll see if I can’t get hold of Risa Sensei, and see if she doesn’t want to have a go at doing it properly 😉


Buffy Dog Sex Movie

Buffy showed the world what missionary meant…

Ah, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy 🙂 Where would we be without the delectable Buffy? I’ve seen and met a lot of real hardcore Pet Girls in my time. Buffy takes some living up to. I am not entirely convinced the Lady is of this Earth. I believe she may have just visited us from Planet K9, to shoot this movie, then return home. Man, can this female fuck a dog.

This is another movie released by Caled. The producers of this movie, guys I aught tuh kick you square in the nuts 😉 How the fuck do you have pure liquid dog sex gold like this little Lady, and shoot her on the shittiest cam, with no lights, no closeups. Fuck me. Well, you take it easy on the lazy boy there. The Lady is taking care of business, and does she ever. This little pocket Venus, with her husky voice, evidently knows her way around a dog. This, is clearly not the Lady’s first dance. Team Buffy head up to Mexico – presumably to shoot this little gem? And in some backwater hotel, make pet movie history. This is as much love story as pet movie. The dog knows this woman, he knows how to take her. She knows him. They are clearly lovers, as he dives between her legs, sinks his cock into her eager tight little pussy, and she whispers “I love you baby” as he jabs into her. Again, and over and again. Muddy Waters may have invented electricity, but Buffy certainly invented missionary. Never before had we seen a serious, hardcore petgirl taking a dog like that, with such skill. This is a dance I expect the couple had danced many, many times, I don’t see how else they could have gotten so good at it.

Buffy Dog Sex Movie

Buffy whispers “All night and all day, get me anytime”…

There is a lot of action in this movie. Due to the lack of closeups you might be tempted to imagine that some of it is not real. Well, think again. These are real deep mounts. The Lady is feeling it, so is her furry lover. You just need to glimpse his swollen spurting tool after he pulls out – yep, the Lady knows how to pleasure a dog. He fucks her missionary. Then doggystyle. Then missionary. Then again, and again. She is quite a petite Lady, and he is quite a big boy for her, which makes for quite a nice dominance theme.

You see this theme on the beach, where the dog completely disregards what the Lady is saying to him. In dog speak, this macho brute is saying “bitch, quit yapping and lets get back to the hotel so I can fuck your pussy”. Well, he is a dog after all 🙂 Buffy really does not seem to mind taking the submissive role to this big beast, at one point whispering “Don’t worry baby I’ll make me your bitch” after he mates her, and all manner of other sweet sexy nothings between Dog and Lady. As animalistic as the action is, it’s a very affectionate movie. As I said, the love story. This movie, I expect, is just a quick glimpse into the life of what I imagine to be sweet petlove ecstasy on a daily basis back home wherever the Lady lives. It’s hard to watch this movie and not feel that close relationship. Buffy Madam, if you are out there, please give us a shout. You – like so many of the other wonderful early pioneers of pet media – I expect are rather like the Soggy Bottom Boys from Oh Brother Where Art Thou – you may have no idea how many fans you have, how much appreciation, how many lives you’ve touched. If you are out there, drop us a line eh. Because Lady, I know exactly what we would do with a Lady with your talents 😉

Buffy Dog Sex Movie

Iconic is: “That knot… it’s so fucken biiig”

Bits to watch for: First, flick through the movie to the scene where Buffy is jerking off her Boy. To quote the Lady “that is a big fucken knot”, and the rest. Get a load of the size of that thing as it’s swinging, twitching and spraying jizz over his Mama. This is a big dog. That’ll give you an idea of how deep he is going into Buffy when he mounts her missionary, and you can feel the intensity. I don’t have a cervix, but boy looking at this movie makes me imagine that I did. And he is right up in there, rocking and rolling. There are too many groovy little aspects to this movie to list, the dialogue, the positions. Personal highlight is when Rover takes her deeply in missionary and she is riding the pain and loving the intensity.

That’s all for part 1 Gang 🙂 Part 2 coming soon.

And – for historical purposes. I recently fucked up and made a post about the Pink Panther claiming a completely different Lady had made a doggy movie (thank you @bruce2103 ) so history is history – and much of this is our history. So if any of you folks know anyone, have any info and such (without putting anyone at risk of course) do please add your info in the comments section, and help bolster our wonderful pet history – thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. loveis2544bam 2 months ago

    Adam’s Non-AOZ/ZS Movie Selection: Part 2 – Top Amateurs

  2. Benito9000 6 months ago

    I cant find the full version of the second one 😐😐

  3. Thewolfbrother 9 months ago

    Buffy aka beach girl. First movie I ever bought looooved it

  4. dogcon 10 months ago


    If you don’t already know, the star of “2 Lesbians and a Dog” is the mainsteam lovely Marie-Christine Covi. She’s also the Mr. Ed’s orally-obsessed partner in “Redmask”. For facial comparison pictures, refer to the last two posts at …

    • Author
      Adam 10 months ago

      Interesting Dogcon you may be right 🙂 Though the internetz is infamous for mistaking 1 person for another – if it is her though, nice to see her with a bit of retro fuzz 😉

    • arnie18 8 months ago

      Im sorry but star in 2 lesbians and dog is not Marie-Christine Covi. Mainly because girl in 2 lesbians and dog speaks Czech and Marie-Christine Covi is French.

  5. 520vixen 1 year ago


  6. wocaowocao 1 year ago


  7. coldfire30 1 year ago

    Risas Doggy Fuck is my favoritefrom that list. I really thought about learning japanese to understand what Risa is talking about during the interview at the beginning of the movie and while she does the black dog. It is really hot how she is talking to the camera and the dog, but at the same time so frustrating not be able to understand her. Unfortunaltelly japanese is veeeery hard to learn LOL. Also she already was a well known porn start in Japan before doing this vid and did not have to do this to get somehow famous. So i assume she was really interested in doinf this vid with dogs.

  8. teutonicdragonx 1 year ago

    Simone in any of her vids, especially the early ones, and knottyknotty with her dane.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Those wouldn’t fall under the category of non-AoZ stuff 🙂

  9. 1 year ago

    这女的 好像村上里沙

  10. dogyss 2 years ago

    Personally my favourite has to be CC281 first clip just a damn pity it is so short unlike some of CC later stuff like Animal tricks. Even starred 1 of their major stars of the time Pia from the like of the Rich Bitch which brings to its only other failing she sucked him but didn’t fuck.

  11. cdsam 2 years ago

    I personally hated Glory series. Frustrating. Beautiful asian females that did nothing. They sucked. I wish we can get them on here and watch them do it properly. I would go nuts and buy like mad man. Especially Risa Murakami . I would give anything to see her Knotted.

  12. alert33 2 years ago

    How or where to get these movies?

  13. Damanchea 2 years ago

    Glory quest suck scenes were definatly some of the best oral videos made. the camera work was great with close ups and the girls used to get slathered in cum! They would often have two dogs there to blow so action was intense.
    There was one other girl who in my eyes was on par with risa. I dont know her name but she appeared with another girl and in that video she blew the socks off that dog. Im sure she swallowed everything.
    I would love to see some new oral movies coming out of japan, maybe a AOZ Glory Quest link up?
    Im a huge fan of oral movies, i love the squirting
    Adam if your reading please could i ask you for more oral like the old AOZ movies. Even a solely oral movie by a producer would be great. Im sure im not the only person that enjoys a good suck scene

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Hi Damanchea, we do get offered suck-only movies sometimes but historically they have not sold very well. I guess if the producer fully accepts that a suck movie would earn less for less action, might still be worth looking at.

      • Damanchea 2 years ago

        something is better than nothing. If they have the material why not try to recoup some costs. Thats my opinion tho.

      • CYNIC 1 year ago

        Sucking videos can compete with fucking videos when performer not only suck with passion dog’s cock but also swallowing dog cum. Best performers like Bilara almost always swallowing doggie sperm. This is really turning on. Strayx, Simone, Vixen and some other girls swallowing their lover’s sperm are priceless. It show their passion to their four-legged lovers. Vixen and Strayx videos where girls drinking glass of dog sperm are the best. Japanese videos are great for same reason.

  14. 9xzoned00 2 years ago

    Andy’s video with the white dog was very good and so was Kitten’s second video.

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Hey 9x – yes I had planned to put the Andy white dog vid on later posts but I don’t have that movie any more. If you got a copy would you fire it over to me? Also, which Kitten movie? She did a few longer ones with some nice sucking but not great action. Then she did 2 side-dish clips, one black and white with no sound but good action, and another real short one with her doing some great missionary with a different dog, but again no sound and very short.

      • K9evangelist 2 years ago

        @Adam, I have Andy with the white dog. The one where she’s wearing the little black dress and pulls it over her head, Lust for Animals 24. How do I send it? It’s 263 MB and 30 minutes long. She made some other movies with the same dog.

        @9xzoned00… Who is Kitten?

        • Author
          Adam 2 years ago

          Hey K9E, that would be great 🙂 Probably easiest thing to do, stick it in a passworded rar, upload it to somewhere like sendspace, and message me the password. Kitten is the blonde sub Pet Girl from Caled.

  15. ThrillKill 2 years ago

    Oh my god, great story!

    My favorite girls are Kerstin&Inke, Ariel, Cupcake, Birthe (what a pity there’s just one movie) and the “pool dog” – no real knotting action, by I always cum in my shorts when I see this hot blond girl!

  16. mrdpgirth 2 years ago

    Adam, your list is identical to mine, w the exception of Risa…never seen that one, but I still have all the others and periodically STILL like to go back and watch them! Mine are actually pretty decent quality, all things considered. Anyway, great article and thanks for making your site somewhat on the personal side. ALWAYS look forward to what awaits when logging into AOZ!!

  17. WillNSteph4knot 2 years ago

    My god,how I wish it hadn’t taken so many years to find my soulmate and start on this awesome new journey. I have got to see these vintage scenes. I got chills just from the descriptions. Stray-x the record is my absolute favorite but hearing about these pioneers in zoo has got me all wired up and fired up. Great narrative as well. Thanks for the great read. I’m about to go Google the fuck outta these.

  18. mortmaru 2 years ago

    what you wrote and buffy scene is complete bs he never penetrates her watch it again he doesn’t get hard there is only a few times we see the tip and that is when she has jerked it never is it hard after has has mounted.

    The other thing you should know is look at the hip positions the career makes it look better then it is also why wouldn’t she just guide him in she had many chances and not once did she even try.

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Sorry friend, you are incorrect. 🙂 And a rather fast mouth to boot I might add, you might want to watch that. If you took 2 minutes to watch any of the mounting scenes, and look for the pullout – a dog does not get a huge swinging boner like that from thin air. She’s not touching him with her hands. So unless the invisible man is there jerking him off, yes he is penetrating her. Also, us experienced folks know when a dog has penetrated, by the movement of his hips and tail. So, simply because there are no closeups, does not mean there is no penetration. She didn’t need to guide him in, he got it in just fine on his own. Do pay attention eh.

      • mortmaru 2 years ago

        Time for you to go to spec savers then I just re watched it in slow motion just to see if I had missed something and the dog is only ever hard twice in the whole movie with over 30 mounts and this is because she jerks him which he then sprays he doesn’t penetrate her in the whole movie.

        She tries to make out he goes in deep but its her acting.

        It doesnt take penetration or a person jerking for dog to get hard my dog starts getting hard with thrusts only.

        The video quality is not the best but even so you should know better then to exaggerate what really happened.

  19. Darnwell 2 years ago

    Hi Adam, I can help with Two Lesbians & A Dog a littlebit. The language spoken in it is Czech.

    When the older lady is bringing the dog in she informs the dog: “I have brought you a new friend.” (Realy, the right translation could be something like she-friend in sense of comerade, not girlfriend 🙂 There is no fully propper word in english.)

    In the foreplay the older lady seems to be amused by the dogs entusiasm and warns him: “Be carefull, do not hurt her.”

    The best line is from the younger lady saying to the dog “Come to me, you dont fear me do you?” Shortly after that line the dog mounts her for the first time and…. eh, shows her what is it all about.

    After something like the fourth mating the older lady said “It seems, that he likes you.” Well, that was pretty obvious, dont you think? 🙂

    Thats all I remember. Excuse my poor english.

    Kind regards

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Ah, very nice info Darnwell thanks for adding that. 🙂 Always great to get some background on a classic movie. And yes, it seems that Rex liked her a LOT 😉 She really took it well too.

  20. knottyk9girl 2 years ago

    buffy was the first pet movie i saw and it changed my life forever. the fact that there is no knotting moment where the two are stuck and stay still for a while gave me a wrong impression and made me panic the first time i got knotted with my pet lol. it was a surprise but i was literally terrified when that happened. even though i wasn’t knotted for long, maybe less than 10 minutes, it felt like forever. but it also gave me a pleasure i never had before. after that, i learned more about it and haven’t complained since lol.

  21. 9xzoned00 2 years ago

    These old movies need to be remastered and reissued.

  22. 2 years ago

    I do not know if we can still find the VHS

  23. birdsong 2 years ago

    My first taste of petlove was when a friend sent me a small clip of Celine in The Dog Knot. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a young slim blonde on all fours being vigorously banged from behind by a dalmatian!

    I also like Kelly Giraffe in Kelly’s Lust For Dogs. Only a small dog, but hung like a champ, and I think she was surprised when he gave her a hard, 5-minute tie.

  24. francis28 2 years ago

    Adam you are so exceptionally able to extract emotions from bones and flesh, that our hearts seem to travel in your personal memories as they were ours…… and our heartbeats aligned to those knotting canine studs….

    Please enlighten us on the next chapter! If you can, do not forget to give us some www references where we can enjoy your best vintage scenes… Buffy is widespread in may sites, but for instance Mona and Lisa are quite impossible to find…….

    Thank you

  25. scooby747 2 years ago

    That’s a great list. I would put 2 Lesbians and a Dog as my personal fave purely as I have a better quality version than the Lovelace movie, but it’s close. Could 2 Lesbians be an 80s production I guess? Would love to have seen more of that girl and doggie. Was the horny hound called Felix? As I have seen him in other films of that era. Looking forward to Part 2!

    • mrdpgirth 2 years ago

      I believe the dog was “REX”, and it sounds like a little like they are speaking possibly French.

  26. 1peterpan 2 years ago

    But my all time favorite is Stray X, there is just something beautiful over here passion?

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Naturally Peter, but this is the ‘Ladies from out there’ post, Stray was / is one of us 🙂

  27. 1peterpan 2 years ago

    For me the first animal movie was with Bodil Jensen (Orne pigen) back in 85 or 86, that was the seed for a life time adventure

  28. xd40caliber 2 years ago

    All good movies. I would add the two Laila movies and Jo’s first time from Caledonian.

  29. 2 years ago

    dogarama is my favoriye movie too

  30. K9evangelist 2 years ago

    Great article! Like you the Linda Lovelace movie was the first I saw. I darn near creamed my jeans when she took the dog in her mouth.

    Two Lesbians and a Dog is a wonderful movie to start a lady wondering about dogs. It’s worked for me.

    Mona and Lisa are two busy ladies. It’s a shame that Lisa’s guy wasn’t in front of her with his cock in her mouth when she tried to get away from that lab. Great pull out scene, he’s huge!

    I love when Beauregard (the german shepherd), pushes Buffy onto all fours and mounts her. I love how she tells him, “all day, all night if you want a grateful woman…” I’d marry a girl like that if we were compatible in other ways. I’ve often wondered who’s better “trained”, Buffy or Beauregard.

    You’re dead on about the Japanese making dog sucking beautiful. Risa is just one of many beautiful Japanese girls who loved sucking. And they definitely enjoyed themselves. I read an article that referred to them as “butter girls” because they producers spread butter on their bodies to encourage the dogs to lick. The same article said the dog’s trainers were paid more than the girls. Chihiro Hasegawa, Megumi Matsumoto and the girl from Glory Quest MAD 83, the first I ever saw deepthroat a dog including the knot. Chihiro is so tiny and enthusiastic and Megumi looks slutty when really getting into arousing and sucking her dog. The guy who backed Glory Quest said he never visited the studios. it was just another business venture for him. Can’t remember his name, but he shows up on lists of the richest men in Japan.

    Looking forward to Part 2.

  31. Er1c 2 years ago

    I’ve seen most of them, years and years ago, and they are indeed part of the “classic” path …

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Indeed, but that email about those plans would be a yet more classic path eh Er1c? 😉

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